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SampsonF060216-041.jpgSampson notes
SampsonF060216-042.jpgCharles E Sampson Obituary
SamsellF060216-043.jpgSamsell notes
SamsellIMG.jpgLouis Samsell obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 28
SamuelsonIMG.jpgC Luther Samuelson obituary 09-02-1979
SandIMG.jpgGertrude Marie Stand wedding announcement 08-23-1952
SandeenF060216-044.jpgSandeen notes
SandeenF060216-045.jpgSandeen Bros. note
SandgrenF060216 001.jpgSandgren - ...Ed Sandhoff Can Handle Any Assignment
SandgrenF060216 002.jpgSandhoff notes
SandgrenF060216-046.jpgSandgren - Marvel Hasty
SandgrenF060216-047.jpgBetty Sandgren Hedlund Obituary
SandgrenF060216-048.jpgSandgren - Emory H White memoir
SandgrenF060216-049.jpgMarvel Sandgren (Hasty) memoir
SandgrenF060216-050.jpgRuby Sandgren White
SandgrenF060216-051.jpgSandgren notes
SandgrenF060216-052.jpgSandgren notes
SandgrenF060216-053.jpgSandgren letter
SandgrenF060216-054.jpgSandgren notes
SandgrenF060216-055.jpgSandgren - Santa Barbara, CA address
SandgrenF060216-056.jpgMrs Sandgren
SandgrenF060216-057.jpgDonald G Sandgren ..New President of Realty Board 1 of 2
SandgrenF060216-058.jpgDonald G Sandgren....2 of 2
SandgrenF060216-059.jpgSandgren Plymouth Facts
SandgrenF060216-060.jpgSandgren Parents Attention
SandgrenF060216-061.jpgSandgren notes?
SandgrenF060216-062.jpgSandgren Parker Lake
SandgrenF060216-063.jpgSandgren - Almeda Pritchard Woodville Obituary
SandgrenF060216-064.jpgSandgren Parker Lake
SandgrenF060216-067.jpgSandgren - Geo B Safford note
SandgrenF060216-069.jpgSandgren Parker Lake
SandgrenF060601 001.jpgRuby Sandgren White memoir
SandhoffF060216 002.jpgSandhoff notes
SandhoffF060216-070.jpgHerman Sandoff Territoral Pioneer 1 of 8
SandhoffF060216-071.jpgHerman Sandhoff....2 of 8
SandhoffF060216-072.jpgHerman Sandhoff....3 of 8
SandhoffF060216-073.jpgHerman Sandhoff....4 of 8
SandhoffF060216-074.jpgHerman Sandhoff....5 of 8
SandhoffF060216-075.jpgHerman Sandhoff....6 of 8
SandhoffF060216-076.jpgHerman Sandhoff....7 of 8
SandhoffF060216-077.jpgHerman Sandhoff....8 of 8
SandhoffF060216-078.jpgChristopher Sandhoff notes 1 of 3
SandhoffF060216-079.jpgChristopher Sandhoff...2 of 3
SandhoffF060216-080.jpgChristopher Sandhoff....3 of 3
SandhoffF060216-081.jpgHerman Sandhoff family notes 1 of 2
SandhoffF060216-082.jpgHerman Sandhoff...2 of 2
SandhoffF060216-083.jpgFredrich Sandhoff family tree 1 of 9
SandhoffF060216-084.jpgFrederich Sandhoff....2 of 9
SandhoffF060216-085.jpgFrederich Sandhoff....3 of 9
SandhoffF060216-086.jpgFrederich Sandhoff....4 of 9
SandhoffF060216-087.jpgFrederich Sandhoff....5 of 9
SandhoffF060216-088.jpgFrederich Sandhoff....6 of 9
SandhoffF060216-089.jpgFrederich Sandhoff....7 of 9
SandhoffF060216-090.jpgFrederich Sandhoff....8 of 9
SandhoffF060216-091.jpgFrederich Sandhoff....9 of 9
SandhoffF060216-092.jpgCharles and Herman Sandhoff plat info
SandhoffF060216-093.jpgSandhoff notes
SandhoffF060216-094.jpgChristopher Sandhoff notes 1 of 3
SandhoffF060216-095.jpgChristopher Sandhoff....2 of 3
SandhoffF060216-096.jpgChristopher Sandhoff....3 of 3
SandhoffF060216-097.jpgE Christopher and Carl Sandhoff family group sheets 1 of 7
SandhoffF060216-098.jpgE Christopher....2 of 7
SandhoffF060216-099.jpgE Christopher....3 of 7
SandhoffF060216-100.jpgE Christopher....4 of 7
SandhoffF060216-101.jpgE Christopher....5 of 7
SandhoffF060216-102.jpgE Christopher....6 of 7
SandhoffF060216-103.jpgE Christopher....7 of 7
SandhoffF060216-104.jpgHerman Sandhoff house
SandhoffF060216-105.jpgHerman Sandhoff
SandhoffF060216-107.jpgEdward Sandhoff age 4, Frantz Sandhoff age 6
SandhoffF060216-108.jpgBertha Sandhoff age 8, Amelia Sandhoff age 2
SandhoffF060216-109.jpgAugusta Sandhoff age 7, Ida Sandhoff age 5
SandhoffF060216-110.jpgCharles Sandhoff
SandhoffF060216-111.jpgEva Barbara Sandhoff, wife of Charles Sandhoff
SandhoffF060216-112.jpgSandhoff - Mrs Regenberg, first wife of Christopher Sandhoff
SandhoffF060216-113.jpgEfrosene Sandhoff, second wife of Christopher Sandhoff
SantiniF060216-114.jpgSantini storm root cellar at Long Lake
SantiniF060216-115.jpgSantini storm root cellar at Long Lake. Taken 10-13-1976 R. Berglund
SantiniF060216-116.jpgSantini notes
SapkoF060602-023.jpgEsther Sapko
SappensF060216-024.jpgFarnea Sappens plat info
SassIMG.jpgLarry Sass obituary 05-21-2007
SatherIMG.jpgEinar Sather notes NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 63
SatherIMG_0001.jpgLester M Sather, barber of Long Lake obituary 11-28-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 71
SauerIMG_0001.jpgGeorge E Sauer obituary 08-01-1978
SavageIMG.jpgJohn C Savage obituary
SawyerIMG.jpgRobert Sawyer notes
SchaberF060216-025.jpgHoward Schaber
SchaberIMG.jpgEverett M Schaber obituary 10-30-1979
SchafferF060216-026.jpgJohn Schaffer plat info
SchafferF060216-027.jpgJohn Schaffer The Strange Case of....1 of 4
SchafferF060216-028.jpgJohn Schaffer....2 of 4
SchafferF060216-029.jpgJohn Schaffer....3 of 4
SchafferF060216-030.jpgJohn Schaffer....4 of 4
SchafferF060216-031.jpgJohn Schaffer notes
SchafferF060216-032.jpgJacob Schaffer plat info
SchafferF060216-033.jpgJohn Schaffer notes
SchafferF060216-034.jpgJohn Schaffer notes
SchafferF060216-035.jpgJohn Schaffer notes
SchafferF060216-036.jpgGrany Schaffer notes
SchafferF060216-037.jpgSchafer Wayzata Reporter
SchafferF060216-038.jpgSchaffer Grains Here are Mixed in Light Trade
SchafferF060216-039.jpgJohn Schaffer note
SchafferF060216-040.jpgSchaffer notes
SchafferIMG.jpgBarbara Schaeffer Hartman note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting minutes, Book Number 1, page 218
SchallIMG.jpgEvelyn M Schall obituary 03-19-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 19
ScheerF060216-001.jpgScheer Memorials and gifts....
ScheerF060216-002.jpgSusie Scheer marriage
ScheerF060216-003.jpgScheer - Susie E Butterfield Obituary
ScheerF060216-004.jpgMrs Ed Scheer entertained
ScheerF060216-005.jpgScheer - Susie E Butterfield memoir
ScheerF060216-006.jpgGeorgia Fay Scheer marriage
ScheerF060216-007.jpgGeorgia Scheer engagement
ScheerF060216-008.jpgEdward Scheer family notes
ScheerF060216-009.jpgEdward Scheer 81st birthday
ScheerF060216-010.jpgScheer - Susie E Butterfield memoir
ScheerF060216-011.jpgScheer notes
ScheerF060216-012.jpgScheer notes
ScheerF060216-013.jpgMartha Scheer
ScheerF060216-014.jpgScheer notes
ScheerF060216-015.jpgScheer notes
ScheerIMG.jpgRuth F Scheer obituary 04-28-1980
ScheerIMG_0001.jpgRuth F Scheer obituary April, 1980
SchendelF060216 016.jpgMr and Mrs Ed Schendell Country Store at Burschville
SchendelF060216 017.jpgSchendel note
SchendelF060216 018.jpgArlys M Schendel memoir
SchendelF060216 019.jpgSchendel plat info?
SchendelF060216 020.jpgMr and Mrs Ed Schendel
SchendelF060216 021.jpgMichael Schendel
SchendelF060216 022.jpgChester Schendel, Rev.
SchendelF060216 023.jpgMichael Schendel
SchenderF060602-029.jpgEtta Schendel
ScherberF060216-023.jpgLeo J Scherber Obituary
ScherberIMG.jpgLeo J Scherber obituary 1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 36
SchererF060329 001.jpgWilfred (Hunk), Steve and Bob Scherer
SchererF060329 002.jpgMunn Scherer Obituary
SchererF060329 003.jpgScherer Brothers Lumber Co, article
SchererF060329 004.jpgSimon A Scherer marriage
SchererF060329 005.jpgWilfred Scherer in his butcher shop 1 of 2
SchererF060329 006.jpgWilfred Scherer....2 of 2
SchererF060329 007.jpgMunn Scherer Remembering logging as it used to be
SchererF060329 008.jpgHunk Scherer family plans benefit for Covenant House
SchererF060329 009.jpgHunk Scherer presents a check...
SchererF060329 010.jpgAnna Spurzen Scherer Obituary
SchererF060329 011.jpgJ Wilfred (Hunk) Scherer council seats in Medina
SchererF060329 012.jpgErvin P Scherer memoir
SchererF060329 013.jpgScherer Brothers Lumber Company Chairman of the Boards
SchererF060329 014.jpgAndrew Scherer notes
SchererF060329 015.jpgAndrew Scherer Obituary
SchererF060329 016.jpgRome Scherer A Sign of Fall
SchererF060329 017.jpgHunk Scherer ...grass fire...
SchererF060329 018.jpgAgatha Scherer memoir
SchererF060329 019.jpgWilfred Scherer letter to the editor
SchererF060329 020.jpgUnidentified
SchererF060329 021.jpgUnidentified
SchererF060329 022.jpgScherer Party for Landowners
SchererF060329 023.jpgHenry Scherer Obituary
SchererF060329 024.jpgScherers are last of old 'deadheaders'
SchererF060329 025.jpgCharles George Scherer ...Makes World Who's Who
SchererF060329 026.jpgUnidentified
SchererF060329 027.jpgUnidentified
SchererF060329 028.jpgScherer Bros. began by deadhead logging
SchererF060329 029.jpgHenry Scherer marriage
SchererF060329 030.jpgHenry Scherer
SchererF060329 031.jpgScherer notes
SchererF060329 032.jpg-
SchererF060329 033.jpgUnidentified
SchererF060329 034.jpgHunk Scherer
SchererF060329 037.jpgScherer - Virgil Eisinger A little horse and pony show
SchererF060329 039.jpgWilfred Scherer If they're gonna move me, they better have a lotta traction.
SchererF060329 041.jpgHunk Scherer and wife
SchererF060329 042.jpgLinda Scherer Hammer Salutes Volunteers... 1 of 2
SchererF060329 044.jpgScherer Brothers Lumber Company
SchererF060329 045.jpgLinda Scherer....2 of 2
SchererF060329 046.jpgJohn A Scherer Medina loses oldes resident...
SchererF060329 048.jpgScherer Franciscan nuns offer serenty of nature.... 1 of 2
SchererF060329 050.jpgScherer Fransciscan....2 of 2
SchererF060329 053.jpgAndres and Eva Scherer notes
SchererF060329 054.jpgHenry Scherer family notes 1 of 7
SchererF060329 055.jpgHenry Scherer....2 of 7
SchererF060329 056.jpgHenry Scherer....3 of 7
SchererF060329 057.jpgHenry Scherer....4 of 7
SchererF060329 058.jpgHenry Scherer....5 of 7
SchererF060329 059.jpgHenry Scherer....6 of 7
SchererF060329 060.jpgHenry Scherer....7 of 7
SchererF060329 061.jpgScherer - Note from Col. K C Leuer
SchererF060329 062.jpgClarence George Scherer ....Makes World Who's Who
SchererF060329 063.jpgGregory T Scherer Hammer Residences, Inc. Board Member
SchererF060329 064.jpgAndreas Schere notes
SchererF060329 065.jpgAdam and Eva Sengler Scherer notes 1 of 2
SchererF060329 066.jpgAdam and Eva Sengler notes 2 of 2
SchererF060329 067.jpgScherer History 1 of 4
SchererF060329 068.jpgScherer history 2 of 4
SchererF060329 069.jpgScherer history 3 of 4
SchererF060329 070.jpgScherer history 4 of 4
SchererF060329 071.jpgAndrew Scherer Obituary
SchererF060329 072.jpgMary Scherer family notes
SchererF060329 073.jpgAndrew and Eva Scherer family notes 1 of 5
SchererF060329 074.jpgAndrew and Eva Scherer....2 of 5
SchererF060329 075.jpgAndrew and Eva Scherer....3 of 5
SchererF060329 076.jpgAndrew and Eva Scherer....4 of 5
SchererF060329 077.jpgAndrew and Eva Scherer....5 of 5
SchererF060329 078.jpgScherer Party for Landowners
SchererF060329 079.jpgAndreas Scherer and Anna Eva Buechler family 1 of 10
SchererF060329 080.jpgAndreas Scherer....2 of 10
SchererF060329 081.jpgAndreas Scherer....3 of 10
SchererF060329 082.jpgAndreas Scherer....4 of 10
SchererF060329 083.jpgAndreas Scherer....5 of 10
SchererF060329 084.jpgAndreas Scherer....6 of 10
SchererF060329 085.jpgAndreas Scherer....7 of 10
SchererF060329 086.jpgAndreas Scherer....8 of 10
SchererF060329 087.jpgAndreas Scherer....9 of 10
SchererF060329 088.jpgAndreas Scherer....10 of 10
SchererF060329 089.jpgUnidentified
SchererF060329 090.jpgAnna Eva Buechler Scherer
SchererF060329 091.jpgThe sons of Anreas Scherer & Anna Eva Buechler From left: Henry, Andrew, Peter, John and Simon
SchererF060329 092.jpgSimon Scherer & Anna Kristina Roehl 60th anniversary
SchererF060329 093.jpgHenry Scherer & Agatha Hunter marriage
SchererF060329 094.jpgHenry Scherer & Agatha Hutter family
SchererF060329 095.jpgPeter Scherer and Anna Spurzem marriage
SchererF060329 096.jpgMary Scherer and Nicholas Roehl marriage
SchererF060329 097.jpgMary Scherer First Communion
SchererF060329 098.jpgScherer Bros. Lumber Co, advertisement
SchererIMG.jpgWilfred (Hunk) Scherer ...was medina's butcher and politician obituary
SchererIMG_0001.jpgHunk Scherer and Bud Eisinger Medina Pioneer Memorial Tree Planting
SchererIMG_0002.jpgScherer State narrows focus of technology program Star Tribune 07-07-1991 1 of 2
SchererIMG_0003.jpgWilfred [Hunk] Scherer Medina farmer/councilman gets things done 1 of 3
SchererIMG_0004.jpgHunk Scherer Medina farmer/councilman....2 of 3
SchererIMG_0005.jpgScherer State narrows....2 of 2
SchererIMG_0006.jpgHunk Scherer Medina....3 of 3
SchererIMG_0007.jpgHenry Scherer Sr memoriam 1 of 2
SchererIMG_0008.jpgHenry Scherer Sr memoriam 2 of 2
SchererIMG_0011.jpgHenry Scherer and John M Reiser Lifetime Pioneer Friends Always Stuck Together 1 of 2
SchererIMG_0012.jpgHenry Scherer and John M Reiser....2 of 2
SchererIMG_0013.jpgHenry Scherer obituary 1956 NOTE: original document lcoated in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 359
SchererIMG_0014.jpgJohn Scherer note
SchererIMG_0015.jpgJohn A Scherer obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 49
SchererIMG_0016.jpgScherer - Edgar W Ozmon obituary 05-14-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 28
SchererIMG_0017.jpgMunn [Meinrod] Scherer obituary NOTE; document lcated in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 44
SchererIMG_0018.jpgMeinrod {Munn} Scherer obituary 11-01-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 75
SchererIMG_0019.jpgSylvester Scherer NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 69
SchererIMG_0020.jpgHarvey Scherer obituary
SchererIMG_0021.jpgLaura Scherer obituary 11-19-1980
SchererIMG_0022.jpgErvin P Scherer obituary June 1980
SchererIMG_0023.jpgMary [Gala] Scherer obituary 02-12-1983
SchervenIMG.jpgAl Scherven obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 34
SchicteyerF060330-001.jpgSchicteyer note
SchiebeF060330-002.jpgEd and Art Schiebe ...Rutabaga Patch is Schiebe Shopping Center
SchiebeF060330-003.jpgMrs George Schiebe
SchiebeF060330-004.jpgKenneth Schiebe ...filed suit....
SchiebeF060330-006.jpgCarl Schiebe Auction Sale 10-15-1914
SchiebeF060330-007.jpgMrs & Mrs Arthur Schiebe host 50th anniversary for Gus Nelsons
SchiebeF060330-008.jpgThree Generations of Schiebes
SchiebeF060330-009.jpgRoland Schiebe Obituary
SchiebeF060330-010.jpgSchiebe family reunion
SchiebeF060330-011.jpgSchiebe House Old Landmark ...
SchiebeF060330-012.jpgSchiebe House Old Landmark....
SchiebeF060330-013.jpgSchiebe - Everett Frick is Veteran of Building Business
SchiebeF060330-014.jpgSchiebe Half Way House....
SchiebeF060330-015.jpgCarl Schiebe They came from all around to Schiebe's
SchiebeF060330-016.jpgHarvey and Fern Schiebe 50th anniversary
SchiebeF060330-017.jpgSchiebe Child's Play to open with Peter Pan,....
SchiebeF060330-018.jpgSchiebe notes
SchiebeF060330-019.jpgCarl Schiebe tavern and store
SchiebeF060330-020.jpgSchiebe notes
SchiebeF060330-021.jpgSchiebe notes
SchiebeF060330-022.jpgSchiebe notes
SchiebeF060330-023.jpgSchiebe notes
SchiebeF060330-025.jpgCarol Schiebe, Carl Schiebe and family notes
SchiebeF060330-026.jpgCarl Schiebe
SchiebeF060330-027.jpgFredericka Schiebe, wife of Carl
SchiebeF060330-028.jpgMary Schiebe Klix, daughter of Carl Schiebe, and husband
SchiebeF060330-029.jpgGustave Schiebe, son of Carl Schiebe, and wife
SchiebeF060330-030.jpgCarl Schiebe Sr family notes 1 of 4
SchiebeF060330-031.jpgCarl Schiebe Sr....2 of 4
SchiebeF060330-032.jpgCarl Schiebe Sr....3 of 4
SchiebeF060330-033.jpgCarl Schiebe Sr....4 of 4
SchiebeIMG.jpgEmma M Schiebe obituary j1954. Note: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 298
SchiebeIMG_0001.jpgMinnie Schiebe memoriam 2 of 2
SchiebeIMG_0002.jpgMinnie Schiebe memoriam 1 of 2
SchiebeIMG_0003.jpgEmma M Schiebe obituary 1992
SchiebeIMG_0004.jpgArthur H Schiebe obituary 1992
SchiebeIMG_0005.jpgLeonard A Schiebe obituary 04-03-1912 - 11-12-1980
SchiebeIMG_0006.jpgGaylord Schiebe obituary 09-08-1910 - 10-06-1979
SchietingerF060330-034.jpgMary and Clarence Schietinger notes
SchiltgenIMG.jpgAlbert (Al) Schiltgen obituary 11-28-1979
SchlitzF060330-035.jpgHerbert Schlitz plat info
SchlosserF060328-014.jpgJoseph Schlosser and Kathearina Aydt family history 1 of 5
SchlosserF060328-015.jpgJoseph Schlosser....2 of 5
SchlosserF060328-016.jpgJoseph Schlosser....3 of 5
SchlosserF060328-017.jpgJoseph Schlosser....4 of 5
SchlosserF060328-018.jpgJoseph Schlosser....5 of 5
SchlosserF060328-019.jpgLeonard Schlosser family notes 1 of 6
SchlosserF060328-020.jpgLeonard Schlosser....2 of 6
SchlosserF060328-021.jpgLeonard Schlosser....3 of 6
SchlosserF060328-022.jpgLeonard Schlosser....4 of 6
SchlosserF060328-023.jpgLeonard Schlosser....5 of 6
SchlosserF060328-024.jpgLeonard Schlosser....6 of 6
SchmelingIMG.jpgMilne A (Mel) Schmeling obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 67
SchmidIMG_0069.jpgLong Lake - Diane M Schmid obituary
SchmidtF060330-038.jpgCharles Schmidt and Lena Kassube, wedding day. Behind: Rose Deziel and Frank Kassubbe
SchmidtF060330-039.jpgHenry Schmidt and wife
SchmidtF060330-040.jpgDeziel School District 47 students in 1924. See F060330-041
SchmidtF060330-041.jpgDist 47 School 1924. See F060330-040
SchmidtF060330-042.jpgFirst Deziel school built in 1862
SchmidtF060330-043.jpgRuth Nash Schmitt Obituary
SchmidtF060330-044.jpgAgnes L Schmidt memoir
SchmidtF060330-045.jpgDon and Lila Schmidt
SchmidtF060330-046.jpgTerry Schmidt is sentenced for fatal car accident
SchmidtF060330-047.jpgOtto Schmidt Hamel News
SchmidtF060330-048.jpgDeziel School #47 file is in bankers box labeled Local Schools & Misc. in back room
SchmidtF060330-049.jpgSchmidt family notes
SchmidtF060330-051.jpgDorothy Schmidt A Christian's responsibility
SchmidtF060330-052.jpgCraig and Don Schmidt Schmidt Farms honored
SchmidtF060330-053.jpgFred Schmidt Way Back When....
SchmidtF060330-055.jpgIva Schmidt letter
SchmidtF060330-056.jpgSchmidt letter
SchmidtF060330-057.jpgF Henry Schmidt family 1 of 13
SchmidtF060330-058.jpgF Henry Schmidt....2 of 13
SchmidtF060330-059.jpgF Henry Schmidt....3 of 13
SchmidtF060330-060.jpgF Henry Schmidt....4 of 13
SchmidtF060330-061.jpgF Henry Schmidt....5 of 13
SchmidtF060330-062.jpgF Henry Schmidt....6 of 13
SchmidtF060330-063.jpgF Henry Schmidt....7 of 13
SchmidtF060330-064.jpgF Henry Schmidt....8 of 13
SchmidtF060330-065.jpgF Henry Schmidt....9 of 13
SchmidtF060330-066.jpgF Henry Schmidt....10 of 13
SchmidtF060330-067.jpgF Henry Schmidt....11 of 13
SchmidtF060330-068.jpgF Henry Schmidt....12 of 13
SchmidtF060330-069.jpgF Henry Schmidt....13 of 13
SchmidtF060330-070.jpgGordon Schmidt and Mike Burmmer Hamel/Loretto 1926
SchmidtF060330-071.jpgOtto Schmidt
SchmidtIMG.jpgAmy Schmidt Paul Kubista engagement announcement
SchmidtIMG_0001.jpgLaura C Schmit memoriam 1 of 2
SchmidtIMG_0002.jpgLaura C Schmit memoriam 2 of 2
SchmidtIMG_0003.jpgPeter Anthony Schmit memoriam 1 of 2
SchmidtIMG_0004.jpgPeter Anthony Schmit memoriam 2 of 2
SchmidtIMG_0005.jpgRuth Marie Schmidt obituary 02-18-2010
SchmidtIMG_0006.jpgRuth Marie Schmidt memoriam 09-11-1922 - 02-18-2010
SchmidtIMG_0007.jpgSchmidt - L-R, back: Clarence Hannas, Henry Schmidt. Left- Wallace Brakert
SchmidtIMG_0008.jpgHarry L Schmidt obituary 06-05-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 21
SchmidtIMG_0009.jpgMrs John Schmidt note
SchmiegIMG_0001.jpgBeatrice and Rose Ann Schmieg
SchmiegIMG_0002.jpgFrancis Schmieg memoriam 10-12-1897 - 05-27-1971
SchmiegIMG_0003.jpgSylvester Schmieg wedding announcement 08-13-1951
SchmiegIMG_0004.jpgSylvester and Darleen Schmieg thank you card
SchmiegIMG_0005.jpgRose Ann Schmieg Commencement Exercises 06-05-1958
SchmiegIMG_0006.jpgRaymond F Schmieg wedding announcement 06-08-1948
SchmiegIMG_0007.jpgBeatrice Mary Schmeig wedding announcement 05-26-1953
SchmiegIMG_0008.jpgFrancis Anthony Schmieg wedding announcement 04-24-1923
SchmiegIMG_0009.jpgFrancis Schmeig and Margaret Snicker Wedding Bells
SchmiegIMG_0010.jpgReverend Ives Schmieg, O.F.M. ....grace of the priesthood
SchmiegIMG_0011.jpgBrennan Schmieg Second Son of Victoria Folk Ordained Franciscan Priest
SchmiegIMG_0012.jpgSchmieg - letter from Fr Brennan 05-15-1995
SchmiegIMG_0068.jpgLong Lake - Francis Schmieg obituary
SchmiegIMG_0074.jpgLong Lake - Donna J Schmieg obituary
SchmittIMG.jpgAdeline C Schmitt obituary 06-09-1987 NOTE orignal document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 32
SchmittIMG_0001.jpgJoseph W Schmitt obituary 1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 65
SchmittIMG_0002.jpgJoseph W Schmitt memoriam 03-12-1908 - 09-27-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, apge 63
SchmitzF051004-001.jpgSchmidz Corcoran Township 119 Range 23 1 of 10
SchmitzF051004-002.jpgSchmidz Corcoran....2 of 10
SchmitzF051004-003.jpgSchmitz Indpendence....14 of 14
SchmitzF051004-004.jpgSchmidz Corcoran....3 of 10
SchmitzF051004-005.jpgSchmidz Corcoran....4 of 10
SchmitzF051004-006.jpgSchmidz Corcoran....5 of 10
SchmitzF051004-007.jpgSchmidz Corcoran....6 of 10
SchmitzF051004-008.jpgSchmidz Corcoran....7 of 10
SchmitzF051004-009.jpgSchmidz Corcoran....8 of 10
SchmitzF051004-010.jpgSchmidz Corcoran....9 of 10
SchmitzF051004-011.jpgSchmidz Corcoran....10 of 10
SchmitzF051004-012.jpgSchmitz Dayton Township 120 & 121, Range 22 W 5th P M 1 of 4
SchmitzF051004-013.jpgSchmitz Dayton....2 of 4
SchmitzF051004-014.jpgSchmitz Dayton....3 of 4
SchmitzF051004-015.jpgSchmitz Dayton....4 of 4
SchmitzF051004-016.jpgSchmitz Greenwood Township 119, Range 24 1 of 6
SchmitzF051004-017.jpgSchmitz Greenwood....2 of 6
SchmitzF051004-018.jpgSchmitz Greenwood....3 of 6
SchmitzF051004-019.jpgSchmitz Greenwood....4 of 6
SchmitzF051004-020.jpgSchmitz Greenwood....5 of 6
SchmitzF051004-021.jpgSchmitz Greenwood....6 of 6
SchmitzF051004-022.jpgSchmitz Independence Township 118, Range 24 1 of 14
SchmitzF051004-023.jpgSchmitz Independence....2 of 14
SchmitzF051004-024.jpgSchmitz Independence....3 of 14
SchmitzF051004-025.jpgSchmitz Independence....4 of 14
SchmitzF051004-026.jpgSchmitz Independence....5 of 14
SchmitzF051004-027.jpgSchmitz Independence....6 of 14
SchmitzF051004-028.jpgSchmitz Independence....7 of 14
SchmitzF051004-029.jpgSchmitz Independence....8 of 14
SchmitzF051004-030.jpgSchmitz Independence...9 of 14
SchmitzF051004-031.jpgSchmitz Independence....10 of 14
SchmitzF051004-032.jpgSchmitz Independence....11 of 14
SchmitzF051004-033.jpgSchmitz Independence....12 of 14
SchmitzF051004-034.jpgSchmitz Independence....13 of 14
SchmitzF051004-035.jpgSchmitz Excelsior Township 117, Range 23 1 of 12
SchmitzF051004-036.jpgSchmitz Excelsior....2 of 12
SchmitzF051004-037.jpgSchmitz Excelsior....3 of 12
SchmitzF051004-038.jpgSchmitz Excelsior....4 of 12
SchmitzF051004-039.jpgSchmitz Excelsior....5 of 12
SchmitzF051004-040.jpgSchmitz Excelsior....6 of 12
SchmitzF051004-041.jpgSchmitz Excelsior....7 of 12
SchmitzF051004-042.jpgSchmitz Excelsior....8 of 12
SchmitzF051004-043.jpgSchmitz Excelsior....9 of 12
SchmitzF051004-044.jpgSchmitz Excelsior....10 of 12
SchmitzF051004-045.jpgSchmitz Excelsior....11 of 12
SchmitzF051004-046.jpgSchmitz Excelsior....12 of 12
SchmitzF051004-047.jpgSchmitz Champlin Township 120, Range 21 W 5 PM 1 of 4
SchmitzF051004-048.jpgSchmitz Champlain....2 of 4
SchmitzF051004-049.jpgSchmitz Champlain....3 of 4
SchmitzF051004-050.jpgSchmitz Champlain....4 of 4
SchmitzF051004-051.jpgSchmitz Eden Prairie TWSP 116, Range 22 1 of 15
SchmitzF051004-052.jpgSchmitz Eden Prairie....2 of 15
SchmitzF051004-053.jpgSchmitz Eden Prairie....3 of 15
SchmitzF051004-054.jpgSchmitz Eden Prairie....4 of 15
SchmitzF051004-055.jpgSchmitz Eden Prairie....5 of 15
SchmitzF051004-056.jpgSchmitz Eden Prairie....6 of 15
SchmitzF051004-057.jpgSchmitz Eden Prairie....7 of 15
SchmitzF051004-058.jpgSchmitz Eden Prairie....8 of 15
SchmitzF051004-059.jpgSchmitz Eden Prairie....9 of 15
SchmitzF051004-060.jpgSchmitz Eden Prairie....10 of 15
SchmitzF051004-061.jpgSchmitz Eden Prairie....11 of 15
SchmitzF051004-062.jpgSchmitz Eden Prairie....12 of 15
SchmitzF051004-063.jpgSchmitz Eden Prairie....13 of 15
SchmitzF051004-064.jpgSchmitz Eden Prairie....14 of 15
SchmitzF051004-065.jpgSchmitz Eden Prairie....15 of 15
SchmitzF051004-066.jpgSchmitz Minnetonka Township 117, Range 22 1 of 13
SchmitzF051004-067.jpgSchmitz Minnetonka....2 of 13
SchmitzF051004-068.jpgSchmitz Minnetonka....3 of 13
SchmitzF051004-069.jpgSchmitz Minnetonka....4 of 13
SchmitzF051004-070.jpgSchmitz Minnetonka....5 of 13
SchmitzF051004-071.jpgSchmitz Minnetonka....6 of 13
SchmitzF051004-072.jpgSchmitz Minnetonka....7 of 13
SchmitzF051004-073.jpgSchmitz Minnetonka....8 of 13
SchmitzF051004-074.jpgSchmitz Minnetonka....9 of 13
SchmitzF051004-075.jpgSchmitz Minnetonka....10 of 13
SchmitzF051004-076.jpgSchmitz Minnetonka....11 of 13
SchmitzF051004-077.jpgSchmitz Minnetonka....12 of 13
SchmitzF051004-078.jpgSchmitz Minnetonka....13 of 13
SchmitzF051004-079.jpgSchmitz Hassen Township 120 N, Range 23 1 of 22
SchmitzF051004-080.jpgSchmitz Hassen....2 of 22
SchmitzF051004-081.jpgSchmitz Hassen....3 of 22
SchmitzF051004-082.jpgSchmitz Hassen....4 of 22
SchmitzF051004-083.jpgSchmitz Hassen....5 of 22
SchmitzF051004-084.jpgSchmitz Hassen....6 of 22
SchmitzF051004-085.jpgSchmitz Hassen....7 of 22
SchmitzF051004-086.jpgSchmitz Hassen....8 of 22
SchmitzF051004-087.jpgSchmitz Hassen....9 of 22
SchmitzF051004-088.jpgSchmitz Hassen....10 of 22
SchmitzF051004-089.jpgSchmitz Hassen....11 of 22
SchmitzF051004-091.jpgSchmitz Hassen....12 of 22
SchmitzF051004-092.jpgSchmitz Hassen....13 of 22
SchmitzF051004-093.jpgSchmitz Hassen....14 of 22
SchmitzF051004-094.jpgSchmitz Hassen....15 of 22
SchmitzF051004-095.jpgSchmitz Hassen....16 of 22
SchmitzF051004-096.jpgSchmitz Hassen....17 of 22
SchmitzF051004-097.jpgSchmitz Hassen....18 of 22
SchmitzF051004-098.jpgSchmitz Hassen....19 of 22
SchmitzF051004-099.jpgSchmitz Hassen....20 of 22
SchmitzF051004-100.jpgSchmitz Hassen.....21 of 22
SchmitzF051004-101.jpgSchmitz Hassen....22 of 22
SchmitzF051004-102.jpgSchmitz - Bloomington Township 1 of 7
SchmitzF051004-103.jpgSchmitz Bloomington....2 of 7
SchmitzF051004-104.jpgSchmitz Bloomington....3 of 7
SchmitzF051004-105.jpgSchmitz Bloomington....4 of 7
SchmitzF051004-106.jpgSchmitz Bloomington....5 of 7
SchmitzF051004-107.jpgSchmitz Bloomington....6 of 7
SchmitzF051004-108.jpgSchmitz Bloomington....7 of 7
SchmitzF051004-109.jpgSchmitz - Margie Laurer note
SchmitzF051004-110.jpgJacob and Anna Schmitz Children The Ancestors of the ..... 1 of 37
SchmitzF051004-111.jpgJacob and Anna....2 of 37
SchmitzF051004-112.jpgJacob and Anna....3 of 37
SchmitzF051004-113.jpgJacob and Anna....37 of 37
SchmitzF051004-114.jpgJacob and Anna....4 of 37
SchmitzF051004-116.jpgJacob and Anna....21 of 37
SchmitzF051004-117.jpgJacob and Anna....36 of 37
SchmitzF051004-118.jpgJacob and Anna....20 of 37
SchmitzF051004-119.jpgJacob and Anna....35 of 37
SchmitzF051004-120.jpgJacob and Anna....19 of 37
SchmitzF051004-121.jpgJacob and Anna....34 of 37
SchmitzF051004-122.jpgJacob and Anna....18 of 37
SchmitzF051004-123.jpgJacob and Anna....33 of 37
SchmitzF051004-124.jpgJacob and Anna....17 of 37
SchmitzF051004-126.jpgJacob and Anna....16 of 37
SchmitzF051004-127.jpgJacob and Anna....32 of 37
SchmitzF051004-128.jpgJacob and Anna....15 of 37
SchmitzF051004-130.jpgJacob and Anna....14 of 37
SchmitzF051004-131.jpgJacob and Anna....31 of 37
SchmitzF051004-132.jpgJacob and Anna....13 of 37
SchmitzF051004-133.jpgJacob and Anna....30 of 37
SchmitzF051004-134.jpgJacob and Anna....12 of 37
SchmitzF051004-136.jpgJacob and Anna....11 of 37
SchmitzF051004-137.jpgJacob and Anna....29 of 37
SchmitzF051004-138.jpgJacob and Anna....10 of 37
SchmitzF051004-139.jpgJacob and Anna....28 of 37
SchmitzF051004-140.jpgJacob and Anna....9 of 37
SchmitzF051004-141.jpgJacob and Anna....27 of 37
SchmitzF051004-142.jpgJacob and Anna....8 of 37
SchmitzF051004-143.jpgJacob and Anna....26 of 37
SchmitzF051004-144.jpgJacob and Anna....7 of 37
SchmitzF051004-145.jpgJacob and Anna....25 of 37
SchmitzF051004-146.jpgJacob and Anna....6 of 37
SchmitzF051004-147.jpgJacob and Anna....24 of 37
SchmitzF051004-148.jpgJacob and Anna....5 of 37
SchmitzF051004-149.jpgJacob and Anna....23 of 37
SchmitzF051004-151.jpgJacob and Anna....22 of 37
SchmitzF060314-012.jpgSchmitz - 175 Descendants Gather at Loretto for Schmitz Picnic 06-28-1963
SchmitzF060314-013.jpgBernadine A Schmitz memoir
SchmitzF060314-014.jpgSchmitz notes
SchmitzF060314-015.jpgSchmitz notes
SchmitzF060314-016.jpgSchmitz notes
SchmitzF060314-017.jpgMrs Peter Schmitz
SchmitzF060314-018.jpgMrs Dennis Schmitz death
SchmitzF060314-019.jpgSchmitz - note from Albert J Pederson
SchmitzF060314-020.jpgFirst Schmitz house
SchmitzF060314-021.jpgPeter Schmitz - Parkers Lake Church attended by Peter, built 1889, burned up 11-15-1947
SchmitzF060314-022.jpgMartha Schmitz of Long Lake at age 90
SchmitzF060314-023.jpgMrs Peter Schmitz family notes 1 of 4
SchmitzF060314-024.jpgMrs Peter Schmitz....2 of 4
SchmitzF060314-025.jpgMrs Peter Schmitz....3 of 4
SchmitzF060314-026.jpgMrs Peter Schmitz....4 of 4
SchmitzF060314-027.jpgSchmitz notes
SchmitzF060314-028.jpgSchmitz notes
SchmitzF060314-029.jpgPeter Michael Schmitz notes 1 of 5
SchmitzF060314-030.jpgPeter Michael Schmitz....2 of 5
SchmitzF060314-031.jpgPeter Michael Schmitz....3 of 5
SchmitzF060314-032.jpgPeter Michael Schmitz....4 of 5
SchmitzF060314-033.jpgPeter Michael Schmitz....5 of 5
SchmitzF060314-034.jpgPeter Schmitz home, built in 1875. Taken August 1954
SchmitzF060314-035.jpgDaniel Wright, Senator Ed Thye, Lloyd Tenhoff, Ex-Governor Youngdahl, Peter Schmitz
SchmitzF060314-036.jpgSchmitz notes
SchmitzIMG.jpgDorothy L Schmitz obituary 07-10-2008
SchmitzIMG_0001.jpgSchmitz - Daniel Wright; Senator Ed Thye; Loyd Tenhoff; Ex Gov Youngdahl; Peter Schmitz
SchmitzIMG_0002.jpgSchmitz first house
SchmitzIMG_0003.jpgPeter Schmitz home, built 1875. photo taken August 1954
SchmitzIMG_0004.jpgMrs Martha Schmitz Sr, age 90; Mother of George; Mrs Felix (Rose) Barthill; John; Mrs Angie Burt
SchmitzIMG_0005.jpgPeter Schmitz - Parker Lake Church (old church) built 1889; burned 11-15-1947
SchmitzIMG_0006.jpgSchmitz - Margaretta Thies 1824-1882 headstone
SchmitzIMG_0007.jpgMargaretta Schmitz Thies
SchmitzIMG_0008.jpgMargaretta Schmitz Thies
SchmitzIMG_0010.jpgPeter Schmitz....2 of 3
SchmitzIMG_0011.jpgPeter Schmitz....3 of 3
SchmitzIMG_0012.jpgPeter Michael Schmitz obituary 1 of 2 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 331
SchmitzIMG_0013.jpgPeter Michael Schmitz obituary 2 of 2
SchmitzIMG_0014.jpgMrs Peter Schmitz ...Dools Add Life to Plymouth History NOTE: original document located in BOX entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 333
SchmitzIMG_0015.jpgChristine J [Goeb] Schmitz obituary, widow of George Schmitz NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, apge 23
SchmitzIMG_0016.jpgIva B Schmitz The unsinkable Iva Schmitz: she's all spirit and spunk! NOTE: remainder of document located in Schmitz Family Folder
SchmitzIMG_0017.jpgRev Aloysius F Schmitz - "A Fourth Visit to the Land of Our Ancestors" NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
SchockwaterF060305-034.jpgJohn Shockwater plat info
SchockweilerF060305-035.jpgBern. Shockweiler plat info
SchoeningF060305-036.jpgUnidentified photo, looks like it might be William Schoening
SchoeningF060305-037.jpgWilliam Schoening
SchoeningF060305-038.jpgArt Schoening death
SchoeningF060305-039.jpgSchoening - Sale of property
SchoeningF060305-040.jpgArt Schoening's Legacy
SchoeningF060305-041.jpgSchoening Newsflash
SchoeningF060305-042.jpgJohn M Schoening A farm scene from 1914?
SchoeningF060305-043.jpgSchoening notes
SchoeningF060305-044.jpgSchoening family reunion letter
SchoeningF060305-046.jpgWilliam Schoening Running Binder....
SchoeningF060305-047.jpgSchoening - 1879 map of Greenwood
SchoeningF060305-048.jpgArt Schoening - Records of Burschville Threshing Coop 1 of 3
SchoeningF060305-049.jpgArt Schoening....2 of 3
SchoeningF060305-050.jpgArt Schoening....3 of 3
SchoeningF060305-051.jpgSchoening Archives Corner, Jan. 1994
SchoeningF060305-052.jpgSchoening - Hanover Methodist
SchoeningF060305-053.jpgSchoening - Notes from Mille Lacs Lake
SchoeningF060305-054.jpgSchoening....1 of 16
SchoeningF060305-055.jpgSchoening....9 of 16
SchoeningF060305-056.jpgSchoening....2 of 16
SchoeningF060305-057.jpgSchoening....10 of 16
SchoeningF060305-058.jpgSchoening....3 of 16
SchoeningF060305-059.jpgSchoening....11 of 16
SchoeningF060305-060.jpgSchoening....4 of 16
SchoeningF060305-061.jpgSchoening....12 of 16
SchoeningF060305-062.jpgSchoening....5 of 16
SchoeningF060305-063.jpgSchoening....13 of 16
SchoeningF060305-064.jpgSchoening....6 of 16
SchoeningF060305-065.jpgSchoening....14 of 16
SchoeningF060305-066.jpgSchoening....7 of 16
SchoeningF060305-067.jpgSchoening....15 of 16
SchoeningF060305-068.jpgSchoening....8 of 16
SchoeningF060305-069.jpgSchoening....16 of 16
SchoeningIMG_0001.jpgArthur Schoening report card 09-08-1919 1 of 5
SchoeningIMG_0002-02.jpgArthur Schoening report card....2 of 5
SchoeningIMG_0002.jpgLori Ann Leopold and Paul Ronald Schoening marriage 12-05-2002, parents of Rodney and LouAnn Leopold and ronald and Elrena Schoening
SchoeningIMG_0003-03.jpgArthur Schoening report card....3 of 5
SchoeningIMG_0004.jpgArthur Schoening report card....4 of 5
SchoeningIMG_0005.jpgArthur Schoening report card....5 of 5
SchoeningIMG_0006.jpgErma D Schoening obituary 04-27-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 16
SchoeningIMG_0007.jpgSchoening - Satisfaction of Mortgage 03-03-1933
SchoeningIMG_0008.jpgWilliam H Schoening - Mortgage Deed 08-01-1911
SchoeningIMG_0009.jpgWilliam H Schoening - Satisfication of Mortgage 03-24-1915
SchoeningIMG_0010.jpgSchoening - card from Lilian Gusie
SchoeningIMG_0011.jpgSchoening "Posthumous Honor Given St Paul Sailor", Fred William Gusie
SchoeningIMG_0012.jpgSchoening - Christmas card
SchoeningIMG_0013.jpgWilliam H and Alvina E Schoening headstone
SchoeningIMG_0014.jpgMrs Alvina Schoening "Funeral Service" and notes 1 of 2
SchoeningIMG_0015.jpgMrs Alvina Schoening "Funeral Service" and notes 1 of 2
SchoeningIMG_0016.jpgMrs Art Schoening
SchoeningIMG_0017.jpgArt Schoneing
SchoeningIMG_0018.jpgSchoening - cousin Frederick
SchoeningIMG_0019.jpgSchoening - Emil Jubert memoriam 11-21-1918 - 12-24-1993
SchoeningIMG_0020.jpgSchoening - Emil JOseph Jubert memoriam 11-21-1918 - 12-24-1993
SchoeningIMG_0021.jpgSchoening - Ferd Gusie memoriam 06-06-1935
SchoeningIMG_0022.jpgEmil Gustay Schoening obituary
SchoeningIMG_0023.jpgAlvina Schoening obituary
SchoeningIMG_0024.jpgArthur B Schoening and Susan M Schoening "Certificate of Renewal of the Vows of Marriage" 03-28-1981
SchoeningIMG_0025.jpgSchoening "Hunters Get Christmas Fox at Long Lake" 12-26-1937
SchoeningIMG_0026.jpgLawrence Schoening "Wreckers of Old Mansion Find 2 Antique Carriages"
SchoeningIMG_0027.jpgWm Schoening - Tax of 1899
SchoeningIMG_0028.jpgWm Schoening - Tax of 1899
SchoeningIMG_0029.jpgWm Schoening - Tax of 1900
SchoeningIMG_0030.jpgWm Schoening - Tax of 1899
SchoeningIMG_0031.jpgWm Schoening - Tax of 1897
SchoeningIMG_0032.jpgWm Schoening - Tax of 1897
SchoeningIMG_0033.jpgWm Schoening - Tax of 1894
SchofieldF060306-082.jpgAlfred P Schofield plat info
SchommerF051007-121.jpgSchommer family history 1 of 7
SchommerF051007-122.jpgSchommer family....2 of 7
SchommerF051007-123.jpgSchommer family....3 of 7
SchommerF051007-124.jpgSchommer family....4 of 7
SchommerF051007-125.jpgSchommer family....5 of 7
SchommerF051007-126.jpgSchommer family....6 of 7
SchommerF051007-127.jpgSchommer family....7 of 7
SchommerF051007-128.jpgFrancis Schommer descendants 1 of 93
SchommerF051007-129.jpgFrancis Schommer....2 of 93
SchommerF051007-130.jpgFrancis Schommer....3 of 93
SchommerF051007-131.jpgFrancis Schommer....4 of 93
SchommerF051007-132.jpgFrancis Schommer....5 of 93
SchommerF051007-133.jpgFrancis Schommer....6 of 93
SchommerF051007-134.jpgFrancis Schommer....7 of 93
SchommerF051007-135.jpgFrancis Schommer....8 of 93
SchommerF051007-136.jpgFrancis Schommer....9 of 93
SchommerF051007-137.jpgFrancis Schommer....10 of 93
SchommerF051007-138.jpgFrancis Schommer....11 of 93
SchommerF051007-139.jpgFrancis Schommer....12 of 93
SchommerF051007-140.jpgFrancis Schommer....13 of 93
SchommerF051007-141.jpgFrancis Schommer....14 of 93
SchommerF051007-142.jpgFrancis Schommer....15 of 93
SchommerF051007-143.jpgFrancis Schommer....16 of 93
SchommerF051007-144.jpgFrancis Schommer....17 of 93
SchommerF051007-145.jpgFrancis Schommer....18 of 93
SchommerF051007-146.jpgFrancis Schommer....19 of 93
SchommerF051007-147.jpgFrancis Schommer....20 of 93
SchommerF051007-148.jpgFrancis Schommer....21 of 93
SchommerF051007-149.jpgFrancis Schommer....22 of 93
SchommerF051007-150.jpgFrancis Schommer....23 of 93
SchommerF051007-151.jpgFrancis Schommer....24 of 93
SchommerF051007-152.jpgFrancis Schommer....25 of 93
SchommerF051007-153.jpgFrancis Schommer....26 of 93
SchommerF051007-154.jpgFrancis Schommer....27 of 93
SchommerF051007-155.jpgFrancis Schommer.....28 of 93
SchommerF051007-156.jpgFrancis Schommer....29 of 93
SchommerF051007-157.jpgFrancis Schommer....30 of 93
SchommerF051007-158.jpgFrancis Schommer....31 of 93
SchommerF051007-159.jpgFrancis Schommer....32 of 93
SchommerF051007-160.jpgFrancis Schommer....33 of 93
SchommerF051008-001.jpgFrancis Schommer....34 of 93
SchommerF051008-002.jpgFrancis Schommer....35 of 93
SchommerF051008-003.jpgFrancis Schommer....36 of 93
SchommerF051008-004.jpgFrancis Schommer....37 of 93
SchommerF051008-005.jpgFrancis Schommer....38 of 93
SchommerF051008-006.jpgFrancis Schommer....39 of 93
SchommerF051008-007.jpgFrancis Schommer....40 of 93
SchommerF051008-008.jpgFrancis Schommer....41 of 93
SchommerF051008-009.jpgFrancis Schommer....42 of 93
SchommerF051008-010.jpgFrancis Schommer....43 of 93
SchommerF051008-011.jpgFrancis Schommer....44 of 93
SchommerF051008-012.jpgFrancis Schommer....45 of 93
SchommerF051008-013.jpgFrancis Schommer....46 of 93
SchommerF051008-014.jpgFrancis Schommer....47 of 93
SchommerF051008-015.jpgFrancis Schommer....48 of 93
SchommerF051008-016.jpgFrancis Schommer....49 of 93
SchommerF051008-017.jpgFrancis Schommer....50 of 93
SchommerF051008-018.jpgFrancis Schommer....51 of 93
SchommerF051008-019.jpgFrancis Schommer....52 of 93
SchommerF051008-020.jpgFrancis Schommer....53 of 93
SchommerF051008-021.jpgFrancis Schommer....54 of 93
SchommerF051008-022.jpgFrancis Schommer....55 of 93
SchommerF051008-023.jpgFrancis Schommer....56 of 93
SchommerF051008-024.jpgFrancis Schommer....57 of 93
SchommerF051008-025.jpgFrancis Schommer....58 of 93
SchommerF051008-026.jpgFrancis Schommer....59 of 93
SchommerF051008-027.jpgFrancis Schommer....60 of 93
SchommerF051008-028.jpgFrancis Schommer....61 of 93
SchommerF051008-029.jpgFrancis Schommer....62 of 93
SchommerF051008-030.jpgFrancis Schommer....63 of 93
SchommerF051008-031.jpgFrancis Schommer....64 of 93
SchommerF051008-032.jpgFrancis Schommer....65 of 93
SchommerF051008-033.jpgFrancis Schommer....66 of 93
SchommerF051008-034.jpgFrancis Schommer....67 of 93
SchommerF051008-035.jpgFrancis Schommer....68 of 93
SchommerF051008-036.jpgFrancis Schommer....69 of 93
SchommerF051008-037.jpgFrancis Schommer....70 of 93
SchommerF051008-038.jpgFrancis Schommer....71 of 93
SchommerF051008-039.jpgFrancis Schommer....72 of 93
SchommerF051008-040.jpgFrancis Schommer....73 of 93
SchommerF051008-041.jpgFrancis Schommer....74 of 93
SchommerF051008-042.jpgFrancis Schommer....75 of 93
SchommerF051008-043.jpgFrancis Schommer....76 of 93
SchommerF051008-044.jpgFrancis Schommer....77 of 93
SchommerF051008-045.jpgFrancis Schommer....78 of 93
SchommerF051008-046.jpgFrancis Schommer....79 of 93
SchommerF051008-047.jpgFrancis Schommer....80 of 93
SchommerF051008-048.jpgFrancis Schommer....81 of 93
SchommerF051008-049.jpgFrancis Schommer....82 of 93
SchommerF051008-050.jpgFrancis Schommer....83 of 93
SchommerF051008-051.jpgFrancis Schommer....84 of 93
SchommerF051008-052.jpgFrancis Schommer....85 of 93
SchommerF051008-053.jpgFrancis Schommer....86 of 93
SchommerF051008-054.jpgFrancis Schommer....87 of 93
SchommerF051008-055.jpgFrancis Schommer....88 of 93
SchommerF051008-056.jpgFrancis Schommer....89 of 93
SchommerF051008-057.jpgFrancis Schommer....90 of 93
SchommerF051008-058.jpgFrancis Schommer....91 of 93
SchommerF051008-059.jpgFrancis Schommer....92 of 93
SchommerF051008-060.jpgFrancis Schommer....93 of 93
SchommerF051008-061.jpgFranncis Schommer....94
SchommerF051008-062.jpgSchommer - Marcella Antoinette Scherber notes
SchommerF051008-063.jpgSchommer family tree
SchommerF051008-064.jpgPeter Schommer Boys in Service
SchommerF051008-065.jpgLawrence Schommer notes
SchommerF051008-066.jpgArnold Schommer marriage
SchommerF051008-067.jpgLawrence J Schommer memoir
SchommerF051008-068.jpgSchommer family reunion 1979
SchommerF051008-069.jpgLeo E Schommer Obituary
SchommerF051008-070.jpgSchommer notes
SchommerF051008-071.jpgSchommer notes
SchommerIMG.jpgFrancis J Schommer obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 270
SchommerIMG_0002.jpgAlbert N Schommer obituary NOTE: document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 18
SchommerIMG_0003.jpgLouise Arens [Schommer] obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minuties, book number 10, page 18
SchommerIMG_0004.jpgPeter Schommer "Pioneer Family Made Smooth Their Own New World Paths" 12-05-1963 1 of 2
SchommerIMG_0005.jpgPeter Schommer "Pioneer Family....2 of 2
SchommerIMG_0006.jpgDenise L Schommer obituary 11-12-1983
SchommerIMG_0007-1.jpgSchommer - "Way Back When ...Pioneer Family Made Smooth Their Own New World Paths 1 of 2
SchommerIMG_0007-2.jpgSchommer - "Way Back When ...Pioneer Family Made Smooth Their Own New World Paths 1 of 2
SchommerIMG_0007.jpgEdward Schommer obituary December 1980
SchopfIMG.jpgWilliam J Schopf obituary 01-14-2011
SchopfIMG_0001.jpgWilliam J Schopf obituary 08-02-1971 - 01-14-2011
SchraderF060306-083.jpgSchrader notes
SchraderF060306-084.jpgSchrader notes
SchraderF060306-085.jpgWilliam Schrader notes
SchraderF060306-086.jpgSchrader - Doraline M Dunn memoir
SchroederF060306-087.jpgCharles Schroeder plat info
SchroederF060306-088.jpgFlorence Schroeder 1 of 2
SchroederF060306-089.jpgFlorence Schroeder 2 of 2
SchroederIMG_0001.jpgClarence O Schroeder obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 6
SchroederIMG_0004.jpgClarence O Schroeder obituary NOTE: document located in box entitiled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 7
SchubertF060306-090.jpgSchubert notes
SchulerF060305-070.jpgSchuler notes
SchulerF060305-071.jpgSchuler Shoes advertisement
SchulerIMG.jpgEmmet Schuler ...89, owner of several shoe stores obituary 06-22-1990
SchulerIMG_0001.jpgAnnie Rodell Schuler NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 278
SchultzF060305-072.jpgSchultz notes
SchultzF060305-073.jpgMargaret Schultz Obituary
SchultzF060305-074.jpgSchultz notes
SchultzF060305-075.jpgSchultz notes 1 of 7
SchultzF060305-076.jpgSchultz notes 2 of 7
SchultzF060305-077.jpgSchultz notes 3 of 7
SchultzF060305-078.jpgSchultz notes 4 of 7
SchultzF060305-079.jpgSchultz notes 5 of 7
SchultzF060305-080.jpgSchultz notes 6 of 7
SchultzF060305-081.jpgSchultz notes 7 of 7
SchultzIMG_0002.jpgSchultz family....2 of 3
SchultzIMG_0003.jpgSchultz family....3 of 3
SchultzIMG_0004.jpgIrene [Hohage] Schultz obituary
SchultzIMG_0005.jpgIrene [Hohage] Schultz obituary 1980
SchumacherF060306-024.jpgSchumacher notes
SchumacherF060306-025.jpgSchumacher notes
SchumacherF060306-026.jpgArthur and Julia Schumacher 65th anniversary
SchumacherF060306-027.jpgMary A Schumacher Obituary
SchumacherF060306-028.jpgTerese Schumacher
SchumacherF060306-029.jpgLeon Schumacher
SchumacherF060306-030.jpgClem and Rose Schumacher 50th anniversary
SchumacherF060306-031.jpgArthur and Julia Schumacher 65th anniversary
SchumacherF060306-032.jpgEd and Mary Schumacher 25th anniversary
SchumacherF060306-033.jpgSchumacher family reniion 9-9-1984
SchumacherF060306-034.jpgRoberta Schumacher
SchumacherF060306-035.jpgDonald Schumacher marriage
SchumacherF060306-037.jpgCraig Schumacher
SchumacherF060306-038.jpgNiles Schumacher 80th birthday
SchumacherF060306-039.jpgJack Schumacher given award
SchumacherF060306-040.jpgDelina Schumacher ...raises 12 children
SchumacherF060306-041.jpgArt and Julia Schumacher 60th anniversary
SchumacherF060306-042.jpgEd Schumacher 100-year-old log cabin finds a new home....
SchumacherF060306-045.jpgSchumacher Vital Statistics Column
SchumacherF060306-046.jpgHilarius Schumacher family notes 1 of 3
SchumacherF060306-047.jpgDustin, Mary and Paul Schumacher
SchumacherF060306-048.jpgHilarius Schumacher....2 of 3
SchumacherF060306-049.jpgHiliarius Schumacher....3 of 3
SchumacherF060306-050.jpgHilarius Schumacher plat info
SchumacherF060306-051.jpgHilarius Schumacher family notes 1 of 31
SchumacherF060306-052.jpgHilarius Schumacher....2 of 31
SchumacherF060306-053.jpgHilarius Schumacher....3 of 31
SchumacherF060306-054.jpgHilarius Schumacher....4 of 31
SchumacherF060306-055.jpgHilarius Schumacher....5 of 31
SchumacherF060306-056.jpgHilarius Schumacher....6 of 31
SchumacherF060306-057.jpgHilarius Schumacher....7 of 31
SchumacherF060306-058.jpgHilarius Schumacher....8 of 31
SchumacherF060306-059.jpgHiliarus Schumacher....9 of 31
SchumacherF060306-060.jpgHilarius Schumacher....10 of 31
SchumacherF060306-061.jpgHilarius Schumacher....11 of 31
SchumacherF060306-062.jpgHilarius Schumacher....12 of 31
SchumacherF060306-063.jpgHilarius Schumacher....13 of 31
SchumacherF060306-064.jpgHilarius Schumacher....14 of 31
SchumacherF060306-065.jpgHilarius Schumacher....15 of 31
SchumacherF060306-066.jpgHilarius Schumacher....16 of 31
SchumacherF060306-067.jpgHilarius Schumacher....17 of 31
SchumacherF060306-068.jpgHilarius Schumacher....18 of 31
SchumacherF060306-069.jpgHilarius Schumacher....19 of 31
SchumacherF060306-070.jpgHilarius Schumacher....20 of 31
SchumacherF060306-071.jpgHilarius Schumacher....21 of 31
SchumacherF060306-072.jpgHilarius Schumacher....22 of 31
SchumacherF060306-073.jpgHilarius Schumacher....23 of 31
SchumacherF060306-074.jpgHilarius Schumacher....24 of 31
SchumacherF060306-075.jpgHilarius Schumacher....25 of 31
SchumacherF060306-076.jpgHilarius Schumacher....26 of 31
SchumacherF060306-077.jpgHilarius Schumacher....27 of 31
SchumacherF060306-078.jpgHilarius Schumacher....28 of 31
SchumacherF060306-079.jpgHilarius Schumacher....29 of 31
SchumacherF060306-080.jpgHilarius Schumacher....30 of 31
SchumacherF060306-081.jpgHilarius Schumacher....31 of 31
SchumacherF060603-001.jpgAdam and Gertie Schumacher 50th anniversary
SchumacherIMG_00001.jpgRichard Adam Schumacher memoriam 3 of 3
SchumacherIMG_00002.jpgRichatd T Schumacher memoriam 10-14-1938 - 11-18-1990 2 of 2
SchumacherIMG_00003.jpgRichard TA Schumacher memoriam 1 of 2
SchumacherIMG_00004.jpgClara M Schumacher memoriam 1 of 2
SchumacherIMG_00005.jpgClara M Schumacher memoriam 06-17-1959 2 of 2
SchumacherIMG_00006.jpgMargaret Schumacher memoriam 1 of 2
SchumacherIMG_00007.jpgMargaret Schumacher memoriam 01-01-1878 - 05-27-1965 2 of 2
SchumacherIMG_00008.jpgGertrude Schumacher memoriam 1 of 2
SchumacherIMG_00009.jpgGertrude Schumacher memoriam 03-01-1880 - 05-04-1976 2 of 2
SchumacherIMG_0001-001.jpgVirginia F Schumacher memoriam 03-17-1926 - 03-12-1978 1 of 2
SchumacherIMG_0001.jpgSister Theresa Schumacher "New President of ABA named" article
SchumacherIMG_00010.jpgMary A Schumacher memoriam
SchumacherIMG_000101.jpgSchumacher - Theis Family 1 of 9
SchumacherIMG_00011.jpgMary A Schumacher memoriam 03-28-1911 - 01-27-1979 2 of 2
SchumacherIMG_00012.jpgAdam Schumacher memoriam 1 of 2
SchumacherIMG_00013.jpgAdam Schumacher memoriam 12-31-1875 - 04-17-1960 2 of 2
SchumacherIMG_00014.jpgHenry Schumacher memoriam 1 of 2
SchumacherIMG_00015.jpgHenry Schumacher memoriam 03-19-1865 - 10-16-1958 2 of 2
SchumacherIMG_00016.jpgRichard Adam Schumacher memoriam 1 of 3
SchumacherIMG_00017.jpgRichard Adam Schumacher memoriam 10-21-1926 - 03-26-2002 2 of 3
SchumacherIMG_0002-002.jpgVirginia F Schumacher....2 of 2
SchumacherIMG_0002.jpgKathy Schumacher c 1958, First Communion
SchumacherIMG_000202.jpgSchumacher - Theis....2 of 9
SchumacherIMG_0003.jpgMr and Mrs Adam Schumacher Golden Wedding 11-05-1902-1952 1 of 2
SchumacherIMG_000303.jpgSchumacher - Theis....3 of 9
SchumacherIMG_0004.jpgMr and Mrs Adam Schumacher Golden....2 of 2
SchumacherIMG_000404.jpgSchumacher - Theis....4 of 9
SchumacherIMG_0005.jpgMary A Schumacher memoriam 03-28-1911 - 01-27-1979 1 of 2
SchumacherIMG_000505.jpgSchumacher - Theis....5 of 9
SchumacherIMG_0006.jpgMary A Schumacher....2 of 2
SchumacherIMG_000606.jpgSchumacher - Theis....6 of 9
SchumacherIMG_0007.jpgSchumacher Family....2 of 66
SchumacherIMG_000707.jpgSchumacher - Theis....7 of 9
SchumacherIMG_0008.jpgSchumacher Family 1 of 66
SchumacherIMG_000808.jpgSchumacher - Theis....8 of 9
SchumacherIMG_0009.jpgSchumacher Family....3 of 66
SchumacherIMG_000909.jpgSchumacher - Theis....9 of 9
SchumacherIMG_000910.jpgDelina (nee Pouliot) Schumacher obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 18
SchumacherIMG_0010-10.jpgSchumacher - letter addressed to Margie Lauer from Fran & Ben Hoffman 1 of 2
SchumacherIMG_0010.jpgSchumacher Family....4 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0011-11.jpgSchumacher - letter....2 of 2
SchumacherIMG_0011.jpgSchumacher Family....5 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0012-12.jpgSchumacher - map in foreign language
SchumacherIMG_0012.jpgSchumacher Family....6 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0013-13.jpgJoseph Schumacher and Delina Pouliot wedding portrait
SchumacherIMG_0013.jpgSchumacher Family....7 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0014-14.jpgSchumacher family history 1 of 6
SchumacherIMG_0014.jpgSchumacher Family....8 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0015-15.jpgSchumacher - Family....2 of 6
SchumacherIMG_0015.jpgSchumacher Family....9 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0016-16.jpgSchumacher - family....3 of 6
SchumacherIMG_0016.jpgSchumacher Family....10 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0017-17.jpgSchumacher - family....4 of 6
SchumacherIMG_0017.jpgSchumacher Family....11 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0018-18.jpgSchumacher family....5 of 6
SchumacherIMG_0018.jpgSchumacher Family....12 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0019-19.jpgSchumacher - family....6 of 6
SchumacherIMG_0019.jpgSchumacher Family....13 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0020-20.jpgSchumacher - Frank Bukaske, Annie Wisemann, John Wiesmann, Margaret Schumacher
SchumacherIMG_0020.jpgSchumacher Family....14 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0021-21.jpgJohn Wiesmann and Barb Koch; Sponsors: Adam [Annie] Koch Schumacher
SchumacherIMG_0021.jpgSchumacher Family....15 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0022-22.jpgSchumacher - Urban and Angie Loose wedding; Marie Loose (sister to Urban); Frank Wiesmann, son of Barbara and John Wiesmann
SchumacherIMG_0022.jpgSchumacher Family....16 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0023-23.jpgSchumacher - Peter Leuer and Lucy Klaers and children
SchumacherIMG_0023.jpgSchumacher Family....17 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0024-24.jpgMatt and Annie Schumacher
SchumacherIMG_0024.jpgSchumacher Family....18 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0025-25.jpgAdam and Gertie Schumacher
SchumacherIMG_0025.jpgSchumacher Family....19 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0026-26.jpgSchumacher - John Wiesmann
SchumacherIMG_0026.jpgSchumacher Family....20 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0027-27.jpgSchumacher - Donna Mae Murphy memoriam 05-08-1931 - 12-26-2000
SchumacherIMG_0027.jpgSchumacher Family....21 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0028-28.jpgWilliam John Schumacher - Schuey memoriam 06-28-1963 - 01-20-2000 1 of 2
SchumacherIMG_0028.jpgSchumacher Family....22 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0029-29.jpgWilliam John Schumacher....2 of 2
SchumacherIMG_0029.jpgSchumacher Family....23 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0030-30.jpgRegina M Reinking (Schumacher) obituary 12-12-1988
SchumacherIMG_0030.jpgSchumacher Family....24 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0031-31.jpgSister Mary Cecilia Schumacher memoriam 12-27-1988
SchumacherIMG_0031.jpgSchumacher Family....25 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0032-32.jpgSchumacher - Peter Anthony Schmit memoriam/obituary 01-17-1901 - 11-17-1985
SchumacherIMG_0032.jpgSchumacher Family....26 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0033-33.jpgSchumacher - Bernard A Leuer memoriam 07-13-1902 - 11-04-1986
SchumacherIMG_0033.jpgSchumacher Family....27 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0034-34.jpgSchumacher - Frank M Leuer memoriam 12-31-1914 - 06-24-1991
SchumacherIMG_0034.jpgSchumacher Family....28 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0035-35.jpgSchumacher - Henry Van Der Hagen obituary
SchumacherIMG_0035.jpgSchumacher Family....29 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0036-36.jpgSchumacher - Irene E Leuer memoriam 03-15-1910 - 06-05-1990
SchumacherIMG_0036.jpgSchumacher Family....30 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0037-37.jpgSchumacher - Theresia M Leuer memoriam 02-02-1900 - 05-27-1990
SchumacherIMG_0037.jpgSchumacher Family....31 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0038-38.jpgAlex P Schumacher memoriam 02-12-1903 - 04-23-1994
SchumacherIMG_0038.jpgSchumacher Family....32 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0039-1.jpgSchumacher "The Descendants of Hilarius Schumacher and Magdalena Geyermann NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
SchumacherIMG_0039-2.jpgSchumacher Family from Margie Thies Lauer NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
SchumacherIMG_0039-39.jpgSchumacher - Amil L La Mere memoriam, husband of Rose Oeffling 01-31-1900 - 10-04-1980
SchumacherIMG_0039.jpgSchumacher Family....33 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0040-40.jpgSchumache r- Mathew Joseph Oeffling memoriam 07-07-1905 - 12-19-1980
SchumacherIMG_0040.jpgSchumacher Family....34 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0041-41.jpgMark Schumacher and wife, Kimberly; Mark is son to Jim and Nancy Schumacher
SchumacherIMG_0041.jpgSchumacher Family....35 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0042-42.jpgSchumacher - Mr and Mrs Santa, December 1982 at a school in Las Vegas, Nevada
SchumacherIMG_0042.jpgSchumacher Family....25 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0043-43.jpgSchumacher - Santa and Mrs Claus
SchumacherIMG_0043.jpgSchumacher Family....37 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0044-44.jpgSchumacher - World's greatest derby director Ben Hoffman and wife Frances 1 of 2
SchumacherIMG_0044.jpgSchumacher Family....38 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0045-45.jpgSchumacher - World's....2 of 2
SchumacherIMG_0045.jpgSchumacher Family....39 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0046-46.jpgSchumacher - Letter addressed to Margie Lauer from Ben Hoffman 1984 1 of 2
SchumacherIMG_0046.jpgSchumacher Family....40 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0047-47.jpgSchumacher - Margie Lauer....2 of 2
SchumacherIMG_0047.jpgSchumacher Family....41 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0048-48.jpgSchumacher - Letter to Margie ?, 07-31-1984 from S Laurian 1 of 3
SchumacherIMG_0048.jpgSchumacher Family....42 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0049-49.jpgSchumacher - letter....2 of 3
SchumacherIMG_0049.jpgSchumacher Family....43 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0050-50.jpgSchumacher - letter....3 of 3
SchumacherIMG_0050.jpgSchumacher Family....44 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0051.jpgSchumacher Family....45 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0052-52.jpgSharon Rose Schumacher and Scott Joseph Offerman marriage 09-19-1980 1 of 2
SchumacherIMG_0052.jpgSchumacher Family....46 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0053-53.jpgSharon Rose Schumacher....2 of 2
SchumacherIMG_0053.jpgSchumacher Family....47 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0054-54.jpgSchumacher - Veronica (Babe) Theis memoriam/obituary 01-25-1913 - 11-10-1991
SchumacherIMG_0054.jpgSchumacher Family....48 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0055-55.jpgVeronica (Babe) Theis funeral mass 11-13-1991
SchumacherIMG_0055.jpgSchumacher Family....49 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0056-56.jpgArthur Schumacher memoriam 05-19-1904 - 01-07-2001; Wife - Julia
SchumacherIMG_0056.jpgSchumacher Family....50 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0057-57.jpgJulia Schumacher memoriam 05-21-1907 - 03-26-1997
SchumacherIMG_0057.jpgSchumacher Family....51 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0058-58.jpgEmma M Kauth memoriam/obituary 01-14-1897 - 08-30-1990
SchumacherIMG_0058.jpgSchumacher Family....52 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0059-59.jpgEmma M Kauth memoriam 01-14-1897 - 08-30-1990 1 of 2
SchumacherIMG_0059.jpgSchumacher Family....53 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0060-60.jpgEmma M Kauth....2 of 2
SchumacherIMG_0060.jpgSchumacher Family....54 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0061.jpgSchumacher Family....55 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0062.jpgSchumacher Family....56 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0063.jpgSchumacher Family....57 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0064.jpgSchumacher Family....58 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0065.jpgSchumacher Family....59 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0066.jpgSchumacher Family....60 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0067.jpgSchumacher Family....61 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0068.jpgSchumacher Family....62 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0069.jpgSchumacher Family....63 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0070.jpgSchumacher Family....64 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0071.jpgSchumacher Family....65 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0072.jpgSchumacher Family....66 of 66
SchumacherIMG_0073.jpgSchumacher wives. Bottom row, L-R: Clara Buerg Schumacher died 06-17-1959; Magdalena Klaers Schumacher; Annie Riefenberger Schumacher b. 06-1863. Top row, L-R: Mary Arens Schumacher born 06-1862; Gertrude Bukowski Schumacher 03-01-1880 - 05-04-1976; Margaret Bukowski Schumacher 01-01-1878 - 05-27-1965. Approximate year of picture 1910
SchumacherIMG_0074.jpgAdam Schumacher 1875-1960
SchumacherIMG_0075.jpgAdam Schumacher 12-31-1875 - 04-17-1960 Approx date of photo 1896
SchumacherIMG_0076.jpgAdam Schumacher; Gertrude Bukosky
SchumacherIMG_0077.jpgAlbert Schumacher family. Front Row: Sheila; Bonnie; Kathryn. Back Row: Thomas; Gayle; Janet and Albert
SchumacherIMG_0078.jpgAlex Schumacher; Agnes Klaers married 1928
SchumacherIMG_0079.jpgLouis Rainey and daughter Lucille. Married Anna Schumacher
SchumacherIMG_0080.jpgAnna Schumacher, Louis Raney
SchumacherIMG_0081.jpgArthur Schumacher; Julia Schmit. First Row: Julia; Rose O'Laughlin; Arthur; Grace Jost. Second Row: Alex Schumacher; Helen Schmit; Laura Schumacher; Peter Schmit
SchumacherIMG_0082.jpgArt Schumacher Family. Front Row L-R: Julianne; Arthur; Luella; Julia; Alicia. Back Row: Ralph; theresa; Richard; Mildred; Donald; Rosella; Marvin
SchumacherIMG_0083.jpgRose Bukowski Schumacher and Clement Schumacher and Steve (Front). Back Row: Sharon; St Juda; Mary Fran and Mike
SchumacherIMG_0084.jpgClem Schumacher and Rosella Bukoske 1936. L-R: Ralph Bukoske; Lambert Bukoske; Gertrude Schumacher; Clem; Rose; Edward Weidenbach; Emily Bukoske; Albert Schumacher
SchumacherIMG_0085.jpgConrad Schumacher, Mabel Russell 1918
SchumacherIMG_0086.jpgFlorence Schumacher, Matthew Jacobs 1930
SchumacherIMG_0087.jpgHenry Schumacher 03-19-1865 - 10-16-1958, Margaret Bukosky 01-01-1878 - 05-27-1965. Married 1901. Approx. year of photo 1901
SchumacherIMG_0088.jpgHilarim Schumacher, grandfather, born 02-12-1824, died 05-1882, age 58 years. Grandmother Magdelena Geigerman Schumacher 06-22-1830 - 01-17-1910, age 80 years. Bertha's Great Grandparents
SchumacherIMG_0089.jpgHillarius and Magdalena Schumacher headstone
SchumacherIMG_0090.jpgHilarius and Magdalena Schumacher Children. Front Row: Mary; Anna; Lucy. Middle Row: Mathius; John; Magdalena; Adam. Back Row: Jospeh; Peter; Henry c. 1910
SchumacherIMG_0091.jpgHilarius Schumacher 1824-1882
SchumacherIMG_0092.jpgJohn Schumacher 03-16-1867 - 04-01-1950; Clara Buerg Schumacher 04-1875 - 06-17-1959. Approx year of photo 1894
SchumacherIMG_0093.jpgSchumacher - Front Row: Albert; evelyn; Conrad. Back row: Albert; Evelyn; Conrad
SchumacherIMG_0094.jpgJohn Schumacher and Clara Burg 1894
SchumacherIMG_0095.jpgJoseph Schumacher 08-16-1860 - 10-24-1943; Mary Arens Schumacher jborn 1862. Married 1886.
SchumacherIMG_0096.jpgJospeh Schumacher 08-16-1860 - 10-24-1943; Mary Arens Schumacher born 06-18-1862. Approx year of photo 1930
SchumacherIMG_0097.jpgMary and Joseph Schumacher headstone
SchumacherIMG_0098.jpgJospeh Schumacher; Mary Arens
SchumacherIMG_0099.jpgJoe Schumacher Family. L-R (men): Frank; William; Joseph; Anthony; Nick. L-R (women) Sr Odelia; Mary; Clara; Mary; Rose
SchumacherIMG_0100.jpgJoseph Schumacher, Delina Pouliot
SchumacherIMG_0101.jpgLaura Schumacher, Peter Schmit 1930
SchumacherIMG_0102.jpgLaura Schumacher, Peter Schmit. Witnesses: Florence Schumacher; Sylvester Schumacher; Helen Schmit
SchumacherIMG_0103.jpgLucy Schumacher Kauth 0321-1874 - 10-08-1917
SchumacherIMG_0104.jpgMargaretta Schumacher Leuer
SchumacherIMG_0105.jpgMarie Schumacher
SchumacherIMG_0106.jpgMarie Schumacher and Lathan Schendler 1942
SchumacherIMG_0107.jpgMatthius Schumacher 01-24-1862 - 05-23-1946, Anna Riefenburger 06-1863 - ?
SchumacherIMG_0108.jpgMatt Schumacher, Anne Refenburger
SchumacherIMG_0109.jpgSr Mary Cecilia, Order of St Ursuline
SchumacherIMG_0110.jpgSylvester Schumacher family. L-R: Sylvia; Sylvester; Margerite; Mary; Kathleen 1964
SchumacherIMG_0111.jpgSylvester Schumacher and Marie klaers Cavangh 1980 wedding photo
SchumacherIMG_0112.jpgMary A Schumacher obituary 01-27-1979
SchumacherIMG_0113.jpgSister Theresa Schumacher - "Sisters of Saint Benedict", Volume 11, Number 1, Spring/Summer 1996 1 of 3
SchumacherIMG_0114.jpgSister Theresa Schumacher - "Sisters of Saint Benedict", Volume 11, Number 1, Spring/Summer 1996 2 of 3
SchumacherIMG_0115.jpgSister Theresa Schumacher - "Sisters of Saint Benedict", Volume 11, Number 1, Spring/Summer 1996 3 of 3
SchumacherIMG_0116.jpgGert Schumacher - Graduation Pauls' Beauty School, 1940. Inez Knese Fischer; Gert Schumacher
SchumacherScan20007-1.jpgMagdalena Schumacher Quit Claim Deed, 03-24-1897, Book 465 of Deeds page 267 1 of 3
SchumacherScan20007-2.jpgMagdalena Schumacher Quit Claim Deed, 03-24-1897, Book 465 of Deeds page 267 2 of 3
SchumacherScan20007-3.jpgMagdalena Schumacher Quit Claim Deed, 03-24-1897, Book 465 of Deeds page 267 3 of 3
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0001.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman thank you note from Pat Egan 1 of 2
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0002.jpgSchumacher - Geyerman thank you....2 of 2
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0003.jpgL J Schumacher letter July 03 ?
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0004.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman thank you note from Marge
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0006.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman thank you note to Gert and Clint from S Cynthia
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0007.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman - Clint and Catherine 1984
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0009.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman In the Passage of Time 1 of 8
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0010.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman....2 of 8
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0011.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman Reunion....3 of 8
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0012.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman....4 of 8
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0013.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman....5 of 8
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0014.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman....6 of 8
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0015.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman....7 of 8
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0016.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman....8 of 8
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0017.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman thank you note from Carolyn 1 of 2
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0018.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman thank you note from Carolyn 2 of 2
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0019.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman FuBnoten 1 of 10
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0020.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman FuBnoten....2 of 10
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0021.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman FuBnoten....3 of 10
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0022.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman FuBnoten....4 of 10
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0023.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman FuBnoten....5 of 10
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0024.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman FuBnoten....6 of 10
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0025.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman FuBnoten.....7 of 10
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0026.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman FuBnoten....8 of 10
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0027.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman FuBnoten....9 of 10
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0028.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman FuBnoten....10 of 10
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0029.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman Footnotes and Comments 1 of 15
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0030.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman Footnotes....2 of 15
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0031.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman Footnotes....3 of 15
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0032.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman Footnotes....4 of 15
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0033.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman Footnotes....5 of 15
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0034.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman Footnotes....6 of 15
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0035.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman Footnotes....7 of 15
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0036.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman Footnotes....8 of 15
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0037.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman Footnotes....9 of 15
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0038.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman Footnotes.....10 of 15
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0039.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman Footnotes....11 of 15
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0040.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman Footnotes....12 of 15
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0041.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman Footnotes....13 of 15
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0042.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman Footnotes....14 of 15
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0043.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman Footnotes....15 of 15
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0044.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman In Wandel Der Jahre 1 of 8
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0045.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman In....2 of 8
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0046.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman In....3 of 8
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0047.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman In....4 of 8
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0048.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman In....5 of 8
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0049.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman In....6 of 8
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0050.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman In....7 of 8
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0051.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman In....8 of 8
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0052.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman letter to Margie from Yvonne Schumacher 06-09-1984 1 of 2
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0053.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman letter to Margie....2 of 2
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0054.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman - Peter Geyermann 1825-1911
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0055.jpgRudolph Geyerman
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0056.jpgAmelia Burreau Geyermann
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0057.jpgEdward and Augusta Geyerman
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0058.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman; L-R Back Row: Rudolph, Edward, Agnes George Geyerman; Gertrude West (Rudolphs daughter); Theodore West, Sr. (Gertrude's husband); Theodore West Jr (Gertrudes son); Rudolph; Frederick, (both Rudolph Sr sons). L to R: Front Row: Elizabeth; (Fredericks wife); Dorothea (Rudolph Jr wife); Ella (Peters wife; Rudolph son). Center: Second Row: Helen Cox (Gertrudes daughter). Outside two girls are Peter's daughters-in-law. Boy left: Pete's son
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0059.jpgDr Peter T Geyerman
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0060.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman Geyermans to Stage 100th Birthday Sale article
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0061.jpg-
Schumacher-Geyerman ReunionIMG_0062.jpgSchumacher-Geyerman Reunion
SchumanF060306 005.jpgMyrtle Schuman Orono Newsletter
SchumanF060306 006.jpg-
SchumanF060306 007.jpgMyrtle G Schuman Recognition Reception
SchumanF060306 008.jpgHarlan W Schumann (Woody) memoir
SchumanF060306 009.jpgAnnie Schumann Obituary
SchumanF060306 010.jpgMr and Mrs Walter Schumann 50th anniversary
SchumanF060306 012.jpgMyrtle Schumann Retiring
SchumanF060306 013.jpgMyrtle G Schuman Orono's First Lady:... 1 of 3
SchumanF060306 014.jpgMyrtle G Schuman....2 of 3
SchumanF060306 015.jpgMyrtle G Schuman....3 of 3
SchumanF060306 016.jpgSchuman notes
SchumanIMG.jpgAnnie Schumann obituary 1953. Note: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 295
SchumanIMG_0001.jpgMyrtle Schumann letterr 04-06-1976
SchumannIMG.jpgWalter W Schumann obituary 11-15-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 37
SchumannIMG_0001.jpgWalter W Schumann memoriam 05-20-1896 - 11-13-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 37
SchumannIMG_0002.jpgAdolph C Shcumann (Doc) obituary 07-26-1980
SchumannIMG_0003.jpgMyrtle Schumann obituary notice
SchumannIMG_0004.jpgMyrtle Schumann -Orono Newsletter February 2000
SchutteF060306-001.jpgMargaret and Harold Schutte has been in family operation since 1860
SchutteF060306-002.jpgHarold and Margaret Schutte/Donald and Helene Schutte 35th anniversaries
SchwollenF060306-003.jpgJohn Schwollen plat info
ScicilaIMG_0024.jpgForest Maxwell Sciclia notes. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 241
ScobieF060305-033.jpgElizabeth Scobie
ScolanF060306-004.jpgJames Scolan plat info
ScottIMG.jpgWilliam M Scott obituary 1953 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 302
ScottIMG_0001.jpgJoan Keaveney Scott obituary 07-15-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 36
ScottIMG_0002.jpgJoan Keaveny Scott obituary 09-1978
ScottIMG_0003.jpgJoan Keveny Scott obituary 07-15-1978
ScottIMG_0005.jpgWalter Scott Sr notes
ScribnerIMG.jpgGlyde Scribner obituary NOTE: document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 40
ScribnerIMG_0001.jpgGlyde Scribner ...., pharmacist, helped start area art center 1988 NOTE: document lcoated in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 40
SeamansF060306-017.jpgSteve Seamans
SeamansF060306-018.jpgG A Seaman plat info
SeamansF060306-019.jpgSeamans notes
SeamansF060306-020.jpgJohn Seamans death
SeamansF060306-022.jpgSeamans notes
SeamansF060306-023.jpgSeamans notes
SeamansIMG.jpgSeamans - John Seamans Lived Long Happy Life Here 50th Wedding Anniversary
SearleF060301 004.jpgSearle
SearleF060301-040.jpgSearle notes
SearleF060301-041.jpgOlaf O Searle home
SearleF060301-042.jpgMr and Mrs Augustus L Searle
SearlesF060301-012.jpgBob Searles ...says he won't run again this fall 1 of 2
SearlesF060301-013.jpgBob Searles ....says....2 of 2
SearlesF060301-014.jpgBob Searles campaign literature 1 of 2
SearlesF060301-016.jpgBob Searles campaign....2 of 2
SearlesF060301-017.jpgBob Searles ...Orono Mayor...
SearlesF060301-018.jpgJessie and Bob Searles At Home 1 of 6
SearlesF060301-019.jpgJessie and Bob Searles....2 of 6
SearlesF060301-020.jpgJessie and Bob Searles....3 of 6
SearlesF060301-021.jpgJessie and Bob Searles....4 of 6
SearlesF060301-022.jpgJessie and Bob Searles....5 of 6
SearlesF060301-023.jpgJessie and Bob Searles....6 of 6
SearsF060301-024.jpgDavid Benton Sears family notes
SearsF060301-027.jpgSears notes
SearsF060301-029.jpgDavid Sears notes 1 of 4
SearsF060301-030.jpgDavid Sears....2 of 4
SearsF060301-031.jpgDavid Sears....3 of 4
SearsF060301-032.jpgDavid B Sears. Invested much capital in Minnetonka Mills furniture factory. Had 240 acres in Minnetonka in 1855.
SearsF060301-033.jpgSears notes
SearsF060301-034.jpgVesta Sears notes
SearsF060301-035.jpgDavid B Sears notes 1 of 3
SearsF060301-036.jpgDavid B Sears....2 of 3
SearsF060301-037.jpgDavid B Sears....3 of 3
SearsF060301-038.jpgDavid Sears...4 of 4
SearsF060301-039.jpgDavid B Sears note
SeashoreF060301-043.jpgLowell Seashore
SeashoreF060301-044.jpgGladys Seashore
SeashoreIMG_0009.jpgMerv and Gladie Seashore Celebrating 50 Years!
SegarIMG_0001.jpgJoseph Segar Sr family notes 1 of 2
SegarIMG_0002.jpgJoseph Segar Sr family notes 2 of 2
SegerstromIMG_0001.jpgMary Segerstrom S Dakota Pioneer Recalls Shanty Life
SegerstromIMG_0002.jpgSegerstrom - The Apple of our Eye 1 of 2
SegerstromIMG_0003.jpgSegerstrom The Apple....2 of 2
SegerstromIMG_0004.jpgMary Segerstrom address
SegerstromIMG_0005.jpgMary Keller Segerstrom obituary 03-01-1981
segnerIMG.jpgClarence Segner obituary NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, box number 8, page 31
SeibelF060301-045.jpgGeorge Seibel plat info
SeldenF060301-046.jpgHenry Selden notes
SellmanIMG.jpgJohn and Almeda Sellman obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 263
SellmanIMG_0026.jpgLong Lake - Almeda Sellman Rites Held
SempleF060301-001.jpgSemple notes
SenesacIMG.jpgSara M Senesac 05-24-1992 memoriam
SenesacIMG_0001.jpgSteve E Senesac memoriam 12-26-1907 - 08-08-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 25
SenesacIMG_0002.jpgSteve Senesac obituary 08-08-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 25
SenesacIMG_0003.jpgSara M Senesac memoriam 12-13-1907 - 05-24-1992 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 17
SenesacIMG_0004.jpgSara {Sally} Senesac obiutary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 17
SenesacIMG_0005.jpgSara (Sally_ Senesac obituary
SennIMG.jpgJoseph E Senn obituary ca. 06-02-1983, bought the Powell Place
SevertsonIMG.jpgGerald A (Jerry) Severtson obituary 09-19-1981
ShaperIMG_0001.jpgPhyllis and Lowell Schaper Fun fall activities highlight life of Maple Plain area apple farmer 09-05-1988 Delano Newsleader 1 of 2
ShaperIMG_0002.jpgPhyllis and Lowell Shaper Fun fall....2 of 2
ShartleF060301-003.jpgShartle family notes
ShartleF060301-004.jpgShartle notes
ShartleF060301-005.jpgShartles notes
ShartleF060301-006.jpgIsaac Shartle plat info
ShartleF060301-007.jpgShartle family notes
ShartleF060301-008.jpgShartle notes 1 of 3
ShartleF060301-009.jpgShartle notes 3 of 3
ShartleF060301-010.jpgShartle notes 2 of 3
ShartleF060301-011.jpgLana Shartle Sheridan
ShartleIMG.jpgIsaac Shartel Abstract of Title 03-10-1860 NOTE: remainder of document located in Shartel Family Folder
ShaughnesyIMG.jpgColleen Ellen Shaughnessy obituary
ShaugnessyIMG_0001.jpgGerald and Jackie Shaugnessy Long Lake family meets Pope 1 of 3
ShaugnessyIMG_0002.jpgGerald and Jackie Shaugnessy Long Lake....2 of 3
ShaugnessyIMG_0003.jpgGerald and Jackie Shaugnessy Long Lake....3 of 3
ShaugnessyIMG_0004.jpgGerlad Shaughnessy ...., 62: was founder of largest U.S. Ford tractor dealership 07-14-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 33
ShaugnessyIMG_0005.jpgGerald (G.T>) Shaugnessy obituary 07-14-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 33
ShaugnessyIMG_0006.jpgColleen Shaughnessy, RN obituary August 2011
ShaverF060125 001.jpgMyron Shaver named WCC man of the Year
ShaverF060125 002.jpgShaver family notes
ShaverF060125 003.jpgJames Thomas Saver marriage
ShaverF060125 004.jpgMarie Shaver Cited for Service
ShaverF060125 005.jpgBayard and Barbara Shaver sale of home
ShaverF060125 006.jpgCraig and Virginia Shaver
ShaverF060125 007.jpgCraig Shaver What we deserve
ShaverF060125 008.jpgShaver notes
ShaverF060125 009.jpgMyron Shaver death
ShaverF060125 010.jpgBayer Shaver memoirs
ShaverF060125 011.jpgShaver notes
ShaverF060125 012.jpgCraig Shaver 'amazed' by victory margin
ShaverF060125 013.jpgShaver - Commencement Exercises 1911 1 of 2
ShaverF060125 014.jpgShaver - Commencement....2 of 2
ShaverF060125 015.jpgB T Shaver "Mountjoy's"
ShaverF060125 016.jpgB T Shaver North American Bird and Nature Study
ShaverF060125 017.jpgJames Shaver death
ShaverF060125 018.jpgB T Shaver Great Help in School
ShaverF060125 019.jpgShaver notes
ShaverF060125 020.jpgBayard Shaver "...Descendent of Early Wayzata Settlers" 11-09-1961
ShaverF060125 021.jpgSquire Shaver performs ceremony "A Pioneer Wedding"
ShaverF060125 022.jpgB G Shaver "Everett Hold Up"
ShaverF060125 023.jpgMary Foglesonger Shaver "Mrs B T Shaver"
ShaverF060125 024.jpgShaver notes
ShaverF060125 025.jpgShaver notes
ShaverF060125 026.jpgShaver notes
ShaverF060125 027.jpgShaver notes
ShaverF060125 028.jpgShaver notes
ShaverF060125 029.jpgShaver notes
ShaverF060125 030.jpgShaver notes
ShaverF060125 031.jpgShaver notes
ShaverF060125 032.jpgShaver notes
ShaverF060125 033.jpgBridgit Ann Shaver birth announcement
ShaverF060125 034.jpgCraig H Shaver Jr Obituary
ShaverF060125 035.jpgShaver - Farm Bureau Association
ShaverF060125 036.jpgMyron Shaver Obituary
ShaverF060125 037.jpgMyron Shaver obituary
ShaverF060125 038.jpgShaver - Daymond L Jones (Ray) memoir
ShaverF060125 039.jpgB T Shaver Mountjoy's
ShaverF060125 040.jpgMarie Shaver letter 08-14-1984
ShaverF060125 041.jpgMarie Shaver death
ShaverF060125 042.jpgCraig Shaver Like Father, Like Son....
ShaverF060125 043.jpgCraig Shaver Spotlight
ShaverF060125 044.jpgBayard T Shaver Minnetonka writing
ShaverF060125 045.jpgB T Shaver In Memoriam
ShaverF060125 046.jpgShaver notes
ShaverF060125 047.jpgCraig Shaver ...pursues floor vote
ShaverF060125 048.jpgB F Shaver ...memories depict area life in early years
ShaverF060125 049.jpgCraig H Shaver Sr was 'Mr Wayzata'
ShaverF060125 050.jpgCraig Shaver
ShaverF060125 051.jpgCraig Shaver Sr Obituary
ShaverF060125 052.jpgCraig Shaver, Representative seeks reelection
ShaverF060125 053.jpgBayard T Shaver engagement
ShaverF060125 054.jpgCraig Shaver files for office
ShaverF060125 055.jpgCraig Shaver
ShaverF060125 056.jpgJames Thomas Shaver engagement
ShaverF060125 057.jpgShaver notes
ShaverF060125 058.jpgShaver notes
ShaverF060125 059.jpgShaver notes
ShaverF060125 060.jpgB T Shaver First White Child Born in Henn. Co.
ShaverF060125 061.jpgShaver notes
ShaverF060125 062.jpgB F Shaver notes Old Rail Fence Corners 1 of 3
ShaverF060125 063.jpgB F Shaver....2 of 3
ShaverF060125 064.jpgB F Shaver....3 of 3
ShaverF060125 065.jpgBayard Shaver house on northeast side of Long Lake. Mrs Shaver with Madge and Marie.
ShaverF060125 066.jpgMarie Shaver
ShaverF060125 067.jpgAlice Shaver
ShaverF060125 068.jpgBayard and James Shaver
ShaverF060125 069.jpgShaver tombstone
ShaverF060125 070.jpgBernard and Bayard Shaver
ShaverF060125 071.jpgMadge and Marie Shaver, twins
ShaverF060125 072.jpgShaver What a birthday it was!
ShaverF060125 073.jpgBeets Shaver
ShaverF060125 074.jpgCraig Shaver "Council candidates talk Wayzata issues" 11-28-1979
ShaverF060125 075.jpgBayard Shaver Funeral of Frank Harrington
ShaverF060125 076.jpgJames Shaver Jr appointed Commissioner
ShaverF060125 077.jpgShaver notes
ShaverF060125 078.jpgB T Shaver ....Address Delivered... 1 of 2
ShaverF060125 079.jpgB T Shaver....2 of 2
ShaverF060125 080.jpgShaver Glee Club
ShaverF060125 081.jpgCraig Shaver as top 1985 issues
ShaverF060125 082.jpgShaver and McCarthy Business leaves 80-year legacy with community 1 of 2
ShaverF060125 083.jpgShaver and McCarthy....2 of 2
ShaverF060125 084.jpgCraig Shaver campaign literature
ShaverF060125 085.jpgMyron Shaver at Heart's Cafe 1 of 2
ShaverF060125 086.jpgMyron Shaver....2 of 2
ShaverF060125 087.jpgMyron Shaver ...1981 Man of the Year
ShaverF060125 088.jpgMyron Shaver
ShaverF060125 089.jpg“Beets” Shaver "James J Hill days celebration -- This year it can't be "Beets!" 1 of 2
ShaverF060125 090.jpgBeets Shaver....2 of 2
ShaverF060125 091.jpgCraig Shaver Tales from Tonka
ShaverF060125 092.jpgCraig Shaver “Wayzata Weekly News” 02-21-1983
ShaverF060125 093.jpgShaver The Changing Scene 1 of 2
ShaverF060125 094.jpgShaver The Changing....2 of 2
ShaverF060125 095.jpgPhillip Shaffer narrative 1 of 12
ShaverF060125 096.jpgPhillip Shaffer...2 of 12
ShaverF060125 097.jpgPhillip Shaffer....3 of 12
ShaverF060125 098.jpgPhillip Shaffer....4 of 12
ShaverF060125 099.jpgPhillip Shaffer....5 of 12
ShaverF060125 100.jpgPhilllip Shaffer....6 of 12
ShaverF060125 101.jpgPhillip Shaffer....7 of 12
ShaverF060125 102.jpgPhilllip Shaffer....8 of 12
ShaverF060125 103.jpgPhillip Shaffer...9 of 12
ShaverF060125 104.jpgPhillip Shaffer....10 of 12
ShaverF060125 105.jpgPhillip Shaffer....11 of 12
ShaverF060125 106.jpgPhillip Shaffer....12 of 12
ShaverF060125 107.jpgVirginia Thomas Shaver Obituary
ShaverF060125 108.jpgB T Shaver note
ShaverIMG.jpgMyrson S Shaver obituary 04-30-1985
ShaverIMG01.jpgClyde Shaver obituary
ShaverIMG_0001.jpgBayard Taylor Shaver note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 229
ShaverIMG_0002.jpgMary E Shaver note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 210
ShaverIMG_0003.jpgMyron S Shaver obituary 05-02-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 21
ShaverIMG_0005.jpgSarah Shaver note
ShaverIMG_0006.jpgMildred L Shaver obituary 01-171982
ShaverIMG_0007.jpgMildred L Shaver obituary 12-01-1907 - 01-19-1982
ShaverIMG_0008.jpgBayard Taylor Shaver note
ShaverIMG_0009.jpgMary E Shaver note
ShawF060307-089.jpgShaw notes
ShawF060307-090.jpgS L Shaw Notice of Lien Sale
ShawF060307-091.jpgTimothy M Shaw memoir
ShawF060307-092.jpgRonald B Shaw memoir
ShawF060307-093.jpgGrace Shaw marriage
ShawF060307-094.jpgShaw - Jean S Lofquist Obituary
ShawF060307-095.jpgSam Shaw notes
ShawF060307-096.jpgS L Shaw, Prop. advertisement
ShawF060307-097.jpgShaw & Cruikshank advertisement
ShawF060307-098.jpgSam D Shaw Regards to Old Friends
ShawF060307-099.jpgS L Shaw and wife
ShawF060307-100.jpgShaw notes
ShawF060307-101.jpgShaw notes
ShawF060307-102.jpgShaw notes
ShawF060307-103.jpgJames and Janet Dickey Shaw notes
ShawF060307-104.jpgGrace Shaw marriage
ShawF060307-105.jpgEddie Waldo Shaw
ShawF060307-108.jpgShaw - Top, 6th from left: Russell Iriving Shaw
ShawF060307-109.jpgShaw family tree 1 of 2
ShawF060307-110.jpgShaw family tree 2 of 2
ShawF060307-111.jpgShaw - Myrtle Lamb Parcel Party
ShawF060307-112.jpgGrace Shaw wedding shower and marriage announcement
ShawF060307-113.jpgAlexa Shaw Sea Serpant Aboard
ShawF060307-114.jpgAlexa Shaw
ShawF060307-115.jpgRonald B Shaw Obituary
ShawF060307-116.jpgShaw family notes
ShawF060307-117.jpgElkhanna Shaw plat info
ShawIMG.jpgLeft: Mrs Peterson, Clark Peterson's mother; remainder unidentified
ShawIMG_0001.jpgWilliam H Shaw obituary 06-19-1981
SheldonF060308-001.jpgSheldon notes
ShepherdF060308-002.jpgGeorge Sheppard notes
ShepherdF060308-003.jpgShepard notes
ShepherdF060308-004.jpgShepherd notes
ShepherdF060308-005.jpgShepherd notes
SherfF060302-001.jpgSherf notes
SherfF060302-002.jpgSherf notes
SherfF060302-003.jpgLavina Stubbs Sherf notes
SheridanF060302-004.jpgSheridan notes 1 of 3
SheridanF060302-005.jpgSheridan notes 2 of 3
SheridanF060302-006.jpgSheridan notes 3 of 3
SheridanIMG.jpgEmma [Bartz[ Sheridan obituary
ShermanF060302-007.jpgSherman notes
ShermanIMG_0001.jpgSherman - Modified Registter for Gideon (Gardner) Sherman-575 1 of 10
ShermanIMG_0002.jpgSherman Modified....2 of 10
ShermanIMG_0003.jpgSherman Modified....3 of 10
ShermanIMG_0004.jpgSherman - Modified....4 of 10
ShermanIMG_0005.jpgSherman Modified....5 of 10
ShermanIMG_0006.jpgSherman Modified....6 of 10
ShermanIMG_0007.jpgSherman Modified....7 of 10
ShermanIMG_0008.jpgSherman Modified....8 of 10
ShermanIMG_0009.jpgSherman Modified....9 of 10
ShermanIMG_0010.jpgSherman - Modified....10 of 10
SherpyIMG_0036.jpgSherpy-Wilson "Portraits froma Family Album" by Ellen Wilson Meyer NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
ShevlinF060208-001.jpgShevlin - Robert Mitchell Jr marriage
ShevlinF060208-002.jpgThomas Henry Shevlin - marriage of granddaughter
ShevlinF060208-003.jpgMr and Mrs Edward Leonard Shevlin ...To Entertain at Dinner
ShevlinF060208-004.jpgThomas Shevlin First traffic ticket.
ShevlinF060208-005.jpgShevlin Farm
ShevlinF060208-006.jpgShevlin ..Estate Value $3,500,000 Left to Family
ShevlinF060208-007.jpgThomas L Shevlin death
ShevlinF060208-008.jpgThomas L Shevlin Yale Grieves....
ShevlinF060208-010.jpgShevlin - Arthur Beardall note
ShevlinF060208-011.jpgMrs Thomas Shevlin sale of Highcroft
ShevlinF060208-012.jpgShevlin - Mrs Sumner T Mcknight death
ShevlinF060208-013.jpgThomas L Shevlin death
ShevlinF060208-014.jpgShevlin family “A four-minute slide history of the prominent lumber-industry”0
ShevlinF060208-015.jpgThomas H Shevlin house at Lake Minnetonka 1909
ShevlinF060208-016.jpgShevlin - Some antecdotes about James Jerome Hill
ShevlinF060208-017.jpgShevlin Pink Palace History
ShevlinF060208-018.jpgShevlin notes
ShevlinF060208-019.jpgShevlin notes
ShevlinF060208-020.jpgShevlin - James Jerome Hill family notes_memos
ShevlinF060208-022.jpgT H Shevlin, Muskegon
ShevlinF060208-023.jpgShevlin The Pink Palace
ShevlinF060208-024.jpgShevlin notes
ShevlinF060208-025.jpgShevlin notes
ShevlinF060208-026.jpgShevlin notes
ShevlinF060208-027.jpgShevlin notes
ShevlinF060208-029.jpgShevlin - Pink House Burnet Gagner Realtors advertisement
ShevlinF060208-031.jpgShevlin-Carpenter Co bill of sale
ShevlinF060208-032.jpgShevlin 'Pink Palace' tour proceeds will go to benefit the hungry 1 of 2
ShevlinF060208-033.jpgShevlin Pink....2 of 2
ShevlinF060208-034.jpgShevlin The Palace Estate Sale & Tour
ShevlinF060208-035.jpgShevlin - Ann Mitchell Phlaum
ShevlinF060208-038.jpgShevlin Pink Palace to survive, estate to subdivide
ShevlinF060208-041.jpgThe Pink Palace Designers Showhouse
ShookF060308-006.jpgNorman Shook notes and plat info
ShortF060308-007.jpgMrs John Short Knitting Class
ShortF060308-008.jpgMrs J H Short told of her jail experiences...
ShortF060308-009.jpgLaurence Short accident
ShortF060308-010.jpgLaurence Short Obituary
ShortF060308-011.jpgJohn Short
ShortF060308-012.jpgShort notes
ShortF060308-013.jpgShort notes
ShortF060308-014.jpgMrs Bertha Short and Mrs William Short Family Album
ShortF060308-015.jpgVirginia Short
ShortF060308-016.jpgLaurence Shortwhen you want frogs...
ShortF060308-017.jpgEmma J Short
ShortF060308-018.jpgJulia Short marriage
ShortF060308-019.jpgEmma Short notes
ShortF060308-020.jpgMr & Mrs John Short 40th anniversary
ShortF060308-021.jpgShort notes
ShortIMG.jpgMary L Short obituary 01-09-1952
ShortIMG_0001.jpgCharles WIlliam Short obituary
ShrewsburyF060123 001.jpgShrewsbury notes 1 of 7
ShrewsburyF060123 002.jpgShrewsbury....2 of 7
ShrewsburyF060123 003.jpgShrewsbury....3 of 7
ShrewsburyF060123 004.jpgShrewsbury....4 of 7
ShrewsburyF060123 005.jpgShrewsbury....5 of 7
ShrewsburyF060123 006.jpgShrewsbury....6 of 7
ShrewsburyF060123 007.jpgShrewsbury....7 of 7
ShrewsburyF060123 008.jpgLloyd Shrewsbury Checker Situation Grows Serious
ShrewsburyF060123 009.jpgB M Shrewsubry, Maple Plain Blacksmith
ShrewsburyF060123 010.jpgJoyce Eva Shrewsubry marriage
ShrewsburyF060123 011.jpgNellie Shrewsbury marriage
ShrewsburyF060123 012.jpgArthur Shrewsbury and family move
ShrewsburyF060123 013.jpgB M Shrewsbury, Maple Plain Blacksmith advertisement
ShrewsburyF060123 014.jpgMrs Ben Shrewsbury ...farewell party...
ShrewsburyF060123 015.jpgLloyd Shrewsbury New Movie Man
ShrewsburyF060123 017.jpgLloyd Shrewsbury New Movie Man
ShrewsburyF060123 018.jpgMrs Ila Shrewsbury illness
ShrewsburyF060123 019.jpgMrs R L Shrewsbury entertains...
ShrewsburyF060123 020.jpgShrewsbury home notation
ShrewsburyF060123 021.jpgJola Shrewsubry Obituary
ShrewsburyF060123 022.jpgF L Shrewsbury sale of bicycles
ShrewsburyF060123 023.jpgB W Shrewsbury Communications
ShrewsburyF060123 024.jpgJanuary 1861 Winter Travel on Watertown Roads
ShrewsburyF060123 025.jpgLloyds Shrewsbury ...rents Yellow Rose Ice Cream Parlor
ShrewsburyF060123 026.jpgShrewsbury house, freestanding staircase
ShrewsburyF060123 027.jpgShrewsbury notes
ShrewsburyF060123 028.jpgShrewsbury notes
ShrewsburyF060123 029.jpgLloyd and Mable Shrewsbury ...built their store...
ShrewsburyF060123 030.jpgIla Shrewsbury Obituary
ShrewsburyF060123 031.jpgIla Shrewsbury Obituary
ShrewsburyF060123 032.jpgShrewsbury note
ShrewsburyF060123 033.jpgIsaac Shrewsbury birth announcement
ShrewsburyF060123 034.jpgShewsbury Confections
ShrewsburyF060123 035.jpgIrvin and Jemima Shrewsbury notes 1 of 2
ShrewsburyF060123 036.jpgIrvin and jemima Shrewsbury....2 of 2
ShrewsburyF060123 037.jpgBenjamin and Lucy Shrewsbury notes
ShrewsburyF060123 038.jpgBenjamin Shrewsbury notes
ShrewsburyF060123 039.jpgAllen and Nancy Shrewsbury notes
ShrewsburyF060123 040.jpgAllen Shrewsbury notes
ShrewsburyF060123 041.jpgIrvin Shrewsbury
ShrewsburyF060123 042.jpgLeft to right: Orlando Styner, M.A. Shrewsbury, Daniel T Styner, L C Preston?
ShrewsburyF060123 043.jpgShrewsbury - Dorothy Archibald in 1911
ShrewsburyF060123 044.jpgShrewsbury - Top left: Nellie Neilson, Top right: Jemima Shrewsbury, wife of Irvin. Bottom left: Archie Shrewsbury in Egypt
ShrewsburyF060123 048.jpgJohn L Shrewsbury, top left
ShrewsburyF060123 049.jpgFrank David Shrewsbury, top right
ShrewsburyF060123 050.jpgJoan Shrewsbury Snyder, bottom left
ShrewsburyF060123 051.jpgFrank and Archie Shrewsbury in 1986, top right
ShrewsburyF060123 052.jpgNathaniel and Mary Shrewsbury notes
ShrewsburyF060123 053.jpgNathaniel Shrewsbury notes
ShrewsburyF060123 054.jpgAllie Shrewsbury 1 of 5
ShrewsburyF060123 055.jpgAllie Shrewsbury....2 of 5
ShrewsburyF060123 056.jpgAllie Schrewsbury....3 of 5
ShrewsburyF060123 057.jpgAllie Schrewsbury....4 of 5
ShrewsburyF060123 058.jpgAllie Schrewsbury....5 of 5
ShrewsburyF060123 059.jpgNellie Shrewsbury note 1 of 2
ShrewsburyF060123 060.jpgNatalie Shrewsbury....2 of 2
ShrewsburyF060123 061.jpgShrewsbury letter 1 of 4
ShrewsburyF060123 062.jpgShrewsbury letter 2 of 4
ShrewsburyF060123 063.jpgShrewsbury letter 3 of 4
ShrewsburyF060123 064.jpgShrewsbury letter 4 of 4
ShrewsburyF060123 065.jpgNellie M Neilson Shrewsbury letter
ShrewsburyIMG.jpgVernon C Shrewsbury memoriam 06-15-1991
ShrewsburyIMG_0001.jpgDiana Archibald Shrewsbury note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 222
ShrewsburyIMG_0002.jpgJack Shrewsbury notes NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 24
ShrewsburyIMG_0003.jpgArthur I Shrewsbury NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 279
ShrewsburyIMG_0004.jpgMabel Shrewsbury NOTE: document located in box entitled Annaul Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 287
ShrewsburyIMG_0005.jpgArthur Shrewsbury note
ShrewsburyIMG_0006.jpgDeanna Archibald Shrewsbury note
ShrewsburyIMG_0007.jpgLloyd Shrewsbury note
ShrewsburyIMG_0008.jpgMabel Shrewsbury note
ShrewsburyIMG_0009.jpgJohn Shrewsbury "101 Meat Recipes Olde and New"
ShrodeF060302-008.jpgJettie Shrode Pettis letter
ShrodeF060302-009.jpgShrode note
ShrodeF060302-010.jpgMarshall, Nettie Shrode and the Girls
SidleF060303-001.jpgHenry Godfrey Sidle home
SidleF060303-002.jpgSidle notes
SidleF060303-003.jpgSidle An Historic Look at Minneapolis Banking 1 of 4
SidleF060303-004.jpgSidle An....2 of 4
SidleF060303-005.jpgSidle An....3 of 4
SidleF060303-006.jpgSidle An....4 of 4
SidnamF060303-007.jpgSidnam notes 1 of 8
SidnamF060303-008.jpgSidnam notes 2 of 8
SidnamF060303-009.jpgSidnam notes 3 of 8
SidnamF060303-010.jpgSidnam notes 4 of 8
SidnamF060303-011.jpgSidnam notes 5 of 8
SidnamF060303-012.jpgSidnam notes 6 of 8
SidnamF060303-013.jpgSidnam notes 7 of 8
SidnamF060303-014.jpgSidnam notes 8 of 8
SidnamF060303-015.jpgHoward Sidnam Jr marriage
SidnamF060303-016.jpgSidnam Letter from the Boys
SidnamF060303-017.jpgHoward Sidnam notes
SidnamF060303-021.jpgHoward E Sidnam memoir
SidnamF060303-022.jpgVernon Sidnam Letters from the Boys
SidnamF060303-023.jpgVernon Sidnam Letters from the Boys
SidnamF060303-024.jpgVernon Sidnam Letters from the Boys
SidnamF060303-025.jpgSidnam postcard
SidnamF060303-026.jpgDave Sidnam family notes
SidnamF060303-027.jpgMrs N Sidnam letter 1 of 5
SidnamF060303-028.jpgMrs N Sidnam....2 of 5
SidnamF060303-029.jpgMrs N Sidnam....3 of 5
SidnamF060303-030.jpgMrs N Sidnam....4 of 5
SidnamF060303-031.jpgMrs N Sidnam....5 of 5
SidnamF060303-066.jpgHoward Sidnam and Cecil Gideon
SidnamF060303-067.jpgWill and Winnia Sidnam
SidnamF060303-068.jpgSidnam - Ralp Palmer and Aunt Blanche
SidnamF060303-069.jpgSidnam - Left to right: 1-?, 2-?, 3-Will Sidnam, 4-Vernon Sidnam, 5-Winnia Sidnam, 6-?, 7-Claude?
SidnamIMG.jpgHibbert Sidnam note
SiebertIMG.jpgSylvester A Siebert obituary
SievertIMG.jpgWilliam Sievert 1849-1874
SigafoosF060304-020.jpgSegafoos notes
SigafoosF060304-021.jpgSigafoos notes
SigafoosF060304-023.jpgAmos E Sigafoos Obituary
SigafoosF060304-024.jpgSigafoos notes
SigafoosIMG.jpgRome T Sifagoos obituary 1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 41
SigafoosIMG_0001.jpgSophie Lillian Sigafoos obituary July, 1983
SigafoosIMG_0002.jpgSophie Lillian Sigafoos obituary July 1983
SilbermannIMG.jpgKalr Joseph Silbermann memoriam 03-09-1997
SiljanderIMG.jpgSiljander Collection
SipeF060304-025.jpgWalter C Sipe Obituary
SipeF060304-026.jpgWalter C Sipe Obituary
SipeF060304-027.jpgTed Sipe's 50th anniversary and Todd Sipe death
SkaroF060304-028.jpgSkaro notes, Dr. E. G. Skaro, Dr. Ed Skaro, Dr. A.K. Skaro, Capt. Asgrim K Scaro, Civil War, Bessie Skaro
SkaroF060304-029.jpgMinerva Skaro
SkaroF060304-030.jpgSkaro notes
SkaroF060304-032.jpgElizabeth Skaro marriage
SkaroF060304-033.jpgBessie Skaros Gunther note
SkaroF060304-034.jpgMrs Skaro accident
SkellengerIMG.jpgSara Skellenger, Brandon Kobilka engagement announcement 06-28-2008
SkillingsF060304-035.jpgSkillins family notes
SlettenIMG.jpgDoris E Sletten obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 321
SlindenIMG.jpgOrwell H Slinden 12-+17-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 79
SlindenIMG_0001.jpgOrwell Howard Slinden memoriam 02-15-1915 - 12-18-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 79
SloanF060304-036.jpgJames Sloan plat info
SmithF060304-037.jpgKathryn Elizabeth Smith memoir
SmithF060304-038.jpgRobert O Smith Obituary
SmithF060304-039.jpgElliot Smith descendants
SmithF060304-040.jpgSmith - Generation 3 1 of 2
SmithF060304-041.jpgSmith - Generation....2 of 2
SmithIMG-0006.jpgLaton Smith letter 07-25-2007
SmithIMG.jpghilmes Smith home, son of Smitty and Bessie. Kipp and Garnet home for many years
SmithIMG_0001.jpgCal Smith Cabin - was on Mike Ellis property, now gone (torn down), Navarre, also At Navarre 1913 pix (on middle Grand & Sister Kat to Gyn Hall) and was in the Orono Book. 07-05-2008
SmithIMG_0003.jpgSmith notes
SmithIMG_0004.jpgSmith notes
SmithIMG_0005.jpgEmory Smith Lions, Fishing, Golf, Emory Smith Hobbies 08-18-1960
SmithIMG_0006.jpgGeorge Smith family census 1 of 3
SmithIMG_0007.jpgGeorge Smith family....2 of 3
SmithIMG_0008.jpgGeorge Smith family....3 of 3
SmithIMG_0009.jpgSmith - Letter from Laton A Smith 08-09-1906
SmithIMG_0013.jpgRuth E Smith probate notice
SmithIMG_0014.jpgRuth E Smith Last Will and Testament 1 of 4
SmithIMG_0015.jpgRuth E Smith Last Will....2 of 4
SmithIMG_0016.jpgRuth E Smith Last Will....3 of 4
SmithIMG_0017.jpgRuth E Smith Last Will....4 of 4
SmithIMG_0018.jpgMaud Lulu Smith obituary NOTE: original document located in Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 337
SmithIMG_0019.jpgArties Smith note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 209
SmithIMG_0020.jpgAbigail Smith note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 213
SmithIMG_0021.jpgElla Marie Smith notes. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 240
SmithIMG_0022.jpgGus. Smith notes. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 256
SmithIMG_0023.jpgRuth Smith obituary 12-31-1986 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 81
SmithIMG_0024.jpgEmory F Smith obituary 10-05-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 60
SmithIMG_0025.jpgJosepphine Dickey obituary 1978
SmithIMG_0026.jpgJosephine Dickey Smith memoriam 03-12-1893 - 04-09-1978
SmithIMG_0027.jpgJosephine Dickey Smith obituary 1978
SmithIMG_0028.jpgWilliam Loris Smith memoriam 07-04-1884 - 12-07-1983
SmithIMG_0029.jpgStella [Green] Smith memoriam 12-12-1882 - 10-20-1978
SmithIMG_0030.jpgMargaret Ewing Cargill Smith obituary 12-1978
SmithIMG_0032.jpgGrant F A Smith obituary
SmithIMG_0033.jpgGrant F Smith obituary
SmithIMG_0034.jpgLloyd Smith
SmithIMG_0035.jpgAbgail Smith note
SmithIMG_0036.jpgAretas Smith note
SmithIMG_0037.jpgElla Marie Smith note
SmithIMG_0038.jpgGus Smith note
SmithIMG_0039.jpgLobella A Smith note
SmithIMG_0040.jpgMelon Smith note
SmithIMG_0043-1.jpgSmith Family 2 of 2 NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
SmithIMG_0043.jpgSmith Family 1 of 2 NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
SmuinIMG_0001-01.jpgWinifred Sumin letter 07-09-1982 1 of 3
SmuinIMG_0001.jpgWinifred C Smuin letter 03-20-1982 1 of 5
SmuinIMG_0002-01.jpgWiniifred Sumin....2 of 3
SmuinIMG_0002.jpgWinidfred C Smuin letter....2 of 5
SmuinIMG_0003-01.jpgWinifred Sumin....3 of 3
SmuinIMG_0003.jpgWinifred C Smuin letter....4 of 5
SmuinIMG_0004-01.jpgSmuin - John Cruikshank 1 of 2
SmuinIMG_0004.jpgWinifred C Smuin letter....3 of 5
SmuinIMG_0005-01.jpgSmuin - John Cruikshank 2 of 2
SmuinIMG_0005.jpgWinifred C Smuin letter....5 of 5
SmuinIMG_0006-01.jpgSmuin - John Cruikshank 1 of 2
SmuinIMG_0007-01.jpgSmuin - John Cruikshank 2 of 2
SmuinIMG_0008-01.jpgSmuin - Seldon Coleman 1 of 2
SmuinIMG_0008.jpgSmuin - Cruickshank family information 05-05-1982 1 of 10
SmuinIMG_0009-01.jpgSmuin - Seldon Coleman 2 of 2
SmuinIMG_0009.jpgSmuin - Cruickshank....2 of 10
SmuinIMG_0010-01.jpgSmuin - Sarah Jane Cruickshank notes
SmuinIMG_0010.jpgSmuin - Cruickshank....3 of 10
SmuinIMG_0011-01.jpgSmuin - James Martin Cruikshank 1 of 2
SmuinIMG_0011.jpgSmuin - Cruickshank....4 of 10
SmuinIMG_0012-01.jpgSmuin - James Martin Cruikshank 2 of 2
SmuinIMG_0012.jpgSmuin - Cruickshank....5 of 10
SmuinIMG_0013-01.jpgSmuin - Andrwe Cruickshank Jr 1 of 2
SmuinIMG_0013.jpgSmuin - Cruickshank....6 of 10
SmuinIMG_0014-01.jpgSmuin - Andrew Cruickshank Jr 2 of 2
SmuinIMG_0014.jpgSmuin - Cruickshank....7 of 10
SmuinIMG_0015-01.jpgSmuin - John Braden 1 of 2
SmuinIMG_0015.jpgSmuin - Cruickshank....8 of 10
SmuinIMG_0016-01.jpgSmuin - John Braden 2 of 2
SmuinIMG_0016.jpgSmuin - Cruickshank....9 of 10
SmuinIMG_0017-01.jpgSmuin - John Braden family notes
SmuinIMG_0017.jpgSmuin - Cruickshank....l10 of 10
SmuinIMG_0018-01.jpgSmuin - Big A ndrew Cruickshank 1 of 2
SmuinIMG_0018.jpgSmuin - notes 1 of 6
SmuinIMG_0019-01.jpgSmuin - Big Andrew Cruickshank 2 of 2
SmuinIMG_0019.jpgSmuin notes 2 of 6
SmuinIMG_0020-01.jpgSmuin - Big Andrew and Nancy Cruickshank notes 1 of 7
SmuinIMG_0020.jpgSmuin notes 3 of 6
SmuinIMG_0021-01.jpgSmuin - Big Andrew and Nancy Cruickshank....2 of 7
SmuinIMG_0021.jpgSmuin notes 4 of 6
SmuinIMG_0022-01.jpgBig Andrew and Nancy Cruickshank....3 of 7
SmuinIMG_0022.jpgSmuin notes 5 of 6
SmuinIMG_0023-01.jpgSmuin - Big Andrew and Nancy ....4 of 7
SmuinIMG_0023.jpgSmuin notes 6 of 6
SmuinIMG_0024-01.jpgSmuin - Big Andrew and Nancy....5 of 7
SmuinIMG_0024.jpgSmuin - family notes 09-26-1981 1 of 16
SmuinIMG_0025.jpgSmuin - family....2 of 16
SmuinIMG_0026-01.jpgSmuin - Big Andrew....6 of 7
SmuinIMG_0026.jpgSmuin - family....3 of 16
SmuinIMG_0027-01.jpgSmuin - Big Andrew....7 of 7
SmuinIMG_0027.jpgSmuin family....4 of 16
SmuinIMG_0028-01.jpgSmuin - Jasper G Cruickshank 1 of 2
SmuinIMG_0028.jpgSmuin family....5 of 16
SmuinIMG_0029-01.jpgSmuin - Jasper G Cruickshank 2 of 2
SmuinIMG_0029.jpgSmuin family....6 of 6
SmuinIMG_0030-01.jpgSmuin notes
SmuinIMG_0030.jpgSmuin family....7 of 16
SmuinIMG_0031-01.jpgSmuin - James Cruickshank 1 of 2
SmuinIMG_0031.jpgSmuin family 8 of 16
SmuinIMG_0032-01.jpgSmuin - James Cruickshank 2 of 2
SmuinIMG_0032.jpgSmuin family....9 of 16
SmuinIMG_0033-01.jpgSmuin notes
SmuinIMG_0033.jpgSmuin famiy....10 of 16
SmuinIMG_0034-01.jpgSmuin - William Hay 1 of 2
SmuinIMG_0034.jpgSmuin family....11 of 16
SmuinIMG_0035-01.jpgSmuin - William hay 2 of 2
SmuinIMG_0035.jpgSmuin family....12 of 16
SmuinIMG_0036-01.jpgSmuin - William Hay notes 1 of 2
SmuinIMG_0036.jpgSmuin family....13 of 16
SmuinIMG_0037-01.jpgSmuin - William Hay notes 2 of 2
SmuinIMG_0037.jpgSmuin family....14 of 16
SmuinIMG_0038.jpgSmuin family....15 of 16
SmuinIMG_0039.jpgSmuin family....16 of 16
SmuinIMG_0040.jpgWinifred Smuin letter 11-02-1981 1 of 7
SmuinIMG_0041.jpgWinifred Smuin letter....2 of 7
SmuinIMG_0042.jpgWinifred Smuin letter 3 of 7
SmuinIMG_0043.jpgWinifred Smuin letter 4 of 7
SmuinIMG_0044.jpgWinifred Smuin letter....5 of 7
SmuinIMG_0045.jpgWinifred Smuin letter....6 of 7
SmuinIMG_0046.jpgWinifred Smuin letter....7 of 7
SmuinIMG_0047.jpgSmuin - James Cruikshank notes 1 of 3
SmuinIMG_0048.jpgSmuin - James Cruikshank notes 2 of 3
SmuinIMG_0049.jpgSmuin - James Cruikshank notes 3 of 3
SmuinIMG_0050.jpgSmuin family notes 1 of 3
SmuinIMG_0051.jpgSmuin family notes 2 of 3
SmuinIMG_0052.jpgSmuin family notes 3 of 3
SmuinIMG_0053.jpgSmuin family notes 1 of 11
SmuinIMG_0054.jpgSmuin family notes 2 of 11
SmuinIMG_0055.jpgSmuin family....3 of 11
SmuinIMG_0056.jpgSmuin notes....4 of 11
SmuinIMG_0057.jpgSmuin notes....5 of 11
SmuinIMG_0058.jpgSmuin note....6 of 11
SmuinIMG_0059.jpgSmuin notes....7 of 11
SmuinIMG_0060.jpgSmuin notes....8 of 11
SmuinIMG_0061.jpgSmuin notes....9 of 11
SmuinIMG_0062.jpgSmuin notes....10 of 11
SmuinIMG_0063.jpgSmuin notes....11 of 11
SnellF060304-042.jpgEbenezer Snell plat info
SnickerIMG_0001.jpgMarian G Snicker obituary 06-01-1919 - 09-15-1984
SnickerIMG_0002.jpgMarina M Snicker obituary 07-30-1913 - 11-17-1994
SnickerIMG_0003.jpgJohnny Snicker, son of Joseph Snicker
SnickerIMG_0004.jpgEdward and Janet Snicker address
SnickerIMG_0023.jpgSylvester Snicker, 83 obituary
SnickerIMG_0030.jpgLong Lake - Clinton J Snicker obituary 04-07-2007
SnickerIMG_0031.jpgLong Lake - Clinton J Snicker obituary 04-07-2007
SnickerIMG_0038.jpgMagdalena Geisen Snicker obituary
SnickerIMG_0039.jpgJohn I Snicker obituary
SnickerIMG_0062.jpgSnicker family
SnickerIMG_0063.jpgJ L Snicker memoriam
SnickerIMG_0066.jpgLong Lake - Sylvester J Snicker obituary 2000
SnickerIMG_0070.jpgMr and Mrs John Snicker celebrates golden wedding
SnokeF060304-050.jpgLee Snoke letter
SnokeF060304-051.jpgSnoke notes
SnokeF060304-052.jpgSnoke notes
SnokeF060304-053.jpgSnoke notes
SnokeF060304-054.jpgDorothy Snoke Stratiff death
SnokeF060304-055.jpgSnoke - See oversize file Drawer D2
SnokeF060304-063.jpgGuy Snoke house
SnokeF060602-056.jpgDorothy Snoke Stratiff Obituary
SnokeIMG_0001_02.jpgWinona Snoke - North High School report card 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0002_03.jpgWinona Snoke - North High School Report Card 2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0003_04.jpgEsther M [Gilbert] Snoke obituary, widow of Lee Snoke 05-21-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 28
SnokeIMG_0004.jpgFannie Snoke-William mahaffy wedding, 09-15-1911. Back Row L-R: Ted Turnham; Bess Palmer; Ralph Palmer; Elma Gideon; ?; Lee Snoke; Louis Heller; Alice May; Darce Turnham; ?; Cora Snoke; Laura Snoke; Guy Snoke; ? Middle Row L-R: ?; ?; ?; William Mahaffy; Fannie Snoke; ?; Mother, Mary Snoke; ? Front Row L-R: ?; ?; ?; ?; ?; ?; Lloyd Snoke
SnokeIMG_0005.jpgMartin Snoke notes
SnokeIMG_0006.jpgSnoke Another vote on Frenzel, contras 08-11-1956
SnokeIMG_0007.jpgMary Virginia [Turnham] Snoke
SnokeIMG_0008.jpgSnoke - Arlena Mahaffy in front of sons Jim and Peter flanked by wives
SnokeIMG_0009.jpgMartin and Mary Snoke home, son Lloyd Snoke's name on mailbox
SnokeIMG_0010.jpgGuy Snoke house on the hill [now 1955 John Ferrin] [now 1958 ?]
SnokeIMG_0011.jpgMarvin Hoover and Mary Virginia [Turnham Snoke] notes 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0012.jpgMartin Hoover and Mary Virginia....2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0013.jpgWinona S noke's husband, Lloyd Kelley
SnokeIMG_0014.jpgMary [Snoke] Hegdal letter 07-07-1979
SnokeIMG_0015.jpgNan and Martin Snoke Christmas letter, 1988 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0016.jpgNan and Martin Snoke....2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0017.jpgSnoke family notes 12-16-1959 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0018.jpgSnoke family notes....2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0019.jpgGuy Snoke team near Crystal Bay
SnokeIMG_0020.jpgSnoke home 1980
SnokeIMG_0021.jpgSnoke - unidentified2
SnokeIMG_0022.jpgSnoke - unidentified2
SnokeIMG_0023.jpgLong Lake Flour Mill, about 1875-1885. Walsh house on left was later moved to Kalweit's Corner, where Bruce Hursh's Pure oil Station is now located, Marion Snoke worked here.
SnokeIMG_0024.jpgMartin Snoke
SnokeIMG_0025.jpgSnoke notes
SnokeIMG_0026.jpgDorothy Snoke and George Stratiff Didn't Plan It, Pair Who Wed on Peak Say
SnokeIMG_0027.jpgSnoke friends home
SnokeIMG_0028.jpgMary Snoke 02-07-1952
SnokeIMG_0029.jpgSnoke home 1955
SnokeIMG_0030.jpgLee Snoke
SnokeIMG_0031.jpgSnoke - L:R- Lee; Esther; Lloyd; Dori; Guy
SnokeIMG_0032.jpgLaura Snoke
SnokeIMG_0033.jpgLora Snoke
SnokeIMG_0034.jpgGuy Snoke receipt from Long Lake Bank 04-09-1917
SnokeIMG_0035.jpgSnoke Reunion 07-04-1944
SnokeIMG_0036.jpgPeggy Snoke Family Tree 1 of 3
SnokeIMG_0037.jpgPeggy Snoke Family Tree 2 of 3
SnokeIMG_0038.jpgPeggy Snoke Family Tree 3 of 3
SnokeIMG_0039.jpgMartin Snoke
SnokeIMG_0040.jpgDr Martin Snoke note
SnokeIMG_0041.jpgH L Esther M Snoke obituary 05-21-1987
SnokeIMG_0042.jpgSnoke note
SnokeIMG_0043.jpgSnoke note
SnokeIMG_0044.jpgSnoke note
SnokeIMG_0045.jpgSnoke note
SnokeIMG_0046.jpgRichard Snoke newspaper article
SnokeIMG_0047.jpgRobert Lee Snoke wedding announcement
SnokeIMG_0048.jpgSnoke letter
SnokeIMG_0049.jpgMary Esther [Snoke] Headal family notes 1 of 4
SnokeIMG_0050.jpgMary Esther [Snoke] Headel....2 of 4
SnokeIMG_0051.jpgMary Esther [Snoke] Headal....3 of 4
SnokeIMG_0052.jpgMary Esther [Snoke] Headal....4 of 4
SnokeIMG_0053.jpgNan and Martin Snoke Christmas letter 1981
SnokeIMG_0054.jpgMartin and Nan Snoke Christmas letter 1982
SnokeIMG_0055.jpgSnoke Christmas letter 1984
SnokeIMG_0056.jpgNan and Martin Snoke Christmas letter 1986
SnokeIMG_0057.jpgMartin and Nan Snoke Christmas letter 1989 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0058.jpgMartin and Nan Snoke Christmas letter 1989 2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0059.jpgEsther Miriam Gilbert Snoke Eulogy 05-23-1987
SnokeIMG_0060.jpgMary Snoke notes
SnokeIMG_0061.jpgSnoke 'U' Code Warns: Sonny, It's Cold World Outside 10-18-1970 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0062.jpgSnoke 'U' Code....2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0063.jpgMartin Snoke Christmas Letter 1979
SnokeIMG_0064.jpgMartin L Snoke Students React to Conduct Code, March 1971 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0065.jpgMartin L Snoke....2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0066.jpgMartin L Snoke Students Responsible For Many Decisions Says Dr Snoke March 1971
SnokeIMG_0068.jpgSnoke unidentified2
SnokeIMG_0069.jpgSnoke - William Severnoke family NOTE: document located in Snoke Family Folder 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0070.jpgSnoke family notes 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0071.jpgSnoke family notes 2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0072.jpgMartin Snoke A Berryman and His Family 10-05-1981
SnokeIMG_0073.jpgMartin Snoke retiring 1985
SnokeIMG_0074.jpgM H Snoke post office receipt 02-20-1893
SnokeIMG_0075.jpgLloyd Snoke suprise party 02-22-1913
SnokeIMG_0076.jpgM H Snoke receipt 01-01-1881
SnokeIMG_0077.jpgMartin Snoke Depury Grand Worthy CHief Templar's Commission
SnokeIMG_0078.jpgM H Snoke promisary note
SnokeIMG_0079.jpgM H Snoke receipt 09-01-1892
SnokeIMG_0080.jpgLloyd Hoover Snoke obituary
SnokeIMG_0081.jpgJohn Snoke family notes
SnokeIMG_0082.jpgSnoke notes
SnokeIMG_0083.jpgLee Snoke family notes
SnokeIMG_0084.jpgIna Snoke family notes
SnokeIMG_0085.jpgFrances Lora Snoke notes
SnokeIMG_0086.jpgFanny Snoke family notes
SnokeIMG_0087.jpgWinona Snoke family notes
SnokeIMG_0088.jpgSnoke letter 07-09-1956 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0089.jpgSnoke letter....2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0090.jpgFannie Snoke Mahaffy notes
SnokeIMG_0091.jpgMartin L Snoke note
SnokeIMG_0092.jpgLee Snoke note and Virginia Kelley marriage announcement
SnokeIMG_0093.jpgSnoke - Lloyd Hoover Kelley The Family Album 1945
SnokeIMG_0094.jpgMartin Hoover Snoke Resolution of the death of
SnokeIMG_0095.jpgSnoke - Mission Headquarters letter May 1963
SnokeIMG_0096.jpgSnoke - Beth Kelley
SnokeIMG_0097.jpgLester Kelley ....New Chairman of Orono Board 02-09-1970
SnokeIMG_0098.jpgSnoke - Kelley, Pillsbury Win School Board Posts 05-23-1957
SnokeIMG_0099.jpgGuy Snoke obituary
SnokeIMG_0100.jpgSnoke - notes NOTE: additional notes have not been scanned and are located in the Snoke Family Folder 1 of 2 - 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0101.jpgSnoke notes....2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0102.jpgChristian Snoke notes
SnokeIMG_0103.jpgJohn Lutz Snoke and Rachael Tarner family notes
SnokeIMG_0104.jpgJohn Snoke family notes
SnokeIMG_0105.jpgSnoke family note
SnokeIMG_0106.jpgSnoke - Mary Guise family notes
SnokeIMG_0107.jpgSnoke - Arlena Mahaffy family notes
SnokeIMG_0108.jpgSnoke - Fannie Mahaffy Snoke notes
SnokeIMG_0109.jpgSnoke - Fanny Mahaffy memoriam
SnokeIMG_0110.jpgSnoke - Fannie Mahaffy notes
SnokeIMG_0111.jpgSnoke - Fannie Mahaffy notes
SnokeIMG_0112.jpgSnoke letter 08-06-1981 1 of 4
SnokeIMG_0113.jpgSnoke letter....2 of 4
SnokeIMG_0114.jpgSnoke letter....3 of 4
SnokeIMG_0115.jpgSnoke letter....4 of 4
SnokeIMG_0116.jpgMartin Snoke Written code may not be needed
SnokeIMG_0117.jpgSnoke - Frances Mahaffy Should We Send Our Children to Sunday School? 1 of 5
SnokeIMG_0118.jpgFrasncis Mahaffy Should....2 of 5
SnokeIMG_0119.jpgSnoke - Francis Mahaffy Should....3 of 5
SnokeIMG_0120.jpgSnoke - Frances Mahaffy....4 of 5
SnokeIMG_0121.jpgSnoke - Frances Mahaffy Should....5 of 5
SnokeIMG_0122.jpgSnoke - David Mhaffy I love my sister, January 1976
SnokeIMG_0123.jpgMary Arlena Snoke and David Alan wedding announcement 1978 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0124.jpgMary Arlena Snoke....2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0125.jpgSnoke - Francis Mahaffy note
SnokeIMG_0126.jpgSnoke note
SnokeIMG_0127.jpgSnoke - Rev and Mrs John W Mahaffy Mission News Briefs - Tulsa, OK
SnokeIMG_0128.jpgSnoke - Pastor Francis E Mahaffy Open Letter to President Carter Concerning Taiwan 01-12-1979
SnokeIMG_0129.jpgSnoke letter August 1979
SnokeIMG_0130.jpgSnoke - Trinity Presbyterian Church introduction
SnokeIMG_0131.jpgSnoke Orothodox Presbyterian Church bulletin 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0132.jpgSnoke Orthodox Presbyterian....2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0133.jpgSnoke - John Mahaffy The Face of a City 1975
SnokeIMG_0134.jpgSnoke - Francis E Mahaffy Social Justice September, 1963 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0135.jpgSnoke - Francis E Mahaffy Social....2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0136.jpgSnoke - Francis E Mahaffy The Causes of VIOLENCE , November 1965 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0137.jpgSnoke - Francis E Mahaffy The Causes....2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0140.jpgSnoke - Mahaffy's, Chicago Top L-R: Paul-16; Francis; James-19 Middle Row: Peter-12; John-20 Front Row: Mary-11; Samuel-14; Arlena; Elizabeth
SnokeIMG_0141.jpgSnoke - Francis E Mahaffy Socialism-Spiritual or Secular 1 of 5
SnokeIMG_0142.jpgSnoke - Francis E Mahaffy Socialism....2 of 5
SnokeIMG_0143.jpgSnoke - Francis E Mahaffy Socialism....3 of 5
SnokeIMG_0144.jpgSnoke - Francis E Mahaffy Socialism....4 of 5
SnokeIMG_0145.jpgSnoke - Francis E Mahaffy Socialism....5 of 5
SnokeIMG_0146.jpgSnoke - Tirnity Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Chicago bulletin 06-17-1979 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0147.jpgSnoke - Trinity Orothodox....2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0148.jpgSnoke - Trinity Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Chicago bulletin 01-07-1979 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0149.jpgSnoke - Trinity Orthodox Presbyterian...2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0150.jpgSnoke - Rev Francis Mahaffy Hypocrites in The Church 1 of 7
SnokeIMG_0151.jpgSnoke - Rev Francis Mahaffy....2 of 7
SnokeIMG_0152.jpgSnoke - Rev Francis Mahaffy....3 of 7
SnokeIMG_0153.jpgSnoke - Rev Francis Mahaffy....4 of 7
SnokeIMG_0154.jpgSnoke - Rev Francis Mahaffy....5 of 7
SnokeIMG_0155.jpgSnoke - Rev Francis Mahaffy....6 of 7
SnokeIMG_0156.jpgSnoke - Rev Francis Mahaffy....7 of 7
SnokeIMG_0157.jpgMartin Lee Snoke family notes
SnokeIMG_0158.jpgMartin L Snoke Snoke Reviews Student Services 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0159.jpgMartin L Snoke Snoke Reviews....2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0160.jpgMary Esther Snoke family notes
SnokeIMG_0161.jpgFanny Snoke family notes
SnokeIMG_0162.jpgSnoke - John Hoover Mahaffy family notes
SnokeIMG_0163.jpgSnoke - John H Mahaffy and Betty Porter family notes
SnokeIMG_0164.jpgVirginia Snoke Mahaffy family notes
SnokeIMG_0165.jpgSnoke - Francis Mahaffy family notes
SnokeIMG_0166.jpgSnoke - Francis Mahaffy family 1960
SnokeIMG_0167.jpgSnoke - Francis Mahaffy note
SnokeIMG_0168.jpgSnoke - Francis E Mahaffy - Garrett Langvad Community Center 06-27-1971 1 of 3
SnokeIMG_0169.jpgSnoke - Francis E Mahaffy - Garrett Langvad....2 of 3
SnokeIMG_0170.jpgSnoke - Francis E Mahaffy - Garrett Langvad....3 of 3
SnokeIMG_0171.jpgSnoke - F Mahaffy notes
SnokeIMG_0172.jpgSnoke - Rev Francis E Mahaffy Hands Clasped Across the Sea 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0173.jpgSnoke - Rev Francis E Mahaffy Hands....2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0174.jpgSnoke - Mildred Lorainne Mahaffy family notes
SnokeIMG_0175.jpgWinona Snoke family notes
SnokeIMG_0176.jpgLester Snoke Kelley family notes
SnokeIMG_0177.jpgSnoke - Lester Kelley Kelley Awarded Scout Vigil Honor 06-30-1966
SnokeIMG_0178.jpgSnoke - Pat Kelley Orono Stage Unique 03-21-1969
SnokeIMG_0179.jpgSnoke - Lester Kelley School Board Election Results May 1966
SnokeIMG_0180.jpgSnoke - Jim Kelley Benefit Nite 12-23-1969
SnokeIMG_0181.jpgSnoke - 'Jim Kelley Night' Benefit Game, Dance Set for Dec. 23 12-11-1969
SnokeIMG_0182.jpgSnoke - John Richard Kelley notes
SnokeIMG_0183.jpgSnoke - Lloyd Hoover Kelley family notes
SnokeIMG_0184.jpgSnoke - Elizabeth Susan Kelley family notes
SnokeIMG_0185.jpgSnoke - Howard and Elizabeth Norgaard Training African Teachers
SnokeIMG_0186.jpgSnoke - Kathleen Kelley family notes
SnokeIMG_0187.jpgSnoke - Kathleen, David, Lowell Peterson
SnokeIMG_0188.jpgSnoke - Thomas Barrett Kelley note
SnokeIMG_0189.jpgSnoke - Virginia Kelley family note
SnokeIMG_0190.jpgSnoke - William V Drew article
SnokeIMG_0191.jpgFrances Lora Snoke family notes
SnokeIMG_0192.jpgSnoke - Norva Luverne Stubbs family notes
SnokeIMG_0193.jpgSnoke - Vernon Ralph Stubbs family notes
SnokeIMG_0194.jpgMartin Hoover Snoke papers NOTE: complete document located in Snoke Family Folder 2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0195.jpgSnoke - Rev Francis E Mahaffy Ideological Warfare 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0196.jpgSnoke - Rev Francis E Mahaffy Ideological....2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0197.jpgSnoke Dads' Association letter 08-15-1966
SnokeIMG_0198.jpgSnoke - Mrs Lloyd L Kelley obituary 11-03-1955
SnokeIMG_0199.jpgSnoke family notes 1 of 4
SnokeIMG_0200.jpgSnoke family notes 2 of 4
SnokeIMG_0201.jpgSnoke family notes 3 of 4
SnokeIMG_0202.jpgSnoke family notes 4 of 4
SnokeIMG_0203.jpgSnokek scholarships can go unawarded 1 of 2
SnokeIMG_0204.jpgSnoke scholarships....2 of 2
SnokeIMG_0205.jpgMartin Snoke letter 01-09-1984
SnokeIMG_0206.jpgSnoke Suburban farmers make do during season of drought 1 of 3
SnokeIMG_0207.jpgSnoke Suburban....2 of 3
SnokeIMG_0208.jpgSnoke Suburban....3 of 3
SnokeIMG_0209.jpgSnoke notes NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 47
SnokeIMG_0210.jpgSnoke - Paul Lockwood obituary 09-23-1987 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, inside cover
SnokeIMG_0211.jpgEsther Snoke Johnson, wife of Oscar Johnson
SnokeIMG_0212.jpgOscar Johnson, husband of Alice Snoke Johnson
SnokeIMG_0213.jpgMary Snoke Hegdal "My Times" NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
SnowF060304-056.jpgSnow notes
SnowF060304-057.jpgSnow family notes
SnowF060304-058.jpgSnow notes
SnowF060304-059.jpgSnow notes
SnowF060304-060.jpgSnow notes
SnowF060304-061.jpgSnow notes
SnowF060304-062.jpgSnow notes
SnyderF060304-042.jpgNellie and John Snyder after the Titanic sank.... 1 of 2
SnyderF060304-043.jpgNellie and John Snyder....2 of 2
SnyderF060304-044.jpgFerdinand Snyder Obituary
SnyderF060304-045.jpgMrs John P Snyder Local 'Titantic' survivor honored
SnyderF060304-046.jpgNellie Snyder Titanic still sails in memories.... 1 of 2
SnyderF060304-047.jpgNellie Snyder....2 of 2
SnyderF060304-048.jpgEthel Snyder Your Neighbor
SnyderF060304-049.jpgSnyder notes
SnyderIMG.jpgRobert D Snyder obituary 09-30-1982
SnyderIMG_0001.jpgKenneth S Ken Snyder obituary 01-07-1984 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 3
SnyderIMG_0002.jpgMargaret [Hatcher] Snyder note
SoderholmIMG.jpgJoel Joe Soderholm obituary
SoleyF060305-001.jpgSharles Soley Obituary
SoleyF060305-002.jpgEdward Soley notes
SoleyF060305-003.jpgSoley notes
SoleyF060305-004.jpgSorley notes
SoleyF060305-005.jpgChalmer Soley accident
SoleyF060305-006.jpgChalmer Soley Obituary
SoleyF060305-007.jpgEdward and Alice Soley 50th anniversary
SoleyF060305-008.jpgChalmer Soley family
SoleyF060305-009.jpgChalmer Soley accident correction
SoleyF060305-010.jpgPeter Soley family notes
SoleyF060305-011.jpgCharles Soley, Manager closes business
SoleyF060305-012.jpgChalmer and Louise Soley accident
SoleyF060305-013.jpgChalmer Soley chimney fire
SoleyIMG.jpgChalmer Soley obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 3
SoleyIMG_0001.jpgChalmer Soley obituary
SoleyIMG_0002.jpgChalmer B Soley obituary 1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minute,s book number 5, page 3
SoleyIMG_0003.jpgLouise Soley obituary 1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 26
SoleyIMG_0005.jpgChalmer B Soley obituary 1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 3
SoleyIMG_0006.jpgChalmer Barton Soley obituary 01-14-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 3
SolieIMG.jpgPeter Solie, Uncle of Andrews Sisters, Dies Star Tribune 08-21-1963
SolomonF060305-014.jpgFred Solomon note
SomersF060305-015.jpgPaul Somers plat info
SoperF060305-016.jpgP Soper plat info
SopkoIMG.jpgEsther Sopko, 1936 Wayzata High School
SorensonF060305-017.jpgMildred Sorenson Millie memoir
SorensonF060305-018.jpgMildred A Sorenson memoir
SorensonF060305-019.jpgSorenson family notes
SorensonF060305-020.jpgSorenson 696 Harmony Circle Wayzata
SorensonF060305-021.jpgAmy Sorenson Obituary
SorensonF060305-022.jpgAmy Sorenson ...has recived the Chancellor's Award...
SorensonIMG.jpgMildred Sorenson Obituary 06-15-2000
SorensonIMG_0002.jpgJames P Sorenson memoriam 01-14-1890 - 11-25-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 38
SorensonIMG_0003.jpgMary Auld Woodley Sorensen obituary 06-15-1984. She worked to save the Big Ancient Cottonwood tree east end of Carmen's Bay Bridge NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 21
SorensonIMG_0004.jpgJim Sorenson note NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 38
SorensonIMG_001.jpgAlice Halverson Sorenson obituary 02-15-1987 NOTE: original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, apge 13
SoubaF060305-023.jpgSouba family notes 1 of 5
SoubaF060305-024.jpgSouba notes 2 of 5
SoubaF060305-025.jpgSouba notes 3 of 5
SoubaF060305-026.jpgSouba notes 4 of 5
SoubaF060305-027.jpgSouba ntoes 5 of 5
SoubaIMG.jpgEvelyn Ann Souba obituary November 1989 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 66
SowaIMG.jpgMay E Sowa obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 325
SpaffordF060305-028.jpgSpafford family notes
SpaffordF060305-029.jpgSpafford notes
SpaffordF060305-030.jpgSpafford notes
SpaffordF060305-031.jpgSpafford notes
SpaffordF060305-032.jpgSpafford notes
SpatesF060209-001.jpgSpates - Harriet Tourangeau ...Honored
SpatesF060209-002.jpgJustin Hance Spates memoir
SpatesF060209-003.jpgSimon Spates ...visitors...
SpatesF060209-004.jpgJ V Spates
SpatesF060209-005.jpgMrs S R Spates note
SpatesF060209-006.jpgSpates - Joan Tourangeau engagement
SpatesF060209-007.jpgSimon R Spates famil notes
SpatesF060209-008.jpgVarice Spates interview 1 of 3
SpatesF060209-009.jpgVarice Spates....2 of 3
SpatesF060209-010.jpgVarice Spates....3 of 3
SpatesF060209-011.jpgS R Spates ...there is quiet a road war....
SpatesF060209-012.jpgCarrie Spates memories 1 of 3
SpatesF060209-013.jpgCarie Spates....2 of 3
SpatesF060209-014.jpgCarie Spates....3 of 3
SpatesF060209-015.jpgSpates - 1904 The St Louis Worlds Fair and How to Get There 1 of 3
SpatesF060209-016.jpgSpates - Ground Plan of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, MO World's Fair
SpatesF060209-017.jpgSpates - 1904....2 of 3
SpatesF060209-018.jpgSpates - 1904....3 of 3
SpatesF060209-020.jpgCarrie Spates
SpatesF060209-021.jpgSpates - Elsie Stafford
SpatesF060209-022.jpgSpates - Ethel Stafford
SpatesF060209-023.jpgGeorge Spates
SpatesF060209-024.jpgSpates Oil Station at Smtih Bay
SpatesF060209-025.jpgMrs Carrie Spates
SpatesF060209-026.jpgSpates - Jessie Sanders in photo taken by John Sanders
SpatesF060209-029.jpgSpates ice boat
SpatesF060209-030.jpgSpates ice boat
SpatesF060209-031.jpgJ V Spates receipt
SpatesF060209-032.jpgSpates - Greeting card To Grandma from Tump
SpatesF060209-034.jpgSpates - Hennepin County Savings Bank Book
SpatesF060209-036.jpgS R and Carrie M Spates loan
SpatesF060209-037.jpgSpates - receipt for Real Estate Taxes 1915 1 of 6
SpatesF060209-038.jpgSpates....1 of 6
SpatesF060209-039.jpgSpates....3 of 6
SpatesF060209-040.jpgSpates....4 of 6
SpatesF060209-041.jpgSpates....5 of 6
SpatesF060209-042.jpgSpates....6 of 6
SpatesF060209-043.jpgGeorge N Spates death
SpatesF060209-044.jpgCarrie Spates notes
SpatesF060209-045.jpgSimon R and Carrie Spates loan payment
SpatesF060209-046.jpgS R & Carries M Spates receipt An Application for Insurance...
SpatesF060209-047.jpgS R and Carrie Spates purchase of property
SpatesF060209-049.jpgCarrie M Spates Quit-Claim Deed 1 of 2
SpatesF060209-050.jpgCarrie M Spates....2 of 2
SpatesF060209-053.jpgJ Spates promisary note
SpatesF060209-054.jpgCarrie M Spates loan statement
SpatesF060209-055.jpgCarrie M Spates - Wright County Bank
SpatesF060209-056.jpgS R Spates draft payment 1 of 2
SpatesF060209-057.jpgS R Spates....2 of 2
SpatesF060209-058.jpgS R Spates - Payment of CC Webber's interest
SpatesF060209-059.jpgSpates - Hattie Carleton proof of homestead
SpatesF060209-060.jpgSpates - Guy Smith payment on note
SpatesF060209-061.jpgGeorge Spates death
SpatesF060209-062.jpgCarrie M Spates request for statement on property taxes
SpatesF060209-063.jpgS R Spates receipt for renewal of Rent of Safe
SpatesF060209-064.jpgVance Spates oil tanks and gas station at Crystal Bay
SpatesF060209-065.jpgVance Spates gas station at Crystal Bay
SpatesF060209-066.jpgVance Spates gas station at Crystal Bank
SpatesF060209-067.jpgVance Spates oil tanks at Crystal Bay
SpatesF060209-069.jpgJames R Spates Contract of purchase
SpatesF060209-070.jpgCarrie M Spates Northern Pacific Railway ticket
SpatesF060209-071.jpgSpates - Hattie Carleton dental services receipt
SpatesF060209-072.jpgSimon R Spates letter regarding purchase of property
SpatesF060209-073.jpgSpates - Hattie Carlton Certificate of Vaccination 1918
SpatesF060209-075.jpgCarrie M Spates payment of note interest
SpatesF060209-076.jpgCarrie M Spates receipt of Delano Granite Works gravestone
SpatesF060209-077.jpgSpates - quotations
SpatesF060209-078.jpgSpates - Guy Smith note of no payment
SpatesIMG.jpgCarrie M Spates obituary 1953 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 360
SpatesIMG_0001.jpgSpates Ice Boat George Spates-1850; Simon Spates; Justen Spates, Harriet Spates Tourangeau; Joan Spates, Tourangeau, LeNoue
SpatesIMG_0002.jpgSpates - Museum Gets New Roof
SpatesIMG_0003.jpgSpates Long Lake The Centennial Year of incorporation and the 150th anniversary of original Plat of Long Lake
SpatesIMG_0004.jpgSpates - The farming eras for this region were:.......
SpatesIMG_0005.jpgVance Spates ice boat 1 of 2
SpatesIMG_0006.jpgVance Spates ice boat 2 of 2
SpatesIMG_0007.jpgSimon R Spates note. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 248
SpatesIMG_0008.jpgMary Turnham Snoke note
SpauldingF060314-001.jpgJacob L Spaulding plat info
SpauldingF060314-002.jpgOakes Spaulding and Jacob Spaulding plat info
SpauldingF060314-003.jpgSpaulding note
SpeckelIMG_0001.jpgMr & Mrs J W Speckle, standing: Frank Speckle; Maggie and Alex Speckle; Emma Snicker St John, 17 years old
SpeckelIMG_0002.jpgSpeckel-Ramola Wedding Bells
SpeckelIMG_0003.jpgSpeckel Here Are Still More Centennial Boards
SpeedyF060303-032.jpgWilliam Speedy plat info
SpencerF060303-033.jpgEdson Spencer Jr marriage
SpencerF060303-034.jpgArchibald Spencer ...Citizens League V-P
SpencerF060303-035.jpgEdson Spencer named President of United Way
SpencerF060303-036.jpgEdson Spencer
SpencerF060303-037.jpgEdson Spencer Picked as Honeywell Corporate V.P.
SpencerF060303-038.jpgJames M Spencer ...studying in Thailand...
SpencerIMG_0001.jpgDeforest Spencer obituary
SpencerIMG_0002.jpgDeforest Spencer obituary
SpencerIMG_0003.jpgSpencer Smith ledger books (1 of 5) from Spencer Smith's Orono Gardens Greenhouse NOTE: located in Spencer, Smith Family Folder
SpencerIMG_0004.jpgLyman Spencer Smith note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 210
SperryF060303-039.jpgSperry note
SplettstoeszerIMG_0001.jpgClarence A Splettstoeszer obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 70
SplettstoeszerIMG_0002.jpgClarence Splettstoeszer obituary NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book number 8, page 74
SpragueF060303-040.jpgJim Sprague of Long Lake
SpragueF060303-041.jpgSprague Products Company invoice
SpragueF060303-042.jpgSprague - Verhota Obituary
SpragueF060303-043.jpgSprague Decorators business card
SpragueF060303-044.jpgDonald W Sprague business card
SpragueF060303-045.jpgMrs J H Sprague illness
SpragueF060303-046.jpgDon Sprague Products Company
SpragueF060303-047.jpgDelphine W Sprague memoir
SpragueF060303-048.jpgSprague notes
SpragueF060303-049.jpgPhil Sprague Aberation of power
SpragueF060303-050.jpgDelphine Sprague, letter
SpragueF060303-051.jpgSprague - greeting card
SpragueF060303-054.jpgLee Sprague, son of Delphine Wolsfeld Sprague
SpragueF060303-055.jpgSprague house on North Arm, torn down 1971
SpragueF060303-056.jpgDelphine Sprague The Buckhorn
SpragueF060303-057.jpgDonald W Sprague memoir
SpragueF060303-058.jpgSprague notes
SpragueF060303-059.jpgMyron Sprague note and unidentified photo
SpragueF060303-060.jpgSprague Products Company invoice
SpragueF060303-061.jpgClara Sprague Interview
SpragueF060303-062.jpg? Sprague letter 1 of 2
SpragueF060303-063.jpg? Sprague letter 2 of 2
SpragueF060303-064.jpgMrs Ralph Sprague interview
SpragueF060303-065.jpgSprague of Orono Township
SpragueIMG.jpgDelphine Sprague, 1928 Autograph Album #16
SpragueIMG_0001.jpgDelphine Sprague 1927 Autograph Album #9
SpragueIMG_0002.jpgDelphine Sprague 1927 Autograph Album #7
SpringerIMG.jpgBernice J Springer memoriam 12-04-1920 - 10-12-1979
SpringerIMG_0001.jpgBernice F Springer memoriam 12-04-1920 - 10-12-1979
SpringerIMG_0003.jpgBernice Springer obituary 10-12-1979
SprungmanF060303-070.jpgSprungman notes
SpurzemF060303-072.jpgSpurzem - Bernard Becker family history 1 of 3
SpurzemF060303-073.jpgSpurzem - Bernard Becker....2 of 3
SpurzemF060303-074.jpgSpurzem - Bernard Becker....3 of 3
SpurzemF060303-075.jpgJacob Spurzem receipt
SpurzemF060303-076.jpgSpurzem 1880 Census
SpurzemF060303-077.jpgSpurzem family tree
SpurzemF060303-078.jpgSpurzem - Exerpt from the commetary from the historic Atlas about the Rhine province 1 of 2
SpurzemF060303-079.jpgSpurzem - Expert....2 of 2
SpurzemF060303-080.jpgSpurzem - John Eng US Citizenship document
SpurzemF060303-081.jpgJohn Jacob Spurzem Pioneer Families - 1 of 2
SpurzemF060303-082.jpgJohn Jacob Spurzem....2 of 2
SpurzemF060303-083.jpgJacob and Barbara Spurzem family note
SpurzemF060303-084.jpgSpurzem notes
SpurzemF060303-091.jpgLeRoy Spurzem
SpurzemF060303-092.jpgMary Susan Spurzem engagement
SpurzemIMG_0001.jpgLee A Spurzem obituary July 1981,
SpurzemIMG_0002.jpgLee Spurzem "Loretto man dies in cycle mishap" 07-29-1981
SpurzemIMG_0003.jpgLee A Spurzem obituary 07-29-1981
SquiresF060303-072.jpgDanny Squire lives.....
SquiresF060303-073.jpgDanny Squires
SquiresF060303-074.jpgDaniel Patrick Squires Mom's Rock Star
SquiresF060303-075.jpgDaniel P Squires memoir
SquiresIMG.jpgDaniel Squires obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 6, page 14
SquiresIMG_0001.jpgDaniel P Squires obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 6, page 11
SquiresIMG_0002.jpgSquires - ...with fatal crash NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 6, page 11
St JohnIMG_0034.jpgSt John, Doyle, Snicker-Snijckers, Giesen-Gijsen by MardelleMeyer DeCamp NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions
St John_LeverettIMG_0001.jpgLeverett Colburn St John memoriam 11-29-1865 - 07-22-1952
St John_LeverettIMG_0002.jpgSt John, Leverett - Lorraine Swenson marriage announcement 11-20-1948
St John_LeverettIMG_0003.jpgLizzie St John memoriam 08-22-1874 - 08-16-1956
St John_LeverettIMG_0004.jpgEva St John
St John_LeverettIMG_0005.jpgLeverett Colubrn St john obituary 07-22-1952
St John_LeverettIMG_0006.jpg-
St John_LeverettIMG_0007.jpgSt John, Leverett - Carl E Swenson obituary
St John_LeverettIMG_0008.jpgLeverett St John and Elizabeth St John headstone
St John_LeverettIMG_0009.jpgSt John, Leverett - Leve (tallest); Lizzie (extreme left); Ed and Florence Swenson; Dad and Mom, on right
St John_LeverettIMG_0010.jpgLeve and Lizzie St John
St John_LeverettIMG_0011.jpgSt John, Leverett - Maxine Jane Bruha birth announcement 03-20-1960
St John_LeverettIMG_0012.jpgLizzie and Leve St John
St John_LeverettIMG_0013.jpgEva St John
St John_LeverettIMG_0014.jpgLeve St John, center, Lizzie St John on right 1948
St John_LeverettIMG_0015.jpgSt John, Leverett - Frank and Eva Bruha
St John_LeverettIMG_0016.jpgEva St John, daughter of Leve and Lizzie
St John_LeverettIMG_0017.jpgLeve St John
St John_LeverettIMG_0018.jpgFlorence and Eva St John, Leve's daughter
St John_LeverettIMG_0019.jpgEvangelene M St John marriage announcement 06-02-1914
St John_LeverettIMG_0020.jpgLeverett St John, Watertown, Minnesota band 1889
St John_LeverettIMG_0021.jpgLeverett St John, Watertown, Minnesota band
St John_LeverettIMG_0022.jpgSt John, Leverett - Lorraine Swenson
St John_LeverettIMG_0023.jpgLeverett St John family tree
St John_LeverettIMG_0024.jpgSt John, Leverett garage. He is the gentleman with mustache in Interstate Car
St John_ZaddieIMG_0001.jpgCommencement Exercises MCMXIV NOTE: document located in Family Folder, St John, Zaddie
St John_ZaddieIMG_0002.jpgChase Zaidee, nee St John, gravestone
St-AubinIMG.jpgPhilip St Aubin Jr obituary 11-25-1930 - 08-20-1990
St-JohnF060303-093.jpgMr and Mrs Earl St John marriage
St-JohnF060303-094.jpgSt John - Kimberly K Meyer and Randy Lee O'Brien marriage
St-JohnF060303-095.jpgWalter St John - Churches are major part of Watertown
St-JohnF060303-096.jpgGladys St John Resident Feature
St-JohnF060303-097.jpgWalter St John memory
St-JohnF060303-098.jpgBenjamin F St John memoir
St-JohnF060303-099.jpgEmma St John Obituary
St-JohnF060303-100.jpgSt John - Back, L to R: Lizzie Teas, Mr. Flum, Agnes Barth. Front, L to R: Bert St. John, Otto Wallin, Tony Japs
St-JohnF060303-101.jpgWalter St John, watchmaker
St-JohnF060303-102.jpgL C St John, stage coach driver
St-JohnF060303-104.jpgSt John - Jennifer J Flynn memoir
St-JohnF060303-105.jpgWalter St John Obituary
St-JohnF060303-106.jpgMarjorie St John
St-JohnF060303-107.jpgSt John notes
St-JohnF060303-108.jpgEarl St John notes
St-JohnF060303-109.jpgBen St John interview
St-JohnF060303-110.jpgSt John notes
St-JohnF060303-111.jpgSt John - Gould Music Studios business card
St-JohnF060303-112.jpgMarjorie Helen St John Obituary
St-JohnF060303-113.jpgSt John - Esther C Peterson marriage
St-JohnF060303-114.jpgSt John - Donna A Teas marriage
St-JohnF060303-115.jpgLydia Marie Hell and Charles A Nelson marriage
St-JohnF060303-116.jpgEarl St. John - LaVerne M Gudbjarsson Obituary
St-JohnF060303-120.jpgSt John - Edwin E Shrader and Lottie E Halgren marriage
St-JohnF060602-007.jpgL-R: Doris Perry, Margaret Curtis, Merle Stubbs, Mrs Ford, Mary Snoke, Laverne St. John
St-JohnF060602-019.jpgIrma Olson and LaVerne St John
St-JohnF060602-032.jpgReverend Horn, Laverne St. John, Larry, and Kay Mather
St-JohnIMG.jpgBenjamin F St John memoriam 01-03-1965
St-JohnIMG_0004-4.jpgWayne D St John and Linda J Torell wedding announcement
St-JohnIMG_0014.jpgBack row: Mary Snicker, Joseph Snicker; Front Row: Emma Snicker and Benjamin St John 07-23-1901
St-JohnIMG_0015.jpgBurt and Mary St John 09-19-1942
St-JohnIMG_0017.jpgEmma St John; ?; Katie Stein; Bill Stein
St-JohnIMG_0028.jpgEarl R St John obituary
St-JohnIMG_0029.jpgLong Lake - Barbara A Floody (nee St John)
St-JohnIMG_0044.jpgMillicent F St John obituary
St-JohnIMG_0056.jpgBarbara Ann Carson [St John] obituary 07-06-2008
St-JohnIMG_0058.jpgMillicent F St John obituary
St-JohnIMG_0059.jpgB F St John obituary 1936
St-JohnIMG_0060.jpgB F St John photo album note
St-PeterF060303-117.jpgPeter St Peter plat info
StaakF060303-118.jpgCarl Staak plat info
StaffordIMG.jpgStafford genealogy
StaffordIMG_0001-01.jpgGeorge Stafford death notice Reporter 11-11-15
StaffordIMG_0001-12.jpgStafford family note
StaffordIMG_0001.jpgJohn Stafford note
StaffordIMG_000101.jpgJohn D Stafford, Territorial Pioneer Dies at Age of 81
StaffordIMG_00010201.jpgArthur Stafford article
StaffordIMG_00010301.jpgArthur Stafford ...the Orono assessor... - Wayzata Reporter 05-04-1916
StaffordIMG_0002-02.jpgStafford - Arthur Wyatt notice; Reporter 04-18-1915
StaffordIMG_0002-13.jpgF S Stafford note
StaffordIMG_0002.jpgStafford file: Left: Anna Stubbs, ?, ?,? ,? Rachel Stubbs Talbert, ?, Vinnie Stafford?, ?
StaffordIMG_000202.jpgStafford - Ruby E Wyatt memoriam 04-22-1982
StaffordIMG_0003-03.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0003-14.jpgStafford - note from Garnet and Fern Trimble
StaffordIMG_0003.jpgStafford unidentified
StaffordIMG_000303.jpgStafford - Lawrence Riley
StaffordIMG_0004-04.jpgRuby Stafford Aunt Ruby's 95th Birthday....
StaffordIMG_0004.jpgStafford - The Final Rite of Passage print, staffed by volunteers
StaffordIMG_000404.jpgArt Stafford family notes Note: picture not attached
StaffordIMG_0005-05.jpgStafford - A DeMoss Family in America cover page. NOTE: Complete Document may be found in Family Folder Stafford.
StaffordIMG_0005-16.jpgOliver Stafford note
StaffordIMG_0005.jpgStafford - Four generations: Elsie Twins, Babelle Stafford; Abbie (Duplicate in Smith File)
StaffordIMG_000505.jpgWalter H Stafford Letters from the Boys 07-11-1918
StaffordIMG_0006-06.jpgStafford family notes 1 of 6
StaffordIMG_0006-17.jpgHarry Stafford Member of Pioneer Minnetonka Family, Dies at Age 79 obituary
StaffordIMG_0006.jpgHazel Stafford
StaffordIMG_000606.jpgBenjamin Franklin Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0007-07.jpgStafford family notes 2 of 6
StaffordIMG_0007-18.jpgWalter H Stafford newspaper article
StaffordIMG_0007.jpgStafford - Rae; Ruby; Maude; Elsie
StaffordIMG_000707.jpgArthur Stafford, James Turnham, J G Maxwell have at last arrived at home 10-14-1915
StaffordIMG_0008-08.jpgStafford family notes 3 of 6
StaffordIMG_0008-19.jpgGeorge Stafford (By his daughter Mrs Lewellyn Capron)
StaffordIMG_0008.jpgEthel and ? Stafford
StaffordIMG_0009-09.jpgStafford family notes 4 of 6
StaffordIMG_0009-20.jpgArthur Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0009.jpgEthel Riley Stafford 02-+28-1885
StaffordIMG_0010-10.jpgStafford family notes 5 of 6
StaffordIMG_0010-21.jpgJohn Stafford obituary notice in Scrapbook 48, page 2
StaffordIMG_0010.jpgJohn Stafford House in better days-Built 1878 on County Road 84. Photo is just before the house and barn were torn down, March 1954
StaffordIMG_001010.jpgThomas Stafford note
StaffordIMG_0011-11.jpgStafford family notes 6 of 6
StaffordIMG_0011-22.jpgStafford - Mr & Mrs Thaddeus Capron letter 08-07-1960 1 of 2
StaffordIMG_0011.jpgStafford - Sonny Capron, Lew in Seabees
StaffordIMG_0012-23.jpgStafford - Mrs and Mrs Thaddeus Capron 2 of 2
StaffordIMG_0012.jpgStafford - L-R: Eleanor Benson; Rene Reilly; Meredith Capron; Mildred Capron
StaffordIMG_001212.jpgGeorge Stafford article Reporter 11-11-1915
StaffordIMG_0013-24.jpgOliver B Stafford obituary, Wayzata Reporter 12-02-1915
StaffordIMG_0013.jpgGuy Stafford - 6 months old
StaffordIMG_001313.jpgStafford - Arthur Wyatt note
StaffordIMG_0014-25.jpgGeorge Stafford notes 07-19-1959
StaffordIMG_0014.jpgEthel Reilly - 16 years old
StaffordIMG_001414.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0015-26.jpgAbbie B Stafford memoriam and notes 09-15-1884 - 10-13-1973
StaffordIMG_0015.jpgGuy Stafford - 16 years old
StaffordIMG_001515.jpgJ D Stafford Golden Wedding 02-17-1918
StaffordIMG_0016.jpgStafford unidentified
StaffordIMG_001616.jpgGeorge Washington Stafford note
StaffordIMG_0017-28.jpgEdith Stafford note
StaffordIMG_0017.jpgStafford - Edith and Harriet
StaffordIMG_001717.jpgWilliam Stafford note
StaffordIMG_0018-29.jpgEthel Stafford note
StaffordIMG_0018.jpgStafford - unidentified 04-21-1946
StaffordIMG_001818.jpgStafford - Tom Frick obituary
StaffordIMG_0019-30.jpgArt Stafford note
StaffordIMG_0019.jpgStafford unidentified
StaffordIMG_001919.jpgStafford - Ruby Wyatt note
StaffordIMG_0020.jpgStafford - Harriet; ?; Fred; Edna;?; ? 02-28-1885
StaffordIMG_002020.jpgEthel Stafford Riley note
StaffordIMG_0021-32.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0021.jpgStafford unidentified
StaffordIMG_002121.jpgOlive Stafford note
StaffordIMG_0022.jpgGuy Stafford 6 months old
StaffordIMG_002222.jpgStafford - Ruby Wyatt notes
StaffordIMG_0023-34.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0023.jpgGuy Stafford
StaffordIMG_002323.jpgArthur Stafford note
StaffordIMG_0024.jpgEthel and Elsie Stafford 02-22-1885
StaffordIMG_002424.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0025-36.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0025.jpgWalter Stafford
StaffordIMG_002525.jpgTom Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0026-37.jpgStafford note
StaffordIMG_0026.jpgArthur Stafford
StaffordIMG_002626.jpgJoe Stafford ntoes
StaffordIMG_0027.jpgHazel Stafford
StaffordIMG_002727.jpgElsie Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0028-39.jpgA Stafford note
StaffordIMG_0028.jpgArthur Stafford and Moses White
StaffordIMG_002828.jpgMrs Olive rB Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0029-40.jpgOliver Stafford note
StaffordIMG_0029.jpgArthur Stafford
StaffordIMG_002929.jpgWalter Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0030.jpgStafford - Ruby Wyatt 96th Birthday
StaffordIMG_003030.jpgArt Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0031.jpgStafford - Vernice McCarthy and mother, Ruby Wyatt article 03-22-1987
StaffordIMG_003131.jpgElsie Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0032.jpgStyner-Stafford reuinion at Minnetonka Beach 1937 - Standing: L-R: Frank Styner; Fred Stafford; Addie Stafford; Charles Styner; Mandy Styner; Edith Turnham; Marge Styner Dixon; Harriet Hehl; Vernon Hehl. Knealing: Vinnie Stafford. Seated: George Dixon; Harry Stafford; Daryl Hehl; Reba Ann Turnham; Betty Dixon; Ross Styner; Beth Hehl; Rhoda Turnham
StaffordIMG_003232.jpgRal Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0033.jpgStafford Family Hometead Aunt Ruby's 95th Birthday 01-12-1977 1 of 2
StaffordIMG_003333.jpgThomas Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0034.jpgStafford Family....2 of 2
StaffordIMG_003434.jpgElsie Stafford Capron notes
StaffordIMG_0035.jpgStafford - Sara Gildersleeve Weds William Wyatt, Orono 08-14-1969
StaffordIMG_003535.jpgStafford - Lawrence Riley 1918 notes
StaffordIMG_0036.jpgMrs Stafford memoriam 10-01-1890
StaffordIMG_003636.jpgVernice Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0037.jpgUncle George Stafford; Aunt Isabella; Guy; Maude
StaffordIMG_003737.jpgJoe Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0038.jpgStafford - Edith
StaffordIMG_003838.jpgArthur Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0039.jpgArthur Stafford
StaffordIMG_003939.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0040.jpgHarriet Stafford, Wayzata High School 1928
StaffordIMG_004040.jpgStafford - Will Wyatt notes
StaffordIMG_0041.jpgHarry and Addie Stafford and daughter
StaffordIMG_004141.jpgF S Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0042.jpgStafford unidentified
StaffordIMG_004242.jpgG W Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0043.jpgStafford unidentified
StaffordIMG_004343.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0044.jpgStafford unidentified 1918
StaffordIMG_004444.jpgStafford - ? Wyatt notes
StaffordIMG_004545.jpgStafford - Wyatts notes
StaffordIMG_0046.jpgStafford unidentified
StaffordIMG_004646.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0047.jpgStafford unidentified
StaffordIMG_004747.jpgStafford - Ruby Wyatt
StaffordIMG_004748.jpgStafford photo album note
StaffordIMG_004749.jpgArthur Stafford Log House, Stubbs Bay - On horse: Ted Maxwell; Louise Ray Maxwell-Arlie Maxwell; Hazel Stafford-Clark Maxwell; Standing: Arthur Stafford
StaffordIMG_004751.jpgGeorg Stafford note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 211
StaffordIMG_004752.jpgOliver B Stafford note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 211
StaffordIMG_004753.jpgJohn D Stafford note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 221
StaffordIMG_004754.jpgElla Stafford note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 226
StaffordIMG_004755.jpgIsabelle J Stafford NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 260
StaffordIMG_0048.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0049.jpgArt Stafford - Miss Winona Harris.....notes
StaffordIMG_0050.jpgArthur Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0051-62.jpgHarriet Stafford Hehl notes
StaffordIMG_0051.jpgJohn Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0052-63.jpgStafford note
StaffordIMG_0052.jpgStafford - Mrs ethel Reilly notes
StaffordIMG_0053-64.jpgStafford - Elvin Leslie Myers obituary
StaffordIMG_0053.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0054.jpgRuby Stafford Wyatt notes
StaffordIMG_0055-66.jpgHarry W Stafford obituary, Minneapolis Star 05-29-1957 NOTE: Also see Minnetonka Herald 06-06-1957. C A Stubbs Collection 1957; 55
StaffordIMG_0055.jpgStafford - Verna Wyatt notes
StaffordIMG_0056-67.jpgHarry Stafford Obituary for Harry Stafford age 79
StaffordIMG_0056.jpgMaude Benson Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0057-68.jpgA S Stafford obituary
StaffordIMG_0057.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0058.jpgThomas Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0059.jpgStafford photo notes
StaffordIMG_0060.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0061.jpgOliver Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0062.jpgTom Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0063.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0064.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0065.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0066.jpgJosephine Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0067.jpgOliver Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0068.jpgOliver B Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0069.jpgStafford - Robb Wyatt notes
StaffordIMG_0070.jpgH Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0071.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0073.jpgStafford - Edla J Wyatt memoriam 01-11-1976
StaffordIMG_0074.jpgJohn Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0075.jpgAddie B Stafford memoriam 10-13-1973
StaffordIMG_0076.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0077.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0078.jpgStafford notes
StaffordIMG_0079.jpgStafford - Susan B Sartwell obituary 03-05-1986
StaffordIMG_0080.jpgOliver Stafford notes
StaffordIMG_0081.jpgFred Stafford obituary
StaffordIMG_0082.jpgArthur Stafford notes NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 214
StaffordIMG_0084.jpgElla Stafford note
StaffordIMG_0085.jpgGeorge Stafford note
StaffordIMG_0086.jpgJohn D Stafford note
StaffordIMG_0087.jpgIsabelle J Stafford note
StaffordIMG_0088.jpgJosie Stafford
StaffordIMG_0089.jpgOliver Stafford note
StanchfieldF060303-121.jpgM Stanchfield plat info
StanchfieldF060303-122.jpgEffie Etta Stanchfield 90th birthday
StangelandF060303-126.jpgStangeland notes
StangelandF060303-127.jpgJ E Stangeland, real estate 1 of 2
StangelandF060303-128.jpgJ E Stangeland....2 of 2
StangelandF060303-129.jpgJames Stangeland notes
StangelandF060303-130.jpgStangeland notes
StangelandF060303-131.jpgJ E Stangland, P.M. Markville
StangelandF060303-132.jpgMrs James Stangland 53rd birthday
StangelandF060303-133.jpgStangeland Hotel Vendome advertisement
StangelandIMG.jpgjames E Stangeland note. The first line reads James E Stangland was born at Madison, Wisc., October 5, 1856. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1
StangelandIMG_0001.jpgJames E Stangeland note
StarkF060303-123.jpgStark family history
StarkIMG.jpgHoward V Stark obituary 03-30-2008
StarkeyF060304-001.jpgStarkey Laboratories
StarkeyF060304-002.jpgStarkey notes
StarkeyF060304-003.jpgRoy and Viola Starkey estate sale
StarkeyF060304-004.jpgStarkey & Starkey 1937 Orono WCTU Cookbook
StarkeyF060304-005.jpgR S Starkey plat drawing
StarkeyIMG.jpgRoy Starkey note
StattlineIMG.jpgMargret Stattine obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 25
StattsIMG.jpgJames J Statts obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 337
StearnsF060304-006.jpgSamuel Stearns plat info
StearnsF060304-007.jpgFrank Stearns note
StearnsF060304-008.jpgStearns notes
StearnsF060304-009.jpgJoseph W Stearns obituary
SteegeF060304-010.jpgWalter H Steege Obituary
SteegeIMG.jpgWalter Steege written interview 04-23-1971
SteeleF060304-011.jpgFranklin Steele notes
SteeleF060304-012.jpgFranklin Steele ...may be called the founder of Minneapolis.
SteeleF060304-013.jpgSteele notes
SteeleF060304-014.jpgFranklin Steele ...No other pioneer has been more prominent...
SteeleF060304-015.jpgFranklin Steele Prominent Pioneers
SteinIMG.jpgRegina Stein obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 334
SteinIMG_0001.jpgStein - Kate and Bill 50th Wedding Anniversary invitation
SteinIMG_0002.jpgStein - Clarence's wife; Uncle Bill; Aunt Katie; Clarence; Howard and unknown boy
SteinIMG_0003.jpgMr and Mrs Clarence Stein and son
SteinIMG_0004.jpgMr and Mrs Clarence Stein and son
SteinIMG_0005.jpgEtta Stein
SteinIMG_0006.jpgClarence, Katharine, Billy and Diane Stein - Christmas card
SteinIMG_0007.jpgBill and Kate Stein 50th Anniversary 10-23-1950
SteinIMG_0008.jpgMr and Mrs William Stein Anniversary announcement
SteinIMG_0009.jpgWillard A Stein Commencement 06-01-1942
SteinIMG_0010.jpgKatherine Marie Stein Commencement 06-02-1938
SteinIMG_0011.jpgWillard Anthony Stein and Marjorie Anne Lausen wedding invitation
SteinIMG_0012.jpgRosella katherine Stein and Alfred Vanderlinde wedding invitation
SteinIMG_0013.jpgClarence H Stein and Katharine Lucille wedding invitation
SteinIMG_0016.jpgUncle Will Stein, Aunt Kate, Clarence
StendahlF060304-016.jpgMrs C M Stendahl note
StendersonF060304-017.jpgPhyllis Walda Borth Stenderson Service of Worship
StendersonF060304-018.jpgStenderson notes
StendersonF060304-019.jpgPhyllis Stenderson Obituary
StevensF060404-005.jpgJohn H Stevens House
StevensF060404-006.jpgSimon Stevvens Glimpses of Early Clearwater
StevensF060404-007.jpgRoger J Stevens Great Friends Nonnie and Billie
StevensF060404-008.jpgWinfield R Stephens Jr engagement
StevensF060404-010.jpgAl Stevens ...Al Stevens Day.
StevensF060404-012.jpgFrank Stevens notes
StevensF060404-013.jpgSimon Stevens The First Settlers
StevensF060404-014.jpgJohn Harrington Stevens ..a founder of Minneapolis
StevensF060404-016.jpgStevens notes
StevensF060404-017.jpgStevens notes
StevensF060404-018.jpgStevens - Discoverer of Minnetonka and Builder of the First Dam
StevensF060404-019.jpgSimon Stevens ..First White Man at the Lake..
StevensF060404-020.jpgSimon Stevens Obituary
StevensF060404-021.jpgJohn H Stevens, Colonel history 1 of 4
StevensF060404-022.jpgJohn H Stevens....2 of 4
StevensF060404-023.jpgJohn H Stevens....3 of 4
StevensF060404-024.jpgJohn H Stevens....4 of 4
StevensF060404-025.jpgIgnatz Stephens plat info
StevensF060404-026.jpgLouise H Stevens death
StevensF060404-027.jpgJohn Stephens plat info
StevensF060404-028.jpgIgnatz Stephens notes
StevensF060404-029.jpgJohn Harrington Stevens ...The Shared Destiny... 1 of 9
StevensF060404-030.jpgJohn Harrington Stevens....2 of 9
StevensF060404-031.jpgJohn Harrington Stevens....3 of 9
StevensF060404-032.jpgJohn Harrington Stevens....4 of 9
StevensF060404-033.jpgJohn Harrington Stevens....5 of 9
StevensF060404-034.jpgJohn Harrington Stevens....6 of 9
StevensF060404-035.jpgJohn Harrington Stevens....7 of 9
StevensF060404-036.jpgRoger J Stevens....3 of 6
StevensF060404-037.jpgJohn Harrington Stevens....8 of 9
StevensF060404-038.jpgJohn Harrington Stevens....9 of 9
StevensF060404-039.jpgRoger J Stevens cards 1 of 6
StevensF060404-040.jpgRoger J Stevens....2 of 6
StevensF060404-041.jpgRoger J Stevens....4 of 6
StevensF060404-042.jpgRoger J Stevens....5 of 6
StevensF060404-043.jpgRoger J Stevens....6 of 6
StevensF060404-044.jpgJohn M Stevens, Colonel - family notes 1 of 4
StevensF060404-045.jpgJohn M Stevens....2 of 4
StevensF060404-046.jpgJohn M Stevens....3 of 4
StevensF060404-047.jpgJohn M Stevens....4 of 4
StevensF060404-048.jpgSimon Stevens family notes
StevensF060404-052.jpgMr Stevens Memorial of mail route
StevensF060404-053.jpgJohn H Stevens House needs YOU 1 of 2
StevensF060404-054.jpgJohn H Stevens House....2 of 2
StevensF060404-055.jpgJohn H Stevens ..a Mexican war veteran...
StevensF060404-056.jpgJohn H Stevens notes
StevensF060404-057.jpgJohn H Stevens Groups to restore city home
StevensF060404-058.jpgSimon Stevens notes
StevensF060404-059.jpgSimon Stevens Glimpses of Early Clearwater
StevensF060404-060.jpgSimon Stevens
StevensIMG_0045.jpgRuth Bovey Stevens "Just for Us" NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
StevensonF060308-022.jpgJohn Stevenson plat info
StevensonF060308-023.jpgStevenson notes
StevensonIMG.jpgMaude Stevenson obituary 1912
StewardIMG_0001.jpgDouglas P Steward, II letter 04-16-1976 1 of 3
StewardIMG_0002.jpgDouglas P Steward, II letter....2 of 3
StewardIMG_0003.jpgDouglas P Steward, II letter....3 of 3
StewartF060308-024.jpgStewart Family of Independence
StewartF060308-025.jpgStewart notes
StewartF060308-026.jpgCalvin Steward Obituary
StewartF060308-027.jpgCalvin Steward notes
StewartF060308-028.jpgStewart notes
StewartF060308-029.jpgStewart notes
StewartF060308-030.jpgOliver Stewart Delano School teacher
StewartF060308-031.jpgDick Stewart ...makes plea for used bikes and trikes 1 of 2
StewartF060308-032.jpgKathryn Stewart
StewartF060308-033.jpgDick Stewart....2 of 2
StewersF060308-034.jpgAddison Stewers plat info
StewersF060308-035.jpgStewers notes
StickneyIMG.jpgGuy Stickney obituary
StieneckerIMG.jpgAnna Marie Elsabein Stienecker, Ancestors of
StilesIMG.jpgJane Stiles Plouff note NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 6
StilesIMG_0001.jpgHazel R Stiles obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 33
StilesIMG_0002.jpgStiles - Aria E Svitak obituary 02-211981
StilesIMG_0003.jpgCharles A Stiles memoriam 02-05-1900 -04-10-1983
StilesIMG_0004.jpgCharles A Stiles obituary 04-10-1983
StimlerIMG.jpgForrest E Stimler obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 6
StimlerIMG_0001.jpgGilbert D Stimler obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 24
StimpsonF060308-036.jpgLovett Stimpson plat info
StimpsonF060308-037.jpgStimpson notes
StimpsonF060308-038.jpgStimpson notes
StinchfieldF060308-039.jpgStinchfield notes
StinerIMG.jpgAnne M Stiner note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 210
StinerIMG_0001.jpgAnne M Stiner note
StinsonF060117-001.jpgMaine Stinson....3 of 8
StinsonF060117-002.jpgMaine Stinson....4 of 8
StinsonF060117-003.jpgMaine Stinson....5 of 8
StinsonF060117-004.jpgMaine Stinson....6 of 8
StinsonF060117-005.jpgMaine Stinson....7 of 8
StinsonF060117-006.jpgMaine Stinson....8 of 8
StinsonF060117-007.jpgAlbion Stinson note 1 of 2
StinsonF060117-008.jpgAlbion Stinson....2 of 2
StinsonF060117-009.jpgStinson notes
StinsonF060117-011.jpgBen Stinson sale of household effects
StinsonF060117-012.jpgStinson - Irving DeGraff Obituary
StinsonF060117-013.jpgLawrence E Stinson Obituary
StinsonF060117-014.jpgStinson notes 1 of 5
StinsonF060117-015.jpgStinson notes 2 of 5
StinsonF060117-016.jpgStinson notes 3 of 5
StinsonF060117-017.jpgStinson notes 4 of 5
StinsonF060117-018.jpgStinson notes 5 of 5
StinsonF060117-019.jpgStinson - Mrs & Mrs Dan Fisher repeat vows
StinsonF060117-020.jpgStinson note
StinsonF060117-021.jpgStinson note
StinsonF060117-022.jpgStinson note
StinsonF060117-023.jpgStinson Family 150th Anniversary in Hennepin County
StinsonF060117-024.jpgMaine Stinsons
StinsonF060117-025.jpgStinson Lincoln 1850 census
StinsonF060117-026.jpgStinson notes
StinsonF060117-027.jpgMaine Stinson notes 1 of 8
StinsonF060117-028.jpgMaine Stinson....2 of 8
StinsonIMG.jpgJohn Stinson obituary 1954
StinsonIMG_0001.jpgDora Lee Stinson obituary 1954
StinsonIMG_0004.jpgLouis E Stinson obituary, wife Esther 10-25-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 43
StinsonIMG_0005.jpgSinston - Ross Styner notes NOTE: original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 14
StinsonIMG_0006.jpgEsther M Stinson obituary 09-22-1984, daughter of Charles Cox NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 30
StinsonIMG_0007.jpgEsther Mae Stinson memoriam 05-12-1892 - 09-21-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 30
StinsonIMG_0011.jpgRichard Varner Stinson service 08-25-1930 - 11-13-1993 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 28
StinsonIMG_0012.jpgLaurence R Stinson obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 73
StinsonIMG_0013.jpgLaurence R Stinson obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 76
StinsonIMG_0014.jpgBetty Jane Stinson obituary 04-16-2012
StinsonIMG_0015.jpgBetty Jane Virginia Stinson 05-24-1919 - 04-16-2012 - Celebration of life 1 of 2
StinsonIMG_0016.jpgBetty Jane Virginia Stinson 05-24-1919 - 04-16-2012 - Celebration of life 2 of 2
StinsonIMG_0017.jpgLaurence R Stinson obituary
StoneF060308-040.jpgStone family notes
StoneF060308-041.jpgStone notes
StoneF060308-042.jpgStone notes
StoneF060308-043.jpgMorton B Stone notes
StoneF060308-044.jpgMr and Mrs Bruce Stone A Sad Swan Song
StoneF060308-045.jpgStone family notes
StoneF060308-046.jpgHarold W Stone, M.D. business card
StoneF060308-047.jpgMorton B Stone family history 1 of 2
StoneF060308-048.jpgMorton B Stone....2 of 2
StonemanF060308-049.jpgMarjory Stoneman Douglas Person of the Week
StonemanF060308-050.jpgHarrison Stoneman Jr notes
StonemanF060308-051.jpgMark David Stoneman, Dr. family notes
StonemanF060308-052.jpgFrank E Stoneman note 1 of 2
StonemanF060308-053.jpgFrank E Stoneman note 2 of 2
StonemanF060308-054.jpgMarjorey Stoneman Douglas- Saving a fountain 1 of 2
StonemanF060308-055.jpgMarjorie Stoneman Douglas....2 of 2
StonemanF060308-056.jpgMarjory Stoneman Douglas The Everglades: River of Grass
StonemanF060308-057.jpgMarjory Stoneman Douglas ...crusader...
StonemanF060308-058.jpgO A Stoneman notes
StonemanF060308-059.jpgFrank B Stoneman ...Noted Florida Newsman, Succumbs
StonemanF060308-060.jpgFrank Stoneman Biography of Judge Stoneman... 1 of 3
StonemanF060308-061.jpgFrank Stone....2 of 3
StonemanF060308-062.jpgFrank Stoneman....3 of 3
StotroenF060308-064.jpgAlbert and Caroline Stotroen notes
StrandIMG.jpgLouise Strand Deaths of mother, daughter a puzzle 03-16-1983
StrandIMG_0001.jpgLouise Ritchie Strand obituary 03-15-1983
StrandIMG_0002.jpgLouise Ritchie Strand obituary
StrattonF060308-065.jpgStratton notes
StrattonF060308-066.jpgStratton notes
StrattonF060308-067.jpgStratton notes
StrattonF060308-068.jpgLevi W Stratton ...nearly starved...
StrattonF060308-069.jpgLevi W Stratton of Excelsior
StrattonF060308-070.jpgLevi W Stratton Minnesota Atlas 1874 by Andreas
StrawF060308-071.jpgElizabeth Straw notes
StrawF060308-072.jpgStraw family notes
StrawIMG.jpgMichael Straw obituary
StreaterIMG.jpgLewis E Streater obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 322
StreeterIMG.jpgDonald S Streeter obituary 03-28-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 16
StriebelF060308-072.jpgStriebel notes
StriebelF060308-073.jpgStriebel notes
StriebelF060308-074.jpgStriebel notes
StriebelF060308-075.jpgStriebel notes
StriebelF060308-076.jpgStriebel notes
StriebelF060308-077.jpgLeontine Striebel marriage
StriebelF060308-078.jpgAgatha Striebele marriage
StriebelF060308-079.jpgFiedel Striebel plat info
StriebelF060308-080.jpgJosephine Striebel marriage
StriebelIMG.jpgStriebel - L-R: Olive Striebel; Marie Striebel; Stella Striebel; Isabelle Striebel; Amos Dayon; Archie Dayon; Clinton Thies; ?; Cliff Raskob
StriebelIMG_0001.jpgStreibel - Isabelle Marie Dayon memoriam 11-08-2008 1 of 2
StriebelIMG_000101.jpgAnna M Striebel memoriam 12-29-1887 - 05-26-1977
StriebelIMG_0002.jpgStriebel - Isabelle Marie Dayon memoriam 2 of 2
StriebelIMG_000202.jpgJohn Striebel memoriam 12-12-1884 - 09-27-1957 2 of 2
StriebelIMG_0003.jpgJohn Striebel memoriam 1 of 2
StromIMG.jpgAlberta Strom obituary
StromIMG_0001.jpgAnita Strom obituary 11-18-1985 NOTE; original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 53
StrombergF060308-095.jpgStromberg notes
StrombergF060308-096.jpgStromberg notes
StrombergF060308-097.jpgStromberg notes
StrombergF060308-098.jpgStromberg notes
StrombergF060308-099.jpgStromberg notes
StrombergF060308-100.jpgStromberg notes
StrombergF060308-101.jpgJohn Stromberg plat info
StrombergF060308-102.jpgJohn Stromberg Pan-American Exposition Honorable Mention
StrombergIMG.jpgJohn Stromberg notes. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 240-241. Last sentence reads Later he located at Long lake, MN hwere he lived for 37 years, during which time he engaged in fruit growin. He was awarded honorable mention at the....(continued )
StrombergIMG_0001.jpgAnnette Stromberg obituary 02-10-1983
StrombergIMG_0002.jpgJohn Stromberg notes.....2 of 2
StrombergIMG_0003.jpgJohn Strmberg note
StromboldtF060308-081.jpgO Strombolt plat info
StrongF060308-082.jpgVirigina Sweatt Strong death
StrongF060308-083.jpgVirginia Sweatt Strong Obituary
StrongF060308-084.jpgMrs Buxton Strong
StrongF060308-085.jpgLucius S Strong, Treasurer Hennepin County Republican Finance Committee
StrongF060308-086.jpgDana and Lucian Strong
StrongF060308-087.jpgL S Strong sale of property
StrongF060308-088.jpgGrace Swift Strong Obituary
StrongF060308-089.jpgMr and Mrs William Strong
StrongF060308-090.jpgRuxton Robert Strong marriage
StrongF060308-091.jpgMrs Buxton Strong ...Brings Savvy to Ball
StrongF060308-092.jpgS B Strong plat info
StrongF060308-093.jpgStrong notes
StrongIMG_0004.jpgLucian Swift Strong obituary NOTE; original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 4
StrongIMG_0005.jpgRuxton R Strong obituary 3-30-1982
StrudwickF060308-094.jpgStrudwick notes
StubbsEllen Butterfiled Stubbs.jpgEllen Butterfield Stubbs
StubbsF051015-001.jpgStubbs - Mary Grave
StubbsF051015-002.jpgPhyllis Katherine Stubbs memoir
StubbsF051015-003.jpgStubbs - Seth Neddermeyer Also noted
StubbsF051015-004.jpgLois Lee Stubbs (Figi) Obituary
StubbsF051015-005.jpgStubbs - Mr and Mrs Emory White and grandchildren
StubbsF051015-006.jpgIone Stubbs Koch memoir
StubbsF051015-007.jpgDavid N Stubbs Obituary
StubbsF051015-009.jpgRoger Avery Stubbs memoir
StubbsF051015-010.jpgWillard Stubbs notes
StubbsF051015-011.jpgMr and Mrs Milton Stubbs notes
StubbsF051015-012.jpgStubbs - Allen Grave notes
StubbsF051015-013.jpgEllen B Stubbs memoir
StubbsF051015-014.jpgBill and Lillian Stubbs 50th anniversary
StubbsF051015-015.jpgPaul Stubbs Obituary
StubbsF051015-016.jpgConstance L Stubbs Obituary
StubbsF051015-017.jpgStubbs - Mark McCulley ...elected to 1988 Turkey Council
StubbsF051015-018.jpgStubbs notes
StubbsF051015-019.jpgStubbs notes
StubbsF051015-020.jpgRachael Caroline Stubbs notes
StubbsF051015-021.jpgAvery Stubbs receipes
StubbsF051015-022.jpgStubbs - poem found in wallet
StubbsF051015-023.jpgAlice H Stubbs memoir
StubbsF051015-024.jpgPhyllis and Elwiyn Stubbs 50th anniversary, married May 23, 1936
StubbsF051015-025.jpgRobert Stubbs ...Maple Plain Explorers....
StubbsF051015-026.jpgCherry Stubbs The story of one eager volunteer...
StubbsF051015-027.jpgAvery Stubbs (Tim) death
StubbsF051015-029.jpgCherry Stubbs..Dreams Come True...
StubbsF051015-030.jpgConnie Stubbs notes
StubbsF051015-031.jpgStubbs - Ken and Tania Dingmann. Children: Jeff, Melissa and Andrew
StubbsF051015-032.jpgVictoria Eileen Stubbs as baby
StubbsF051015-033.jpgStubbs - Milton Stubbs family - Myrtle, Milton, Mabel, Val, Elma, Elizabeth, Roger, Bessie
StubbsF051015-034.jpgCherry Stubbs received... 1 of 5
StubbsF051015-035.jpgCherry Stubbs....2 of 5
StubbsF051015-036.jpgCherry Stubbs....3 of 5
StubbsF051015-037.jpgCherry Stubbs....4 of 5
StubbsF051015-038.jpgCherry Stubbs....4 of 5
StubbsF051015-040.jpgRoager and Ellen Stubbs at East Union farm 1921
StubbsF051015-041.jpgStubbs - Grandchildren of Frank and Sarah Butterfield
StubbsF051015-042.jpgMilton A Stubbs
StubbsF051015-043.jpgRoger Avery and Rena Stubbs ..Chamber's man of the year 1 of 2
StubbsF051015-045.jpgRoger Avery Stubbs....2 of 2
StubbsF051015-046.jpgRoger Stubbs
StubbsF051015-048.jpgStubbs - Paul Otto Winnen Obituary
StubbsF051015-049.jpgCherry C Stubbs Obituary
StubbsF051015-050.jpgCherry Stubbs memorial service
StubbsF051015-051.jpgCherry C Stubbs tribute to 1 of 6
StubbsF051015-052.jpgCheryl C Stubbs...2 of 6
StubbsF051015-053.jpgCheryl C Stubbs....3 of 6
StubbsF051015-054.jpgCheryl C Stubbs....4 of 6
StubbsF051015-055.jpgCheryl C Stubbs....5 of 6
StubbsF051015-056.jpgCheryl C Stubbs....6 of 6
StubbsF051015-057.jpgStubbs - 2920 Fox Street drawing
StubbsF051015-058.jpgCherry C Stubbs memoir
StubbsF051015-059.jpgRoger Avery Stubbs memoir 1 of 6
StubbsF051015-060.jpgRoger Avery Stubbs....2 of 6
StubbsF051015-061.jpgRoger Avery Stubbs....3 of 6
StubbsF051015-062.jpgRoger Avery Stubbs....4 of 6
StubbsF051015-063.jpgRoger Avery Stubbs....5 of 6
StubbsF051015-064.jpgRoger Avery Stubbs....6 of 6
StubbsF051015-065.jpgAvery Stubbs We Heard About a Certain Woman 1 of 7
StubbsF051015-066.jpgAvery Stubbs We....2 of 7
StubbsF051015-067.jpgAvery Stubbs We....3 of 7
StubbsF051015-068.jpgAvery Stubbs We....4 of 7
StubbsF051015-069.jpgAvery Stubbs We....5 of 7
StubbsF051015-070.jpgAvery Stubbs We....6 of 7
StubbsF051015-071.jpgAvery Stubbs We....7 of 7
StubbsF051015-072.jpgAvery Stubbs writing about Hennepin County 1 of 3
StubbsF051015-073.jpgAvery Stubbs writing....2 of 3
StubbsF051015-074.jpgAvery Stubbs writing....3 of 3
StubbsF051015-075.jpgRoger A Stubbs Obituary
StubbsF051015-076.jpgAvery Stubbs Museum founder Avery Stubbs dies after lengthy illness
StubbsF051015-077.jpgAvery Stubbs notes 1987
StubbsF051015-078.jpgStubbs family history 1 of 3
StubbsF051015-079.jpgStubbs family....2 of 3
StubbsF051015-080.jpgStubbs family....3 of 3
StubbsF060810-001.jpgStubbs notes
StubbsF060810-002.jpgAlice H Stubbs Obituary
StubbsIMG-002.jpgRoger Avery Stubbs memoriam 07-30-1990
StubbsIMG-1.jpgPhil Stubbs Going to Market
StubbsIMG-304.jpgFrank Stubbs y 1/c United States Navy World War II, 1943
StubbsIMG.jpgMr and Mrs Roger Stubbs hold open house for Mr and Mrs Frank Stubbs
StubbsIMG_0001-1 (1).jpgStubbs Heritage....2 of 17
StubbsIMG_0001-1 (10).jpgStubbs Heritage....11 of 17
StubbsIMG_0001-1 (11).jpgStubbs Heritage....12 of 17
StubbsIMG_0001-1 (12).jpgStubbs Heritage....13 of 17
StubbsIMG_0001-1 (13).jpgStubbs Heritage....14 of 17
StubbsIMG_0001-1 (14).jpgStubbss Heritage....15 of 17
StubbsIMG_0001-1 (15).jpgStubbs Heritage....16 of 17
StubbsIMG_0001-1 (16).jpgStubbs Heritage....17 of 17
StubbsIMG_0001-1 (2).jpgStubbs Heritage....3 of 17
StubbsIMG_0001-1 (3).jpgStubbs Heritage....4 of 17
StubbsIMG_0001-1 (32).jpgEllen Stubbs - Three Thousand One Hundred and Thirty Five Years 1 of 2
StubbsIMG_0001-1 (33).jpgStubs Heritage Cooking Generations of Fine Cooks 1 of 17
StubbsIMG_0001-1 (4).jpgStubbs Heritage....5 of 17
StubbsIMG_0001-1 (5).jpgStubbs Heritage....6 of 17
StubbsIMG_0001-1 (6).jpgStubbs Heritage...7 of 17
StubbsIMG_0001-1 (7).jpgStubbs Heritage....8 of 17
StubbsIMG_0001-1 (8).jpgStubbs Heritage....9 of 17
StubbsIMG_0001-1 (9).jpgStubbs Heritage....10 of 17
StubbsIMG_0001-2.jpgBernice Stubbs obituary 03-07-2001
StubbsIMG_0001.jpgR-L: Myrtle Stubbs; Elma Stubbs; Val Stubbs; Wasson; Cecil Gideon; Bessie Stubbs
StubbsIMG_000101.jpgLyndon Bill Sherwood Stubbs memoriam 1 of 2
StubbsIMG_0002-3.jpgRobert Stubbs Air Force Reserve Airman graduation announcement
StubbsIMG_000202.jpgLyndon Bill Sherwood Stubbs memoriam 2 of 2
StubbsIMG_000303.jpgLyndon Bill Sherwood Stubbs memoriam
StubbsIMG_000304.jpgRoger Avery Stubbs (Tim) obituary
StubbsIMG_000305.jpgStubbs photo album note
StubbsIMG_0012.jpgMedie Stubbs Sellman seated
StubbsIMG_0025.jpgCurtis Stubbs obituary
StubbsIMG_0034.jpgEllen Stubbs Three Thousand One Hundred and Thirty Five Years....1959 2 of 2
StubbsIMG_0036.jpgRoger Stubbs dies at 98; key figure in area history
StubbsIMG_0064.jpgJohn Sellman married Almeda Stubbs
StubbsIMG_0065.jpgMilo Alvador Stubbs note. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 250
StubbsIMG_0066.jpgEsther Ann Stubbs note. NOTE: Original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 254 and 255 1 of 2
StubbsIMG_0067.jpgEsther Ann Stubbs note.....2 of 2
StubbsIMG_0306.jpgRolla Stubbs notes
StubbsIMG_0308.jpgStubbs Theatre crossing
StubbsIMG_0309.jpgStubbs United Swedish Midsummer Celebration Program
StubbsIMG_0313.jpgStubbs unidentified
StubbsIMG_0315.jpgAvery Stubbs collection unidentified 1958
StubbsIMG_0316.jpgMrs Nathan Stubbs Last Rites Held for Mrs Stubbs
StubbsIMG_0317.jpgStubbs - Fifty-five Year Old Club Met Sunday at Stubbs Bay NOTE: document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Booxk Number 2
StubbsIMG_0318.jpgStubbs - Stubbs Family Reunion Attended by 70 Persons NOTE: Original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Mintues, Book Number 2
StubbsIMG_0319.jpgHelen Stubbs Allen obituary NOTE: original documetn located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 229
StubbsIMG_0320.jpgAvery Stubbs Log Book cover 1 of 2 NOTE: located in Stubbs Family Folder
StubbsIMG_0321.jpgAvery Stubbs Log Book....2 of 2
StubbsIMG_0322.jpgGuy Snoke; Roger Stubbs; Monroe Nystrom - boating on Maxwell's Bay 1900-1905
StubbsIMG_0323.jpgWilliam Henry Stubbs obituary 1954. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 300
StubbsIMG_0324.jpgLydia Howell Grave Stubbs notes
StubbsIMG_0325.jpgStubbs - Union Cemetery notes
StubbsIMG_0326.jpgAvery Stubbs - letter of condolences 08-02-1990
StubbsIMG_0327.jpgRoger Avery Stubbs memoriam 03-24-1910 - 07-30-1990
StubbsIMG_0328.jpgW H Stubbs obituary correction 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 302
StubbsIMG_0329.jpgWilliam Enos Stubbs obituary 1953 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 302
StubbsIMG_0331.jpgJosephine McArty Stubbs....2 of 2
StubbsIMG_0332.jpgJoel Stubbs note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 209
StubbsIMG_0333.jpgMargaret A Stubbs note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 210
StubbsIMG_0334.jpgAnna J Subbs note NOTE: original documetn located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 217
StubbsIMG_0335.jpgMilton A Stubbs note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 218
StubbsIMG_0336.jpgCharles Rolla Stubbs note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 222
StubbsIMG_0337.jpgWilliam Stubbs, Mrs Carrie Gideon Chapman, Joe Gideon They Sing at 'Tonka Picnic
StubbsIMG_0338.jpgNathan John Stubbs home, looking south over Smith Bay, Lake Minnetonka. This conrfield now on Rogers-Welles-Feldman place and this is a few hundred feet west of Brackett's Point. Off shore was a fine neighboring fishing ground. Stubbs raised grapes - acres of them.
StubbsIMG_0339.jpgCraig F Klotter obituary 04-28-1985, son of Charles and Madge [Stubbs] Klotter. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 19
StubbsIMG_0340.jpgRobert G Stubbs 03-11-1901 - 11-22-1985, St Paul. son of Valentine and Maude L G Stubbs NOTE; original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 47
StubbsIMG_0341.jpgDavid M Stubbs memoriam NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 10
StubbsIMG_0342.jpgDavid M Stubbs obituary NOTE: original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book numbedr 3, page 10
StubbsIMG_0343.jpgAlice Stubbs Williams note NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 29
StubbsIMG_0344.jpgPhyllis K Stubbs obituary 01-15-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 5
StubbsIMG_0345.jpgAlice H Stubbs obituary 02-26-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 14
StubbsIMG_0346.jpgAlice H Stubbs memoriam 03-02-1891 - 02-24-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 14
StubbsIMG_0347.jpgLuisa Stubbs NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 267
StubbsIMG_0349.jpgRobert Stubbs NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 267
StubbsIMG_0350.jpgRay Walker note NOTE: Document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 55
StubbsIMG_0351.jpgElwyn C Stubbs obituary 02-20-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 12
StubbsIMG_0352.jpgFlorence Lindstrom obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 37
StubbsIMG_0353.jpgStubbs - Florence J Lindstrom memoriam 10-28-1892 - 06-27-1989, daugher of Milo and Lou [Cook] Stubbs NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 37
StubbsIMG_0354.jpgWillard Stubb - bridge near Groveland
StubbsIMG_0355.jpgAvery Stubbs Symposium 10-26-1974 1 of 2
StubbsIMG_0356.jpgAvery Stubbs Symposium 10-26-74 2 of 2
StubbsIMG_0357.jpgRobert Stubbs note
StubbsIMG_0358.jpgMinnie Budd Stubbs note
StubbsIMG_0359.jpgMilton A Stubbs note
StubbsIMG_0360.jpgMilo Alvadore Stubbs note
StubbsIMG_0361.jpgMary Brooks Stubbs note
StubbsIMG_0362.jpgMargaret A Stubbs note
StubbsIMG_0363.jpgLuisa Stubbs note
StubbsIMG_0364.jpgJoel Stubbs note
StubbsIMG_0365.jpgStubbs - Judge Luther W Youngdahl obituary
StubbsIMG_0366.jpgDorothy Stubbs obituary
StubbsIMG_0367.jpgMrs J Stubbs notes
StubbsIMG_0368.jpgNettie Stubbs Smith Roed note
StubbsIMG_0369.jpgStubbs letter 03-28-1973 1 of 3
StubbsIMG_0370.jpgStubbs letter 2 of 3
StubbsIMG_0371.jpgStubbs letter 3 of 3
StubbsIMG_0372.jpgKenneth M Stubbs obituary 08-1983, son of Ulysses
StubbsIMG_0373.jpgRoger Milton Stubbs obituary 02-05-1981
StubbsIMG_0374.jpgRoger Milton Stubbs memorial service
StubbsIMG_0375.jpgRogert Milton Stubbs "....dies at 98; key figure in area history" 02011981
StubbsIMG_0376.jpgRoger Milton Stubbs note
StubbsIMG_0378.jpgRogerm Milton Stubbs memoriam 10-22-1882 - 02-05-1981
StubbsIMG_0381.jpgCarrie Stubbs Smart note
StubbsIMG_0382.jpgStubbs - Harry Charles Smart note
StubbsIMG_0383.jpgAnna J Stubbs note
StubbsIMG_0384.jpgCharles Rolle Stubbs note
StubbsIMG_0385.jpgElizabeth E Stubbs note
StubbsIMG_0386.jpgEsther Ann Stubbs note
StubbsIMG_0387.jpgHenry Stubbs Family of Lake Minnetonka NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
StubbsIMG_0389.jpgRoger and Ellen Stubbs "Minnesota Memories" NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
StubbsLyndon (Bill) Stubbs Funeral 001.jpgLyndon Sherwood Stubbs Bill - memoir
StubbsLyndon (Bill) Stubbs Funeral 002.jpgLyndon (Bill) Stubbs funeral
StubbsRoger Milton Stubbs.jpgRoger Milton Stubbs
StubbsRolla Stubbs House.jpgRolla Stubbs House
StuckmayerIMG.jpgJack John Stuckmayer obituary and notes 10-03-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 33
StumpfART-WaddellMayme-UofMDiploma1930.jpgStumpf - Mamie Elizabeth Waddell BS degree
StumpfF060316-024.jpgStumpf notes
StumpfF060316-025.jpgLeo Stumpf notes 1 of 2
StumpfF060316-026.jpgLeo Stumpf notes 2 of 2
StumpfF060316-027.jpgFrank and Josephine Stumpf notes
StumpfF060316-028.jpgStumpf notes
StumpfF060316-029.jpgDoug Stumpf marriage
StumpfF060602-018.jpgMary Stumpf who married Virgil Eisinger, daughter of August Stumpf and Alice Rixon, sister of George Stumpf
StumpfF061125 001.jpgStumpf - Elizabeth Garvey mother of Emily Rixon
StumpfF061125 002.jpgUnidentified
StumpfF061125 003.jpgUnidentified
StumpfF061125 004.jpgStumpf - Mamie Elizabeth Waddell BS degree
StumpfF061125 005.jpgUnidentified
StumpfF061125 006.jpgUnidentified
StumpfF061125 007.jpgStumpf - Alyssa Coltrane
StumpfF061125 008.jpgStumpf - Alyssa Coltrane
StumpfF061125 009.jpgStumpf - Alyssa Coltrane
StumpfF061125 010.jpgStumpf - Alyssa Coltrane
StumpfFAM-ColtraneAlyssa-2006-1.jpgStumpf - Alyssa Coltrane
StumpfFAM-ColtraneAlyssa-2006-2.jpgStumpf - Alyssa Coltrane
StumpfFAM-ColtraneAlyssa-2006-3.jpgStumpf - Alyssa Coltrane
StumpfFAM-EisingerFrankWeddingParty-1.jpgStumpf - Eisinger wedding party
StumpfFAM-EisingerVirgil-AsBoy5x7.jpgStumpf - Virgil Eisinger as boy
StumpfFAM-GarveyElizabeth-MotherOfEmilyRixon.jpgStumpf- Elizabeth Garvey, mother of Emily Rixon
StumpfFAM-RixonMartha.jpgStumpf - Martha Rixon
StumpfFAM-Stumpf-EugeneGerome-1.jpgEugene and Gerome Stumpf
StumpfFAM-Stumpf-Frank1.jpgFrank Stumpf
StumpfFAM-Stumpf-George-1.jpgGeorge Stumpf
StumpfFAM-Stumpf-GeorgeLorraine2003-1.jpgGeorge and Lorraine Stumpf 2003
StumpfFAM-Stumpf-Leo-And-Regina-c1881.jpgLeo and Regina Stumpf c1881
StumpfFAM-Stumpf-LeoSignatureMedinaConst-1.jpgLeo Stumpf signature, Medina Const.
StumpfFAM-Stumpf-MaryMerz-1.jpgMary Merz Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfAlice-1930s-ByHouse.jpgAlice Stumpf, 1930s, by house
StumpfFAM-StumpfAlice-1930s-Closeup.jpgAlice Stumpf 1930s
StumpfFAM-StumpfAlice-21.jpgAlice Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfAlice-7.jpgAlice Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfAliceAugustOnWeddingDay-1.jpgAlice Stumpf and husband, August, on wedding day
StumpfFAM-StumpfAliceInBoatatMtka-1.jpgAlice Stumpf in boat at Lake Minnetonka, Ralph Kletcher, Alice Rixon and Bert Boston
StumpfFAM-StumpfAliceOnBoat-1.jpgAlice Stumpf on boat
StumpfFAM-StumpfAliceOnWeddingDay-1.jpgAlice Stumpf on wedding day
StumpfFAM-StumpfAliceWithHat-1.jpgAlice Sumpf with hat
StumpfFAM-StumpfAugAndLorraineD.jpgAugust and Lorraine D Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfAugust-Young-USE.jpgAugust Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfAugustAsBoy-3.jpgAugust Stumpf as boy
StumpfFAM-StumpfAugustAuntMartha-1.jpgAugust Stumpf and Aunt Martha
StumpfFAM-StumpfAugustByHouse-1.jpgAugust Stumpf by house
StumpfFAM-StumpfAugustGeorge-1.jpgAugust Stumpf and George
StumpfFAM-StumpfAugustInChair-1.jpgAugust Stumpf in chair
StumpfFAM-StumpfAugustInChairCloseup-1.jpgAugust Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfAugustLorraineDainsberg.jpgAugust Stumpf and Lorraine Dainsberg
StumpfFAM-StumpfAugustVirgilEisinger.jpgAugust Stumpf and Virgil Eisinger
StumpfFAM-StumpfAugustWithMarthaAnderson-1950s.jpgAugust Stump with Martha Anderson, 1950s
StumpfFAM-StumpfAugWFrankieFrankVirg-1947.jpgAugust Stumpf with Frankie Frank Virgil 1947
StumpfFAM-StumpfClaraAsAdult-1.jpgClara Stumpf as an adult
StumpfFAM-StumpfClaraBaby-1.jpgClara Stumpf as baby
StumpfFAM-StumpfClaraMpls1899c.jpgClara Stumpf, Mpls 1899c
StumpfFAM-StumpfClaraOldest-3.jpgClara Stumpf, oldest
StumpfFAM-StumpfDavidRyanGene-1.jpgDavid Ryan and Gene Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfEmilyTargetAd-1.jpgEmily Stumpf Target advertisement
StumpfFAM-StumpfEugene-2002-1-BW.jpgEugene Stumpf, 2002
StumpfFAM-StumpfEugeneDogSkippyPortrait-1.jpgEugene Stumpf's dog Skippy
StumpfFAM-StumpfEva-1896-GREAT-USE.jpgEva Stumpf 1896
StumpfFAM-StumpfEva-WholeScene1895c.jpgEva Stumpf, 1895
StumpfFAM-StumpfEva1890-1.jpgEva Stumpf 1890
StumpfFAM-StumpfEva1895-1.jpgEva Stumpf 1895
StumpfFAM-StumpfEva1895-2.jpgEva Stumpf 1895
StumpfFAM-StumpfFidel-3.jpgFidel Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfFidel-WeddingParty.jpgFidel Stumpf wedding party
StumpfFAM-StumpfFidel3rdFromLeftCastMember-1.jpgFidel Stumpf from left cast member
StumpfFAM-StumpfFidelAndMary-22.jpgMary and Fidel Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfFidelC1950TyingCans-1.jpgFidel Stumpf c1950 tying cans
StumpfFAM-StumpfFidelCastMemberClose-1.jpgFidel Stumpf cast member close
StumpfFAM-StumpfFidelFirstCar-1.jpgFidel Stumpf first car
StumpfFAM-StumpfFidelGroup-7.jpgStumpf Fidel Group
StumpfFAM-StumpfFidelJosephineHaegMerzHaegWed-1.jpgFidel Stumpf/Josephine Haeg Merz Haeg wedding
StumpfFAM-StumpfFidelJosephineWed-2.jpgFidel and Joseph Stumpf wedding day
StumpfFAM-StumpfFidelJosephineWedding-1.jpgFidel and Josephine Stumpf wedding day
StumpfFAM-StumpfFidelMaryBeforeMarriage-1.jpgFidel and Mary before marriage
StumpfFAM-StumpfFidelPortrait-1.jpgFidel Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfFidelWeddingParty-1.jpgFidel Stumpf wedding party
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrank-1896-GREAT-USE.jpgFrank Stumpf 1896 Great Use
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrank-BarnBoy-1894-USE.jpgFrank Stumpf, barn boy
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrank-BLOWUP-1.jpgFrank Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrank-BLOWUP-2.jpgFrank Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrank-EvaMaybe-USE.jpgFrank Stumpf - Eva maybe?
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrank-JosephineMaybe-USE.jpgJosephine Stumpf?
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrank-OnCrutches-1940s.jpgFrank Stumpf on crtuches
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrank-ThreePersonBlowUp-USE.jpgFrank Stumpf (three person blow up)
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrank-UnknownDriver-USE.jpgFrank Stumpf - unknown driver
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrankAndDog-1.jpgFrank Stumpf and dog
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrankandGroup-1898-USE.jpgFrank Stumpf and group
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrankBensonBusiness.jpgFrank Stumpf, Benson Business
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrankByOranges-1.jpgFrank Stumpf on right by oranges
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrankByOranges-2.jpgFrank Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrankeJosephineMaybe.jpgFranke and Josephine Stumpf?
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrankHorse-1.jpgFrank Stumpf with horse
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrankHouse1900-1.jpgFrank Stumpf home
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrankie-3.jpgFrankie Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrankieAndTeacherClass.jpgFrankie Stumpf, teacher and class mates
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrankieJr-FullBody.jpgFrankie Stumpf Jr
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrankJosephineOld-1.jpgJosephine and Frank Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrankLeoJrMysteryMen-1.jpgFrank Leo Stumpf Jr., Mystery Men
StumpfFAM-StumpfFrankYoung-1.jpgFrank Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeneArmyPortrait-1.jpgGene Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeneAtFortMcClellanAtlanta-1.jpgGene Stumpf at Fort McClellan, Atlanta
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeneSandyEisingerAtWedding-1.jpgGene Stumpf - Sandy Eisinger at wedding
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeneSkippyWashHands2002-1.jpgGene Stump with Skippy wash hands 2002
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeneWedding-1.jpgGene Stumpf wedding
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeneWedding-2.jpgGene Stumpf wedding
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeneWeddingNorbertMerzBald-1.jpgGene Stumpf wedding, Norbert Merz Bald
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeneWeddingSteps-1.jpgGene Stumpf wedding
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorge-1935-ClassPhoto-USER.jpgGeorge Sumpf class photo 1935 in center
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorge-1935ClassCloseup-USE.jpgGeorge Stumpf, 1935 Class closeup
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorge-Class1938Whole-1.jpgGeorge Stumpf Class of 1938
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorge-Executive1960s-1.jpgGeorge Sumpf, Executive 1960s
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorge-GolfPose-CollegeAge.jpgGeorge Sumpf, golf pose, college age
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorge-HeadSurgery-1975.jpgGeorge Stumpf head surgery, 1975
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorge-PortraitEarly1960s-Suit-USE.jpgGeorge Stumpf, early 1960s
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorge-Teenager.jpgGeorge Stumpf, teenager
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeAbout1935-SkullcapCloseup.jpgGeorge Stumpf, about 1935
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeAndLorraineAtMidland-2004-Fall.jpgGeorge and Lorraine Stumpf at Midland, Fall of 2004
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeAndLorraineHoldingBabyMe-1956.jpgGeorge and Lorraine Stumpf holding Baby Me, 1956
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeAndMaryToddlers-1920s.jpgGeorge and Mary Stumpf, toddlers 1920s
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeAsBoy-1.jpgGeorge Sumpf as boy
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeAtSandLakeCabin-1950s-1.jpgGeorge Stumpf at Sand Lake cabin 1950s
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeBert-1.jpgGeorge Stumpf and Bert
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeByHouseWinterWFortinHatcher-1930s-USE.jpgGeorge Stumpf by house in winter with Fortin Hatcher, 1930s
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeByNewHouseSteps-1952Winter.jpgGeorge Stumpf by new house steps 1952
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeByRiversEdge-1.jpgGeorge Stumpf by Rivers Edge
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeFrankHatcherJrKennyFortinRightFHSr1935Dodge.jpgGeorge Stumpf, Frank hatcher Jr., Kenny Fortin. Right: Frank Hatcher Sr., 1935 Dodge
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeHighSchool-1.jpgGeorge Stumpf, high school
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeHuntingStan-1970s.jpgGeorge Stumpf hunting with Stan, 1970s
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeInDelano-1.jpgGeorge Stumpf in Delano
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeInHighSchool.jpgGeorge Stumpf in high school
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeInMexico1960s.jpgGeorge Sumpf in Mexico 1960s
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeKennyFortinFrankHatcher-ByCar-USE.jpgGeorge Stumpf, Kenny Fortin, Frank Hatcher by car
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeLieutenant-1-BW-Feath.jpgGeorge Stumpf, Lt.
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeLorraine-1990.jpgGeorge and Lorraine Sumpf 1990
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeLorraineBDayCake50s-Enh.jpgGeorge and Lorraine Stumpf birthday cake, 1950s
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeLorraineBDayCake50s.jpgGeorge and Lorraine Stumpf, birthday cake 1950s
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeLorraineDainsberg-9.jpgGeorge Stumpf and Lorraine Dainsberg
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeLorraineDainsbergDelano-1.jpgGeorge Sumpf and Lorraine Dainsberg
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeLorraineSixties-2.jpgGeorge and Lorraine Stumpf 1960s
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeLorraineWeddingDay-1.jpgGeorge and Lorraine Stumpf on wedding day
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeLorraineWinter-1.jpgGeorge and Lorraine Stumpf in winter
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeLtNavy-1.jpgGeorge Stumpf, Lt. in Navy
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeLtNavy-2.jpgGeorge Stump, Lt. Navy
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeMary-Dog-MrsGeorgeHaeg.jpgGeorge Stumpf , Mary, dog and Mrs George Haeg
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeNavyLt-1943-5.jpgGeorge Stumpf, Lt. Navy
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeNewHouseNewChevy1952.jpgGeorge Stumpf new house, new Chevrolet 1952
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeOnTamarckNorthofDriveway-1949-47Chevy.jpgGeorge Sumpf on Tamarack north of driveway 1949, 1947 Chevrolet
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeRapPokerDespatch-1.jpgGeorge Stumpf, Rap Poker Despatch
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeSeatedNorthShore-1950s-1.jpgGeorge Stumpf seated at the North Shore 1950s
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeSixties-1.jpgGeorge Stumpf 1960s
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeSmiling-1970s.jpgGeorge Stump 1970s
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeSoddingBackyard-1.jpgGeorge Stumpf, sodding backyard
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeViewofBullFightInMexico.jpgGeorge Stumpf, view of bull fight in Mexico
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeWHowardEis1RobertFletcher2D3Virg4BobHewittDi.jpgGeorge Stumpf with Howard Eisinger, Robert Fletcher, Virg, Bob Hewitt
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeWinter-1.jpgGeorge Stumpf, winter
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeWithBurt-c1949.jpgGeorge Stumpf with Burt
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeWithMe-1960-ByStream-1.jpgGeorge Stumpf with Me? 1960
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeWithMe-Mountains-1960.jpgGeorge Stumpf with Me?, mountains 1960
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeWithPatMurphy-1960sLate-USE.jpgGeorge Stumpf and Pat Murphy late 1960s
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeWithSquirrelCap-USE.jpgGeorge Stumpf with squirrel cap
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeorgeWPatMurphy-c1968-1.jpgGeorge Stumpf with Pat Murphy c1968
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeromeEugene-4.jpgGerome and Eugene Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfGeromeEugene-5.jpgGerome and Eugene Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfJeromeSusieMaryAtWedding-1.jpgJerome Stumpf, Susie and Mary at wedding
StumpfFAM-StumpfJeromeYoungMan-1.jpgJerome Stumpf, young man
StumpfFAM-StumpfJosephineYoung-1.jpgJosephine Stumpf, young
StumpfFAM-StumpfJosephineYoungest-3.jpgJosephine Stumpf youngest
StumpfFAM-StumpfLeo-Analysis.jpgLeo Stumpf analysis
StumpfFAM-StumpfLeoBoston1851-Feathered.jpgLeo Stumpf, Boston 1851, feathered
StumpfFAM-StumpfLeoJrC1902.jpgLeo Stumpf Jr. c1902
StumpfFAM-StumpfLeoJrChildren-1.jpgLeo Stumpf Jr children
StumpfFAM-StumpfLeoJrSusanHaeg-1.jpgLeo Stumpf Jr and Susan Haeg
StumpfFAM-StumpfLeoJrUnderTree-1.jpgLeo Stumpf Jr under tree
StumpfFAM-StumpfLeonard1851Boston-1.jpgLeonard Stumpf 1851 Boston
StumpfFAM-StumpfLorraine-2004.jpgLorraine Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfLorraineByRiversEdge-1.jpgLorraine Stumpf by Rivers Edge
StumpfFAM-StumpfLorraineWithScott-1959Xmas-USE.jpgLorraine and Scott Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfMae1955-1.jpgMae Stumpf 1955
StumpfFAM-StumpfMaeLate1940s-1.jpgMae Stumpf, late 1940s
StumpfFAM-StumpfMary-MaryJoCrahan-HarrietEisinger-Teenagers.jpgMary Stumpf, MaryJo Crahan, Harriett Eisinger, teenagers
StumpfFAM-StumpfMaryAnne-1.jpgMary Anne Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfMaryGeorgeAndWalterPouliot-1.jpgMary, George Stumpf, and Walter Pouliot
StumpfFAM-StumpfMaryJosephine-1935Class-USE.jpgMary Josephine Stumpf Class of 1935
StumpfFAM-StumpfMaryJosephine-Class1936.jpgMary Josephine Stumpf Class of 1936
StumpfFAM-StumpfMaryJosephine-WholeClass1936.jpgMary Josephine Stumpf Class of 1936
StumpfFAM-StumpfMaryJosephineMarthaMerzLJuneEisingR.jpgMary Josephine Stumpf, Martha Merz, June Eisinger
StumpfFAM-StumpfMaryofAugust1936HSGrad-1.jpgMary Stumpf of August 1936 High School grad
StumpfFAM-StumpfOneOfLeoJrsMaybe-1.jpgStumpf - one of Leo Jrs. maybe?
StumpfFAM-StumpfRosie-3.jpgRosie Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfRosie-FullBody.jpgRosie Sumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfRosie-FullBodySolo.jpgRosie Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfRosieBaby-1.jpgRosie Stumpf as baby
StumpfFAM-StumpfRosieFrankieAugust-1.jpgRosie, Frankie and August Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfRyan-1.jpgRyan Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfScott-3YrdOld-XmasFrankEisinger.jpgScott Stumpf, 3 yrs old at Christmas, Frank Eisinger in background
StumpfFAM-StumpfScott-BuiltUp-1975.jpgScott Stumpf, builtup 1975
StumpfFAM-StumpfScott-BuiltUp1975-2.jpgScott Stumpf builtip 1975
StumpfFAM-StumpfScott-Hippy1972-Color.jpgScott Stumpf, Hippy 1972
StumpfFAM-StumpfScott-MackinawWithMom-1959.jpgScot Stumpf at Mackinaw with Mom, 1959
StumpfFAM-StumpfScott-RidingPonyAsToddler-1958.jpgScott Stumpf riding pony as toddler, 1958
StumpfFAM-StumpfScottandGeorge-NorthMN-1960-RabbitsFoot.jpgScott and George Stumpf Northern Minnesota 1960-RabbitsFoot
StumpfFAM-StumpfScottAsBabyDiningRoomHarrietLou-1957.jpgScott Stumpf as baby, Harriet and Lou, 1957
StumpfFAM-StumpfScottAsBabyWGramDainsberg-1957.jpgScott Stumpf with Grandmother Dainsberg, 1957
StumpfFAM-StumpfScottAsBabyWithGeorgeSmiling.jpgScott Stumpf with George smiling
StumpfFAM-StumpfScottAsBoyAtBirthdayGroup.jpgScott Stumpf as boy at birthday
StumpfFAM-StumpfScottAsBoyWithTomBilly.jpgScott Stumpf as boy with Tom and Billy
StumpfFAM-StumpfScottAsCubScout-1965.jpgScott Stumpf as Cub Scout 1965
StumpfFAM-StumpfScottAsToddlerWithGeorgeSmiling.jpgScottt Stumpf as toddler with George smiling
StumpfFAM-StumpfScottInSuitBackyard-1960.jpgScott Stumpf in suit in the backyard, 1960
StumpfFAM-StumpfScottLorraineHoldingAsBaby.jpgScott Stumpf as baby, held by Lorraine
StumpfFAM-StumpfScottToddlerByTV.jpgScott Stumpf as toddler by the television
StumpfFAM-StumpfScottWearingGeorgesAviatorJacket.jpgScott Stumpf wearing George's aviator jacket
StumpfFAM-StumpfScottWithJessieLouHarriet-1961.jpgScott Stumpf with Jessie, Lou, Harriet, 1961
StumpfFAM-StumpfSusan-5.jpgSusan Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfSusanClara1920s-1.jpgSusan Stumpf, Clara 1920s
StumpfFAM-StumpfSusanHaegOld-1.jpgSusan Haeg Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfSusanWalterLeo-5.jpgSusan Stumpf, Walter and Leo
StumpfFAM-StumpfUnknownFromCovina-1.jpgStumpf - unidentified from Covina
StumpfFAM-StumpfUnknownFromMpls-1.jpgSumpf - unidentified from Mpls
StumpfFAM-StumpfWalter-3.jpgWalter Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfWalter-5.jpgWalter Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfWalter-8.jpgWalter Stumpf
StumpfFAM-StumpfWaltersWife-1.jpgWalter Stumpf's wife
StumpfIMG_0001.jpgGene Stumpf memoriam 1 of 2
StumpfIMG_0002-2.jpgGene Stumpf memorian 2 of 2
StumpfIMG_0002.jpgMary Stumpf newspaper article
StumpfIMG_0003.jpgEugene F Stumpf memoriam
StumpfIMG_0004.jpgAugust Stumpf obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 332
StumpfIMG_0005.jpgMary V Stumpf obituary. 11-3-1955 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 355
StumpfIMG_0006.jpgKatherine (Mrs Frank Sr) Stumpf obituary
StumpfIMG_0047.jpgStumpf Family NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
StumpfLOC-WaddellCorwindB-Home-NowParkClinic.jpgStumpf - Waddell Corwind B-home- now Park Clinic
SturdevantIMG_0001.jpgDillie Sturdevant - Keystone Marble Company stock share
SturdevantIMG_0002.jpgJames M Sturdevant - Keystone Marble Company stock share
SturdevantIMG_0003.jpgLettie J Sturdevant - Keystone Marble Company stock share
SturdevantIMG_0007.jpgJames M Sturdevant and Lillie J Strudevant Mortgage Deed to Theo Hamm Brewing Company, 05-10-1906 NOTE: remainder of document located in Sturdevant Family Folder
SturdevantIMG_0008.jpgJames M Sturdevant "Satisfaction of Mortgage", Theo Hamm Brewing Company 04-27-1903 NOTE: remainder of document located in Family Folder
SturdevantIMG_0010.jpgJ Sturdevant "Satisfaction of Mortgage" 10-31-1906 NOTE: remainder of document located in Family Folder
SturdevantIMG_0013.jpgJames M Sturdevant "Mortgage Deed" 06-02-1903 NOTE: remainder of document located in Family Folder
SturdevantIMG_0019.jpgSturdevant note 1 of 2
SturdevantIMG_0020.jpgSturdevant note 2 of 2
SturdevantIMG_0021.jpgJames M Sturdevant Mortgage Deed 05-10-1905 NOTE: remainder of document located in Sturdevant Family Folder
SturmanF060315-062.jpgSturman ....Tonka family traced in historical records
SturmanF060315-063.jpgRobert John Sturman Obituary
SturmanF060315-064.jpgEd Sturman
SturmanF060315-065.jpgRussell S Sturman memoir
SturmanF060315-066.jpgTim Sturman on Dean's List
SturmanF060315-067.jpgSturman - Warren Wakefield editorial
SturmanF060315-068.jpgRiley Sturman Obituary
SturmanF060315-069.jpgSturman notes
SturmanF060315-070.jpgSturman notes
SturmanF060315-071.jpgStir,am mptes
SturmanF060315-072.jpgSturman notes
SturmanIMG.jpgRussell S Sturman obituary 11-29-1917 - 04-301980
StynerB060201-001.jpgDaniel Styner house at Armstrong later owned by Hermans
StynerB060201-002.jpgOrlando Styner threshing machine, 1890
StynerB060201-003.jpgStyner Letters from the Boys
StynerB060201-004.jpgStyner Saxon $395 advertisement
StynerB060201-005.jpgFrank Styner August 1938 WHPA Annual Meeting
StynerB060201-006.jpgStyner - William H Renico memoir
StynerB060201-007.jpgStyner - William H Renico Obituary
StynerB060201-008.jpgO Styner & Sons, Maple Plain advertisement
StynerB060201-009.jpgGlenn Styner Obituary
StynerB060201-010.jpgHelen G Styner memoir
StynerB060201-011.jpgO Styner illness
StynerB060201-013.jpgGlen Styner illness/death
StynerB060201-014.jpgChas. R Styner Letters from the Boys
StynerB060201-015.jpgO Styner advertisement
StynerB060201-016.jpgStyner & Sons -Swenson's Hardware
StynerB060201-017.jpgLouise Styner note
StynerB060201-019.jpgDan Styner, letter from Otten Brothers
StynerB060201-020.jpgStyner - Genealogy of the Watson Family, Chapter II 1 of 5
StynerB060201-021.jpgStyner - ....2 of 5
StynerB060201-022.jpgStyner - ....3 of 5
StynerB060201-023.jpgStyner - ....4 of 5
StynerB060201-024.jpgStyner - ....5 of 5
StynerB060201-025.jpgO Styner & Sons advertisement
StynerB060201-026.jpgOrlando Styner Obituary
StynerB060201-027.jpgCharles R Styner Obituary
StynerB060201-028.jpgDorothy Styner Cassidy note
StynerB060201-029.jpgHelen G Styner memoir
StynerB060201-030.jpgFred Styner Stubbs Bay Pavillion....
StynerB060201-031.jpgDaniel Styner notes
StynerB060201-032.jpgDaniel S Styner note
StynerB060201-033.jpgRoy Truman Styner Obituary
StynerB060201-034.jpgStyner notes
StynerB060201-035.jpgStyner letter from Margaret E Dickson 1 of 4
StynerB060201-036.jpgStyner letter....2 of 4
StynerB060201-037.jpgStyner Letter....3 of 4
StynerB060201-038.jpgStyner Letter....4 of 4
StynerB060201-039.jpgIrvin Styner on Case steam engine
StynerB060201-040.jpgOrland Styner and family notes
StynerB060201-042.jpgOrlando Styner family photo. Front, L-r: Lenny Styner, Dorothy Beal, Mildred Luase, helen Beal, Anne Styner. Middle, L-R: Roy, Glenn, Louise Styner. Back, L-R: irwin and Lena AStyner, Ed and Nonnie Beal, Charles and Sadie Luass
StynerB060201-043.jpgStyner - Wesley and Muriel Roos
StynerB060201-044.jpgRuth Styner
StynerB060201-045.jpgOrlando Styner - L-R: Orlando Styner and A Shrewsbury, David T Styner and L E Preston
StynerB060201-046.jpgCora Styner and husband
StynerB060201-047.jpgOrlando Styner freight statement
StynerB060201-048.jpgStyner - Gerry Dodds
StynerB060201-049.jpgCora Styner and husband. Cora first white girl born in Independence on 5-21-1858. Mother of Margaret E Dodd. Cora was daughter of Daniel and Margaret Styner
StynerB060201-050.jpgStyner notes
StynerB060201-051.jpgOrlando Styner - Great Norther RR Co., bill of lading
StynerB060201-052.jpgO Styner, Watertown Telephone Co receipt
StynerB060201-053.jpgO Styner - Lyle Corrugated Culver Co receipt
StynerB060201-054.jpgO Styner register of Deeds, Hennepin County
StynerB060201-055.jpgStyner - Polling hours, Office of County Auditor
StynerB060201-056.jpgStyner letter
StynerB060201-057.jpgO Styner - Chertificate of Inspection of Steam Boilers
StynerB060201-058.jpgOrlando Styner note
StynerB060201-059.jpgO Styner - Watertown Telephone Company phone rental invoice
StynerB060201-060.jpgO Styner receipt
StynerB060201-061.jpgStyner - Shipping bill
StynerB060201-062.jpgO Styner - J H Beer invoice
StynerB060201-063.jpgO Styner - Deere & Co receipt
StynerB060201-064.jpgStyner - receipt
StynerB060201-066.jpgStyner - Mpls Tubular Well Co invoice
StynerB060201-067.jpgD Styner notes 1 of 4
StynerB060201-068.jpgD Styner notes 2 of 4
StynerB060201-069.jpgD Styner notes 3 of 4
StynerB060201-070.jpgD Styner notes 4 of 4
StynerB060201-071.jpgO Styner & Son invoice
StynerB060201-072.jpgConnie Styner Teen Topper
StynerB060201-073.jpgStyner accounts 1 of 10
StynerB060201-074.jpgStyner accounts 2 of 10
StynerB060201-075.jpgStyner accounts 3 of 10
StynerB060201-076.jpgStyner accounts 4 of 10
StynerB060201-077.jpgStyner accounts 5 of 19
StynerB060201-078.jpgStyner accounts 6 of 10
StynerB060201-079.jpgStyner accounts 7 of 10
StynerB060201-080.jpgStyner accounts 8 of 10
StynerB060201-081.jpgStyner accounts 9 of 10
StynerB060201-082.jpgStyner accounts 10 of 10
StynerB060201-083.jpgStyner - Memories of Roger and Ellen Stubbs
StynerB060201-084.jpgO Styner receipt
StynerF060315-071.jpgStyner note
StynerF060315-072.jpgSnyder notes
StynerF060315-073.jpgStyner plat info
StynerF060315-074.jpgO Styner & Son advertisement
StynerF060315-075.jpgStyner sawmill at Armstrong
StynerF060315-076.jpgFrank R Stymer note
StynerF060315-077.jpgRoss Styner marriage
StynerF060315-078.jpgStyner Family Group Sheet 1 of 8
StynerF060315-079.jpgStyner Family....2 of 8
StynerF060315-080.jpgStyner Family....3 of 8
StynerF060315-081.jpgStyner Family....4 of 8
StynerF060315-082.jpgStyner Family....5 of 8
StynerF060315-083.jpgStyner Family....6 of 8
StynerF060315-084.jpgStyner Family....7 of 8
StynerF060315-085.jpgStyner Family....8 of 8
StynerF060315-086.jpgJoshua Styner notes
StynerF060315-088.jpgCatharine Stough Styner notes
StynerF060315-089.jpgJoshua Styner notes
StynerF060315-090.jpgStyner family notes
StynerIMG_0001-1.jpgStyner - "Swenson's Our Own Hardware" 1914
StynerIMG_0001.jpgRoy Styner obituary
StynerIMG_0002-1.jpgOlander Styner obituary NOTE: located in Styner Family Folder
StynerIMG_0002.jpgGlenn Styner obituary 12-15-1972
StynerIMG_0003-1.jpgLouise Styner and Eugene L Conover marriage announcement 1017-1918
StynerIMG_0003.jpgFrank R Styner obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 57
StynerIMG_0004-1.jpgGlenn Styner obituary 12-14-1972
StynerIMG_0005-1.jpgOrlando Styner and Family 1 of 2
StynerIMG_0005.jpgOrlando Styner NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 289
StynerIMG_0006-1-1.jpgOrlando Styner and Family 2 of 2
StynerIMG_0006.jpgCharles Rupert Styner NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 290
StynerIMG_0007-1.jpgRuth Styner
StynerIMG_0007.jpgCharles P Styner note
StynerIMG_0008-1.jpgStyner - Wesley and Muriel Roos
StynerIMG_0008.jpgCharles Rufert Styner note
StynerIMG_0009-1.jpgDaniel Styner home at Armstrong where Herums now live
StynerIMG_0009.jpgOrlando Styner note
StynerIMG_0010-1.jpgStyner Notes FromMemories of Roger and Ellen Stubbs 1904
StynerIMG_0010.jpgMary Jo Styner obituary 11-15-1983
StynerIMG_0011.jpgStyner notes
StynerIMG_0012.jpgStyner notes
StynerIMG_0013.jpgStyner notes
StynerIMG_0014.jpgStyner notes
StynerIMG_0015.jpgStyner - Gerry Dodds
StynerIMG_0016.jpgOrlando Styner and family, October 1989
SullivanIMG.jpgLouise Z Sullivan obituary 1979
SumpterIMG.jpgGene R Sumpter obituary 10-08-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 41
SundbergIMG.jpgMary Lou Sundberg obituary, January 1992
SutherlandF060316-010.jpgHorace J Sutherland memoir
SutherlandF060316-011.jpgMartin Sutherland Obituary
SutherlandF060316-012.jpgCharles Sutherland marriage
SutherlandF060316-013.jpgWilliam H Sutherland Obituary
SutherlandF060316-014.jpgWill Sutherland receives materials for making berry boxes
SutherlandF060316-015.jpgMr and Mrs Horace Sutherland 50th anniversary
SutherlandF060316-016.jpgWilliam Sutherland, Maple Plain, G.A.R.
SutherlandF060316-017.jpgSutherland Family notes
SutherlandF060316-018.jpgSutherland - Sarah Sutherland DeCamp and Cheste DeCamp
SutherlandF060316-019.jpgEbeinezer F Sutherland notes
SutherlandF060316-020.jpgWm H Sutherland plat info
SutherlandF060316-021.jpgSutherland notes
SutherlandF060316-022.jpgSutherland notes
SutherlandF060316-023.jpgSutherland notes
SutherlandIMG_0001.jpgSina Jane Sutherland note
SutherlandIMG_0048.jpgSutherland "...Family Genealogy Report 1722 to 2007" NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
SuttonF060316-001.jpgSutton Development of West Central Minn.
SuttonF060316-002.jpgSutton notes
SuttonF060316-003.jpgJames Sutton ...honored in Florida
SuttonF060316-004.jpgDerek Sutton
SuttonF060316-005.jpgSutton notes
SuttonF060316-006.jpgSutton notes
SuttonF060316-007.jpgSutton notes
SuttonF060316-008.jpgFrancis Sutton and wife, was in 9th MN Company B during the Civil War
SuttonF060316-009.jpgWilliam and Christie Suttong
SuttonIMG_0001.jpgDelmont Leslie Sutton obituary 11-12-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 65
SuttonIMG_0002.jpgDelmont Leslie Sutton obituary 1986 NOTE: document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 74
SuttonIMG_0003.jpgWilliam Sutton obituary 11-02-1981
SwaggertF060227-001.jpgWilliam Swaggert advertisement
SwaggertF060227-002.jpgLorence C Swaggert marriage
SwaggertF060227-003.jpgWilliam M Swaggert advertisement
SwaggertF060227-004.jpgJackie Swaggert, cashier
SwaggertF060227-005.jpgSwaggert- Silver Wyandottes
SwaggertF060227-006.jpgWilliam Swaggert - Silver Wyandottes exhibit
SwaggertF060227-007.jpgSwaggert - Schweigert Meat Co.
SwaggertF060227-008.jpgSwaggert Boat Works on Lake Street
SwaggertF060227-009.jpgChris Swaggert, Private Letter from Chris....
SwaggertF060227-010.jpgMarion Swaggert
SwaggertF060227-011.jpgMr and Mrs Chris Swaggert 50th anniversary
SwaggertF060227-012.jpgMr and Mrs Chris Swaggert Golden Wedding
SwaggertF060227-013.jpgMr and Mrs Lorence C Swaggert birth of son, Lorence Peter Swaggert
SwaggertF060227-014.jpgChris Swaggert The Teen Scene
SwaggertF060227-015.jpgRichard Swaggert indicted
SwaggertF060227-016.jpgLorence C Swaggert marriage
SwaggertF060227-017.jpgCraig Thomas Swaggert assessts and liabiltiies 1985
SwaggertF060227-018.jpgClara Swaggert
SwaggertF060227-019.jpgChris Swaggert
SwaggertF060227-020.jpgHazel Swaggerts birthday celebration, see back of original for illegible handwriting
SwaggertF060227-021.jpgMamie Swaggert
SwaggertF060227-022.jpgSwaggert - L-R: Will Swaggert, Hy Swaggert
SwaggertF060227-023.jpgWill and Etta Swaggert
SwaggertF060227-024.jpgKate Swaggert
SwaggertF060227-025.jpgSwaggert - unlabeled, but possibly Henry Swaggert and Mamie Rodell Swaggert
SwaggertF060227-026.jpgJacquelin Swaggert ...Leaves for Church Study in Europe
SwaggertF060227-027.jpgSwaggert notes
SwaggertF060227-028.jpgSwaggert notes
SwaggertF060227-029.jpgSwaggert notes
SwaggertF060227-030.jpgSwaggert notes
SwaggertF060227-031.jpgSwaggert notes
SwaggertF060227-032.jpgHenry Swaggert notes
SwaggertF060227-033.jpgSwaggert notes
SwaggertF060227-034.jpgSwaggert notes
SwaggertF060227-035.jpgSwaggert notes
SwaggertF060227-036.jpgSwaggert notes
SwaggertF060227-037.jpgSwaggert notes
SwaggertF060227-038.jpgSwaggert Why I Like to Live in Wayzata by Jean Quay and Clarice Anne Hamel
SwaggertIMG.jpgMrs William Swaggert obituary. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 299
SwaggertIMG_0002.jpgMabel K [Schiebe] Swaggert obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 41
SwaggertIMG_0003.jpgMamie Rodell Swaggert NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 273
SwaggertIMG_0004.jpgMamie Rodell Swaggert note
SwaggertIMG_0005.jpgWilliam M Swaggert note
SwaggertIMG_0006.jpgWilliam H "Fuzz" Swaggert obituary 04-07-1983
SwaggertIMG_0007.jpgMarge Swaggert obituary 03-01-1980
SwaggertIMG_0008.jpgRodell H (Donuts) Swaggert obituary 11-01-1979
SwaggertIMG_0009.jpgMarge Swaggert obituary 02-28-1980
SwainF060228-001.jpgDavid Swain plat info
SwaleaIMG.jpgForest Swalea Jr note
SwansonF060228-001.jpgSwanson notes
SwansonF060228-002.jpgSwanson - Russell Fridley
SwansonF060228-003.jpgPeg Swanson death
SwansonF060228-004.jpgPeg Swanson OHS library will carry Peg Swanson's name
SwansonF060228-005.jpgSwanson notes
SwansonF060228-006.jpgSwanson notes
SwansonF060228-007.jpgDena Swanson Obituary
SwansonF060228-008.jpgRachel A Swanson memoir
SwansonF060228-009.jpgSwanson - Charles Speed Holman
SwansonIMG_0001.jpgRachel A Swanson memoriam 11-22-1908 - 10-31-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 44
SwansonIMG_0002.jpgRachel A Swanson obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 44
SwansonIMG_0003.jpgGeorge O Swanson NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 285
SwansonIMG_0004.jpgAndrew N Swanson obituary. Had the oil station in Maple Plain, SE corner of Hwy 12 and Main Street NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, apge 10
SwansonIMG_0005.jpgAndrew Nicklaus Swanson memoriam 11-26-1898 - 02-19-1989 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 14
SwansonIMG_0006.jpgOlga E Swanson obituary
SwansonIMG_0007.jpgGeorge O Swanson note
SwansonIMG_0008.jpgSelma E Swanson obituary 02-17-1980
SweattF060228-010.jpgCharles Sweatt Obituary
SweattF060228-011.jpgHarold Sweatt Obituary
SweattF060228-012.jpgMary Buchanan Sweatt Obituary
SweattF060228-013.jpgWilliam R Sweatt II death
SweattF060228-014.jpgMargaret Sweatt Obituary
SweattF060228-015.jpgHarry L Sweatt appointment
SweenIMG.jpgAugust E Sween obituary 10-27-1981
SweetIMG.jpgMary Lougee Sweet obituary
SwensenF060602-064.jpgCharlotte M Swensen Obituary
SwensenF060602-084.jpgCharlotte M Swensen memoir
SwensenIMG_0001.jpgHarry Swensen Funeral Set for Harry Swensen, State Democrat obituary
SwensonF060228-016.jpgSwenson notes
SwensonF060228-017.jpgSwenson notes
SwensonF060228-018.jpgAugust Swenson memoir
SwensonF060228-019.jpgBruce A Swenson memoir
SwensonIMG.jpgCarl Swenson note NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 67
SwensonIMG_0001.jpgBruce A Swenson obituary 1981
SwensonIMG_0002.jpgGladys Swenson obituary October 1981
SwensonIMG_0003.jpgClara M Swenson "The Celebration of Christ's Resurrection" 08-27-2012
SwensonIMG_0004.jpgClara Mary Margaret Swenson memoriam 12-28-1910 - 08-19-2012
SymeF060228-020.jpgSyme notes
SymeF060228-021.jpgSyme notes
SymeF060228-022.jpgSyme notes
SymeF060228-023.jpgDavid H Syme Jr Obituary
SymeF060228-024.jpgSyme notes
SymoniakIMG.jpgLawrence J Symoniak obituary NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 49