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BratrudeIMG_0009.jpgBratrud - “Plans Bible Dinner”; Mrs A F Bratrud
LarsonIMG.jpgLarson - Delores Jean Larson and Ronald Dwane Quittem marriage announcement
MaasIMG_0001.jpgJulie Maas article May, 1996
MaasIMG_0002.jpgJulie Maas article 06-15-1996
MabergIMG.jpgMaberg - Wayzata 1928 Ruby Molberg and Virginia Browne
MabreyF051012-008.jpgCharles Fletcher Mabry note
MabreyF051012-009.jpgSara Mabrey family notes
MabreyF051012-010.jpgMabrey note
MabreyF051012-011.jpgSarah Mabrey note
MabreyIMG.jpgMrs Sarah Emily Mabrey note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 219
MabreyIMG_0001.jpgLloyd R Mabrey note
MabreyIMG_0002.jpgSarah E Mabrey note
MabusthF051012-012.jpgJeane Mabusth
MabusthF051012-013.jpgStuart Mabusth marriage
MacArthurIMG.jpgChester MacArthur obituary June 1980
MachF051012-014.jpgCharles Mach plat into
MacKenzieF060105-037.jpgJames A Mackenzie Neighbors 1 of 2
MacKenzieF060105-038.jpgJames A MacKenzie....2 of 2
MacKenzieF060105-039.jpgMacKenzie piano harp
MacKenzieF060105-040.jpgMacKenzie notes
MacKinnonF051012-039.jpgGeorge and Kitty MacKinnon notes
MacKinnonF051012-040.jpgGeorge MacKinnon, Judge
MacKinnonF051012-041.jpgAmy Bell MacKinnon Obituary
MacKinnonF051012-042.jpgGeorge E MacKinnon New United States District Attorney for State,...
MacKinnonF051012-043.jpgGeorge and Betty MacKinnon Neighborly Open House invitation
MacKinnonF051012-044.jpgMrs George MacKinnon and Mrs Richard Nixon
MacKinnonF051012-045.jpgMrs George MacKinnon
MacKinnonF051012-046.jpgGeorge MacKinnon Editorial
MacKinnonIMG.jpgKitty MacKinnon
MacKinnonIMG_0001.jpgKitty MacKinnon My Home Was the First Post Office 1 of 4
MacKinnonIMG_0002.jpgKitty Mackinnon My Home....2 of 4
MacKinnonIMG_0003.jpgKitty MacKinnon My Home....3 of 4
MacKinnonIMG_0004.jpgKitty Mackinnon My Home....4 of 4
MacMillanF060105-041.jpgCargill MacMillan Obituary
MacMillanF060105-042.jpgJohn H MacMillan III Divorce Motion...
MacMillanF060105-043.jpgCargill MacMillan Millan-Carill
MacMillanF060105-044.jpgLucy Caroline macMillan marriage
MacMillanF060105-045.jpgJohn Hugh Mac Millan marriage
MacMillanF060105-046.jpgMrs John H MacMillan Jr Obituary
MacMillanF060105-047.jpgDuncan MacMillan Seven Skulls Uncovered....
MacMillanF060105-048.jpgMacMillan - ....volunteer Rose Madden
MacMillanF060105-049.jpgMary Elizabeth MacMillan engagement
MacMillanF060105-050.jpgMacMillan human remains
MacMillanF060105-051.jpgMarlon Hamilton Dickson MacMillan Obituary
MacMillanF060105-052.jpgMacMillan - MN Archaeological Society
MacMillanF060105-053.jpgW Duncan MacMillan Milac Indian bones
MacMillanF060105-054.jpgAcknowledgement of Private Cemetaries damage, etc.
MacMillanF060105-055.jpgCavour Langdon MacMillan Obituary
MacMillanF060105-056.jpgLangdon MacMillan death
MacMillanF060105-057.jpgLangdon MacMillan death
MacMillanF060105-058.jpgWhitney MacMillan newspaper article
MacMillanF060105-059.jpgW Duncan MacMillan seeks a conditional use permit
MacMillanF060105-060.jpgPauline Whitney MacMillan Obituary
MacMillanF060105-061.jpgMacMillan Richest
MacMillanF060105-062.jpgW Duncan MacMillan family estate 1 of 2
MacMillanF060105-063.jpgW Duncan MacMillan....2 of 2
MacMillanF060105-064.jpgAlexandra MacMillan Scanlan
MacMillanF060105-065.jpgElizabeth MacMillan Joins Executive Council
MacMillanF060105-066.jpgMacMillan For a civilized walk on the wild side,....
MacMillanF060105-067.jpgMacMillan family estate
MacMillanF060105-068.jpgMacMillans called state's richest men
MacMillanF060105-069.jpgMacMillan family notes
MacMillanF060105-070.jpgWilliam D MacMillan TwinWest leadership selected
MacMillanF060105-071.jpgWhitney Macmillan Soviet credit still worthy,...
MacMillanF060105-072.jpgMacMillan - New Towboat Makes Minnesota History
MacMillanF060105-073.jpgWhitney MacMillan Cargill's Argentine wheat deal scrapped
MacMillanF060105-074.jpgCargill MacMillan death 1 of 2
MacMillanF060105-075.jpgCargill MacMillan death 2 of 2
MacMillanF060105-076.jpgWhitney MacMillan ..a two-family hybrid... 1 of 3
MacMillanF060105-077.jpgWilliam MacMillan....2 of 3
MacMillanF060105-078.jpgWilliam MacMillan....3 of 3
MacMillanF060105-079.jpgMacMillan 9 state families, individuals on list of wealthiest in U.S.
MacMillanF060105-080.jpgMacMillan 'U' reportedly is seeking million-dollar donations
MacMillanF060105-081.jpgMacMillan ....the biggest U.S. flour miller
MacMillanF060105-082.jpgCargill-McMillan Genealogy
MacMillanF060105-083.jpgMacMillan Cargill remains atop Forbes list...
MacMillanF060105-084.jpgJohn Hugh MacMillan IV engagement
MacMillanF060105-086.jpgJohn Hugh MacMillan engagement
MacMillanF060105-087.jpgWhitney MacMillan A U.S. grain board wouldn't work...
MacMillanF060105-088.jpgJohn H MacMillan Jr Cargill to Retain Chicago Elevator
MacMillanF060105-089.jpgMacMillan Cargill, Inc., pleads guilty...
MacMillanF060105-090.jpgMacMillan inheritance
MacMillanF060105-091.jpgMacMillan notes
MacMillanF060105-092.jpgMacMillan notes
MacMillanF060105-093.jpgMacMillan Cargill Yards Deliver Boat
MacMillanF060105-096.jpgMacMillan First Towboat Built at Savage Starts Down River
MacMillanF060105-097.jpgSarah Marion MacMillan engagement
MacMillanF060105-098.jpgWhitney MacMillan portrayed as man with secrets
MacMillanIMG_0001.jpgP W MacMillan obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 6, page 6
MacMillanIMG_0002.jpgMarion Hamilton [Dickson] Macmillan obituary 11-22-1980
MacMillanIMG_0003.jpgMarion Hamilton [Dickson] MacMillan memoriam 07-14-1892 - 11-22-1980
MacomberF051010-124.jpgMacomber notes
MacomberF051010-126.jpgJ B Macomber plat info
MacomberF051010-127.jpgMacomber notes
MacPhailF051010-122.jpgWilliam Gilmor MacPhail Obituary
MacPhailF051010-128.jpgWilliam MacPhail at age 80,....
MaddenF051012-032.jpgRose Madden Persons of the Year....
MaddenF051012-033.jpgM Joseph Madden Obituary
MaddenF051012-034.jpgRose Madden 75th birthday
MaddenIMG.jpgRose Madden A rose blooms again
MagnusonF051010-125.jpgMagnuson notes
MagnusonIMG.jpgKrufsa Magnuson and Ellen Swanson
MagnusonIMG_0001.jpgWalter Magnuson note
MahaffyIMG.jpgWilliam R Mahaffy NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 285
MahaffyIMG_0001.jpgWilliam R Mahaffy note
MahaffyIMG_0002.jpgRev Francis E Mahaffy obituary 03-30-1980
MahaffyIMG_0003.jpgMarie Mahaffy obituary January, 1980
MahaffyIMG_0004.jpgRev Frances E Mahaffy obituary
MakowskyF051010-123.jpgMary Markousky (Kittock) note
MalbonF051010-096.jpgJonathan Malbon plat info
MalerichIMG.jpgRebecca Malerich Woman Hurt in Train-Car Crash
MalmgurdIMG.jpgJacob J Malmgurd note
MalmquistIMG.jpgJacob J Malmquist NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 280
MaloneIMG.jpgVirginia Mildred Malone obituary 1 of 2
MaloneIMG_0001.jpgVirginia Mildred Malone obituary 2 of 2
MangenF051011-016.jpgMathias Manen family notes 1 of 14
MangenF051011-017.jpgMathias Mangen....2 of 14
MangenF051011-018.jpgMathias Mangen....3 of 14
MangenF051011-019.jpgMathias Mangen....4 of 14
MangenF051011-020.jpgMathias Mangen....5 of 14
MangenF051011-021.jpgMathias Mangen....6 of 14
MangenF051011-022.jpgMathias Mangen....7 of 14
MangenF051011-023.jpgMathias Mangen....8 of 14
MangenF051011-024.jpgMathias Mangen....9 of 14
MangenF051011-025.jpgMathias Mangen....10 of 14
MangenF051011-026.jpgMathias Mangen....11 of 14
MangenF051011-027.jpgMathias Mangen....12 of 14
MangenF051011-028.jpgMathias Mangen....13 of 14
MangenF051011-029.jpgMathias Mangen....14 of 14
MangenF051011-030.jpgCarl Mangen family notes
MangenF051011-031.jpgMangen notes
MangenF051011-032.jpgMangen notes
MangenF051011-033.jpgMangen - Early History of the Mangens 1 of 5
MangenF051011-034.jpgMangen - Early....2 of 5
MangenF051011-035.jpgMangen - Early....3 of 5
MangenF051011-036.jpgMangen - Early....4 of 5
MangenF051011-037.jpgMangen - Early....5 of 5
MangenF051011-038.jpgMangen - Clara Shultz letter
MangenF051011-039.jpgMangen notes
MangenF051011-040.jpgMangen notes
MangenF051011-041.jpgMangen family notes 1 of 18
MangenF051011-042.jpgMangen family....2 of 18
MangenF051011-043.jpgMangen family....3 of 18
MangenF051011-044.jpgMangen family....4 of 18
MangenF051011-045.jpgMangen family....5 of 18
MangenF051011-046.jpgMangen family....6 of 18
MangenF051011-047.jpgMangen family....7 of 18
MangenF051011-048.jpgMangen family....8 of 18
MangenF051011-049.jpgMangen family....9 of 18
MangenF051011-050.jpgMangen family....10 of 18
MangenF051011-051.jpgMangen family....11 of 18
MangenF051011-052.jpgMangen family....12 of 18
MangenF051011-053.jpgMangen family....13 of 18
MangenF051011-054.jpgMangen family....14 of 18
MangenF051011-055.jpgMangen family....15 of 18
MangenF051011-056.jpgMangen family....16 of 18
MangenF051011-057.jpgMangen family....17 of 18
MangenF051011-058.jpgMangen family....18 of 18
MangenF051011-059.jpgMathias Mangen plat info
ManhovenF051010-097.jpgJean P Manhoven plat info
MannF060105-099.jpgMann - Elwin Stubbs
MannF060105-100.jpgVirginia Maxine Mann family notes
MannF060105-101.jpgMann - Elwin and Phyllis Mann Stubbs 50th anniversary
MannF060105-102.jpgMann notes
MannF060105-103.jpgMann family notes
MannF060105-104.jpgRuth Mann In honor of....
MannF060105-105.jpgMann family notes
MannF060105-106.jpgMann notes
MannF060105-107.jpgMrs Mann Hooked 'Picture Rug
MannF060105-108.jpgFrank Mann notes
MannF060105-109.jpgJ W Mann From Excelsior
MannF060105-110.jpgMrs Mann note
MannF060105-111.jpgMann notes Party Line
MannF060105-112.jpgMann family notes 1 of 6
MannF060105-113.jpgMann family notes 2 of 6
MannF060105-114.jpgMann family notes 3 of 6
MannF060105-115.jpgMann notes
MannF060105-131.jpgMann family notes 4 of 6
MannF060105-132.jpgMann family notes 5 of 6
MannF060105-133.jpgMann family notes 6 of 6
MannIMG.jpgMarian L Mann obituary July, 1982, Widow of Earl, son of Captain Thomas Mann
MannIMG_0001.jpgEarl T Mann obituary 08-07-1981
MannIMG_0002.jpgEarl T Mann obituary
ManningF051012-015.jpgMrs Manning notes
ManningIMG_0001.jpgDonald J Manning memoriam 01-08-1924 - 11-06-1980
ManningIMG_0002.jpgDonald J Manning obituary 11-06-1980
ManningIMG_0003.jpgDonald J Manning obituary 11-08-1980
MansonF051012-017.jpgManson notes
MansonF051012-018.jpgMrs John Manson Obituary
MansonF051012-019.jpgCelia Manson
MansonIMG.jpgJohn W Manson NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 278
MansonIMG_0001.jpgJohn W Manson note
MaraF051012-016.jpgMara note
MarcouxIMG_0001.jpgMrs Otilla Marcoux memoriam 01-21-1884 - 02-27-1931 1 of 2
MarcouxIMG_0002.jpgMrs Otillia Marcoux memoriam 2 of 2
MarekF051012-028.jpgMarek notes
MarekF051012-029.jpgMarek notes and obituary
MarekF051012-030.jpgMarek receipt
MarekF051012-031.jpgTitus Marek, Sec. Mpls Brewing Co., Vice Pres. City Hall and Court House Commission
MarkF060105-116.jpgPeter M Mark notes 1 of 4
MarkF060105-117.jpgPeter M Mark, Druggist 2 of 4
MarkF060105-118.jpgPeter M Mark....3 of 4
MarkF060105-119.jpgPeter M Mark....4 of 4
MarkF060105-120.jpgPeter M Mark notes
MarkF060105-121.jpgMark notes
MarkF060105-122.jpgMark Christmas greetings
MarkF060105-123.jpgMark notes
MarkF060105-124.jpgMark notes
MarkF060105-125.jpgPeter M Mark, Dr. An Apology
MarkF060105-126.jpgMark notes
MarkF060105-127.jpgPeter Mark notes
MarkF060105-128.jpgPeter Mark notes
MarkF060105-129.jpgMark notes
MarkF060105-130.jpgMark family notes
MarsanIMG.jpgMercedes Lauzon Marsan obituary
MartinF051012-025.jpgMartin notes
MartinF051012-026.jpgSarah Martin sing at Olympic Festival
MartinF051012-027.jpgSarah Martin sing at Olympic Festival
MartineauF051012-020.jpgMartineau notes
MartineauIMG_0001.jpgNorris E Martineau obituary 01-06-1981
MartineauIMG_0002.jpgNorris E Martineau obituary 1981
MartinsonF060107-001.jpgHomer Martinson 30-year pro...
MartinsonF060107-002.jpgMartin Martinson casts ballot
MartinsonF060107-003.jpgMartinson notes
MartinsonF060107-004.jpgMartin Martinson 100th birthday
MartinsonF060107-005.jpgBruce Martinson, Dr
MartinsonF060107-006.jpgIrvin Martinson Bud memoir
MartinsonF060107-007.jpgN Martinson
MartinsonF060107-008.jpgWilliam J Martinson marriage
MartinsonF060107-009.jpgElmer J Martinson, Dr
MartinsonF060107-010.jpgN Martinson advertisement
MartinsonF060107-011.jpgDr and Mrs Carl J Martinson 50th anniversary
MartinsonF060107-012.jpgN Martinson announces candidacy
MartinsonF060107-013.jpgMartinson notes
MartinsonF060107-014.jpgMartinson letter
MartinsonF060107-015.jpgEmma Martinson ODell
MartinsonF060107-016.jpgMartinson - L to R: Otto Miller, Nell Shrewsbury Neilson, Emma Martinson ODell, Lloyd Shrewsbury, Eleanor Eckstrom Neilson, Fred Curier
MartinsonF060107-017.jpgN Martinson announces candidacy
MartinsonF060107-018.jpgOscar Martinson
MartinsonF060107-019.jpgN Martinson Insurance Agency advertisement
MartinsonF060107-020.jpgCarl Jerome Martinson, Dr memoir
MartinsonF060107-021.jpgCarl J Martinson Obituary
MartinsonF060107-022.jpgAlma I Martinson memoir
MartinsonF060107-023.jpgRena Martinson, First name may be wrong
MartinsonF060107-024.jpgMartinson notes
MartinsonF060107-025.jpgA Martinson by birth, wife of Lloyd Shrewsbury
MartinsonF060107-026.jpgEmma Martinson
MartinsonF060107-027.jpgMartinson notes
MartinsonIMG.jpgAlma I Martinson obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book 4, page 2
MartinsonIMG_0002.jpgAlma I Martinson memoriam 01-02-1895 - 01-04-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 4
MartinsonIMG_0003.jpgOscar Martinson NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 279
MartinsonIMG_0004.jpgOscar Martinson note
MartinsonIMG_0005.jpgAnna Martinson note
MarystoneF051013-001.jpgMarystone notes
MarystoneF051013-002.jpgMarystone notes
MarzingerF051012-021.jpgFrancis Marzinger plat info
MaskiF051012-035.jpgRollen Maski Obituary
MaskiF051012-036.jpgMaski note
MaskiF051012-037.jpgRollen and Elsie Maski 1 of 2
MaskiF051012-038.jpgRollen and Elsie Maski 2 of 2
MaslIMG.jpgFather Marcel Masl obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 267
MasonIMG.jpgRaymond K Mason obituary 04-30-1952
MasonIMG_0001.jpgClotilda C Mason Mason farm sold 1913
MasonIMG_0002.jpgJoseph Mason NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, apge 288
MasonIMG_0004.jpgJoe Mason note
MastnyIMG.jpgGeorge Mastny Designs With Housewife in Mind, The Minnetonka Herald, Wayzata, MN
MatherF060110-001.jpgThelma Mather Howe (front left)
MatherF060110-002.jpgMather - Front: Ruby Wyatt, Mabel Mather, Madge Klotter, Nell Stubbs. Back: Addie Stafford, Estella Mather, Dora Lawrence, Vernie Stafford, Maggie Roberts, Amy Ross. It's the Happy Hour Club
MatherF060110-003.jpgMather notes
MatherF060110-004.jpgJohn Mather notes
MatherF060110-005.jpgMr and Mrs D A Mather, taken on Golden Anniversary 8-25-1950
MatherF060110-006.jpgMather - Merry Christmas to Glady from Kenny Dud and Karen
MatherF060110-007.jpgScott Mather death
MatherF060110-008.jpgMather - Alice S Smyder memoir
MatherF060110-009.jpgD A Mather advertisement
MatherF060110-010.jpgC W Mather letter 1 of 10
MatherF060110-011.jpgC W Mather....2 of 10
MatherF060110-012.jpgC W Mather....3 of 10
MatherF060110-013.jpgC W Mather....4 of 10
MatherF060110-014.jpgC W Mather....5 of 10
MatherF060110-015.jpgC W Mather....6 of 10
MatherF060110-016.jpgC W Mather....7 of 10
MatherF060110-017.jpgC W Mather....8 of 10
MatherF060110-018.jpgC W Mather....9 of 10
MatherF060110-019.jpgC W Mather....10 of 10
MatherF060110-020.jpgMather notes
MatherF060110-021.jpgMather - Mrs W E Smith Obituary
MatherF060110-022.jpgScott Mather Obituary
MatherF060602-017.jpgKathryn Mather
MatherF060602-024.jpgL-R: Merrill Anderson, Kay Mather, Mr Walkup, Gwendolyn Martinson
MatherF060602-025.jpgKay Mather Turnham
MatherF060602-030.jpgKay Turnham in 1937
MatherIMG.jpgKay Mather Turnham, Wayzata High School 1936
MatherIMG_0001.jpgHenry Mather NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 211
MatherIMG_0002.jpgAlice Mather note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting minutes, Book Number 1, page 209
MatherIMG_0003.jpgAlice Mather note
MatherIMG_0004.jpgHarry Mather note
MatherIMG_0005.jpgJeanette [Mather] Loftus note
MatherIMG_0007.jpgHarry Mather note
MatherIMG_0008.jpgJeanette Mather obituary 11-15-1978
MatterIMG.jpgThomas E Matter, Sr obituary 04-12-1982
MattesonF060108-001.jpgMatson notes
MattesonF060108-002.jpgMatteson notes
MattesonF060108-003.jpgPorter Matteson letter
MattesonF060108-004.jpgPorter Matteson letter
MattesonF060108-005.jpgMatteson notes
MattesonF060108-006.jpgMatteson Abstract of Title 1 of 17
MattesonF060108-007.jpgMatteson....2 of 17
MattesonF060108-008.jpgMatteson....3 of 17
MattesonF060108-009.jpgMatteson....4 of 17
MattesonF060108-010.jpgMatteson.... 5 of 17
MattesonF060108-011.jpgMatteson....6 of 17
MattesonF060108-012.jpgMatteson....7 of 17
MattesonF060108-013.jpgMatteson.....8 of 17
MattesonF060108-014.jpgMatteson....9 of 17
MattesonF060108-015.jpgMatteson....10 of 17
MattesonF060108-016.jpgMatteson....11 of 17
MattesonF060108-017.jpgMatteson....12 of 17
MattesonF060108-018.jpgMatteson....13 of 17
MattesonF060108-019.jpgMatteson....14 of 17
MattesonF060108-020.jpgMatteson....15 of 17
MattesonF060108-021.jpgMatteson....16 of 17
MattesonF060108-022.jpgMatteson....17 of 17
MattesonF060108-023.jpgMatteson - Certificate of Judgement Lien and Bankruptcy Dockets
MattiF051012-022.jpgJacob Matti and Francis Marzinger plat info
MaurerF060111-001.jpgElaine E Maurer Obituary
MaurerF060111-002.jpgReed A Maurer memoir
MaurerF060111-003.jpgMinnie L Maurer Obituary
MaurerF060111-004.jpgMinnie Louise Maurer memoir
MaurerF060111-005.jpgHenry and Adeline Maurer
MaurerF060111-006.jpgMaurer family notes 1 of 3
MaurerF060111-007.jpgMaurer Family notes 2 of 3
MaurerF060111-008.jpgMaurer family notes 3 of 3
MaurerF060111-009.jpgBlanche Maurer Neddermeyer interview 1 of 2
MaurerF060111-010.jpgBlanche Mauer Neddemeyer....2 of 2
MaurerF060111-011.jpgMaurer notes
MaurerF060111-012.jpgMaurer - Blanche A Neddermeyer memoir
MaurerF060111-013.jpgMaurer family notes
MaurerF060111-014.jpgElmer F Maurer letter
MaurerF060111-015.jpgElmer Mauer holding daughter Muriel. Elmer was the son of Elizabeth and Harry Maurer of Wayzata. They lived in Seattle, WA.
MaurerF060111-016.jpgHenry Maurer death
MaurerF060111-017.jpgReed Maurer note
MaurerF060111-018.jpgHarry Maurer Breaks Neck...
MaurerF060111-019.jpgMaurer - William G Mare memoir
MaurerF060111-020.jpgBlanche Maurer - State Bank of Loretto postcard
MaurerF060111-022.jpgHenry and Adeline maurer, and grandaughter Blanche Maurer
MaurerF060111-023.jpgReed Mauer at Lyman Lumber Company in Excelsior 1965
MaurerF060111-024.jpgIreme Maurer-Coldren Arneson, Blanche Maurer Neddermeyer, Elizabeth Morin-Maurer-Adams (mother), Reed Maurer
MaurerF060111-025.jpgReed Maurer
MaurerF060111-026.jpgReed Maurer Apple Day Committee---1935
MaurerF060111-027.jpgElaine Mauer memoir
MaurerF060111-028.jpgMaurer notes
MaurerF060111-029.jpgMaurer notes
MaurerF060111-030.jpgAda Maurer of Clara
MaurerF060111-031.jpgMinnie Maurer, wife of Thomas Van Every
MaurerF060624-002.jpgDaughter of Addie Maurer. Married name Jenks. May have lived in Chicago
MaurerIMG.jpgBlanche Maurer, Wayzata Telephone Exchange
MaurerIMG_0002.jpgMinnie L Maurer obituary 03-01-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 16
MaurerIMG_0003.jpgMinnie Louise Maurer memoriam 11-08-1899 - 03-01-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting minute,s book number 9, page 15
MaurerIMG_0004.jpgMaurer - Ruth ?, daughter of Addie Maurer
MaurerIMG_0005.jpgMary Maurer note
MaurerIMG_0009-1.jpgMaurer-Neddermeyer Family History "The Way We Were" 2 of 2 NOTED: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
MaurerIMG_0009.jpgMaurer-Neddermeyer Family History "The Way We Were" 1 of 2 NOTED: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
MavityIMG.jpgIda Draper Mavity obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting minutes, Book Number 2, page 262
MaxfieldF051013-006.jpgMaxfield notes
MaxfieldIMG_0001.jpgFrances and Pearl Maxwell - Married 11-06-1912; 50th Anniversary 11-19-1960, son of Frank Joseph Thies and Anna Yunker; Allen Lester Thies born in Long Lake, Mn 08-02-1889-10-09-1969; Pearl Vida Maxwell 06-09-1891-08-12-1969, Stubbs Bay, daughte rof Frank Maxwell and Flora White
MaxfieldIMG_0002.jpgFrances and Pearl Maxwell; This picture was formerly in possession of Sybil Coleman--(Formerly Sybil Gordon)--it is adressed to: Aunt Jemima (most certainly J Jemima Gordon dob 11-30-1835) and from : Frances & Pearl (this would be Frances Maxwell dob 09-16-1899 and Pearl Maxwell dob 06-06-1891.) J. Jemima Gordon was their Grandfather Charles Gordon's sister (children's great aunt)
MaxsonF051013-003.jpgMaxon plat info and notes
MaxsonF051013-004.jpgMaxson notes
MaxsonF051013-005.jpgMaxson notes
MaxwellF060113-001.jpgMaxwell - Doraline M Dunn memoir
MaxwellF060113-002.jpgMaxwell - Arlie O Thorpe memoir
MaxwellF060113-003.jpgMaxwell Ancestry Chart
MaxwellF060113-004.jpgJames Maxwell note
MaxwellF060113-005.jpgMaxwell notes
MaxwellF060113-006.jpgJohn Maxwell 1860 Census
MaxwellF060113-007.jpgLenore Evelyn Maxwell (Adickes) Obituary
MaxwellF060113-008.jpgJohn McDowell and Frederick William Maxwell Tales from Tonka
MaxwellF060113-009.jpgMaxwell's Caerlaverock Castle
MaxwellF060113-011.jpgMrs Alice Maxwell death
MaxwellF060113-012.jpgJack E Maxwell Obituary
MaxwellF060113-013.jpgJack E Maxwell obituary
MaxwellF060113-014.jpgMaxwell - John Scherer interview
MaxwellF060113-015.jpgMaxwell notes
MaxwellF060113-016.jpgJean Maxwell note
MaxwellF060113-017.jpgMaxwell notes
MaxwellF060113-018.jpgJohn Maxwell note
MaxwellF060113-019.jpgMaxwells of Old Excelsior note
MaxwellF060113-020.jpgW F Maxwell New Model Creamery.. bill
MaxwellF060113-021.jpgJohn Maxwell Boldingh memoir
MaxwellF060113-022.jpgLarry Maxwell notes 1 of 8
MaxwellF060113-023.jpgLarry Maxwell....2 of 8
MaxwellF060113-024.jpgLarry Maxwell....3 of 8
MaxwellF060113-026.jpgLarry Maxwell....4 of 8
MaxwellF060113-027.jpgLarry Maxwell....5 of 8
MaxwellF060113-028.jpgLarry Maxwell....6 of 8
MaxwellF060113-029.jpgLarry Maxwell....7 of 8
MaxwellF060113-030.jpgLarry Maxwell....8 of 8
MaxwellF060113-031.jpgFrank and Mamie Maxwell
MaxwellF060113-032.jpgEva Maxwell, vacination
MaxwellF060113-033.jpgJohn McDowell Maxwell family notes
MaxwellF060113-034.jpgMaxwell - Arlie Thorp Memorial
MaxwellF060113-038.jpgMaxwell - Arlie Thorp Memorial 10-13-1987
MaxwellF060113-040.jpgMaxwell notes
MaxwellIMG.jpgTintype in D Maxwell collection
MaxwellIMG_0001-01.jpgDavid A Maxwell letter 08-01-1994
MaxwellIMG_0006.jpgMaxwell Ancestral Chart
MaxwellIMG_0007.jpgJ G Maxwell memoriam
MaxwellIMG_0008.jpgFrancis Rupfert Maxwell note
MaxwellIMG_0010-10.jpgJames Maxwell....2 of 8
MaxwellIMG_0011-11.jpgJames Maxwell....3 of 8
MaxwellIMG_0012-1.jpgMaxwell - Family History NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault (4)
MaxwellIMG_0012-12.jpgJames Maxwell....4 of 8
MaxwellIMG_0013-13.jpgJames Maxwell....5 of 8
MaxwellIMG_0014-14.jpgJames Maxwell....6 of 8
MaxwellIMG_0015-15.jpgJames Maxwell....7 of 8
MaxwellIMG_0016-16.jpgJames Maxwell....8 of 8
MaxwellIMG_0017.jpgRobert G Maxwell obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 329
MaxwellIMG_0018.jpgDavid A Maxwell letter 08-08-1994
MaxwellIMG_0021.jpgDelila Maxwell note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 215
MaxwellIMG_0022.jpgMaxsell bay was named for their father, Frank maxwell, and his sister Mrs John Dunn
MaxwellIMG_0023.jpgJohn Henry Maxell obituary
MaxwellIMG_0025.jpgJ H Maxwell address
MaxwellIMG_0026.jpgTom Maxwell NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 270
MaxwellIMG_0027.jpgMary Maxwell NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 272
MaxwellIMG_0028.jpgLouisa Rae Maxwell NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 272
MaxwellIMG_0029.jpgFrank M Maxwell NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 285
MaxwellIMG_0031.jpgFrank M Maxwell note
MaxwellIMG_0032.jpgLouisa Rae Maxwell note
MaxwellIMG_0033.jpgMary Pederson Maxwell note
MaxwellIMG_0034.jpgTom Maxwell note
MaxwellIMG_0035.jpgClark Maxwell memoriam 01-31-1907 - 02-23-1993
MaxwellIMG_0036.jpgClark Maxwell obituary
MaxwellIMG_0037.jpgClark Maxwell memoriam 01-31-1907 - 02-23-1993
MaxwellIMG_0038.jpgMarvin J Maxwell obituary 08-15-1978
MaxwellIMG_0039.jpgMarvin J Maxwell obituary08-11-1978
MaxwellIMG_0040.jpgMaxwell - Patrick Sinclair obituary, August 1982
MaxwellIMG_0041.jpgMaxwell - Patrick Sinclair note
MaxwellIMG_0042.jpgDelila Maxwell note
MaxwellIMG_0043.jpgLaura L Maxwell note
MaxwellIMG_0044.jpgDebra Maxwell note
MayF060114-001.jpgMay - Eva Belle Turnham
MayF060114-002.jpgLinnie Carr May Obituary
MayF060114-003.jpgL to R: Tom Turnham, Judy Levin (Jospeh Merz), Donna Carpenter (Clement May),l Beth Nelson (Alice May)
MayF060114-004.jpgAlice May
MayF060114-005.jpgMay notes
MayF060114-006.jpgClement E May memoir
MayF060114-007.jpgClement May family 1910. L to R: Clement, Marian, Linnie Carr May, Tom, Joe, Eva, Alice
MayF060114-008.jpgAlice May
MayF060114-009.jpgTom May house
MayF060114-010.jpgCharles May street name
MayF060114-012.jpgMay - Beth Nelson Stucky letter
MayF060114-015.jpgMay - Byron Stewart and Alice May Stewart
MayF060114-016.jpgTom May
MayF060114-017.jpgAlice May Stewart. Taught at D94
MayF060114-018.jpgAlice Blanche May family notes
MayF060114-019.jpgMay notes
MayF060114-020.jpgMay notes
MayF060114-021.jpgLinnie Carr May Obituary
MayF060114-022.jpgMay notes
MayF060114-023.jpgCharles May, Captain notes
MayF060114-024.jpgTom May
MayF060114-025.jpgAlice Blanche May notes
MayF060114-026.jpgThomas May note
MayF060114-027.jpgAlice May Stewart memoir
MayF060114-028.jpgCharles May A Record of Old Boats 1 of 2
MayF060114-029.jpgCharles May....2 of 2
MayF060114-030.jpgMay - Beth Nelson Stucky note
MayF060114-031.jpgMay notes
MayF060114-032.jpgMay notes
MayF060114-033.jpgMay notes
MayF060114-034.jpgMay note
MayF060114-035.jpgThomas Francis family notes
MayF060114-036.jpgElgie Lenora May notes
MayF060114-037.jpgAlice Blanche May notes
MayF060114-038.jpgClement Edwin May notes
MayF060114-039.jpgEmily Helen May notes
MayF060114-040.jpgJoseph Thomas May notes
MayF060114-041.jpgClement May notes
MayF060114-042.jpgMarian Linna May notes
MayF060114-043.jpgDonna May notes
MayF060114-044.jpgAlice May notes
MayF060114-045.jpgAlice May and daughter Beth
MayF060114-046.jpgAlice May and daughter Beth
MayF060114-047.jpgMay notes
MayF060114-048.jpgMay Governor Freeman Signs 1960 Proclamation
MayF060114-049.jpgMay - Michael Stuart notes
MayF060114-050.jpgMay notes
MayF060114-051.jpgMay - Elizabeth Eva Belle Stuart notes
MayF060114-052.jpgMay - Sheila Ray Nelson notes
MayF060114-053.jpgElgie Lenora May notes
MayF060114-054.jpgBetty May Johnson notes
MayF060114-055.jpgMay - Shirley Eva Belle Johnson notes
MayF060114-056.jpgJoseph Thomas May notes
MayF060114-057.jpgThomas Clifford May notes
MayF060114-058.jpgMrs Joseph May note
MayF060114-059.jpgEmily Helen May notes 1 of 2
MayF060114-060.jpgHelen May McPherson letter 1 of 2
MayF060114-061.jpgEmily Helen May notes 2 of 2
MayF060114-062.jpgHelen May McPherson letter 2 of 2
MayIMG.jpgEd Turnham May note
MayIMG_0001.jpgMildred A [Truman] May obituary 03-11-1982
May FolderF060114-001.jpgMay - Eva Belle Turnham
May FolderF060114-002.jpgLinnie Carr May Obituary
May FolderF060114-003.jpgL to R: Tom Turnham, Judy Levin (Jospeh Merz), Donna Carpenter (Clement May),l Beth Nelson (Alice May)
May FolderF060114-004.jpgAlice May
May FolderF060114-005.jpgMay notes
May FolderF060114-006.jpgClement E May memoir
May FolderF060114-007.jpgClement May family 1910. L to R: Clement, Marian, Linnie Carr May, Tom, Joe, Eva, Alice
May FolderF060114-008.jpgAlice May
May FolderF060114-009.jpgTom May house
May FolderF060114-010.jpgCharles May street name
May FolderF060114-011.jpgUnidentified
May FolderF060114-012.jpgMay - Beth Nelson Stucky letter
May FolderF060114-015.jpgMay - Byron Stewart and Alice May Stewart
May FolderF060114-016.jpgTom May
May FolderF060114-017.jpgAlice May Stewart. Taught at D94
May FolderF060114-018.jpgAlice Blanche May family notes
May FolderF060114-019.jpgMay notes
May FolderF060114-020.jpgMay notes
May FolderF060114-021.jpgLinnie Carr May Obituary
May FolderF060114-022.jpgMay notes
May FolderF060114-023.jpgCharles May, Captain notes
May FolderF060114-024.jpgTom May
May FolderF060114-025.jpgAlice Blanche May notes
May FolderF060114-026.jpgThomas May note
May FolderF060114-027.jpgAlice May Stewart memoir
May FolderF060114-028.jpgCharles May A Record of Old Boats 1 of 2
May FolderF060114-029.jpgCharles May....2 of 2
May FolderF060114-030.jpgMay - Beth Nelson Stucky note
May FolderF060114-031.jpgMay notes
May FolderF060114-032.jpgMay notes
May FolderF060114-033.jpgMay notes
May FolderF060114-034.jpgMay note
May FolderF060114-035.jpgThomas Francis family notes
May FolderF060114-036.jpgElgie Lenora May notes
May FolderF060114-037.jpgAlice Blanche May notes
May FolderF060114-038.jpgClement Edwin May notes
May FolderF060114-039.jpgEmily Helen May notes
May FolderF060114-040.jpgJoseph Thomas May notes
May FolderF060114-041.jpgClement May notes
May FolderF060114-042.jpgMarian Linna May notes
May FolderF060114-043.jpgDonna May notes
May FolderF060114-044.jpgAlice May notes
May FolderF060114-045.jpgAlice May and daughter Beth
May FolderF060114-046.jpgAlice May and daughter Beth
May FolderF060114-047.jpgMay notes
May FolderF060114-048.jpgMay Governor Freeman Signs 1960 Proclamation
May FolderF060114-049.jpgMay - Michael Stuart notes
May FolderF060114-050.jpgMay notes
May FolderF060114-051.jpgMay - Elizabeth Eva Belle Stuart notes
May FolderF060114-052.jpgMay - Sheila Ray Nelson notes
May FolderF060114-053.jpgElgie Lenora May notes
May FolderF060114-054.jpgBetty May Johnson notes
May FolderF060114-055.jpgMay - Shirley Eva Belle Johnson notes
May FolderF060114-056.jpgJoseph Thomas May notes
May FolderF060114-057.jpgThomas Clifford May notes
May FolderF060114-058.jpgMrs Joseph May note
May FolderF060114-059.jpgEmily Helen May notes 1 of 2
May FolderF060114-060.jpgHelen May McPherson letter 1 of 2
May FolderF060114-061.jpgEmily Helen May notes 2 of 2
May FolderF060114-062.jpgHelen May McPherson letter 2 of 2
MayerF051012-023.jpgJoseph Steven Mayer marriage
MayerF051012-024.jpgMayer family notes
MaynardIMG.jpgHarry C Maynard memoriam 01-25-1909 - 01-18-1969
MaynardIMG_0001.jpgMarilyn Maynard is Bride of David R Adams 06-26-1955
MaynardIMG_0002.jpgMarilyn L Maynard In Nevada marriage announcement
MaynardIMG_0003.jpgJeannette Carol Maynard Orono High School Commencement Exercise announcement
Maynard_3IMG_0003.jpgMaynard “In This Corner” (2) 1 of 2
Maynard_3IMG_0004.jpgMaynard “In This Corner....” (2) 2 of 2
MayrIMG.jpgArnold J Mayr obituary 1992
McCabeIMG.jpgMcCabe house on Penn Avenue. Melinda McCabe, daughter of Joseph and Eliz Roberts.
McCannIMG.jpgWalter Henry McCann obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 350
McCannIMG_0001.jpgLida E [Walter] McCann obituary 04-15-1983
McCannIMG_0002.jpgLida Ellen McCann memoriam 09-06-1891 - 04-15-1983
McCannIMG_0003.jpgLida E [Walter] McCann obituary
McCannIMG_0004.jpgLida E [Walter] McCann obituary
McCartyF060115-001.jpgMcCarty family notes
McCartyF060115-002.jpgMcCarty notes
McCartyF060115-003.jpgSamuel E McCarthy Obituary
McConnellIMG.jpgIra J McConnell obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 359
McCormickF060115-003.jpgJennings, McCormick, McCullough Families of North Lake Minnetonka
McCormickF060115-005.jpgBack, L: Maude McCormick. Front, R: Mildred McCormick
McCormickF060115-006.jpgMcCormick - Alice, Helen, Clement, Elgie May
McCormickF060115-007.jpgMcCormicks of New York notes
McCormickF060115-008.jpgSam McCormick notes
McCormickF060115-009.jpgMabel Susan McCormick notes
McCormickF060115-010.jpgMcCormick - Jack McCullough note
McCormickF060115-011.jpgThree McCormick brothers who served in the Civil war: L to R: William, George, Samuel
McCormickF060115-012.jpgElizabeth J McCormick note 1 of 2
McCormickF060115-013.jpgElizabeth J McCormick note 2 of 2
McCormickF060115-014.jpgMcCormick - unable to read handwriting on envelope. See File.
McCormickF060115-015.jpgMcCormick - Jack McCullough note
McCormickF060115-016.jpgMcCormick notes
McCormickF060115-017.jpgAlice Maude McCormick family notes
McCormickF060115-020.jpgGeorge McCormick house iin Maple Plain
McCormickF060115-021.jpgMcCormick - Janet Moak family notes
McCormickF060115-022.jpgMcCormick - George F McCullough, Lt. Col (Ret) memoir
McCormickF060115-023.jpgBlanche McCormick
McCormickF060115-024.jpgJack McCormick memoir
McCormickF060115-025.jpgMcCormick notes
McCormickF060115-026.jpgMcCormick notes
McCormickF060115-027.jpgMcCormick notes
McCormickF060115-028.jpgMcCormick - To Grandma from Mid McCormick
McCormickF060115-029.jpgMcCormick - S McCullough letter
McCormickF060115-031.jpgJohn McCormick Jack family notes
McCormickF060115-032.jpgGeorge McCormick notes 1 of 2
McCormickF060115-033.jpgGeorge McCormick....2 of 2
McCormickF060115-034.jpgMabel Susan McCormick family notes
McCormickF060115-035.jpgJack, George and Blanch McCormick
McCormickF060115-036.jpgMcCormick - Ella Frances Turnham notes
McCormickF060115-037.jpgMcCormick letter 1 of 3
McCormickF060115-038.jpgMcCormick letter 2 of 3
McCormickF060115-039.jpgMcCormick letter 3 of 3
McCormickF060115-040.jpgAlice McCormick and George
McCormickF060115-041.jpgJohn McCormick notes
McCormickF060115-042.jpgGeorge McCormick estate acution
McCormickF060115-043.jpgSamuel McCormick family notes
McCormickF060115-044.jpgLeft: Mildred McCormick, Right: Maude McCormick, Front: Ellen McCormick, Back: Mabele McCormick
McCormickF060115-045.jpgJack and his mother Maude McCormick
McCormickF060115-046.jpgMcCormick - ALice, Joe, Clement, Elgie May
McCormickF060115-047.jpgMcCormick notes
McCormickF060115-048.jpgJohn and Sarah McCormick notes
McCormickF060115-049.jpgGeorge McCormick notes 1 of 4
McCormickF060115-050.jpgGeorge McCormick....2 of 4
McCormickF060115-051.jpgGeorge McCormick....3 of 4
McCormickF060115-052.jpgGeorge McCormick....4 of 4
McCormickF060115-053.jpgMrs McCormick note 1 of 2
McCormickF060115-054.jpgMrs McCormick....2of 2
McCormickF060115-055.jpgJack McCormick letter
McCormickF060115-056.jpgJack McCormick note
McCormickF060115-057.jpgMcCormick - Janet Milligan letter 1 of 3
McCormickF060115-058.jpgMcCormick - Janet....2 of 3
McCormickF060115-059.jpgMcCormick - Janet....3 of 3
McCormickF060115-061.jpgGeorge A McCormick discharge papers 1 of 2
McCormickF060115-062.jpgGeorge A McCormick....2 of 2
McCormickF060115-063.jpgJack McCormick letter
McCormickF060115-064.jpgMcCormick notes
McCormickF060115-065.jpgElla F McCormick Pension
McCormickF060115-066.jpgMrs Jack McCormick Western Union msg
McCormickF060115-067.jpgJack McCormick letter of receipt
McCormickF060115-068.jpgJack McCormick sale of property
McCormickF060115-069.jpgElla F McCormick estate letter
McCormickF060115-070.jpgJack McCormick note
McCormickF060115-071.jpgElla McCormick sale of property
McCormickF060115-072.jpgMcCormick - Ella Frances Turnham family notes
McCormickF060115-074.jpgAlice Maude McCormick family notes
McCormickF060115-075.jpgMcCormick - George Frederick McCullough notes
McCormickF060115-076.jpgMcCormick notes
McCormickF060115-077.jpgElizabeth Mildred Bessie McCormick family notes
McCormickF060115-078.jpgMcCormick - Charles Bissonette Jr notes
McCormickF060115-079.jpgMcCormick note
McCormickF060115-080.jpgMabel McCormick family notes
McCormickF060115-081.jpgMcCormick - Elizabeth Jean Oberst notes
McCormickF060115-082.jpgJohn McCormick Jack family notes
McCormickF060115-083.jpgJack McCormick note
McCormickF060115-084.jpgGeorge McCormick Turkey Cleaning is BYOB Job
McCormickF060115-087.jpgSandy Archibald McCormick notes
McCormickF060115-088.jpgMcCormick notes
McCormickF060115-089.jpgGail Janet McCormick family notes
McCormickF060115-090.jpgMacRobbie McCormick Bob family notes
McCormickIMG.jpgMrs Jack McCormick Obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 271
McCormickIMG_0001.jpgElla McCormick note
McCoyIMG.jpgRay McCoy Police Chief McCoy 'certified for disaster'
McCoyIMG_0001.jpgJustin Hamilton McCoy ...plan August nuptials The Pioneer 07-28-2007
McCraeIMG.jpgHorace McCrae notes NOTE; original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes,, book number 6, page 29
McCueF060115-004.jpgMcCue notes
McCulleyF060118-001.jpgMark and Douglas McCulley ...talks turkey
McCulleyF060118-002.jpgMark McCulley ...presents turkey to Governor
McCulleyF060118-003.jpgDonovan Preston McCulley memoir
McCulleyF060118-004.jpgDon McCulley note
McCulleyF060118-005.jpgDough and Merna McCulley 4-H leaders honored
McCulleyF060118-006.jpgDoug McCulley, WHCPA Vice President
McCulleyF060118-007.jpgMcCulley Road Dedication 7-17-1980
McCulleyF060118-008.jpgGraydon McCulley Re-elected
McCulleyF060118-009.jpgPreston McCulley note
McCulleyF060118-010.jpgMark McCulley ...elected to turkey growers' board
McCulleyF060118-011.jpgMark McCulley ...elected president...
McCulleyF060118-012.jpgDoug McCulley Turkey growing....became family tradition
McCulleyF060118-013.jpgDonovan McCulley - Mary Lillie Lockwood memoir
McCulleyF060118-014.jpgDoug McCulley and State Sen. George S Pilsbury, Jr
McCulleyF060118-015.jpgMcCulley house
McCulleyF060118-016.jpgMcCulley barn
McCulleyF060118-017.jpgPreston McCulley interview
McCulleyF060118-018.jpgDonald and Evelyn McCulley
McCulleyF060118-019.jpgMcCulley Road Dedication 7-17-1980. L to R: Mark, Doug, Graydon, Don, ?, Scott McCulley
McCulleyF060118-020.jpgRoot cellar at McCulley house
McCulleyF060118-021.jpgPreston McCulley and Myrtle Stubbs
McCulleyF060118-022.jpgMcCulley notes
McCulleyF060118-023.jpgPreston McCulley notes
McCulleyF060118-024.jpgPreston McCulley notes
McCulleyF060118-025.jpgPreston McCulley interview
McCulleyF060118-026.jpgPreston McCulley Local Sawmill
McCulleyF060118-027.jpgGINSENG; Roger Stubbs; Preston McCulley; Clarence Beal “Tales from Tonka”
McCulleyF060118-028.jpgMark McCulley Farm Bureau 1 of 3
McCulleyF060118-029.jpgMark McCulley Farm.... 2 of 3
McCulleyF060118-030.jpgMark McCulley Farm....3 of 3
McCulleyF060118-031.jpgMcCulley family notes
McCulleyF060118-032.jpgDoug McCulley school notes
McCulleyF060118-033.jpgDouglas McCulley The Story of a Book
McCulleyF060602-045.jpgMrs. James Fullerton; Doug McCulley; rural welfare division....
McCulleyIMG-01.jpgMcCulley picnic about 1936
McCulleyIMG.jpgGraydon M McCulley memoriam
McCulleyIMG_0001.jpgAug 3, 2001, 1931 Class Left to right- Back row- Dick St. Amont, Graydon McCulley, Gladys Reimer, Herbert Meyer Front row- Frank Stubbs, Marcella Reinke, Rena Stubbs, Chuck Rice
McCulleyIMG_0002.jpgEvelyn and Jean McCulley
McCulleyIMG_0003.jpgMerna Mae McCulley memoriam 05-30-2010
McCulleyIMG_0004.jpgMerna Mae McCulley Obituary 1922-2010 1 of 2
McCulleyIMG_0005.jpgMerna Mae McCulley 2 of 2
McCulleyIMG_0006.jpgMerna Mae McCulley Obituary 05-30-2010
McCulleyIMG_0007.jpgMcCulley Services Are Held for Pioneer of Maple Plain 1 of 2. NOTE: document is located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2
McCulleyIMG_0008.jpgMcCulley Services Are Held....2 of 2
McCulleyIMG_0009.jpgMcCulley - Jake Hartman?
McCulleyIMG_0010.jpgDoug McCulley Farmers see costs skyrocket 07-19-1973
McCulleyIMG_0011.jpgPreston McCulley family newspaper article NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2
McCulleyIMG_0013.jpgMyrtle Anna McCulley NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 282
McCulleyIMG_0014.jpgMyrtle McCulley notes
McCulleyIMG_0015.jpgTerry McCulley obituary 10-22-1979
McCulleyIMG_0016.jpgJerry McCulley note
McCulloughF060119-001.jpgFred McCullough notes
McCulloughF060119-002.jpgFrank McCullough
McCulloughF060119-003.jpgSusan Jennings McCullough
McCulloughF060119-004.jpgMarde and Fred McCullough with childen Jack (L) and George (R)
McCulloughF060119-006.jpgFred McCullough (second from left, with bow tie)
McCulloughF060119-007.jpgMcCullough - Back: far right: Alice McCullough. Front: right Martha
McCulloughF060119-008.jpgMrs Fred McCullough Obituary
McCulloughF060119-009.jpgMcCullough notes
McCulloughF060119-010.jpgMcCullough notes
McCulloughF060119-011.jpgMcCullough notes
McCulloughF060119-012.jpgMcCullough notes
McCulloughIMG.jpgMaude McCormick McCullough obituary 1953. Note original document located in box entitled Annual meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 295
McCulloughIMG_0001.jpgGeorge McCullough notes NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 27
McDonaldF060119-013.jpgMcDonald notes
McDonaldF060119-014.jpgJohn McDonald Wright Rambles
McDonaldF060119-015.jpgJames McDonald Jr., marriage
McDonaldIMG.jpgMarjorie McDonald notes
McEnteeIMG_0001.jpgJohn McEntee obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 355
McGaryF060124-001.jpgJ H McGarry Letter to the Editor
McGaryF060124-002.jpgJohn McGarry article
McGaryF060124-003.jpgJohn H McGarry family notes
McGaryF060124-004.jpgMcGarry notes
McGaryF060124-006.jpgClaude McGarry note
McGaryF060124-007.jpgMcGary - Hennepin County Schools letter
McGaryF060124-008.jpgMcGary notes
McGaryF060124-009.jpgJohn McGary Letter to the Editor
McGaryF060124-010.jpgMcGary plat info
McGaryF060124-011.jpgJohn H McGary Letter to the Editor
McGaryF060124-012.jpgJohn H McGary History in this Vicinity
McGaryF060124-014.jpgMcGary Maple Plain News
McGaryF060124-015.jpgJohn H McGary Letter to the Editor 1 of 3
McGaryF060124-016.jpgJohn H McGary....2 of 3
McGaryF060124-017.jpgJohn H McGary....3 of 3
McGaryF060124-018.jpgJohn H McGary family notes
McGaryF060124-019.jpgJohn and Eliza McGary Obituary
McGaryF060124-020.jpgJohn McGarry notes
McGaryF060124-021.jpgMcGary Letter to the Editory
McGaryF060124-022.jpgMrs McGarry fatal accident
McGaryF060124-023.jpgC R McGary note
McGaryF060124-024.jpgMcGary notes
McGaryF060124-025.jpgMcGary notes
McGaryF060124-026.jpgMcGary notes
McGaryF060124-027.jpgMcGary notes
McGaryF060124-028.jpgMcGary notes
McGaryF060124-029.jpgMcGary notes
McGaryF060124-030.jpgMr and Mrs Enis McGary sale of farm
McGaryF060124-031.jpgJ H McGary Letter to the Editor
McGaryIMG.jpgMrs John McGary 1920 note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 216
McGaryIMG_0001.jpgEnnis Northwood McGary note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 220
McGaryIMG_0002.jpgHannah E McGary notes: NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 237
McGaryIMG_0003.jpgMrs John McGary notes
McGaryIMG_0004.jpgEnnis Northwood McGary notes
McGaryIMG_0005.jpgMrs Hamma (Eves) McGary notes
McGaryIMG_0006.jpgJohn McGary note
McGaryIMG_0007.jpgEnnis Northwood McGary note
McGillF051112-001.jpgJ Leonard McGill, Dr. Obituary
McGillF051112-002.jpgDavid McGill Receiving His Award
McGillF051112-003.jpgJ David McGill, Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition
McGillF051112-004.jpgCatherine Hoy McGill Obituary
McGillF060602-073.jpgFive Coeds
McGillF060602-079.jpgLynn McGil marriage
McGinnisF060602-067.jpgCorinne Marlon McGinnis engagement
McGinnisF060602-077.jpgCorinne Marion McGinnis marriage
McGintyF051112-001.jpgMcginty family notes
McGintyF051112-002.jpgRoy McGinty retirement
McGintyF051112-003.jpgElizabeth J McGinty Obituary
McGintyF051112-004.jpgRoy McGinty at Cargill Lake Office
McGintyF051112-005.jpgAnna B McDinty death
McGintyF051112-006.jpgJohn and Roy McGinty Minnetonka Mills' Deer Return to Winter Haunts
McGintyF051112-007.jpgDan McGinty estate auction
McGintyF051112-009.jpgRoy McGinty ...leaving Minnetonka site after 114 years
McGintyF051112-011.jpgMcGinty notes
McGintyF051112-012.jpgMcGinty notes
McGintyIMG.jpgElizabeth J McGinty ...Death Ends Chapter of Tonka History NOTE: original document located in Box entintled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 264
McGowanF051113-001.jpgGregory McGowan Obituary
McGowanF051113-002.jpgMcGinty notes
McGowanF051113-003.jpgMcGinty notes
McGowanF051113-004.jpgMcGowan - Bonnie R Lemieux letters
McGowanF051113-006.jpgMichael McGowan plat info
McGowanF051113-007.jpgPhillip and Michael McGowan fanily notes 1 of 3
McGowanF051113-008.jpgPhillip and Michael McGowan....2 of 3
McGowanF051113-009.jpgPhillip and Michael McGowan....3 of 3
McGrathF051118-001.jpgFrank McGrath age 91 and William Brand age 1
McGrathF051118-002.jpgMcGrath notes
McGrathF051118-003.jpgRobert B McGrath story
McGrathF051118-004.jpgRobert R McGrath
McGrathF051118-005.jpgRobert and Frank McGrath notes
McGrathF051118-006.jpgRobert McGrath The First Settler
McGrathF051118-008.jpgMcGrath - Lake Minnetonka Reflections 1 of 7
McGrathF051118-009.jpgMcGrath - In the Early Days by Harry Wakefield
McGrathF051118-010.jpgMcGrath - Lake....2 of 7
McGrathF051118-011.jpgMcGrath - Lake....3 of 7
McGrathF051118-012.jpgMcGrath - Lake....4 of 7
McGrathF051118-013.jpgMcGrath - Lake....5 of 7
McGrathF051118-014.jpgMcGrath - Lake....6 of 7
McGrathF051118-015.jpgMcGrath - Lake....7 of 7
McGrathF051118-016.jpgHebert B McGrath Pioneer is Summoned
McGrathIMG.jpgMrs Frank K McGrath obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 322
McGrathIMG_0001.jpgJeanie McGrath last rites 1 of 3 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 338 and 339
McGrathIMG_0002.jpgJeanie McGrath rites....2 of 3
McGrathIMG_0003.jpgJeanie McGrath last rites....3 of 3
McHughF051008-129.jpgRobert McHugh note
McInernyIMG_0001.jpgRobert M McInerny obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 21
McInernyIMG_0002.jpgRobert M McInerny obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 22
McInernyIMG_0003.jpgRobert M McInerny obituary NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 23
McInnesF051008-130.jpgMcInnes note
McInteeIMG.jpgNora Luly McIntee notes
McIntyreF051118-017.jpgMcIntyre notes
McKeeF051118-019.jpgMcKee notes
McKeeF051118-020.jpgMcKee notes
McKenzieF051119-001.jpgMcKenzie An Unexpected Discovery
McKenzieF051119-002.jpgDorothy McKenzie Overview 1 of 2
McKenzieF051119-003.jpgDorothy Mckenzie....2 of 2
McKenzieF051119-004.jpgRobert and Fred McKenzie home. Bob and Fred in foreground. Photo from S. D. Dimond collection
McKenzieF051119-005.jpgRobert Bob McKenzie at Prairie Du Chien. From S. D. Dimond collection
McKenzieF051119-006.jpgRobert Mckenzie Bob. Captain of rebuilt Mary renamed Star exploded 7-1-1880. Photo from collection of S. D. Dimond
McKenzieF051119-007.jpgJ A Mackenzie piano harp
McKenzieF051119-008.jpgRobert L Mckenzie Hickory Rustic Work
McKenzieF051119-009.jpgJ A McKenzie piano harp
McKenzieF051119-010.jpgMcKenzie Scout's Death Recalled New Ulm 1 of 3
McKenzieF051119-011.jpgMcKenzie Scout....2 of 3
McKenzieF051119-012.jpgMcKenzie Scout....3 of 3
McKenzieF051119-013.jpgJohn McKenzie Gleanings 1 of 3
McKenzieF051119-014.jpgJohn McKenzie....2 of 3
McKenzieF051119-015.jpgJohn McKenzie....3 of 3
McKenzieF051119-016.jpgMcKenzie - Ellen Pretzel estate auction
McKenzieF051119-017.jpgMcKenzie family notes
McKenzieF051119-018.jpgRobert L McKenzie Mckenzie Point and the Stone Arch
McKenzieF051119-019.jpgRobert McKenzie notes
McKenzieF051119-020.jpgMckenzie A Sad Swan Song
McKenzieF051119-021.jpgJ A McKenzie 1 of 2
McKenzieF051119-022.jpgJ A McKenzie....2 of 2
McKenzieF051119-023.jpgRobert Mckenzie Story of First Shipwreck on Lake Minnetonka
McKenzieF051119-027.jpgMcKenzie notes
McKenzieF051119-028.jpgJames McKenzie note
McKenzieF051119-030.jpgJack McKenzie family notes
McKenzieF051119-031.jpgJames A McKenzie 1 of 3
McKenzieF051119-032.jpgJames A McKenzie 2 of 3
McKenzieF051119-033.jpgJames A McKenzie 3 of 3
McKenzieF051119-034.jpgMcKenzies - Scotland to Minnesota 1 of 3
McKenzieF051119-035.jpgMcKenzie - Scotland....2 of 3
McKenzieF051119-036.jpgMcKenzie - Scotland....3 of 3
McKinleyF050119-037.jpgMcKinley notes
McKinneyF051008-131.jpgGeorge McKinney Bronko Nagurski dead at 81
McKinneyF051008-132.jpgMcKinney notes
McKinneyF051008-133.jpgMcKinney notes
McKinneyF051008-134.jpgMcKinney notes
McKinneyF051008-135.jpgMcKinney notes
McKinstryIMG.jpgWilliam B McKinstry obituary
McKnightF051010-026.jpgEllan McKnight descendants
McKnightF051010-027.jpgSumner Thomas McKnight family notes
McKnightF051010-028.jpgMcKnight notes
McKnightF051010-029.jpgHenry T McKnight Obituary
McKnightF051010-030.jpgWilliam L McKnight
McKnightF051010-031.jpgWilliam L McKnight ...left a legacy...
McKnightF051010-032.jpgHenry McKnight, Senator Plans 2nd Canoe Trip
McKnightF051010-033.jpgSummer McKnight notes
McKnightIMG.jpgWilliam L McKnight obituary
McKownF051119-038.jpgDave McKowan ...relected chair of Orono School Board
McKownF051119-040.jpgMr and Mrs Ira E McKown 50th anniversary
McKownF051119-041.jpgKari McKown ....4-H trials
McKownF051119-042.jpgIra McKown ....Outstanding Senior Citizens
McKownF051119-043.jpgMr and Mrs Ira E Mckown 50th anniversary
McKownIMG_0001-01.jpgIra Everett McKown family notes 1 of 6
McKownIMG_0001.jpgVirginia Agnes McKown memoriam 08-05-1990
McKownIMG_0002-02.jpgIra Everett McKown family....2 of 6
McKownIMG_0002.jpgIra Everrett McKown memoriam 11-17-1990
McKownIMG_0003.jpgIra Everrett McKown....3 of 6
McKownIMG_0004.jpgIra Everett McKown....4 of 6
McKownIMG_0005.jpgIra Everrett McKown....5 of 6
McKownIMG_0006.jpgIra Everrett McKown....6 of 6
McKownIMG_0007.jpgKeith L McKown obituary
McKownIMG_0008.jpgKeith L McKown "Corcoran man killed in five-car accident" 12-18-1981
McKownIMG_0043.jpgVirginia Agnes McKown memoriam 08-05-1990
McLainF051008-136.jpgMcLain notes
McMillanF060602-061.jpgPutnam Dana McMillan Obituary
McMillanIMG.jpgMalcolm D McMillan obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 6, page 6
McMillanIMG_0001.jpgLangdon McMillan obituary 1997 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 28
McMillanIMG_0002.jpgMary Ellen Wyer McMillan obituary 10-10-1991
McNaughtonIMG.jpgClio Jay McNaughton - Middle Weight Championship, Washington Junior High School, DUluth, MN 1914-1915, June 1914
McNeelyIMG.jpgSP4 Michael G McNeely obituary 1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 35
McNishIMG.jpgElvira McNish 1900 Autograph Album #15
McPhersonIMG.jpgDaniel G McPherson obituary 12-22-2007
McPhersonIMG_0001.jpgDaniel G McPherson obituary 12-22-2007
McPhersonIMG_0002.jpgDaniel G McPherson ...named to government post 08-03-1985
McPhersonIMG_0003.jpgDale E McPherson obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 18
McPhersonIMG_0004.jpgDale E McPherson obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 19
McPhersonIMG_0005.jpgClara M McPherson obituary
McPhersonIMG_0006.jpgClara McPherson note
McWilliamsF051120-001.jpgVera McWilliams, 4-8th grade teacher at Grove Center, taken 1933
McWilliamsF051120-002.jpgMcWilliams - Robb Williams Letter to the Editor
McWilliamsF051120-003.jpgLaDean McWilliams for Orono Council
McWilliamsF051120-004.jpgLaDean McWilliams
McWilliamsF051120-005.jpgMcWilliams letter
McWilliamsF051120-006.jpgMcWilliams Plumbing, Heating & Septic Tank Service advertisement
McWilliamsF051120-007.jpgMcWilliams family file
McWilliamsF051120-008.jpgShirley S McWilliams memoir
McWilliamsF051120-009.jpgSally Mason McWilliams
McWilliamsF051120-010.jpgSally Mason McWilliams
McWilliamsF051120-011.jpgLaDean McWilliams Letter to the Editor
McWilliamsF051120-012.jpgFlorence McWilliams Rizzo letter
McWilliamsF051120-013.jpgRobb McWilliams ...Local Profile candidate...
McWilliamsIMG_0001.jpgVera C McWilliams obituary 12-21-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 72
McWilliamsIMG_0002.jpgVera C McWilliams obituary NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 73
McWilliamsIMG_0003.jpgVera C McWilliams memoriam 02-21-1898 - 12-21-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 73
MeekerF051008-148.jpgMeeker notes
MeeksF051008-153.jpgMeeks plat info
MeinkeF051008-149.jpgMeinke notes
MeinkeF051008-150.jpgMeinke notes
MeinkeIMG.jpgNellie Meinke notes d: 01-29-1987 NOTE: original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 9
MelbyIMG.jpgRichard P Melby obituary NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 50
MelbyIMG_0001.jpgRichard P Melby obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 55
MelbyIMG_0002.jpgRichard P Melby obituary 10-12-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 60
MelcherF051008-151.jpgMelcher plat info
MelocheIMG_0001.jpgMeloche - Palmer House 1 of 2
MelocheIMG_0002.jpgMeloche - Palmer House 2 of 32
MendelsonF051010-034.jpgDon Mendelson notes
MendelsonF051010-035.jpgMendelson - Donovan Preston McCulley
MendelsonF051010-036.jpgCaroline M Mendelson Pete memoir
MendelsonIMG_0001.jpgAdolph Mendelsohn Flyttningsbevis 1 of 2
MendelsonIMG_0002.jpgAdolf F Mendelsohn Flyttningsbevis 2 of 2
MendenhallF060127-001.jpgMendenhall 5000 Illegitimate Children Born in Walker Hospital
MendenhallF060127-004.jpgMendenhall - The American Trucking Industry advertisement
MendenhallF060127-005.jpgJ Mendenhall, Banker
MendenhallF060127-006.jpgR J Mendenhall Prominent Pioneers
MendenhallF060127-007.jpgMendenhall Place, Minneapolis MN
MendenhallF060127-008.jpgR J Mendenhall An Undesirable Class of Immigrants
MendenhallF060127-009.jpgR J Mendenhall
MendenhallF060127-010.jpgMendenhall Fresh Cut Flowers advertisement
MendenhallF060127-011.jpgRichard James Mendenhall notes
MendenhallF060127-012.jpgR J Mendenhall St Anthony Men Play Out Town
MendenhallF060127-013.jpgMendenhall - Early view of Watertown looking west across the river
MendenhallF060127-014.jpgR J Mendenhall note
MendenhallF060127-015.jpgThe Mendenhall Greenhouses receipt
MendenhallF060127-017.jpgMendenhall notes
MendenhallF060127-018.jpgMendenhall notes
MendenhallF060127-019.jpgMendenhall notes
MendenhallF060127-020.jpgMendenhall notes
MendenhallF060127-021.jpgMendenhall Cemetaries
MendenhallF060127-022.jpgMendenhall History of Minneapolis
MendenhallF060127-023.jpgMendenhall Orders, Societies and Clubs
MendenhallF060127-024.jpgMendenhall History of Minneapolis 1 of 7
MendenhallF060127-025.jpgMendenhall....2 of 7
MendenhallF060127-026.jpgMendenhall....3 of 7
MendenhallF060127-027.jpgMendenhall....4 of 7
MendenhallF060127-029.jpgMendehall....5 of 7
MendenhallF060127-030.jpgMendenhall....6 of 7
MendenhallF060127-031.jpgMendenhall....7 of 7
MengelkochF051121-001.jpgLaura Mengelkoch
MengelkochF051121-002.jpgClemens Mengelkoch plat info
MengelkochF051121-003.jpgJacob Mengelkoch family notes 1 of 5
MengelkochF051121-004.jpgJacob Mengelkoch....2 of 5
MengelkochF051121-005.jpgJacob Mengelkoch....3 of 5
MengelkochF051121-006.jpgJacob Mengelkoch....4 of 5
MengelkochF051121-007.jpgJacob Mengelkoch....5 of 5
MengelkochF051121-008.jpgJacob Mengelkoch plat info
MengelkochF051121-009.jpgClement Mengelkoch family notes 1 of 4
MengelkochF051121-010.jpgClement Mengelkoch....2 of 4
MengelkochF051121-011.jpgClement Mengelkoch....3 of 4
MengelkochF051121-012.jpgClement Mengelkoch....4 of 4
MengelkochF051121-013.jpgMargaret Mengelkoch marriage
MengelkochF051121-014.jpgMengelkoch & Raths letterhead
MengelkochF051121-015.jpgCecelia Mengelkoch Plantiff
MengelkochF051121-016.jpgMengelkoch notes
MengelkochF051121-017.jpgMengelkoch notes
MengelkochF051121-018.jpgMengelkoch notes
MengelkochF051121-020.jpgCatherine Mengelkook notes
MengelkochIMG.jpgDavid P Mengelkoch obituary 09-27-1983
MenierF051201-001.jpgMaryann Menier plat info
MenkF051201-002.jpgRon Menk ....give highest award
MenningerF051213-001.jpgHenry Menninger plat info
MercerF051213-002.jpgMercer family notes
MercerF051213-003.jpgMercer notes
MercerF051213-004.jpgMercer notes
MercerF051213-005.jpgPaul Mercer
MerchantF051213-006.jpgSamuel Merchant plat info
MergensF051213-007.jpgMergens note
MerrimanF051213-008.jpgMerriman notes
MerrimanF051213-009.jpgMerriman notes
MerrimanF051213-010.jpgMerriman notes
MerrimanF051213-011.jpgMerriman notes
MerrimanF051213-012.jpgMerriman - Darlene Cruikshank Joyce
MerrimanF051213-013.jpgAustin Merriman, Photos provided by granddaughter Mrs Charles Smith of Howard Lake, MN
MerrimanF051213-014.jpgLaura Coffin Merriman
MerrimanF051213-015.jpgJoan Merriman Memorial Day tradition
MerrimanF051213-016.jpgAnn Merriman
MerrimanF051213-017.jpgHoward Merriman
MerrimanF051213-018.jpgAutsin Merriman family notes
MerrimanF051213-019.jpgMerriman notes
MerrimanF051213-020.jpgMerriam notes
MerrimanF051213-021.jpgSamuel Merriman decendants 1 of 16
MerrimanF051213-022.jpgSamuel Merriman....2 of 16
MerrimanF051213-023.jpgSamuel Merriman....3 of 16
MerrimanF051213-024.jpgSamuel Merriman....4 of 16
MerrimanF051213-025.jpgSammeul Merriman....5 of 16
MerrimanF051213-026.jpgSamuel Merriman....6 of 16
MerrimanF051213-027.jpgSamuel Merriman....7 of 16
MerrimanF051213-028.jpgSamuel Merriman....8 of 16
MerrimanF051213-029.jpgSamuel Merriman....9 of 16
MerrimanF051213-030.jpgSamuel Merriman....10 of 16
MerrimanF051213-031.jpgSamuel Merriman....11 of 16
MerrimanF051213-032.jpgSamuel Merriman....12 of 16
MerrimanF051213-033.jpgSamuel Merriman....13 of 16
MerrimanF051213-034.jpgSamuel Merriman....14 of 16
MerrimanF051213-035.jpgSamuel Merriman....15 of 16
MerrimanF051213-036.jpgSamuel Merriman....16 of 16
MerrimanF051213-037.jpgSamuel Merriman - Medad Alexander decendants
MerrimanF051213-038.jpgMerriman - Abigail Axtell descendants 1 of 16
MerrimanF051213-039.jpgMerriman - Abigail....2 of 16
MerrimanF051213-040.jpgMerriman - Abigall....3 of 16
MerrimanF051213-041.jpgMerriman - Abigall....4 of 16
MerrimanF051213-042.jpgMerriman - Abigall....5 of 16
MerrimanF051213-043.jpgMerriman - Abigall....6 of 16
MerrimanF051213-044.jpgMerriman - Abigall....7 of 16
MerrimanF051213-045.jpgMerriman - Abigall....8 of 16
MerrimanF051213-046.jpgMerriman - Abigall....9 of 16
MerrimanF051213-047.jpgMerriman - Abigall....10 of 16
MerrimanF051213-048.jpgMerriman - Abigall....11 of 16
MerrimanF051213-049.jpgMerriman - Abigall....12 of 16
MerrimanF051213-050.jpgMerriman - Abigall....13 of 16
MerrimanF051213-051.jpgMerriman - Abigall....14 of 16
MerrimanF051213-052.jpgMerriman - Abigall....15 of 16
MerrimanF051213-053.jpgMerriman - Abigall....16 of 16
MerrimanF051213-054.jpgRichard Merriman - Barbara Bauman descendants
MerrimanF051213-055.jpgMerriman - Descendants of ? Clark 1 of 3
MerrimanF051213-056.jpgMerriman - ....2 of 3
MerrimanF051213-057.jpgMerriman - .....3 of 3
MerzF060206-001.jpgJoseph Merz 4/1984
MerzF060206-002.jpgFrank J Merz obituary
MerzF060206-003.jpgFritz Merz estate auction
MerzF060206-004.jpgJohannes and Catherine Merz 1867 Catherines maiden name was Miller. Her age in photo is 55
MerzF060206-005.jpgAnthony Ditter standing in front of the original Johannes Merz log cabin erected in 1855. Anthony Ditter was a grandson
MerzF060206-006.jpgCatherine Miller Merz, wife of Johannes Merz
MerzF060206-007.jpgDelores M Merz Obituary
MerzF060206-008.jpgJoseph and Pauline Merz, seated. Top, L to R: Frank, Mae, Lena, Clara, Kate, Anna, Tony. Kids by chairs: Joseph R. Merz, Pauline P. Merz
MerzF060206-009.jpgDoug Merz at Avery Stubbs home January 1989
MerzF060206-010.jpgBertha F Merz Ahlstrom Obituary
MerzF060206-011.jpgJoseph Merz Holy Name News
MerzF060206-012.jpgPaul and Rose Marie Merz achievement
MerzF060206-013.jpgGary Evans, Executive Vice President of Farmland Industries, presented Top Dairy Producer Award to Mr and Mrs Paul Merz at Ninth Annual Top Dairy Conference in Kansas City, Mo
MerzF060206-014.jpgDolores Mary Merz memoir
MerzF060206-015.jpgRaymond J Merz
MerzF060206-016.jpgMerz - Elizabeth Wolsfeld Obituary
MerzF060206-017.jpgRita Merz
MerzF060206-018.jpgMerz notes
MerzF060206-019.jpgJoseph Merz Jr interview
MerzF060206-020.jpgJoseph R Merz Obituary
MerzF060206-021.jpgMerz family note
MerzF060206-022.jpgJohn Merz Boasts 50 Years in Building Trade
MerzF060206-024.jpgJohn Patrick Merz marriage
MerzF060206-025.jpgJohn Merz plat info
MerzF060206-026.jpgMerz Bros General Building Contractors
MerzF060206-027.jpgMerz Ancient Order of United Workmen....
MerzF060206-028.jpgJohn Merz Obituary
MerzF060206-029.jpgJohn Merz 50th anniversary
MerzF060206-030.jpgJohn Merz article
MerzF060206-033.jpgLeo Merz letter 1 of 4
MerzF060206-034.jpgLeo Merz....2 of 4
MerzF060206-035.jpgLeo Merz....3 of 4
MerzF060206-036.jpgLeo Merz....4 of 4
MerzF060206-037.jpgTony Merz and friend
MerzF060206-038.jpgUnknown Merz
MerzF060206-039.jpgJohn A Merz and wife Mary leuer Merz
MerzF060206-040.jpgMerz - Fortin homestead near Hamel industrial park, later owned by matt and Henrietta Leuer
MerzF060206-041.jpgKatherine Merz Muehlstein and Clara Merz Lehner
MerzF060206-042.jpgMerz - inscription with Love, Cora Brandt to Aunt Paulina.
MerzF060206-043.jpgJohn Merz My Young Days 1 of 6
MerzF060206-044.jpgJohn Merz....2 of 6
MerzF060206-045.jpgJohn Merz....3 of 6
MerzF060206-046.jpgJohn Merz....4 of 6
MerzF060206-047.jpgJohn Merz....5 of 6
MerzF060206-048.jpgJohn Merz....6 of 6
MerzF060206-049.jpgJoseph A Merz The New Pro-Cathedral, Minneapolis Minnesota
MerzF060206-050.jpgAnna Merz marriage
MerzF060206-051.jpgMerz notes
MerzF060206-052.jpgJohannes Merz family notes
MerzF060206-053.jpgMerz Family notes
MerzF060206-054.jpgJohannes Merz and Katherine Miller family tree 1 of 3
MerzF060206-055.jpgJohaness Merz....2 of 3
MerzF060206-056.jpgJohaness Merz....3 of 3
MerzF060206-057.jpgMerz notes
MerzF060206-058.jpgJohn A Merz The Merz Story 1 of 5
MerzF060206-059.jpgJohn A Merz....2 of 5
MerzF060206-060.jpgJohn A Merz....3 of 5
MerzF060206-061.jpgJohn A Merz....4 of 5
MerzF060206-062.jpgJohn A Merz....5 of 5
MerzF060206-063.jpgJoseph Merz interview
MerzF060206-064.jpgJoseph A Merz diary 1 of 9
MerzF060206-065.jpgJoseph A Merz....2 of 9
MerzF060206-066.jpgJoseph A Merz....3 of 9
MerzF060206-067.jpgJoseph A Merz....4 of 9
MerzF060206-068.jpgJoseph A Merz....5 of 9
MerzF060206-069.jpgJoseph A Merz....6 of 9
MerzF060206-070.jpgJoseph A Merz....7 o f9
MerzF060206-071.jpgJoseph A Merz....8 of 9
MerzF060206-072.jpgJoseph A Merz....9 of 9
MerzF060206-073.jpgJoseph A Merz notes
MerzF060206-074.jpgMerz Christmas letter
MerzF060206-075.jpgJohn Merz II The Merz Story 1 of 4
MerzF060206-076.jpgJohn Merz II....2 of 4
MerzF060206-077.jpgJohn Merz II....3 of 4
MerzF060206-078.jpgJohn Merz II....4 of 4
MerzF060206-079.jpgMerz - Leuer History 1 of 5
MerzF060206-080.jpgMerz - Leuer....2 of 5
MerzF060206-081.jpgMerz - Leuer....3 of 5
MerzF060206-082.jpgMerz - Leuer....4 of 5
MerzF060206-083.jpgMerz - Leuer....5 of 5
MerzF060206-084.jpgJohn Merz (1956) My Young Days 1 of 3
MerzF060206-085.jpgJohn Merz (1956)....2 of 3
MerzF060206-086.jpgJohn Merz (1956)....3 of 3
MerzF060206-088.jpgMerz Family History
MerzF060206-089.jpgJohn Merz Obituary
MerzF060206-090.jpgMerz Family Tree 1 of 19
MerzF060206-091.jpgMerz family....2 of 19
MerzF060206-092.jpgMerz family....3 of 19
MerzF060206-093.jpgMerz family....4 of 19
MerzF060206-094.jpgMerz family....5 of 19
MerzF060206-095.jpgMerz family....6 of 19
MerzF060206-096.jpgMerz family....7 of 19
MerzF060206-097.jpgMerz family....8 of 19
MerzF060206-098.jpgMerz family....9 of 19
MerzF060206-099.jpgMerz family....10 of 19
MerzF060206-100.jpgMerz family....11 of 19
MerzF060206-101.jpgMarz family....12 of 19
MerzF060206-102.jpgMerz family....13 of 19
MerzF060206-103.jpgMerz family....14 of 19
MerzF060206-104.jpgMerz family....15 of 19
MerzF060206-105.jpgMerz family....16 of 19
MerzF060206-106.jpgMerz family....17 of 19
MerzF060206-107.jpgMerz family....18 of 19
MerzF060206-108.jpgMerz family....19 of 19
MerzF060206-109.jpgJ A Merz note
MerzF060206-110.jpgMerz note
MerzF060206-111.jpgJoseph A Merz note 1 of 5
MerzF060206-112.jpgJoseph A Merz....2 of 5
MerzF060206-113.jpgJoseph A Merz....3 of 5
MerzF060206-114.jpgJoseph A Merz....4 of 5
MerzF060206-115.jpgJoseph A Merz....5 of 5
MerzIMG-004.jpgJoseph Merz notice of recital 09-22-2010
MerzIMG.jpgJohn A Merz note
MerzIMG_0001-01.jpgJohn Merz & Wife Mortgage Deed to Sadle Wolferd ?
MerzIMG_0001.jpgMerz Family Tree 01-26-2009 1 of 3
MerzIMG_0002-01.jpgKatharine Marz & husband Morgage Deed to Johanna Kohler
MerzIMG_0002.jpgMerz Family Tree....2 of 3
MerzIMG_0003-01.jpgJohn Merz Mutual Fire Insurance Association policy NOTE: document located in Merz Family Folder
MerzIMG_0003.jpgMerz Family Tree....3 of 3
MerzIMG_0004-01.jpgKatharine Merz note
MerzIMG_0005-01.jpgJohn Merz Certificate of Deposit 10-26-1871
MerzIMG_0006-01.jpgJoseph Merz Esq note
MerzIMG_0006.jpgJOhn A Merz memoriam book note
MerzIMG_0007-01.jpgJohn Merz recipt of Treasurer's Office 04-01-1878
MerzIMG_0007.jpgAnn Foster Bruke Merz obituary 02-25-2011
MerzIMG_0008-01.jpgKatarina Merz receipt from Johanna Kohler 05-26-1876
MerzIMG_0008.jpgSamuel Thomas Merz Florentino Romero memoriam 01-16-2011
MerzIMG_0009-01.jpgJohn Merz receipt of Treasurers Office 01-18-1877
MerzIMG_0010-01.jpgJohn Merz, deceased Lessters Testarmentary 11-20-1888
MerzIMG_0011-01.jpgKatharina Marz & Husband Mortgage Deed to Johanna Kohler NOTE: document located in Merz Family Folder
MerzIMG_0012-01.jpgJohn Merz, deceased, Will and Decease of Probate 11-18-1888 NOTE: document located in Merz Family Folder
MerzIMG_0015.jpgJohn A Merz ...Boasts 50 Years in Building Trade NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 350
MerzIMG_0016.jpgPauline Merz note NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 11
MerzIMG_0017.jpgCatherine S [Mer] Muehlstein obituary June 1980
MerzIMG_0018.jpgMerz - Elm Heights farm, Mopel Jersey Farm about 1900?, note the windmill
MerzIMG_0019.jpgJoseph R Merz obituary
MerzIMG_0020.jpgJoseph R Merz obituary
MerzIMG_0021.jpgMerz - 35 Oversized sheets of copies of columns from "THe Wanderer", in German, from around 1900's. Those 35 sheets are not scanned but are located in the Merz file as many of the columns were written by Joseph Merz.
MerzIMG_005.jpgSamuel Thomas Merz obituary 08-10-2010
Merz_LeuerIMG_0001.jpgBrief History of the Merz Family No '2' Merz Family 1 of 4
Merz_LeuerIMG_0002.jpgBrief History...Merz Family 2 of 4
Merz_LeuerIMG_0003.jpgBrief History....Merz Family 3 of 4
Merz_LeuerIMG_0004.jpgBrief History....Merz Family 4 of 4
Merz_LeuerIMG_0006.jpgMerz_Leuer family Census Medina 1857
Merz_LeuerIMG_0007.jpgMerz-Leuer Census Medina 1860 1 of 19
Merz_LeuerIMG_0008.jpgMerz_Leuer Census....2 of 19
Merz_LeuerIMG_0009.jpgMerz_Leuer Census....3 of 19
Merz_LeuerIMG_0010.jpgMerz_Leuer Census....4 of 19
Merz_LeuerIMG_0011.jpgMerz_Leuer Census....5 of 19
Merz_LeuerIMG_0012.jpgMerz_Leuer Census....6 of 19
Merz_LeuerIMG_0013.jpgMerz_Leuer Census....7 of 19
Merz_LeuerIMG_0014.jpgMerz_Leuer Census....8 of 19
Merz_LeuerIMG_0015.jpgMerz_Leuer Census....9 of 19
Merz_LeuerIMG_0016.jpgMerz_Leuer Census....10 of 19
Merz_LeuerIMG_0017.jpgMerz_Leuer Census....11 of 19
Merz_LeuerIMG_0018.jpgMerz_Leuer Census....12 of 19
Merz_LeuerIMG_0019.jpgMerz_Leuer Census....13 of 19
Merz_LeuerIMG_0020.jpgMerz_Leuer Census....14 of 19
Merz_LeuerIMG_0021.jpgMerz_Leuer Census....15 of 19
Merz_LeuerIMG_0022.jpgMerz_Leuer Census....16 of 19
Merz_LeuerIMG_0023.jpgMerz_Leuer Census....17 of 19
Merz_LeuerIMG_0024.jpgMerz_Leuer Census....18 of 19
Merz_LeuerIMG_0025.jpgMerz_Leuer Census....19 of 19
Merz_LeuerIMG_0026.jpgMerz_Leuer 1895 History of Minneapolis and Hennepin County Minnesota Atwater-Stevens, Volume 2
Merz_LeuerIMG_0027.jpgMerz_Leuer - Interview with Joseph Merz 08-05-1974
Merz_LeuerIMG_0028.jpgNorbert A Merz obituary 1942
Merz_LeuerIMG_0029.jpgMerz_Leuer History of Earl and Henry Leuer from Germany to America in 1872 1 of 4
Merz_LeuerIMG_0030.jpgMerz_Leuer History of....2 of 4
Merz_LeuerIMG_0031.jpgMerz_Leuer History....3 of 4
Merz_LeuerIMG_0032.jpgMerz_Leuer History....4 of 4
Merz_LeuerIMG_0033.jpgThe Merz Story 1 of 6
Merz_LeuerIMG_0034.jpgThe Merz Story 2 of 6
Merz_LeuerIMG_0035.jpgThe Merz Story 3 of 6
Merz_LeuerIMG_0036.jpgThe Merz Story 4 of 6
Merz_LeuerIMG_0037.jpgThe Merz Story 5 of 6
Merz_LeuerIMG_0038.jpgThe Merz Story 6 of 6
Merz_LeuerIMG_0039.jpgMerz_Leuer family notes 1 of 2
Merz_LeuerIMG_0040.jpgMerz_Leuer Family notes 2 of 2
Merz_LeuerIMG_0041.jpgMerz_Leuer drafted Christmas letter 12-25-1961 1 of 2
Merz_LeuerIMG_0042.jpgMerz_Leuer drafted....2 of 2
Merz_LeuerIMG_0043.jpgJoseph A Merz - Diary of 1856-1930 1 of 9
Merz_LeuerIMG_0044.jpgJoseph A Merz....2 of 9
Merz_LeuerIMG_0045.jpgJoseph A Merz....3 of 9
Merz_LeuerIMG_0046.jpgJoseph A Merz....4 of 9
Merz_LeuerIMG_0047.jpgJoseph A Merz....5 of 9
Merz_LeuerIMG_0048.jpgJoseph A Merz....6 of 9
Merz_LeuerIMG_0049.jpgJoseph A Merz....7 of 9
Merz_LeuerIMG_0050.jpgJoseph A Merz...8 of 9
Merz_LeuerIMG_0051.jpgMerz_Leuer - Hilarius Schumaker notes
Merz_LeuerIMG_0052.jpgJoe Leuer, World War I
Merz_LeuerIMG_0053.jpgLeuer_Merz - Leuer family girls. L to R: Margaret Schumacher Leuer; Magdelina Mary; Elizabeth; Lucy; Annie
Merz_LeuerIMG_0054.jpgMerz_Leuer - Mary Leuer Merz with daughters. R to L: Rita Buckley; Berta Ahlstrom; Margaret Barnes; Angela Frigaard; Sally Wooding
MessingerF051105-017.jpgMessinger plat info
MesterF051105-019.jpgLewis Mester plat info
MethF051105-018.jpgFrederick Meth plat info
MeuerF051105-020.jpgJohn Meurer plat info
MeuerF051105-021.jpgMeuer notes
MevissenIMG.jpgLisa Mevissen Instructor attends conference May 1996
MeyerF060204-001.jpgSt. John - Gladys M St John memoir
MeyerF060204-002.jpgMargaret E Meyer Obituary
MeyerF060204-003.jpgFred and Clifford Meyer Father-Son Rotarians
MeyerF060204-004.jpgMargaret Meyer Obituary
MeyerF060204-005.jpgClifford Meyer was one of Wayzata's pioneers
MeyerF060204-006.jpgClifford Meyer Obituary
MeyerF060204-007.jpgClifford Meyer Obituary
MeyerF060204-008.jpgClifford H Meyer memoir
MeyerF060204-009.jpgTheodore J Meyer Ted Obituary
MeyerF060204-010.jpgClifford Meyer marriage
MeyerF060204-011.jpgEllen Wilson Meyer 1 of 2
MeyerF060204-012.jpgEllen Wilson Meyer 2 of 2
MeyerF060204-013.jpgMeyer family notes
MeyerF060204-014.jpgRodger Meyer ...wins part of monthly award
MeyerF060204-015.jpgTheodore J Meyer Ted memoir
MeyerF060204-016.jpgMeyer Brothers Dairy milk carton
MeyerF060204-018.jpgMeyer Bros Dairy Sweet Cream Butter box
MeyerF060204-019.jpgEllen Wilson Meyer known for her popular books...
MeyerF060204-020.jpgMeyer Family Potluck Picnic invitation
MeyerF060204-021.jpgEllen Meyer ...found time to write
MeyerF060204-023.jpgJoseph Meyer plat info
MeyerF060204-025.jpgFred W Meyer Obituary
MeyerF060204-026.jpgFrederick Wilhelm Meyer memoir and obituary
MeyerF060204-027.jpgFrederick W Meyer notes
MeyerF060204-028.jpgCarl Meyer Maple Plain Group Honors Meyer...
MeyerF060204-029.jpgCliff Myers ...Man of the Year
MeyerF060204-030.jpgLeslie W Meyers note
MeyerF060204-031.jpgMeyers - Mardell DeCamp article
MeyerF060204-032.jpgHerbert Donald Meyer 50th anniversary
MeyerF060204-033.jpgBob Meyer Your Neighbor
MeyerF060204-034.jpgMeyer Brothers Dairy Quality Dairy Products...
MeyerF060204-035.jpgMeyer Brothers Dairy, Inc. advertisement
MeyerF060204-036.jpgTed Meyer and Conrad Walton
MeyerF060204-037.jpgLucille Meyer and Mary Benson
MeyerF060204-038.jpgMeyer - thank you note
MeyerF060204-039.jpgMr and Mrs F W Meyer 50th anniversary napkin
MeyerF060204-040.jpgMeyer letter
MeyerF060204-041.jpgKim Meyer
MeyerF060204-042.jpgRobert C Meyer was re-elected....
MeyerF060204-043.jpgRobert C Meyer cattle auction
MeyerF060204-044.jpgCliff Meyer Your Neighbor
MeyerF060204-045.jpgRobert C Meyer Jr Obituary
MeyerF060204-046.jpgRobert Corwin Meyer Jr memoir
MeyerF060204-047.jpgNorman B Meyer marriange
MeyerF060204-048.jpgFred Meyer ..Dairy joins fight against milfoil
MeyerF060204-049.jpgCliff, Herb and Ted Meyer article
MeyerF060204-050.jpgMeyer family notes
MeyerF060204-051.jpgMeyer family notes
MeyerF060204-052.jpgMargaret Meyer 1972
MeyerF060204-053.jpgFred, Margaret, Clara and Bob Meyer
MeyerF060204-054.jpgCraig and Mary Paskvan, Fall 1977
MeyerF060204-055.jpgRobert Meyer, Sr at Maple Plain farm, 6-18-1978
MeyerF060204-056.jpgRobert Meyer, Sr at Maple Plain farm, Fall 1977
MeyerF060204-057.jpgLouise and Robert Meyer Jr at Maple Plain farm, May 1978
MeyerF060204-058.jpgSusan and Robert Meyer, Sr., Prince (dog) at Maple Plain farm, 6-18-1978
MeyerF060204-059.jpgSusan, Robert Meyer Sr., Mary Paskmand and Prince (dog) at Maple Plain farm 6-18-1978
MeyerF060204-060.jpgMeyer farm at Maple Plain, Fall 1977
MeyerF060204-061.jpgPaul and Marianne Meyer home, May 1912
MeyerF060204-062.jpgCraig, Eleanor and Robert Meyer Sr. at Paul Meyer home, May 1978
MeyerF060204-063.jpgMeyer notes
MeyerF060303-094.jpgMeyer- Kimberly K Meyer and Randy Lee O'Brien marriage
MeyerIMG.jpgMeyer - Delores Jean Larson and Ronald Dwane Quittem marriage announcement
MeyerIMG_0001.jpgIn this Corner with Cedric Adams article 1 o f 2
MeyerIMG_0002.jpgIn This Corner.... 2 of 3
MeyerIMG_0003.jpgIn This Corner (2) 1 of 2
MeyerIMG_0004.jpgIn This Corner.... (2) 2 of 2
MeyerIMG_0005-5.jpgMaple Plain - “Firefighter honored for service” Roger Meyer
MeyerIMG_0005.jpgMeyer - Letter from Henry, Viola, Dwight and Calvin Lindholms 12-22-1954 1 of 2
MeyerIMG_0006.jpgMeyer - Letter....2 of 2
MeyerIMG_0007.jpgMeyer - Amy Louise Saefke Obituary
MeyerIMG_0008.jpgMeyer -Soldier-Hero to Be Purple Heart Guest - Heinrich Herbig
MeyerIMG_0009.jpgMeyer - Plans Bible Dinner; Mrs A F Bratrud
MeyerIMG_0010.jpgMeyer - Dr. Morse Dies; Was Radiologist - Dr Russell W Morse obituary
MeyerIMG_0011.jpgFire Levels Church....2 of 2
MeyerIMG_0012.jpgMeyer - Fire Levels Church But Not Spirit 1 of 2
MeyerIMG_0013.jpgMeyer - Rites Set for C W Ringer, Ex-Fire Chief obituary
MeyerIMG_0014-1.jpgMeyer, Roskam, Amelsberg Kaetterhenry, Stienecker Family History by Mardelle Meyer DeCamp NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
MeyerIMG_0014.jpgMeyer - Afield or in Camp, Chaplains Serve Men in Campbell Area article
MeyerIMG_0015.jpgMeyer - 'Backfiring' Proves to Be 2 Fatal Shots 09-22-1950
MeyerIMG_0016.jpgMeyer - Haunts and Habits of U.S. Youngsters were mulled over by visiting British schoolteachers Monday at the College Woman's Club. L-R: Alfred Farmer, Mrs thomas Rettinger (a British war bride), Irene McKibbin, Mary Murray, Helen Labrum, and Megan Price-Jones. All are participants in a program of teacher exchange which now has 123 United States teachers in British schools and 123 British teachers in 31 states of the United States.
MeyerIMG_0018.jpgMeyer - Second of State Air Force Pair Is Dead at Base - James Munns
MeyerIMG_0019.jpgMeyer - Wed in Church Mr and Mrs Ronald Duane Quitten
MeyerIMG_0020.jpgMeyer - They Take the Cake Mrs Mercedia Murphy gives birth to boy
MeyerIMG_0021.jpgMeyer - Only One Train Passes daily But Car Hits It - Warren J Cleaveland
MeyerIMG_0022.jpgMeyer - Crash Kills Two Near Wayzata Harold (Mickey) Mitchell Jr., Floyd Birchfield,
MeyerIMG_0023.jpgMeyer - Mrs Webber, Civic Leader in City, Dies - Mrs Charles C Webber 02-16-1951
MeyerIMG_0024.jpgMeyer - Mrs Webber....2 of 2
MeyerIMG_0025.jpgIn This Corner with Cedric Adams 1 of 2
MeyerIMG_0026.jpgIn This Corner....2 of 2
MeyerIMG_0032.jpgLong Lake - Herbert Meyer, 94 dairy farmer and old-school milkman obituary
MeyerIMG_0033.jpgEllen Meyer, 95, local historian, pianist and teacher obituary
MeyerIMG_0046.jpgHerbert Donald Meyer obituary 06-12-2006
MeyerIMG_0047.jpgElizabeth E Meyer memoriam 04-10-2006
MeyerIMG_0048.jpgLucille F Meyer memoriam 09-27-2005
MeyerIMG_0049.jpgIrene L Meyer (St John) 11-12-1993
MeyerIMG_0051.jpgHerbert D Meyer memoriam 06-14-2006
MeyerIMG_0052.jpgEllen E Meyer memoriam 04-29-2008 1 of 3
MeyerIMG_0053.jpgEllen E Meyer....2 of 3
MeyerIMG_0054.jpgEllen E Meyer....3 of 3
MeyerIMG_0060.jpgDennis Rollin Meyer 03-18-2005
MeyerIMG_0061.jpgHerb and Irene Meyer 50th Wedding Anniversary announcement
MeyerIMG_0062.jpgPhyllis A Meyer obituary 03-18-2011
MeyerIMG_0063.jpgGreg L Meyer obituary
MeyerIMG_0064.jpgFred W Meyer obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 304
MeyerIMG_0065.jpgHenry John Meyer obituary 1954 NOTE: original documetn located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 325
MeyerIMG_0066-6.jpgMeyer of Orono - Ted, Herbert, Clifford, Norman, Irwin, Margaret, Clara, Frederick, Robert
MeyerIMG_0066.jpgFred Meyer obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 325 and 326
MeyerIMG_0067.jpgAugust C Meyer obituary, past President of the Minnetonka Fruit Growers Association NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 353
MeyerIMG_0068.jpgRobert Corwin Meyer Jr obituary and memoriam 04-18-1942 - 08-21-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 51
MeyerIMG_0069.jpgFred Meyer obituary 01-22-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 3
MeyerIMG_0070.jpgCarl H Meyer obituary 04-25-1978
MeyerIMG_0071.jpgArdith Meyer note
MeyerIMG_0073.jpgArdith Meyer note
MeyerIMG_61.jpgHerb and Irene Meyer 50th Wedding Anniversary announcement
MeyersIMG.jpgAnita Meyers obituary 03-09-1981, lived in Harry Mather house
MichaelIMG.jpgGracie Fern Michael obituary 09-05-1981
MichaudF060205-001.jpgIsrael Michaud plat info
MichelF060205-002.jpgPeter Michel plat info
MichelF060205-003.jpgCrist and Irene Michel note
MiddletonF060205-020.jpgMiddleton family notes
MiddletonF060205-021.jpgMiddleton notes
MiddletonF060205-022.jpgScott Middleton lost a finger...
MilbertF060205-004.jpgMilbert - Hilda Thies 100th birthday
MilbertF060205-005.jpgWill Milbert article
MilbertF060205-006.jpgWill Milbert note
MilbertF060205-007.jpgWill Milbert marriage
MilbertF060205-008.jpgDon Milbert Real estate agent
MilbertF060205-009.jpgDon J Milbert Friendship makes Hopkins great
MilbertF060205-010.jpgMilbert claims honor in state duck stamp contest
MilbertF060205-011.jpgWill Milbert note
MilbertF060205-012.jpgMilbert - J Allan Topping memoir
MilbertF060205-013.jpgPriscilla A Milbert
MilbertF060205-014.jpgMilbert family notes
MilbertF060205-015.jpgAnna Marie Roehl Milbert and Adam Milbert notes
MilbertF060205-016.jpgMilbert notes
MilbertF060205-017.jpgMilbert notes
MilbertF060205-018.jpgMilbert notes
MilbertF060205-019.jpgMilbert notes
MilbertIMG_0001-01.jpgCatherine Ernst obituary 1981
MilbertIMG_0001.jpgBernice B Lent (Milbert) obituary
MilbertIMG_00010.jpgNellie Milbert memoriam 04-22-1896 - 03-04-1964 2 of 2
MilbertIMG_000101.jpgMilbert - Dignan Family Tree 1 of 14
MilbertIMG_0001011 (2).jpgEdward Milbert memoriam 1 of 2
MilbertIMG_0001011 (3).jpgEdward Milbert memoriam 08-02-1882 - 08-02-1967 2 of 2
MilbertIMG_0001011 (4).jpgJohn Milbert memoriam 1 of 2
MilbertIMG_0001011 (5).jpgJohn Milbert memoriam 01-26-1874 - 11-16-1963 2 of 2
MilbertIMG_0001011 (6).jpgWilliam H Milbert memoriam 1 of 2
MilbertIMG_0001011 (7).jpgWilliam H Milbert memoriam 06-05-1892 - 06-24-1956 2 of 2
MilbertIMG_0001011 (8).jpgBernard Milbert memoriam 1 of 2
MilbertIMG_0001011 (9).jpgBernard Milbert memoriam 03-09-1876 - 11-27-1963 2 of 2
MilbertIMG_0001011.jpgNellie Milbert memoriam 1 of 2
MilbertIMG_0002.jpgLydie [Brigitta] Ernst obituary
MilbertIMG_000202.jpgMilbert - Digman....2 of 14
MilbertIMG_0003-03.jpgBob and Pat Milbert
MilbertIMG_0003.jpgBernice B Lent (Milbert) memoriam
MilbertIMG_000303.jpgMilbert - Digman.,...3 of 14
MilbertIMG_0004-04.jpgNancy, Bobby, Debbie, Jeffie Milbert, children of Bob Milbert
MilbertIMG_0004.jpgDon Milbert Guest Column
MilbertIMG_000404.jpgMilbert - Digman....4 of 14
MilbertIMG_0005-05.jpgMilbert - St Joseph's Church in Medicine Lake, MN celebrating it's 100th Anniversary in 1977-78
MilbertIMG_0005.jpgHilda G Milbert Minnesota Common School Certificate Second Grade
MilbertIMG_000505.jpgMilbert - Digman....5 of 14
MilbertIMG_0006.jpgHoward Milbert children, Christmas 1958
MilbertIMG_000606.jpgMilbert - Digman....6 of 14
MilbertIMG_0007.jpgThe Milberts
MilbertIMG_000707.jpgMilbert - Digman....7 of 14
MilbertIMG_0008.jpgMilbert - Mr & Mrs Jim Lauer postcard
MilbertIMG_000808.jpgMilbert - Digman....8 of 14
MilbertIMG_0009.jpgMilbert - Emigration document for the Mathias Roehl Family 1 of 2 NOTE: Original may be found in Family Files D-FF14
MilbertIMG_000909.jpgMilbert - Digman....9 of 14
MilbertIMG_0010.jpgMilbert - Emigration....2 of 2
MilbertIMG_001010.jpgMilbert - Digman....10 of 14
MilbertIMG_0011.jpgJohann Milbert Descendent Charf 1 of 8
MilbertIMG_001111.jpgMilbert - Digman....11 of 14
MilbertIMG_0012.jpgJohann Milbert....2 of 8
MilbertIMG_001212.jpgMilbert - Digman....12 of 14
MilbertIMG_0013.jpgJohann Milbert....3 of 8
MilbertIMG_001313.jpgMilbert - Digman....13 of 14
MilbertIMG_0014.jpgJohann Milbert....4 of 8
MilbertIMG_001414.jpgMilbert - Digman....14 of 14
MilbertIMG_001415.jpgWilliam H Milbert obituary, June 1956 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 355
MilbertIMG_001416.jpgMeyer Family Genealogical Research 1970-1980s NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
MilbertIMG_001417.jpgMilbert Family 1980 , by Lauer NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
MilbertIMG_0015.jpgJohann Milbert....5 of 8
MilbertIMG_0016.jpgJohann Milbert....6 of 8
MilbertIMG_0017.jpgJohann Milbert....7 of 8
MilbertIMG_0018.jpgJohann Milbert....8 of 8
MilbertIMG_0019.jpgMilbert - Walter A Ernst family notes 1 of 4 NOTE: Original may be found in Family Files D-FF14
MilbertIMG_0020.jpgMilbert - Walter A Ernst....2 of 4
MilbertIMG_0021.jpgMilbert - Walter A Ernst....3 of 4
MilbertIMG_0022.jpgMilbert - Walter A Ernst....4 of 4
MilbertIMG_0023.jpgMilbert - letter 9-22-1984 1 of 2
MilbertIMG_0024.jpgMilbert - letter....2 of 2
MilbertIMG_0025.jpgMilbert - Letter 07-01-1984
MilbertIMG_0026.jpgMilbert - Letter 08-04-1984
MilbertIMG_0027.jpgMilbert - L to R: Olive, Marie, Stella, Isabelle, Amos Dayon, Archie Dayon, Clinton Thies, ?, Cliff Raskob
MilbertIMG_0028.jpgTony Ernst Family, with Tony and Kate are Irven, Walter, harold, Adrian, Genevieve and Dorothy. Richard, the eldes son was taking the picture
MilbertIMG_0029.jpgFront L-R: Matt Milbert, Tillie Exted; Back L-R: Tillie's brother and Barbara Milbert
MilbertIMG_0030.jpgSeated: Ben Milbert, Mary Scherer; Standing: Christine Scherer, Ed Milbert
MilbertIMG_0031.jpgAmy's 80th Birthday Party - L-R: Ben, Hilda, Sam, Barb, Marg, Will, Ann, Ed, John, Kate, and Matt
MilbertIMG_0032.jpgMilbert - George, Frank, John
MilbertIMG_0033.jpgFrank Butz and Barbara Milbert wedding portrait; Standing: Margaret Milbert and John Butz
MilbertIMG_0034.jpgMilbert - Everett Thies
MilbertIMG_0035.jpgJack Milbert and Maren Neilson Milbert
MilbertIMG_0036.jpgAdam Milbert and Anna Marie Rohl 1869
MilbertIMG_0037.jpgMilbert - L-R: Frank Butz, Margaret Milbert, Barbara Milbert, John Butz
MilbertIMG_0038.jpgMathias Rohl and Margreth Tomber 1846
MilbertIMG_0039.jpgMilbert - St Josep's....3 of 5
MilbertIMG_0040.jpgMilbert St Josephs church to celebrate its 100 years' history 09-07-1977 1 of 5
MilbertIMG_0041.jpgMilbert - St Joseph's....2 of 5
MilbertIMG_0042.jpgMilbert - St Joseph's....4 of 5
MilbertIMG_0043.jpgMilbert - St Joseph's....5 of 5
MilbertIMG_0044.jpgBottom Row L-R: Mathias Milbert 04-19-1870 06-19-1958; Tillie Exted Milbert ?-06-08-1967. Top row, L-R: Harol Exted, brother to Tillie; Barbara Milbert 02-16-1872 - 04-15-1962
MilbertIMG_0045.jpgAnna Marie Rohl Milber 09-16-1849 - 08-23-1940; Adam Milbert 08-16-1828 10-13-1906
MilbertIMG_0046.jpgAdam Milbert 08-16-1828 - 10-13-1906
MilbertIMG_0047.jpgBernadine Milbert on her wedding day. She has her mothers wedding dress on. It just fit her, so it was a real honor to be married in her grandmothers dress which is now 43 years old. Her new name is Mrs Theodore Froseth, Souris, North Dakota. Barb's daughter, Regina
MilbertIMG_0049.jpgBarbara Milbert Butz 02-16-1872 - 04-15-1962; Frank Butz 1876-1952. Back row: Margaret Milbert 04-25-1878 - 05-18-1975; John Butz. Approx. year of photo 1905
MilbertIMG_0050.jpgAdam Milbert 08-11-1828 - 10-13-1906 headstone; St Joseph's Cemetery, Medicine Lake, Minnesota
MilbertIMG_0051.jpgSeated: Ben Milber 1876-1963; Mary Scherer died 1975. Standing: Ed Milbert 1882-1967, Christine Scherer
MilbertIMG_0052.jpgKate Milbert Ernst, Tony Ernst. Children L-R: Irven; Harold; Adrian; Dorothy; Genevieve; Walter; Richard the eldes, missing.
MilbertIMG_0053.jpgHilda Milbert born 05-23-1890, approx year of photo 1902
MilbertIMG_0054.jpgMilbert - Merriam Park, Minnesota postcard 1 of 2
MilbertIMG_0055.jpgMilbert - Merriam Park, Minn postcard 2 of 2
MilbertIMG_0056.jpgMathilda Milbert born 05-23-1890
MilbertIMG_0057.jpgJack Milbert 01-26-1874 - 11-16-1963; Maren Neilson Milbert wedding photo
MilbertIMG_0058.jpgHilda Milbert Teachers Certificate 09-01-1909
MilesF060205 002.jpgLaura Miles, wife of Jim Miles
MilesF060205-059.jpgLaura Miles A look to the future
MillardIMG.jpgMargaret L Millard obituary
MillardIMG_0001.jpgMargaret Millard obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 323
MillerF060205-023.jpgCharlotte H Miller memoir
MillerF060205-024.jpgIda Margaret Miller memoir
MillerF060205-025.jpgEverett V Miller Obituary
MillerF060205-026.jpgRay Miller Obituary
MillerF060205-027.jpgEverett Miller ...receives a $100 check
MillerF060205-028.jpgRaymond Miller memoir
MillerF060205-029.jpgLiz Miller 90th birthday
MillerF060205-030.jpgH V Miller, General Merchandise
MillerF060205-031.jpgJohn W Miller Potatoes advertisement
MillerF060205-033.jpgJohn W Miller is Enterprising Farmer
MillerF060205-034.jpgMiller family notes
MillerF060205-035.jpgEverett V Miller marriage
MillerF060205-036.jpgManda Sophia Miller memoir
MillerF060205-037.jpgMiller notes
MillerF060205-038.jpgH V Miller notes
MillerF060205-039.jpgMr and Mrs H V Miller death of child
MillerF060205-040.jpgJohn and Amanda Miller notes
MillerF060205-041.jpgManda Miller
MillerF060205-042.jpgOtto Miller notes
MillerF060205-043.jpgOtto H Miller note
MillerF060205-044.jpgEdward Miller at Maple Plain store
MillerF060205-045.jpgCharles Miller letter
MillerF060205-046.jpgJoseph Miller plat info
MillerF060205-047.jpgPeter Miller plat info
MillerF060205-048.jpgMiller family history
MillerF060205-049.jpgMiller ntoes
MillerF060205-050.jpgJohn P Miller notes
MillerF060205-051.jpgJohn P Miller
MillerF060205-052.jpgMiller Hopkins Family Tree
MillerF060205-053.jpgMiller notes
MillerF060205-054.jpgJohn Miller notes
MillerF060205-055.jpgFrank Miller notes
MillerF060205-056.jpgJohn Peter Miller biography 1 of 2
MillerF060205-057.jpgJohn Peter Miller biography 2 of 2
MillerF060205-058.jpgFrank Miller death
MillerF060205-060.jpgMiller notes
MillerF060602-066.jpgKatherine Miller
MillerIMG-0017.jpgJohn W Miller notes
MillerIMG-0021.jpgMiller - Rangna Gadbois obituary 10-31-1981
MillerIMG.jpgEdward H Miller obituary 07-30-1919 - 04-03-2007
MillerIMG_0001.jpgEdward Hursh Miller family notes 1 of 4
MillerIMG_0002.jpgEdward Hursh Miller family....2 of 4
MillerIMG_0003.jpgEdward Hursh Miller family....3 of 4
MillerIMG_0004.jpgEdward Hursh Miller family....4 of 4
MillerIMG_0005.jpgEdward H Miller memoriam 07-30-1919 - 04-03-2007
MillerIMG_0006.jpgLaura Miller obituary
MillerIMG_0008.jpgClara Miller obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 356
MillerIMG_0009.jpgMargaret Schaussen Miller notes NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 237
MillerIMG_0010.jpgAlex P Miller obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 22
MillerIMG_0011.jpgSusan Miller obituary 05-25-1984, daughter of John Pillsbury Snyder NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 18
MillerIMG_0012.jpgSusan Snyder Miller obituary 06-04-1984 NOTE: document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 18
MillerIMG_0013.jpgCharlotte H Miller memoriam 12-3-1893 - 07-28-1986 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 36
MillerIMG_0014.jpgCharlotte Lottie Miller obituary 07-25-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 36
MillerIMG_0015.jpgEvelyn [White] Miller notes
MillerIMG_0016.jpgManda Sophia Miller memoriam 09-13-1898 - 11-07-1991
MillerIMG_0018.jpgJohn W Miller obituary 1912
MillerIMG_0019.jpgJohn Wilhelm Miller memoriam 03-31-1889 - 02-27-1978
MillerIMG_0020.jpgMargaret Shaussen Miller notes
MillicotF051215-001.jpgJohn Millicot plat info
MillsF051215-001.jpgWilliam W Mills memoir
MillsF051215-002.jpgKevin Mills Outdoor concert....
MillsF051215-003.jpgMills notes
MillsF051215-005.jpgMills note
MillsF051215-006.jpgMills notes 1 of 3
MillsF051215-007.jpgMills notes 2 of 3
MillsF051215-008.jpgMills notes 3 of 3
MillsF051215-009.jpgMills family notes
MillsF051215-010.jpgRobert M Mills note
MillsF051215-011.jpgMills notes
MillsF051215-012.jpgMills Thinking Backward 1 of 2
MillsF051215-013.jpgMills Thinking....2 of 2
MillsF051215-014.jpgWilliam Mills....3 of 17
MillsF051215-015.jpgWilliam Mills....4 of 17
MillsF051215-016.jpgWilliam Mills....5 of 17
MillsF051215-017.jpgWilliam Mills....6 of 17
MillsF051215-018.jpgWilliam Mills....7 of 17
MillsF051215-019.jpgWilliam Mills....8 of 17
MillsF051215-020.jpgWilliam Mills....9 of 17
MillsF051215-021.jpgWilliam Mills....10 of 17
MillsF051215-022.jpgWilliam Mills....11 of 17
MillsF051215-023.jpgWilliam Mills....12 of 17
MillsF051215-024.jpgWilliam Mills....13 of 17
MillsF051215-025.jpgWilliam Mills....14 of 17
MillsF051215-026.jpgWilliam Mills....16 of 17
MillsF051215-027.jpgWilliam Mills....15 of 17
MillsF051215-028.jpgWilliam Mills....17 of 17
MillsF051215-029.jpgMills letter 1 of 2
MillsF051215-030.jpgMills letter 2 of 2
MillsF051215-031.jpgRobert M MIlls 1 of 2
MillsF051215-032.jpgRobert M Mills 2 of 2
MillsF051215-033.jpgMills letter 1 of 3
MillsF051215-034.jpgMills letter 2 of 3
MillsF051215-035.jpgMills letter 3 of 3
MillsF051215-036.jpgMona Mills Jensen memoir
MillsF051215-037.jpgMills notes
MillsF051215-038.jpgMills notes
MillsF051215-039.jpgMills notes
MillsF051215-040.jpgMills notes
MillsF051215-041.jpgMills notes
MillsF051215-042.jpgMills notes
MillsF051215-043.jpgMills notes
MillsF051215-044.jpgMills notes
MillsF051215-045.jpgLouise E Mills
MillsF051215-046.jpgMills - Jessie M Anderson memoir
MillsF051215-047.jpgMills notes
MillsF051215-048.jpgR M Mills notes
MillsF051215-049.jpgR M Mills notes
MillsF051215-050.jpgMargaret Elizabeth Mills
MillsF051215-051.jpgR M Mills obituary
MillsF051215-052.jpgRobert M Mills notes
MillsF051215-053.jpgWilliam Mills plat info
MillsF051215-054.jpgMills notes 1 of 5
MillsF051215-055.jpgMills notes 2 of 5
MillsF051215-056.jpgMills notes 3 of 5
MillsF051215-057.jpgMills notes 4 of 5
MillsF051215-058.jpgMills notes 5 of 5
MillsF051215-060.jpgMills notes
MillsF051215-061.jpgMills notes
MillsF051215-062.jpgMills notes
MillsF051215-063.jpgWilliam Mills....2 of 17
MillsF051215-064.jpgWilliam Mills memoriam 1 of 17
MillsF060605-002.jpgMills - Mona I Jenson memoir
MillsF060605-003.jpgWaltre Bruce Mills notes
MillsF060605-004.jpgMary Mills obituary
MillsF060605-005.jpgMona Mills Jensen and her sister Ardath Mills Jenson, daughters of Walter Bruce Mills
MillsF060605-006.jpgMona Mills Jensen, Ardath Mills Peterson - Bob Berger from IN and back of Marilyn who researched the William Mills/Margaret Batdorf families for Nona in 2005
MillsIMG.jpgNeva I Mills memoriam 07-17-1908 - 11-20-1993
MillsIMG_0001.jpgMr and Mrs Robert Mills note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 214
MillsIMG_0002.jpgWilliam Mills note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 217
MillsIMG_0003.jpgRobert Mills notes
MillsIMG_0004.jpgWilliam Mills notes
MillsIMG_0005.jpgLinda Rosengren Mills wedding announcement 09-17-1994
MinerF051217-001.jpgJulius Miner notes
MinerF051217-002.jpgJulius Miner
MinerF051217-003.jpgJulius E Miner
MinerF051217-004.jpgAndrew M Miner, Attorney ..Grows His Feathers
MinerF051217-005.jpgJulius E Miner note
MinerF051217-006.jpgRobert I Miner note
MinerF051217-007.jpgViola Fuller Miner notes
MinerF051217-008.jpgNellie M Miner Obituary
MinerIMG _0006.jpgAndrew Miner notes
MinerIMG_0001.jpgAndrew E Miner obituary 11-26-1986 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 68
MinerIMG_0003.jpgAndrew E Miner Lawyer....2 of 2
MinerIMG_0004.jpgAndrew E Miner memoriam 06-01-1931 - 11-26-1986 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 68
MinerIMG_0005.jpgAndrew E Miner Lawyer found shot to death in Orono home 1968 1 of 2 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 69
MinerIMG_0007.jpgAndrew W Miner obituary 1978
MinerIMG_0008.jpgNellie M Miner obituary
MitchellF051218-002.jpgHorace B Mitchell plat info
MitchellIMG_0001.jpgFrances O'Bryne Mitchell obituary
MitchellIMG_0002.jpgAlice [Tenney] Mitchell obituary 10-06-1979
MitchellIMG_0003.jpgMrs Robert G Mitchell (Alice Tenney) obituary 10-06-1979
MitcherF051218-001.jpgFrank Mitcher plat info
MixIMG.jpgRobin H Mix Sr obituary
MixIMG_0001.jpgRobin H Mix Sr obituaray 1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5 page 5
MixaIMG.jpgFrank Mixa Obituary 03-12-2001
MoffattF051218-003.jpgMoffatt notes
MoffattF051218-004.jpgJob Moffet plat info
MoffattF051218-005.jpgJob Moffitt family notes 1 of 6
MoffattF051218-006.jpgJob Moffatt....2 of 6
MoffattF051218-007.jpgJob Moffatt....3 of 6
MoffattF051218-008.jpgJob Moffatt....4 of 6
MoffattF051218-009.jpgJob Moffatt....5 of 6
MoffattF051218-010.jpgJob Moffatt....6 of 6
MoffattF051218-011.jpgWilliam Clarkson Moffitt note
MoffattF051218-012.jpgMoffatt notes
MoffattF051218-013.jpgMoffatt notes
MoffattF051218-014.jpgMoffatt notes
MoffattF051218-015.jpgMoffatt notes
MoffattF051218-016.jpgMoffatt - Jerre A Miller
MoffattF051218-017.jpgGeorge Moffitt For Sale
MoffattF051218-018.jpgRandy A Moffatt memoir
MoffattF051218-019.jpgJob Moffatt notes
MoffattF051218-020.jpgMoffatt notes
MoffattF051218-021.jpgJob Moffatt notes
MoffattF051218-022.jpgJob Moffatt notes
MoffattF051218-023.jpgJob Moffatt Township History
MoffattF051218-024.jpgJob Moffitt notes
MoffattF051218-025.jpgMoffatt - Site of first log cabin built in Independence Township in the Fall of 1854. See waters of Pioneer Creek Northwest of Maple Plain Glenn Hillstrom farm.
MogrenF051218-026.jpgElvera Mogren Peterson letter 1 of 2
MogrenF051218-027.jpgElvera Mogren Peterson letter 2 of 2
MogrenF051218-028.jpgPaul Mogren note
MogrenF051218-029.jpgMogren letter
MogrenF051218-030.jpgEllen Mogren note
MogrenF051218-031.jpgMogren letter
MohrmanF060130-001.jpgFrederick Mohrman family notes 1 of 2
MohrmanF060130-002.jpgFrederick Mohrman family notes 2 of 2
MohrmanF060130-003.jpgMohrman notes
MohrmanIMG_0001.jpgFred K Mohrmann headstone; Memorial Weekend, May 1980, Forth Snelling
MohrmanIMG_0002.jpgFredericka Mohrmann Thies 03-27-1861 - 05-25-1934, married 02-28-1881
MohrmanIMG_0003.jpgFreda Mohrmann Thies on the left
MohrmanIMG_0004.jpgFreda Mohrmann Thies
MohrmanIMG_0005.jpgFreda Mohrmann Thies
MohrmanIMG_0006.jpgFreda Mohrmann Thies and Mrs Schiske
MohrmanIMG_0007.jpgGrandma Frieda Thies; Mrs Jim Dillman; Mrs Kohnen; Mrs Fries
MohrmanIMG_0008.jpgMary Buse Mohrmann's three daughters. L-R: Minnie Mohrmann Gasper; Freda Mohrmann Thies; Charlotte Buse Kruger
MohrmanIMG_0009.jpgMohrmann postcard 1 of 2
MohrmanIMG_0010.jpgMohrmann postcard 2 of 2
MohrmanIMG_0011.jpgMohrmann postcard Hotel Jefferson, St Louis, MO 1 of 2
MohrmanIMG_0012.jpgMohrmann postcard Hotel Jefferson....2 of 2
MohrmanIMG_0013.jpgAnton Gasper; Minnie Mohrmann married 1880
MohrmanIMG_0014.jpgMinnie Mohrmann Gasper with two of her children
MohrmanIMG_0015.jpgMohrmann genealogical 1 of 2 NOTE: remainder located in Mohrmann Family Folder
MohrmanIMG_0016.jpgMohrmann genealogical 2 of 2 NOTE: remainder located in Mohrmann Family Folder
MohrmanIMG_0017.jpgEdward W Mohrmann obituary 1979
MohrmannF060130-001.jpgFrederick Mohrman family notes 1 of 2
MohrmannF060130-002.jpgFrederick Mohrman family notes 2 of 2
MohrmannF060130-003.jpgMohrman notes
MohrmannIMG_0001.jpgFred K Mohrmann headstone; Memorial Weekend, May 1980, Forth Snelling
MohrmannIMG_0002.jpgFredericka Mohrmann Thies 03-27-1861 - 05-25-1934, married 02-28-1881
MohrmannIMG_0003.jpgFreda Mohrmann Thies on the left
MohrmannIMG_0004.jpgFreda Mohrmann Thies
MohrmannIMG_0005.jpgFreda Mohrmann Thies
MohrmannIMG_0006.jpgFreda Mohrmann Thies and Mrs Schiske
MohrmannIMG_0007.jpgGrandma Frieda Thies; Mrs Jim Dillman; Mrs Kohnen; Mrs Fries
MohrmannIMG_0008.jpgMary Buse Mohrmann's three daughters. L-R: Minnie Mohrmann Gasper; Freda Mohrmann Thies; Charlotte Buse Kruger
MohrmannIMG_0009.jpgMohrmann postcard 1 of 2
MohrmannIMG_0010.jpgMohrmann postcard 2 of 2
MohrmannIMG_0011.jpgMohrmann postcard Hotel Jefferson, St Louis, MO 1 of 2
MohrmannIMG_0012.jpgMohrmann postcard Hotel Jefferson....2 of 2
MohrmannIMG_0013.jpgAnton Gasper; Minnie Mohrmann married 1880
MohrmannIMG_0014.jpgMinnie Mohrmann Gasper with two of her children
MohrmannIMG_0015.jpgMohrmann genealogical 1 of 2 NOTE: remainder located in Mohrmann Family Folder
MohrmannIMG_0016.jpgMohrmann genealogical 2 of 2 NOTE: remainder located in Mohrmann Family Folder
MohrmannIMG_0017.jpgEdward W Mohrmann obituary 1979
MohrmannIMG_0018.jpgMohrman - Orauge S King affidavit of the "State Atlas", a weekly public newspaper 05-26-1816 1 of 3
MohrmannIMG_0019.jpgMohrman - Orauge S King affidavit of the "State Atlas", a weekly public newspaper 05-26-1816 2 of 3
MohrmannIMG_0020.jpgMohrman - Orauge S King affidavit of the "State Atlas", a weekly public newspaper 05-26-1816 3 of 3
MolineF060130-004.jpgMoline notes
MolineF060130-005.jpgMoline notes
MolineF060130-006.jpgJohn L Moline Letter to the Editor 1 of 2
MolineF060130-007.jpgJohn L Moline.....2 of 2
MolineF060130-008.jpgMoline notes
MolineF060130-009.jpgMoline notes
MolineF060130-010.jpgAnna Moline notes
MolineF060130-011.jpgMoline - Minerva Veach memoir
MolineF060130-012.jpgMoline - John Wicks memoir
MolineIMG.jpgAnna Moline obituary 1953 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 302
MolineIMG_0001.jpgN John Moline notes NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 237
MolineIMG_0002.jpgN John Moline note
MolineIMG_0003.jpgRev Harold Carlson notes, married to Florence Moline
MoliterF060130-013.jpgMathias Moliter plat info
MoliterF060130-014.jpgFrederic Moliter plat info
MoodyF060130-015.jpgSamuel Moody plat info
MoodyF060130-016.jpgKathryn Mood ....;Mrs Nursing Home'
MoodyF060130-017.jpgSam Moody notes
MoodyF060130-018.jpgMoody notes
MoodyF060130-019.jpgMoody notes
MooneyF060130-020.jpgMooney - Mike Kaufmann death
MooneyF060130-021.jpgJames Mooney plat info
MooneyF060130-022.jpgDean Mooney head Metro Transit Police 1 of 3
MooneyF060130-023.jpgDean Mooney.....2 of 3
MooneyF060130-024.jpgDean Mooney....3 of 3
MooneyF060130-025.jpgRichard C Mooney marriage
MooneyF060130-026.jpgMooney notes
MooneyF060602-068.jpgRichard Mooney, Richard H Payton Obituaries
MooneyF060602-074.jpgRichard C Mooney memoir
MooneyIMG.jpgCarol Hope Mooney Johnson obituary 11-20-2010
MooneyIMG_0001.jpgCarol H Mooney memoriam 05-22-1914 - 11-20-2010 1 of 2
MooneyIMG_0002.jpgCarol Hope Mooney memoriam....2 of 2
MooneyIMG_0003.jpgWilliam R A Mooney obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 355
MooneyIMG_0004.jpgFlorence A Mooney obituary 10-05-1979
MooneyIMG_0005.jpgFrancis T Mooney obituary 01-02-1980
MooneyIMG_0006.jpgFrancis T Mooney obituary 01-04-1980
MooreF060122-001.jpgDel Moore
MooreF060122-002.jpgJohn I Moore memoir
MooreF060122-003.jpgMoore Quality Boats advertisement
MooreF060122-004.jpgRoy Moore note
MooreF060122-005.jpgRoy Moore The Fastest Boat in Florida...
MooreF060122-006.jpgDave and Phyllis Moore letter
MooreF060122-007.jpgMoore notes
MooreF060122-008.jpgMoore notes
MooreF060122-009.jpgMrs R C Moore article
MooreF060122-010.jpgMoore - Henry E Rohlf memoir
MooreF060122-011.jpgMrs Roy Moore, Jr Millinery advertisement
MooreF060122-012.jpgMable Moore newspaper article
MooreF060122-014.jpgJohn W Moore notes
MooreF060122-015.jpgMabel Thomas Moore memory
MooreF060122-016.jpgMoore note
MooreF060122-017.jpgAdella Moore, school teacher
MooreF060122-018.jpgAdella Moore
MooreF060122-019.jpgMr and Mrs John L Moore 50th anniversary
MooreF060122-020.jpgJohn I Moore memoir
MooreF060122-021.jpgJohn I Moore Obituary
MooreF060122-022.jpgDana Frear Moore notes
MooreF060122-023.jpgMoore letter
MooreF060122-024.jpgMoore notes
MooreF060122-025.jpgMoore family notes 1 of 6
MooreF060122-026.jpgMoore family....2 of 6
MooreF060122-027.jpgMoore family....3 of 6
MooreF060122-028.jpgMoore family....4 of 6
MooreF060122-029.jpgMoore family....5 of 6
MooreF060122-030.jpgMoore family....6 of 6
MooreF060122-031.jpgMoore of Independence 1 of 6
MooreF060122-032.jpgMoore of Independence 2 of 6
MooreF060122-033.jpgMoore of Independence 3 of 6
MooreF060122-034.jpgMoore of Independence 5 of 6
MooreF060122-035.jpgMoore of Independence 4 of 6
MooreF060122-036.jpgMoore of Independence 6 of 6
MooreF060122-037.jpgMoore of Maple Plain 1 of 2
MooreF060122-038.jpgMoore of Maple Plain 2 of 2
MorganF060122 039.jpgWesley Truman Morgan death
MorganF060122 040.jpgW N Morgan resigns
MorinF060202-001.jpgMorin The Way We Were Family History 1 of 22
MorinF060202-002.jpgMorin....2 of 22
MorinF060202-003.jpgHenry and Adeline E Maurer and grand daughter Blanche standing between them 3 of 22
MorinF060202-004.jpgMorin 4 of 22
MorinF060202-005.jpgMorin 5 of 22
MorinF060202-006.jpgMorin 6 of 22
MorinF060202-007.jpgMorin 7 of 22
MorinF060202-008.jpgMorin 8 of 22
MorinF060202-009.jpgMorin 9 of 22
MorinF060202-010.jpgMorin 10 of 22
MorinF060202-011.jpgMorin 11 of 22
MorinF060202-012.jpgMorin 12 of 22
MorinF060202-013.jpgMorin 13 of 22
MorinF060202-014.jpgMorin 14 of 22
MorinF060202-015.jpgMorin 15 of 22
MorinF060202-016.jpgMorin 16 of 22
MorinF060202-017.jpgMorin 17 of 22
MorinF060202-018.jpgMorin 18 of 22
MorinF060202-019.jpgMorin 19 of 22
MorinF060202-020.jpgMorin 20 of 22
MorinF060202-021.jpgMorin 21 of 22
MorinF060202-022.jpgMorin 22 of 22
MorinF060202-023.jpgMorin family notes
MorinF060202-024.jpgEugene Morin Obituary
MorinF060202-025.jpgPeter Morin Sr notes
MorinF060202-026.jpgMorin notes
MorinF060202-027.jpgMorin - Interview
MorinF060202-028.jpgPeter Morin family history 1 of 3
MorinF060202-029.jpgPeter Morin family....2 of 3
MorinF060202-030.jpgPeter Morin family....3 of 3
MorinF060202-031.jpgPeter Morin notes
MorinF060202-033.jpgPeter and Olive Morin note
MorinF060202-034.jpgPeter Morin plat info
MorinF060202-035.jpgMorin - Elizabeth Adams memoir
MorinF060202-036.jpgMorin - Blanche A Neddermeyer memoir
MorinF060203-001.jpgMorin - Partial Transcription of Markers
MorinF060203-002.jpgPierre Morin ancestors and descendants 1 of 48
MorinF060203-003.jpgPierre Morin 2 of 48
MorinF060203-004.jpgPierre Morin 3 of 48
MorinF060203-005.jpgPierre Morin 4 of 48
MorinF060203-006.jpgPierre Morin 5 of 48
MorinF060203-007.jpgPierre Morin 6 of 48
MorinF060203-008.jpgPierre Morin 7 of 48
MorinF060203-009.jpgPierre Morin 8 of 48
MorinF060203-010.jpgPierre Morin 9 of 48
MorinF060203-011.jpgPierre Morin 10 of 48
MorinF060203-012.jpgPierre Morin 11 of 48
MorinF060203-013.jpgPierre Morin 12 of 48
MorinF060203-014.jpgPierre Morin 13 of 48
MorinF060203-015.jpgPierre Morin 14 of 48
MorinF060203-016.jpgPierre Morin 15 of 48
MorinF060203-017.jpgPierre Morin 16 of 48
MorinF060203-018.jpgPierre Morin 17 of 48
MorinF060203-019.jpgPierre Morin 18 of 48
MorinF060203-020.jpgPierre Morin 19 of 48
MorinF060203-021.jpgPierre Morin 20 of 48
MorinF060203-022.jpgPierre Morin 21 of 48
MorinF060203-023.jpgPierre Morin 22 of 48
MorinF060203-024.jpgPierre Morin 23 of 48
MorinF060203-025.jpgPierre Morin 24 of 48
MorinF060203-026.jpgPierre Morin 25 of 48
MorinF060203-027.jpgPierre Morin 26 of 48
MorinF060203-028.jpgPierre Morin 27 of 48
MorinF060203-029.jpgPierre Morin 28 of 48
MorinF060203-030.jpgPierre Morin 29 of 48
MorinF060203-031.jpgPierre Morin 30 of 48
MorinF060203-032.jpgPierre Morin 31 of 48
MorinF060203-033.jpgPierre Morin 32 of 48
MorinF060203-034.jpgPierre Morin 33 of 48
MorinF060203-035.jpgPierre Morin 34 of 48
MorinF060203-036.jpgPierre Morin 35 of 48
MorinF060203-037.jpgPierre Morin 36 of 48
MorinF060203-038.jpgPierre Morin 37 of 48
MorinF060203-039.jpgPierre Morin 38 of 48
MorinF060203-040.jpgPierre Morin 39 of 48
MorinF060203-041.jpgPierre Morin 40 of 48
MorinF060203-042.jpgPierre Morin 41 of 48
MorinF060203-043.jpgPierre Morin 42 of 48
MorinF060203-044.jpgPierre Morin 43 of 48
MorinF060203-045.jpgPierre Morin 44 of 48
MorinF060203-046.jpgPierre Morin 45 of 48
MorinF060203-047.jpgPierre Morin 46 of 48
MorinF060203-048.jpgPierre Morin 47 of 48
MorinF060203-049.jpgPierre Morin 48 of 48
MorinIMG.jpgEugene Morin obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 332
MorinIMG_0001.jpgAmanda Morin obituary
MorinIMG_0002.jpgRobert J Morin obituary
MorinIMG_0003.jpgJames D Morin obituary April ?
MorinIMG_0004.jpgJames D Morin obituary 04-11-1980
MorinIMG_0016.jpgPierre Morin "Ancestors and Descendants of Pierre Morin" NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
MorrisF060203-050.jpgJames E Morris plat info
MorrisF060203-051.jpgMorris notes
MorrisIMG.jpgIda Victoria Morris obituary 10-18-2002 Cokato/Dassel Enterprise Dispatch
MorrisonF051103-001.jpgClinton Morrison ...heads U.S. Chamber
MorrisonF051103-002.jpgVirginia Morrison Obituary
MorrisonF051103-003.jpgClinton Morrison Receive Honorary Degree
MorrisonF051103-004.jpgAngus Morrison Canoeist digs into Olympics
MorrisonF051103-005.jpgMorrison notes
MorrisonF051103-006.jpgH.G.O. Morrison Fifty Years
MorrisonF051103-007.jpgMary Heffelfinger Morrison memoir
MorrisonIMG_0003.jpgH Terry Morrison obituary 03-05-1978
MorseIMG.jpgDell Hilton Morse note. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 243
MorseIMG_0001.jpgDell Hilton Morse note
Morse_2IMG_0010.jpgMorse - “Dr. Morse Dies; Was Radiologist” - Dr Russell W Morse obituary
MortonF051008-137.jpgWilliam E Morton State Senator
MortonF051008-138.jpgDorothy and William Morton
MortonF051008-139.jpgDorothy Morton, daughter of W E Morton
MortonF051008-140.jpgDorothy Morton notes
MortonF051008-141.jpgWilliam E Morton for Senator
MortonF051008-142.jpgBill Morton
MosesF051008-143.jpgHenry Moses plat info
MosseauF051008-144.jpgHenry Mosseau plat info
MottIMG.jpgMott - Walter M Mullikin obituary 11-07-1985; his sister Doris Bush died in Maryland December, 1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 45
MottIMG_0001.jpgMazie Mott 1891-1959
MottIMG_0002.jpgVerne and Lucinda Mott
MottIMG_0003.jpgMillard Mott and second wife?
MottIMG_0004.jpgValentine and Cecelia Mott
MottIMG_0005.jpgMillard Mott memoriam
MottIMG_0006.jpgMott - house in background is Verne Mott's neighbor, but peonies are Verne's
MottIMG_0007.jpgMott unidentified 07-1963
MottIMG_0008.jpgMott unidentified 06-1963
MottIMG_0009.jpgCecilia Mott obituary 09-1978
MottIMG_0010.jpgDaisy Mott note
MottIMG_0011.jpgD [Mott] Bergan note
MoyerF051008-147.jpgThis is copy of discharge summary for John W Moyer who served during Civil War and who was owner of the rifle presented to WHCPA by Charles Thompson. Charles is grandson of John Moyer.
MrossIMG.jpgFrank T Mross memoriam 11-7-1925 - 11-26-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 70
MrossIMG_0001.jpgFrank T Mross obituary NOTE orignal document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 70
MrossIMG_0002.jpgFrank Mross obituary NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 70
MubrayF051013-011.jpgMubray notes
MubrayF051013-012.jpgMubray notes
MubrayF051013-013.jpgMubray - Copy of a letter to Emily Turnham
MullerF051008-145.jpgMathias Muller plat info
MulvannyF051103 008.jpgVerna M Mulvanny Obituary
MulvannyF051103 009.jpgVerna M Mulvanny memoir
MulvannyF051103 010.jpgJohn Mulvanny Obituary
MulvannyF051103 011.jpg-
MulvannyF051103 012.jpgVerna M Mulvanny notes
MulvannyF051103 013.jpgLaura Mulvanny Obituary 1 of 10
MulvannyF051103 014.jpgMulvanny - Frederick Westphal descendants
MulvannyF051103 015.jpgLaura Mulvanny....2 of 10
MulvannyF051103 016.jpgLaura Mulvanny....3 of 10
MulvannyF051103 017.jpgLaura Mulvanny....4 of 10
MulvannyF051103 018.jpgLaura Mulvanny....5 of 10
MulvannyF051103 019.jpgLaura Mulvanny....6 of 10
MulvannyF051103 020.jpgLaura Mulvanny....7 of 10
MulvannyF051103 021.jpgLaura Mulvanny....8 of 10
MulvannyF051103 022.jpgLaura Mulvanny....9 of 10
MulvannyF051103 023.jpgLaura Mulvanny....10 of 10
MumfordF051103-024.jpgHenry Mumford plat info
MummF051103-025.jpgMumm notes
MunnsIMG_0018.jpgMunns- “Second of State Air Force Pair Is Dead at Base” - James Munns
MurchyF051104-001.jpgMurchy notes
MurchyF051104-002.jpgIsabelle Dunbrack Murchy, wife of John Murchy
MurchyF051104-003.jpgMurchy notes
MurchyF051104-005.jpgJames Murchy note
MurchyF051104-006.jpgJames Murchy Holy Name News
MurchyF051104-007.jpgMurchy - Solon A Locke, infant, death
MurchyF051104-008.jpgMay Murchy Jorgensen, partial letter
MurchyF051104-009.jpgJames Murchy descendants
MurchyF051104-010.jpgJohn Murchy descendants
MurchyF060204 064.jpgMurchy family notes 1 of 3
MurchyF060204 065.jpgMurchy family notes 2 of 3
MurchyF060204 066.jpgMurch family notes 3 of 3
MurchyIMG_000101.jpgMurchy note
MurchyIMG_000202.jpgMurchy letter from W R Cruikshank 06-24-1927 1 of 2
MurchyIMG_000303.jpgMurchy letter....2 of 2
MurchyIMG_000404.jpgMurchy - Jean Winslow, grand daughter of Murray and Lovella Winslow 1 of 2
MurchyIMG_000505.jpgMurchy - Jean Winslow....2 of 2
MurchyIMG_000606.jpgAnnie A Murchy notes
MurchyIMG_000707.jpgMurchy letter 11-16-188?....1 of 4
MurchyIMG_000808.jpgMurchy letter....2 of 4
MurchyIMG_000909.jpgMurchy letter....3 of 4
MurchyIMG_001010.jpgMurchy letter....4 of 4
MurchyIMG_001111.jpgMurchy - Mrs Isabella Dunbrack, daughter of Mrs Miles Dickey obituary
MurchyIMG_001212.jpgMurchy - Isabella Dunbrack family information
MurchyIMG_001313.jpgJohn and Isabella Murchy information. NOTE: original document located in Murchy Family Folder
MurchyIMG_001414.jpgJohn Murchy and Isabella Dunbrack family record 1 of 2
MurchyIMG_001515.jpgJohn Murchy....2 of 2
MurchyIMG_001616.jpgMurchy - letter to Mr Harvold Wilson from W L Hursh 07-03-1962
MurchyIMG_001717.jpgMurchy - Leota Morrison Locke information
MurchyIMG_001818.jpgGrace Murchy Alexander Locke family information
MurchyIMG_001919.jpgMurchy-Locke family information
MurchyIMG_002020.jpgJ Murchy family information. NOTE: original located in Murchy Family Folder
MurphyF051013-007.jpgMichael Murphy notes
MurphyF051013-008.jpgEdward Murphy plat info
MurphyF051013-009.jpgMurphy notes
MurphyF051013-010.jpgBarrett Murphy ...achievement award...
MurphyIMG.jpgEleanor LaVeeta Beal Murphy obituary [Nellie Dexter] NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 13
MurphyIMG_0001.jpgLouise J Murphy obituary
MyersF051105-001.jpgLeslie W Myers letter
MyersF051105-002.jpgLeslie W Myers, National Councillor letter
MyersF051105-003.jpgLeslie Myers “Smithsonian Gets Famous Collection”
MyersF051105-004.jpgHerclerode-Meier Family Association letter
MyersF051105-005.jpgMeyer - Frank Mann note
MyersF051105-006.jpgMeyer - Benson Optical Co note
MyersF051105-007.jpgLeslie W Myers, Owner, Elm Heights Farm
MyersF051105-008.jpgLeslie William Myers The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution certificate
MyersF051105-009.jpgLeslie W Myers article 1 of 7
MyersF051105-010.jpgLeslie W Myers....2 of 7
MyersF051105-011.jpgLeslie W Myers....3 of 7
MyersF051105-012.jpgLeslie W Myers....4 of 7
MyersF051105-013.jpgLeslie W Myers....5 of 7
MyersF051105-014.jpgLeslie W Myers....6 of 7
MyersF051105-015.jpgLeslie W Myers...7 of 7
MyersF060204-030.jpgLeslie W Myers note
MyersIMG.jpgMyers - notification of contribution to the Memorial Fund of the Minnesota Society for Crippled Children and Adults 1969
MyersIMG_0008.jpgHerbig -“Soldier-Hero to Be Purple Heart Guest” - Heinrich Herbig
MyersIMG_0019.jpgLarson - “Wed in Church” Mr and Mrs Ronald Duane Quitten
MyersIMG_0020.jpgMurphy - “They Take the Cake” Mrs Mercedia Murphy gives birth to boy
MyersIMG_0021.jpgCleveland - “Only One Train Passes daily But Car Hits It” - Warren J Cleaveland
MyersIMG_0022.jpgDenny - “Crash Kills Two Near Wayzata” Harold (Mickey) Mitchell Jr., Floyd Birchfield,
MyersIMG_0023.jpgWebber - “Mrs Webber, Civic Leader in City, Dies” - Mrs Charles C Webber 02-16-1951
MyersIMG_0025.jpgIn This Corner with Cedric Adams 1 of 2
MyersIMG_0026.jpgIn This Corner....2 of 2
MyersIMG_0071.jpgMyers - Mrs Weir
MyersIMG_0072.jpgG W Myers
MyersIMG_0073.jpgLewis Myers, age 53 years, 10-19-1897
MyersIMG_0074.jpgMyers- Aunt Sally Cogan
MyersIMG_0075.jpgElvin S Myers, age 6 months, 20 days
MyersIMG_0076.jpgLouie and Elvin Myers at the Grand Canyon of Arizona, Indian hut
MyersIMG_0077.jpgLewis Myers Jr, presented by his father 10-09-1913
MyersIMG_0078.jpgMyers - Ida D Nedrey, age 9 years 30 months
MyersIMG_0079.jpgIda D Nedrey 08-08-1888, age 4 months, 2 weeks, 6 days
MyersIMG_0080.jpgMyers - Andrew V Hislop, 11 months, 1 week, 5 days
MyersIMG_0081.jpgMyers - Adam Snyder memoriam 01-08-1893
MyersIMG_0082.jpgMyers - home of Lindley Patten, Larimore, ND, Christmas 1899
MyersIMG_0083.jpgHazel P (Brownie) Myers obituary 06-05-1983
MyersIMG_0084.jpgBobby Joseph Meyers obituary 12-30-2011
MyersIMG_0085.jpgMyers "The Myers Family In America" NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
MyersIMG_0086.jpgMyers Family History NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
MyersIMG_0087.jpgBeverly Myers Nelson "Poems of Yesteryear A Memorial to Beverly Myers Nelson" NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
MylanF051105-016.jpgJohn Myland plat info