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TalbertF060317-001.jpgMabel Agnes Talbert Born 8-5-1899 Taken 1-6-1900
TalbertF060317-002.jpgClinton Alva Talbert born 12-1-1900 taken July 1901
TalbertF060317-003.jpgMabel Talbert additonal writing see original in file
TalbertF060317-004.jpgJake Talbert
TalbertF060317-005.jpgAnna Talbert
TalbertF060317-006.jpgMilton Talbert
TalbertF060317-007.jpgTalbert family c.1900
TalbertF060317-008.jpgLuverne Talbert
TalbertF060317-009.jpgTalbert notes
TalbertF060317-010.jpgThomas Talbert Obituary
TalbertF060317-011.jpgTalbert - Viola T Danek Obituary
TalbertF060317-012.jpgRobert J Talbert Obituary
TalbertF060317-013.jpgStephen Talbert note
TalbertF060317-014.jpgMr & Mrs A L Talbert 50th anniversary invitation
TalbertF060317-016.jpgTalbert notes
TalbertF060317-017.jpgTom Talbert Orchestra 1 of 2
TalbertF060317-018.jpgTom Talbert Orchestra 2 of 2
TalbertIMG.jpgTom Talbert Jr; Tom Talbert Sr; Charles Van Cook
TalbertIMG_0003.jpgMrs Alvah Luverne Talbert obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes Book Number 2 page 329
TalbertIMG_0005.jpgThomas Talber notes NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes Book Number 1 page 209
TalbertIMG_0006.jpgTalbert unidentified2
TalbertIMG_0007.jpgRachel M Stubbs Talbert note. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes Book Number 1 page 246
TalbertIMG_0008.jpgRachel Talbert Swanson note
TalbertIMG_0009.jpgRachel A Talbert Swanson obituary
TalbertIMG_0010.jpgThomas W Talbert obituary 02-05-1987 NOTE: original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 3 page 11
TalbertIMG_0011.jpgThomas Talbert obituary NOTE; original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 3 page 11
TalbertIMG_0013.jpgElmer E Talbert NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 1 page 290
TalbertIMG_0014.jpgElmer Talbert note
TalbertIMG_0015.jpgRachel M Stubbs Talbert
TalbertIMG_0016.jpgThomas Talbert note
TalbertIMG_012.jpgIrene McMenimem Talbert obituary 06-25-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 9 page 32
TapperF060317 025.jpgJohn Tapper Capt How Gen Sibley's Turk Went to a Swell Wedding
TapperF060317 026.jpgJohn Tapper marriage
TautgesF060317-019.jpgWalter M Tauges Obituary
TautgesF060317-022.jpgPeter Tauteges note
TautgesF060317-023.jpgTautges notes
TautgesF060317-024.jpgTautges notes
TaylorF060327-001.jpgCarl Taylor note
TaylorF060327-002.jpgGeorge Taylor family notes
TaylorF060327-003.jpgEarl Taylor retires
TaylorF060327-004.jpgTaylor notes
TaylorF060327-005.jpgPaul A Taylor joins Lasermark Inc.
TaylorF060327-006.jpgPaul A Taylor ...promoted by Int'l Mutlifoods
TaylorF060327-007.jpgPauline Taylor memoir
TaylorF060327-008.jpgHoward Taylor returns to the Foursome
TaylorF060327-009.jpgHoward Taylor
TaylorF060327-010.jpgGeorge Taylor Obituary
TaylorF060327-011.jpgEarl and Gladys taylor 40th anniversary
TaylorF060327-012.jpgVictor W Taylor death
TaylorF060327-013.jpgJohn Taylor marriage
TaylorF060327-014.jpgGeorge Taylor note
TaylorF060327-015.jpgHoward Taylor owner of Hart's Cafe...
TaylorF060327-016.jpgElizabeth Taylor awarded....
TaylorF060327-017.jpgEarl H Taylor thank you
TaylorF060327-018.jpgGeorge D Taylor advertisement
TaylorF060327-019.jpgTaylor notes
TaylorF060327-020.jpgTaylor notes
TaylorF060327-021.jpgGeorge D Taylor advertisement
TaylorF060327-022.jpgEarl Taylor July 4th Celebration 1988
TaylorF060327-023.jpgHoward Taylor
TaylorF060327-025.jpgHoward Taylor Hart's Cafe is 40-Year-Old Institution
TaylorF060327-027.jpgTaylors 1912
TaylorF060327-028.jpgTaylor notes
TaylorF060327-029.jpgTaylors - First Row L to R: George and Pauline Taylor First Row R to L: Kenny Bolum Bill Bottram Mr. Graff Mrs. Bill Bottram Back Row: women from Waconia
TaylorF060327-030.jpgTaylor - Seated: Pauline and George Taylor. Children L to R: Jaydee Charlotte Thomas
TaylorF060327-031.jpgHoward Taylor
TaylorF060327-032.jpgHoward Taylor and Margaret Blair
TaylorF060327-033.jpgTaylor - Lucille Vernice and Viola Thies
TaylorF060327-034.jpgGeorge Taylor
TaylorF060327-035.jpgTaylor - L to R: Mr Graff of Waconia Mabel Taylor ? Floyd Burkhart John Smith Bob Allison Bessie Smith
TaylorF060327-036.jpgTaylor - Golden Hodge Pauline Taylor Dorothy Hodge
TaylorF060327-037.jpgGeorge Taylor family on 50th wedding anniversary
TaylorF060327-038.jpgRebecca Taylor Descendants of
TaylorF060327-039.jpgCharlotte Taylor Descendants of 1 of 17
TaylorF060327-040.jpgCharlotte Taylor....2 of 17
TaylorF060327-041.jpgCharlotte Taylor....3 of 17
TaylorF060327-042.jpgCharlotte Taylor....4 of 17
TaylorF060327-043.jpgCharlotte Taylor....5 of 17
TaylorF060327-044.jpgCharlotte Taylor....6 of 17
TaylorF060327-045.jpgCharlotte Taylor....7 of 17
TaylorF060327-046.jpgCharlotte Taylor....8 of 17
TaylorF060327-047.jpgCharlotte Taylor...9 of 17
TaylorF060327-048.jpgCharlotte Taylor....10 of 17
TaylorF060327-049.jpgCharlotte Taylor....11 of 17
TaylorF060327-050.jpgCharlotte Taylor....12 of 17
TaylorF060327-051.jpgCharlotte Taylor....13 of 17
TaylorF060327-052.jpgCharlotte Taylor....14 of 17
TaylorF060327-053.jpgCharlotte Taylor....15 of 17
TaylorF060327-054.jpgCharlotte Taylor....16 of 17
TaylorF060327-055.jpgCharlotte Taylor....17 of 17
TaylorF060606 001.jpgEarl Taylor ....named senior of year 1 of 2
TaylorF060606 002.jpgEarl Taylor....2 of 2
TaylorF060606 003.jpgEarl Taylor Ending nineteen years of dedication.... 1 of 3
TaylorF060606 004.jpgEarl Taylor Ending....2 of 3
TaylorF060606 005.jpgEarl Taylor Ending....3 of 3
TaylorF060606 006.jpgEarl Taylor is county's 'Senior of the Year'
TaylorIMG.jpgGeorge Taylor obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes Book Number 2 page 351
TaylorIMG_0001.jpgTaylor - Ivan Gunsolus husband of Viola Taylor Gunsolus. He drove truck for Lyman Lumber Company in Wayzata MN
TaylorIMG_0002.jpgTaylor - Ivan B Gunsolus memoriam 12-30-1917 - 10-23-1989 wife: VIola Taylor daughter of George and Polly Taylor Long Lake NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 8 page 64
TeasF060327-056.jpgJohn Teas
TeasF060327-057.jpgDama Teas wife of Gibson Teas sister of Mary Grave Allen Graves grandmother
TeasF060327-058.jpgGrandma Graves sister Mary
TeasF060327-059.jpgGibson and Dama Teas
TeasF060327-060.jpgAllie Edwards wife of Charles Teas
TeasF060327-061.jpgClaude Teas son of Charles Teas
TeasF060327-062.jpgThe Teas family notes
TeasF060327-063.jpgClaude Teas notes
TeasF060327-064.jpgAllie Teas Save Watertown's heritage
TeasF060327-065.jpgEarle J Teas Obituary
TeasF060327-066.jpgLorna Teas death
TeasF060327-067.jpgEarl J Teas Obituary
TeasF060327-068.jpgMike and Nancy Teas birth of twin boys
TeasF060327-069.jpgClaude Teas ...lands lunker
TeasF060327-070.jpgTeas ...telephone company....
TeasF060327-071.jpgGibson Teas Tales of Three Grasses
TeasF060327-073.jpgGibson Teas genealogy 1 of 3
TeasF060327-074.jpgGibson Teas genealogy 2 of 3
TeasF060327-075.jpgGibson Teas geanology 3 of 3
TeasF060327-076.jpgClaude Teas ...Letter to the People of Delano...
TeasF060327-077.jpgCharles Teas notes
TeasF060327-078.jpgCharles Teas On Delano Grandstand
TeasF060327-079.jpgJune Teas Experience of a Lifetime....
TeasF060327-080.jpgC O Teas depot agent at Mayer
TeasF060327-083.jpgClaude Teas
TeasF060327-084.jpgClaude Teas
TeasF060327-085.jpgClaude C Teas death
TeasF060327-086.jpgClaude Teas Letter to the Editor
TeasF060327-087.jpgTeas notes
TeasF060327-088.jpgTeas - Delano Viet Nam Drill Team
TeasF060327-089.jpgClaude Teas ...says thank you
TeasF060327-090.jpgClaude J Teas Letter to the Editor
TeasF060327-091.jpgCharlie Teas note
TeasF060327-092.jpgCharles Ozburn Teas notes
TeasF060327-093.jpgClaude Teas ....At the Carver County News Office
TeasF060327-096.jpgCharles Teas notes
TeasF060327-097.jpgClaude Teas elected 10th District Legion Commander
TeasF060327-098.jpgClaude Teas endorsed as candidate in district 10 legion race
TeasF060327-099.jpgClaude Teas retires
TeasF060327-100.jpgGibson Teas notes
TeasF060327-101.jpgClaude Teas clarificaton of retirement
TeasF060327-102.jpgClaude C Teas Printer's Devil....
TeasF060327-103.jpgLillian E Teas note
TeasF060327-104.jpgTeas family notes
TeasF060327-105.jpgClaude Teas Bronze grave-site markers may be lost to veterans
TeasF060327-106.jpgTeas - note
TeasF060327-107.jpgClaude C Teas and C O Teas Businesses play role in Watertown's history
TeasF060327-108.jpgChloe Daisy Teas note
TeasF060327-109.jpgTeas - W L Hirsch letter 1 of 2
TeasF060327-110.jpgTeas - W L Hirsch letter 2 of 2
TeasF060327-111.jpgTeas - W L Hirsch notes
TeasF060327-112.jpgTeas notes 1 of 2
TeasF060327-113.jpgTeas notes 2 of 2
TeasF060327-114.jpgTeas notes 1 of 2
TeasF060327-115.jpgTeas notes 2 of 2
TeasF060327-116.jpgCharles Teas: Commanded the respect of the readers
TeasF060327-117.jpgClaude C Teas Published the News for 54 years
TeasF060327-118.jpgClaude C Teas ...recognized Teas' tenure on newspaper
TeasF060327-119.jpgClaude Teas City park....
TeasF060327-120.jpgTeas - note
TeasF060327-121.jpgEarle and Claude Teas note
TeasF060328-001.jpgGibson Teas family notes 1 of 13
TeasF060328-002.jpgGibson Teas....2 of 13
TeasF060328-003.jpgGibson Teas....3 of 13
TeasF060328-004.jpgGibson Teas....4 of 13
TeasF060328-005.jpgGibson Teas....5 of 13
TeasF060328-006.jpgGibson Teas....6 of 13
TeasF060328-007.jpgGibson Teas....7 of 13
TeasF060328-008.jpgGibson Teas....8 of 13
TeasF060328-009.jpgGibson Teas....9 of 13
TeasF060328-010.jpgGibson Teas....10 of 13
TeasF060328-011.jpgGibson Teas....11 of 13
TeasF060328-012.jpgGibson Teas....12 of 13
TeasF060328-013.jpgGibson Teas....13 of 13
TeasIMG.jpgCharles Teas
TelleksonIMG.jpgJane Tellekson obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 10 page 30
TemplinF060313-023.jpgTemplin notes
TemplinF060313-024.jpgHarry Templin death
TemplinF060313-025.jpgTemplin family notes
TemplinF060313-026.jpgTemplin notes
TemplinF060313-027.jpgTemplin note
Ten EyckF060313-028.jpgWilliam Ten Eyck notes
Ten EyckF060313-029.jpgWill Teneyck barn fire
Ten EyckF060313-030.jpgMrs Will Teneyck death
Ten EyckF060313-031.jpgWilliam Teneyck advertisement
Ten EyckF060313-032.jpgAmanda Nelson Teneyck Obituary
Ten EyckF060313-033.jpgTeneyck family of Orono
Ten EyckF060313-034.jpgTeneyck notes
Ten EyckF060313-035.jpgTeneyck notes
Ten EyckIMG.jpgWesley E Ten Eyck obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting minutes Book Number 2 page 352
Ten EyckIMG_0001.jpgWilliam J Ten Eyck obituary 06-22-1987 NOTE orignal document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 3 page 33
Ten EyckIMG_0002.jpg-
Ten EyckIMG_0003.jpg-
Ten EyckIMG_0004.jpg-
Ten EyckIMG_0005.jpg-
Ten EyckIMG_0006.jpg-
Ten EyckIMG_0007.jpg-
Ten EyckIMG_0008.jpg-
Ten EyckIMG_0009.jpg-
Ten EyckIMG_0010.jpgHelen [Bechtle] Ten Eyck obituary 01-09-1986 widow of Wesley Ten Eyck of Orono NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 5 page 2
Ten EyckIMG_0011.jpgHelen M Ten Eyck memoriam 10-16-1910 - 01-08-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 5 page 2
Ten EyckIMG_0012.jpgNorman Ten Eyck obituary 10-03-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 9 page 67
Ten EyckIMG_0013.jpgTimothy John Ten Eyck obituary 08-02-1983 (Orono?)
TeneyckF060313-028.jpgWilliam Ten Eyck notes
TeneyckF060313-029.jpgWill Teneyck barn fire
TeneyckF060313-030.jpgMrs Will Teneyck death
TeneyckF060313-031.jpgWilliam Teneyck advertisement
TeneyckF060313-032.jpgAmanda Nelson Teneyck Obituary
TeneyckF060313-033.jpgTeneyck family of Orono
TeneyckF060313-034.jpgTeneyck notes
TeneyckF060313-035.jpgTeneyck notes
TennantF060313-036.jpgTennant notes
TennantF060313-037.jpgHenry Tennant note
TennantF060313-038.jpgH R Tennant 70th birthday
TennantF060313-039.jpgTennant notes
TennantF060313-040.jpgH r Tennant on 90th birthday
TennesonF060313-041.jpgTenneson Visiting grandparents in 1910... 1 of 2
TennesonF060313-042.jpgTeneson Visiting.... 2 of 2
TennesonF060313-043.jpgCharles Tenneson notes
TenneyF060313-044.jpgTenney - Sarah Sargent Mitchell engagement
TenneyF060313-045.jpgDavid D Tenney Obituary
TenneyF060313-046.jpgAlice McNair Tenney wedding
TenneyF060313-047.jpgWilliam M Tenney Elder 1884-1899 Sabath School Superintendent 1882-1899
TenneyF060313-048.jpgTenney notes
TenneyF060313-049.jpgD D Tenney - Grand Champion Bull...
TenneyF060313-051.jpgTenney Blooming welcome for Boys Club....
TenneyF060313-053.jpgDavid D Tenney notes
TenneyF060313-054.jpgTenney notes
TenneyIMG_0001.jpgWilliam L Tenney obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 10 page 20
TerwallF060314-006.jpgTerwall notes
TerwallF060314-007.jpgTerwall notes
TerwallF060314-008.jpgTerwall notes
TerwallF060314-009.jpgTerwall notes
TerwallF060314-010.jpgSarah Terwall plat info
TerwallF060314-011.jpgJohn J Terwall tombstone
TeschF060314-004.jpgHarris and Gertrude Tesch ...celebrates 70 years of marriage
TeschIMG.jpgGladys B Tesch obituary 02-11-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual meeting Minutes book number 9 page 9
TeschIMG_0001.jpgGladys B Tesch memoriam 05-10-1904 - 02-11-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 9 page 10
TheisIMG_000606.jpgAnne Theis Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition 02-23-1997
TheisIMG_001010.jpgAnne E Theis Mayor
TheisIMG_001212.jpgAnne E Theis Mayor
ThiebaultF060313-060.jpgMahone Thiebault plat info
ThieleIMG.jpgOrville Thiele memoriam 10-13-1993
ThiesF060314-005.jpgMary Alice Thies memoir
ThiesF060405-011.jpgThies note
ThiesF060405-012.jpgJohn and Katie Thies
ThiesF060405-013.jpgAllie Thies
ThiesF060405-014.jpgWillie Thies
ThiesF060405-015.jpgAlfred Thies and Mayme Kohnen Thies
ThiesF060405-016.jpgEd and Louise Thies
ThiesF060405-017.jpgUnidentified Thies boy
ThiesF060405-018.jpgFrei Thies baby?
ThiesF060405-019.jpgHenry Thies as baby
ThiesF060405-020.jpgEarl N Thies memoir
ThiesF060405-021.jpgBurton R Thies memoir
ThiesF060405-022.jpgFrank B Thies memoir
ThiesF060405-023.jpgThies - Bernice J Springer memoir
ThiesF060405-024.jpgMr and Mrs Frank Thies surprise guests
ThiesF060405-025.jpgWilliam Thies advertisement
ThiesF060405-026.jpgElmer C Thies Obituary
ThiesF060405-027.jpgJohn Thies purchased a Ford auto
ThiesF060405-028.jpgFrank Thies Obituary
ThiesF060405-029.jpgEverett Thies OEO Head Studies Needs of Rural Areas
ThiesF060405-030.jpgBurton R Thies Obituary
ThiesF060405-031.jpgEdwin Thies marriage
ThiesF060405-033.jpgElmer Thies Twin Mules Born Near Long Lake: Army Pleased
ThiesF060405-034.jpgThies note
ThiesF060405-035.jpgFlorence Thies I've Held Life Close
ThiesF060405-036.jpgEverett Thies 4-Town Farm Bureau invitation
ThiesF060405-037.jpgKerney Thies 1944
ThiesF060405-038.jpgEverett Thies to retire from board
ThiesF060405-040.jpgThies note
ThiesF060405-041.jpgThies We Remember Grandma
ThiesF060405-042.jpgJerry Thies notes
ThiesF060405-043.jpgThies familynotes
ThiesF060405-044.jpgEverett Thies Farm Bureau Newsletter 1 of 2
ThiesF060405-045.jpgEverett Thies....2 of 2
ThiesF060405-046.jpgFreeman Thies Farm ...Now a Memory
ThiesF060405-047.jpgKenneth Thies marriage
ThiesF060405-048.jpgArlene and Alban Thies
ThiesF060405-049.jpgBurton R Thies Obituary
ThiesF060405-051.jpgKenneth Thies Burton Thies
ThiesF060405-052.jpgAnn C Thies City of Medina Notice
ThiesF060405-053.jpgAlfred Thies Obituary
ThiesF060405-054.jpgEverett Thies sale of home
ThiesF060405-055.jpgGary A Thies Obituary
ThiesF060405-056.jpgHilda Thies 100th birthday
ThiesF060405-057.jpgHenry Thies Obituary
ThiesF060405-058.jpgMildred E Thies memoir
ThiesF060405-059.jpgEverett Thies ...citizen of the year....
ThiesF060405-060.jpgHilda Thies (Milbert) memoir
ThiesF060405-061.jpgBonnie Thies Honor Students
ThiesF060405-062.jpgClinton and Gertrude Thies 50th anniversary
ThiesF060405-063.jpgKerney J Thies Obituary
ThiesF060405-064.jpgEverett Thies
ThiesF060405-065.jpgThies - Vernice Walker
ThiesF060405-066.jpgEv Thies
ThiesF060405-068.jpgJerry Thies Obituary
ThiesF060405-069.jpgThies notes
ThiesF060405-070.jpgMargaret Thies notes
ThiesF060405-071.jpgThies notes
ThiesF060405-072.jpgThies notes
ThiesF060405-073.jpgEverett Thies Head State OEO Program
ThiesF060405-074.jpgEverett Thies farm
ThiesF060405-075.jpgThies notes
ThiesF060405-076.jpgGary Thies tribute 1 of 2
ThiesF060405-077.jpgGary Thies tribute 2 of 2
ThiesF060405-079.jpgEverett Thies estate auction
ThiesF060405-081.jpgEverett Thies to Retire: Board Nominees
ThiesF060405-082.jpgThies notes
ThiesF060405-083.jpgThies notes
ThiesF060405-084.jpgThies notes
ThiesF060405-085.jpgThies notes
ThiesF060405-086.jpgThies notes
ThiesF060405-087.jpgClinton Thies memoir 1 of 2
ThiesF060405-088.jpgClinton Thies....2 of 2
ThiesF060405-089.jpgThies - Unidentified
ThiesF060405-090.jpgThies - Unidentified
ThiesF060405-091.jpgThies - Unidentiified
ThiesF060405-092.jpgThies - L-R: Everet Clint Elmer Evelyn [Rosengren] Thies
ThiesF060405-097.jpgThies - Unidentified
ThiesF060405-098.jpgThies - Fargo Truck?
ThiesF060405-099.jpgThies 1926 Model T
ThiesF060405-100.jpgThies - Elva White and Pearl Maxwell
ThiesF060405-101.jpgThies - Pearl Maxwell
ThiesF060405-102.jpgThies - Pearl Maxwell
ThiesF060405-103.jpgThies notes
ThiesF060405-104.jpgEverett Thies
ThiesF060405-106.jpgThies homestead lake smokehouse etc. plus house in 1990
ThiesF060405-107.jpgThies smoke house
ThiesF060405-110.jpgMayme Thies and Bobbie Thies
ThiesF060405-111.jpgThies homestead
ThiesF060405-112.jpgJohn Thies family notes 1 of 4
ThiesF060405-113.jpgFrank Thies family notes
ThiesF060405-114.jpgThies - Thanksgiving farm dinner
ThiesF060405-118.jpgEverett Thies 'So Long To a Good Friend'
ThiesF060405-120.jpgJohn Thies family notes
ThiesF060405-121.jpgJohn Thies....2 of 4
ThiesF060405-122.jpgJohn Thies....3 of 4
ThiesF060405-123.jpgJohn Thies....4 of 4
ThiesF060405-124.jpgJerry Thies family notes
ThiesF060405-125.jpgGary Thies tribute 1 of 2
ThiesF060405-126.jpgGary Thies tribute....2 of 2
ThiesF060405-127.jpgThies notes
ThiesF060405-128.jpgThies family notes
ThiesF060405-129.jpgFlorence Thies - Several Poems 1 of 4
ThiesF060405-130.jpgThies notes
ThiesF060405-131.jpgFlorence Thies Martin Luther
ThiesF060405-132.jpgFlorence Thies My Love
ThiesF060405-133.jpgFlorence Thies Dwell I with Some Fuse
ThiesF060405-134.jpgFlorence Thies Mary's Mother Heart
ThiesF060405-135.jpgFlorence Thies The Funny Man
ThiesF060405-136.jpgFlorence Thies....2 of 4
ThiesF060405-138.jpgFlorence Thies....3 of 4
ThiesF060405-139.jpgFlorence Thies....4 of 4
ThiesF060405-140.jpgFlorence Thies For Some....For Me
ThiesF060405-141.jpgThies notes
ThiesF060405-142.jpgThies notes
ThiesF060405-143.jpgThies notes
ThiesF060405-144.jpgJohn Thies notes
ThiesF060405-145.jpgThies notes
ThiesF060405-146.jpgEarl Thies notes
ThiesF060405-147.jpgThies - District 50 Long Lake School orignal frame building
ThiesIMG.jpgEmory P Thies memoriam 08-28-1987
ThiesIMG_0001.jpgThies Family Reunion 07-12-1997; held at the farm of Clinton Thies Long Lake MN
ThiesIMG_0001.jpgFrank B Thies memoriam 1 of 2
ThiesIMG_000101.jpgThies unidentified
ThiesIMG_0002.jpgThies unidentified
ThiesIMG_0002.jpgFrank B Thies memoriam 2 of 2
ThiesIMG_0003.jpgThies family reunion 07-1997
ThiesIMG_0003.jpgElmer C Thies memoriam 1 of 2
ThiesIMG_000303.jpgThies unidentified
ThiesIMG_0004.jpgElmer C Thies memoriam 2 of 2
ThiesIMG_000404.jpgAnnie Thies Letter from Congress of the United States Jim Ramstad 02-23-1997
ThiesIMG_0005.jpgThies Family Reunion 07-1997
ThiesIMG_0005.jpgElmer Thies thank you 1 of 2
ThiesIMG_000505.jpgPresident George Bush and wife Barbara Bush
ThiesIMG_0006.jpgElmer Thies thank you 2 of 2
ThiesIMG_0007.jpgThies family reunion 07-1997
ThiesIMG_0007.jpgKerney J Thies memoriam 1 of 2
ThiesIMG_000707.jpgThies unidentified
ThiesIMG_00072.jpgKarl G Thies memoriam 08-03-1906 - 05-25-1988
ThiesIMG_0008.jpgKerney J Thies memoriam 2 of 2
ThiesIMG_000808.jpgThies unidentified
ThiesIMG_0008-08.jpgAlfred Thies
ThiesIMG_0009.jpgAlfred and Amos Thies 07-1997
ThiesIMG_0009.jpgArnold Paul Thies memoriam 1 of 2
ThiesIMG_000909.jpgPaddy Thies American Legion Certificate of Appreciation
ThiesIMG_0009-09.jpgRegina Thies
ThiesIMG_0010.jpgArnold Paul Thies memoriam 2 of 2
ThiesIMG_0010-10.jpgAlfred Thies; Barbara Thies; Arno Thies (son); Regina Thies (mother); Gabi Junk-Thies (daughter); Hans Junk (son of Gabi Junk)
ThiesIMG_0011.jpgThies family reunion 07-1997
ThiesIMG_0011.jpgMildred E Thies memoriam 1 of 2
ThiesIMG_001111.jpgThies unidentified
ThiesIMG_0011-11.jpgArno Thies son of Alfred Niederweis West Germany
ThiesIMG_0012.jpgMildred E Thies memoriam 2 of 2
ThiesIMG_0012-12.jpgAllen Thies
ThiesIMG_0013.jpgThies family reunion 07-1997
ThiesIMG_0013.jpgJohn A Thies memoriam 1 of 2
ThiesIMG_001313.jpgGertrude Margaret Thies Meritorious Service Award of the Hennepin County Bar Association
ThiesIMG_0013-13.jpgAllen William Ben Thies
ThiesIMG_0014.jpgJohn A Thies memoriam 2 of 2
ThiesIMG_001414.jpgMargie Thies letter 09-09-1989 1 of 2
ThiesIMG_0014-14.jpgThies - Anna Marie Amy and August Neddermeyer
ThiesIMG_0015.jpgArlene and Bonnie Thies family reunion 07-1997
ThiesIMG_0015.jpgThies - L-R: Jean Bill Audre
ThiesIMG_001515.jpgMargie Thies - Letter 2 of 2
ThiesIMG_0016.jpgCarolyn Thies; Silas Marshall; Wayne Marshall 07-09-1988
ThiesIMG_001616.jpgThies Framily Group
ThiesIMG_0017.jpgThies family reunion 07-1997
ThiesIMG_0017.jpgThies - Clinton; Evelyn; Everett 1935
ThiesIMG_001717.jpgAnn Thies Princess Kay of the Milky Way XXIII for '76 Coronation 08-25-1976 1 of 2
ThiesIMG_0018.jpgEarl Thies Family - L-R: LaVeeta; Mary Alice; Earl; Jean
ThiesIMG_001818.jpgAnne Thies Princess....2 of 2
ThiesIMG_0019.jpgThies family reunion 07-1997
ThiesIMG_0019.jpgEdith Thies
ThiesIMG_001919.jpgThies - Letter to Ms Margaret T Lauer from the State Histofical Society of Wisconsin 09-21-1977
ThiesIMG_0020.jpgEdith Thies
ThiesIMG_002020.jpgThies - Alixian Brothers notation
ThiesIMG_0021.jpgThies family reunion 07-1997
ThiesIMG_002121.jpgThies notes
ThiesIMG_0022.jpgEdwin J Thies May 1988-1957; Louise Dressel Thies b. 1888-d.1969
ThiesIMG_002222.jpgMargie Thies letter 03-29-1987 1 of 2
ThiesIMG_0023.jpgThies family reunion 07-1997
ThiesIMG_0023.jpgThies - Everett; Elmer; Clinton; Evelyn 06-15-1980
ThiesIMG_002323.jpgMargie Thies letter 2 of 2
ThiesIMG_0024.jpgThies family reunion 07-1997
ThiesIMG_002424.jpgThies A Lament for John A Johnson 1 of 2
ThiesIMG_0025.jpgThies - jack and Evelyn Rosengren and daughters Judy; Linda; Mary
ThiesIMG_002525.jpgThies A Lament....2 of 2
ThiesIMG_0026.jpgThies family reunion 07-1997
ThiesIMG_0026.jpgThies - Everett and Lu1986
ThiesIMG_002626.jpgThies note
ThiesIMG_0027.jpgThies - Everett; Mildred Kivisto
ThiesIMG_002727.jpgThies invoice
ThiesIMG_0028.jpgThies family reunion 1997
ThiesIMG_0028.jpgThies - in the center: Ben Franklin Thies
ThiesIMG_002828.jpgThies Marriage Ceremony of Michael M Mills and Donna R Coomer 09-17-1994
ThiesIMG_0029.jpgFrank Thies (B.F.)
ThiesIMG_002929.jpgThies Family Group Sheet
ThiesIMG_0030.jpgThies family reunion 07-12-1997; Alfred talking with Everett; Arno watching; Jeanne and Kev working on the horses
ThiesIMG_0030.jpgThies - Uncle Benj Franklin in front (Frank)
ThiesIMG_003030.jpgThies notes
ThiesIMG_0031.jpgThies - children of Jerry; L-R: Frank; Minnie; Ed; Alfie (missing-Elmer)
ThiesIMG_003131.jpgThies Family Group Sheet
ThiesIMG_0032.jpgThies family reunion 07-1997
ThiesIMG_0032.jpgFrank Thies - b. 1867; m. 1888; d 1949
ThiesIMG_003232.jpgPeter Thies family notes
ThiesIMG_0033.jpgThies - Frank family; L-R: Ben; Frank; Allen; Kerney' Viola; William; Ann; John
ThiesIMG_003333.jpgMatthias Thies Johann Thies Nikolaus Thies Maria Thies notes
ThiesIMG_0034.jpgThies family reunion 07-1997
ThiesIMG_0034.jpgThies Harriet (Hattie)
ThiesIMG_003434.jpgAlfred Thies family notes
ThiesIMG_0035.jpgThies - Irma 1944
ThiesIMG_003535.jpgGabriele Thies; Arno Thies notes
ThiesIMG_0036.jpgThies - Jim 1946 graduated 1964
ThiesIMG_003636.jpgGabrile Junk-Thies notes
ThiesIMG_0037.jpgJohann Thies and Margaretta [Schmitz] Thies family tree from the family reunion held 07-09-1988
ThiesIMG_0037.jpgJerry and Freda Thies original home
ThiesIMG_003737.jpgUnidentified letter in German?
ThiesIMG_0038.jpgThies - Jerry and Freda
ThiesIMG_003838.jpgAnne Nikolous Thies family note
ThiesIMG_0039.jpgThies family reunion 07-1988
ThiesIMG_0039.jpgThies - Jerry family L-R: elmer; Jerry; Ed; Minnie; Freda; Alfie; Frank
ThiesIMG_003939.jpgPeter Thies family note
ThiesIMG_0040.jpgThies - Jerry
ThiesIMG_004040.jpgAlfred Thies and Klothilde Thies notes
ThiesIMG_0041.jpgThies family reunion Water Balloon toss 1988
ThiesIMG_0041.jpgThies - Jerry family - c. 1899 L-R: Jerry; Elmer; Fredericka Mohrmann Thies; Minnie; Frank; Edward; Alfred
ThiesIMG_004141.jpgJohana Thies notes
ThiesIMG_0042.jpgThies - Jerry and Freda Mohrmann married 1881
ThiesIMG_004242.jpgThies family notes
ThiesIMG_0043.jpgThies family reunion 1988 - Finalists in the water balloon toss; Piazza and Lauren Gottschalk Stacey watching
ThiesIMG_0043.jpgThies - Jerry
ThiesIMG_004343.jpgThies - letter 03-26-1997
ThiesIMG_0044.jpgJerry and Freda Thies foot stones Union Cemetery Long Lake MN
ThiesIMG_004444.jpgThies family tree Land & Leute
ThiesIMG_0045.jpgBarbara A [Thies] Floody obituary 07-14-2006
ThiesIMG_0045.jpgJeremiah Thies 1854-1944 stone found in Long Lake Union Cemetery
ThiesIMG_0045-01.jpgThies family reunion 1988 Chart
ThiesIMG_004545.jpgThies Erfolgreiche Suche nach den >>Wurzeln<< der Familie article
ThiesIMG_0046.jpgFredericka Mohrmann Thies stone found in Long Lake Union Cemetery
ThiesIMG_004646.jpgThies - Luxembourg map 1 of 2
ThiesIMG_0047.jpgThies family reunion 1988
ThiesIMG_0047.jpgJohn and Margaretta Thies - back in the clump of trees is the site of the original Thies homestead. John and Margaret lived there probably until their deaths. Located on Willow Drive about one mile north of the intersection of #6 and Willow Drive on the west side of the road.
ThiesIMG_004747.jpgThies - Luxemborg map 2 of 2
ThiesIMG_0048.jpgThies family reunion 1988; The Balloon Toss; tanya Mouw; Glen Neddermeyer; David turnham; Mary Schearey; ?; Stacey Laurer; Bobbie Piazza
ThiesIMG_0048.jpgJohann Thies
ThiesIMG_004848.jpgChronicel of the Thies Family in Niederweis - Alfred Thies cover page NOTE: Original pages located in Thies Family Folder
ThiesIMG_0049.jpgThies - Johann
ThiesIMG_004949.jpgPeter Thies family notes
ThiesIMG_0050.jpgThies family reunion 1988 - The last piece of foundation found on Johann Thies first home 07-09-1988
ThiesIMG_0051.jpgJohn Thies stone found in Union Cemetery Long Lake MN
ThiesIMG_0052.jpgThies family reunion 1988 - Wayne Neddermeyer; Alfred Thies; Jim Lauer; Marie Gorman; Margie - The Walking Tour
ThiesIMG_0053.jpgJohannes Thies and Tillie Henstock wedding
ThiesIMG_0054.jpgThies family reunion 1988 The Walking Tour
ThiesIMG_0054.jpgJohannes Thies Minneapolis Fireman
ThiesIMG_0055.jpgJohannes Thies with crew on fire wagon (driving)
ThiesIMG_0056.jpgThies Family Reunion Wrap-up 1988 1 of 2
ThiesIMG_0056.jpgJack and Lil Thies
ThiesIMG_0057.jpgThies family reunion note 07-28-1988
ThiesIMG_0057.jpgJohn N Thies 1856-1943
ThiesIMG_0058.jpgJohn Thies and Catherine Katie Miller
ThiesIMG_0059.jpgThies - Ken; Jeanne; Mary; Scott 12-25-1983
ThiesIMG_0060.jpgKen Thies 1960
ThiesIMG_006060.jpgThies family notes
ThiesIMG_0061.jpgThies Lake looking southeast 06-15-1980
ThiesIMG_0062.jpgMargie Thies 1949 and husband Jim Lauer; daughter Stacey 1946 c.1981
ThiesIMG_0063.jpgMargie Thies b. 1949 graduation 1967
ThiesIMG_006363.jpgThies - Chronik der Familie Thies in Niederweis NOTE: Complete book found in Thies Family Folder
ThiesIMG_0064.jpgMinnie Thies George Schiebe 1907 marriage. Witnesses: Georges' sister?; Frank Thies
ThiesIMG_006464.jpgEverett Thies So long good friend
ThiesIMG_0065.jpgPauline Thies Brown b. 1863; m. 1896; d.1945
ThiesIMG_006565.jpgEverett and Lucille Thies article
ThiesIMG_0066.jpgPauline Thies Brown
ThiesIMG_006666.jpgThies - NOTE: notation in german located on reverse side of photo located in Thies Family Folder
ThiesIMG_0067.jpgWilliam Thies
ThiesIMG_006767.jpgThies - Inside the oldest Thies house. Niederweis Germany
ThiesIMG_0068.jpgThies - Margreth Rohl headstone
ThiesIMG_006868.jpgThies - Seal found in old Thies house Niederweis Germany
ThiesIMG_0069.jpgGary A Thies memoriam 06-22-1958 - 05-22-1988
ThiesIMG_006969.jpgThies - Ernie and Blanche Neddermeyer
ThiesIMG_0070.jpgKarl G Thies memoriam 08-03-1906 - 05-25-1988
ThiesIMG_007070.jpgMrs Frank Thies
ThiesIMG_0071.jpgLucille Thies
ThiesIMG_007171.jpgRegina Thies NOTE: german notation on reverse side of the photo located in the Thies Family Folder
ThiesIMG_007272.jpgRegina Thies 90 years old
ThiesIMG_0073.jpgAlbin Thies obituary
ThiesIMG_007373.jpgThies - Fern F Oliver memoriam 08-05-1914 - 05-21-1990
ThiesIMG_0074.jpgAlbin F Thies obituary
ThiesIMG_007474.jpgAlfred Thies memoriam 06-05-1932 - 07-21-1998
ThiesIMG_0075.jpgMrs Kerney Thies obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes Book Number 2 page 304
ThiesIMG_007575.jpgArnold P Thies obituary
ThiesIMG_007576.jpgAlfred Thies note
ThiesIMG_007577.jpgLaverne Thies note
ThiesIMG_007578.jpgFredericka Momar Thies note
ThiesIMG_0076.jpgThies - David Arnold Burbank obituary
ThiesIMG_0076.jpgBurton Thies note
ThiesIMG_0077.jpgJerry Thies memory book 8-15-1854 - 03-26-1944 NOTE: located in Box #25 1 of 4
ThiesIMG_0078.jpgMagdalena Thies obituary NOTE: original documetn located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes Book Number 2 page 305
ThiesIMG_0078.jpgJerry Thies memory book.... 2 of 4
ThiesIMG_0079.jpgJerry Thies memory book....3 of 4
ThiesIMG_0080.jpgJerry Thies memory book....4 of 4
ThiesIMG_0081.jpgAnn Thies 40-year public servant in Medina
ThiesIMG_0081.jpgJerry Thies With sympathy....
ThiesIMG_0082.jpgVernice Thies Walker
ThiesIMG_0082.jpgAlbin Frank Thies and Arlene Louise Johnson marriage 05-04-1963 NOTE: original photo album returned to Tom Thies 13529 Zenith Lane Eden Prairie MN November 2011 1 of 16
ThiesIMG_0083.jpgVernice Thies Walker
ThiesIMG_0083.jpgAlbin Frank Thies....2 of 16
ThiesIMG_0084.jpgAlbin Frank Thies....3 of 16
ThiesIMG_0085.jpgArlene Louise Johnson Thies and ? 4 of 16
ThiesIMG_0086.jpgArlene Louise Johnson Thies....5 of 16
ThiesIMG_0087.jpgAlbin Frank Thies....6 of 16
ThiesIMG_0088.jpgAlbin Frank Thies....7 of 16
ThiesIMG_0089.jpgAlbin Frank Thies....8 of 16
ThiesIMG_0090.jpgAlbin Frank Thies....9 of 16
ThiesIMG_0091.jpgAlbin Frank Thies....10 of 16
ThiesIMG_0092.jpgAlbin Frank and Arlene Louise Thies 05-04-1963 11 of 16
ThiesIMG_0093.jpgAlbin Frank Thies....12 of 16
ThiesIMG_0094.jpgAlbin Frank and Arlene Louise Thies....13 of 16
ThiesIMG_0095.jpgAlbin Frank and Arlene Louise Thies....14 of 16
ThiesIMG_0096.jpgAlbin Frank and Arlene Louise Thies....15 of 16
ThiesIMG_0097.jpgAlbin Frank and Arlene Frank Thies....16 of 16
ThiesIMG_0098.jpgMary Alice Thies obituary 1984 daughter of Dora [Dix] Dexter NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 7 page 16
ThiesIMG_0099.jpgMary Alice Thies memoriam 07-30-1897 - 04-26-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 7 page 16
ThiesIMG_0101.jpgGary A Thies obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 9 page 30
ThiesIMG_0102.jpgGary A Thies memoriam 06-22-1958 - 05--22-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book 9 page 30
ThiesIMG_0103.jpgMrs Jerry Thies NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 1 page 275
ThiesIMG_0104.jpgEarl N Thies obituary 05-29-1978
ThiesIMG_0105.jpgEarl N Thies obituary 05-291978
ThiesIMG_0106.jpgKerney J Thies obituary
ThiesIMG_100.jpgJohn (Jack) Thies obituary 10-30-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 9 page 59
ThomasF060313-055.jpgThomas notes
ThomasF060313-056.jpgFrederick Thomas Obitiuary
ThomasF060313-057.jpgThomas notes
ThomasF060313-058.jpgClarkson O Thomas notes
ThomasIMG.jpgJacob Thomas Sr obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes Book Number 2 page 267
ThomasIMG_0001.jpgMary Thomas obituary 1953. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes Book Number 2 page 295
ThomasIMG_0002.jpgFrank Mencer Thomas Jr obituary 1954 NOTE: orginal document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes Book Number 2 page 321
ThomasIMG_0003.jpgMargaret Lomax Thomas obituary 09-01-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 7 page 28
ThomasIMG_0004.jpgFrank M Thomas NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 1 page 278
ThomasIMG_0005.jpgFrank M Thomas note
ThompsonF060405-001.jpgThompson notes
ThompsonF060405-002.jpgAlbert Thompson from Ohio note
ThompsonF060405-003.jpgDaniel Thompson notes
ThompsonF060405-004.jpgThompson of Orono
ThompsonF060405-005.jpgClara Marie Thompson (Peterson) Obituary
ThompsonF060405-006.jpgF Joseph Thompson
ThompsonF060405-007.jpgTelford King Thompson Jr
ThompsonF060405-008.jpgAlbert T Thompson Obituary
ThompsonF060405-009.jpgThompson notes
ThompsonF060405-010.jpgThompson notes
ThompsonIMG_0002.jpgThompson - unidentified
ThompsonIMG_0003.jpgHazel and Steve Thompson
ThompsonIMG_0005.jpgJoe and Rosemary Thompson
ThompsonIMG_0007.jpgStephen Thompson; Hazel Butterfield Thompson
ThompsonIMG_0009.jpgJoe Thompson family
ThompsonIMG_0011.jpgS Thompson 1984
ThompsonIMG_0013.jpgThompson unidentifie
ThompsonIMG_0014.jpgThompson unidentified
ThompsonIMG_0015.jpgMildred V Thompson obituary 09-28-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 8 page 56
ThompsonIMG_0016.jpgMildred V Thompson obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book numbe r8 page 60
ThompsonIMG_0017.jpgMildred Thompson obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book numbe r8 page 62
ThompsonIMG_0018.jpgMIldred V [Kelsey] Thompson obituary
ThompsonIMG_0019.jpgHazel B Thompson obituary 05-30-1890 - 04-10-1978
ThompsonIMG_0020.jpgHazel B Thompson notes
ThompsonIMG_0021.jpgHazel B Thompson obituary
ThompsonIMG_0022.jpgGertrude Sexton Thompson obituary 1978
ThomtonIMG.jpgDale Orton Thomton obituary 04-21-2001
ThorntonF060313-059.jpgThomas Thornton plat info
ThorpeF060315-001.jpgThorpe Bros Inc. Realtors advertisement
ThorpeF060315-003.jpgThorpe Bros. prepares to start second hundred years in realty
ThorpeF060315-004.jpgSam Thorpe III
ThorpeF060315-005.jpgTimothy Dorn Thorpe marriage
ThorpeF060315-006.jpgThorpe - Charles B Sweatt Jr
ThorpeF060315-007.jpgSam Thorpe III 100th birthday
ThorpeF060315-008.jpgThorpe Remodels
ThorpeF060315-009.jpgArlie O Thrope memoir
ThorpeF060315-010.jpgThorpe notes
ThorpeF060315-011.jpgThorpe - one of them might be Arlie Thorpe
ThorpeF060315-012.jpgArlie Thorpe
ThorpeF060315-013.jpgArlie Thorpe
ThorpeF060315-014.jpgArlie Thorpe
ThorpeF060315-015.jpgArtlie and I Thorpe
ThorpeF060315-016.jpgThorpe Bors. Realtors advertisement
ThorpeF060315-018.jpgThorpe Helping to Write Minneapolis History 1885+ 1 of 11
ThorpeF060315-019.jpgThorpe Helping....2 of 11
ThorpeF060315-020.jpgThorpe Helping....3 of 11
ThorpeF060315-021.jpgThorpe Helping....4 of 11
ThorpeF060315-022.jpgThorpe Helping....5 of 11
ThorpeF060315-023.jpgThorpe Helping....6 of 11
ThorpeF060315-024.jpgThorpe Helping....7 of 11
ThorpeF060315-025.jpgThorpe Helping....8 of 11
ThorpeF060315-026.jpgThorpe Helping....9 of 11
ThorpeF060315-027.jpgThorpe Helping....10 of 11
ThorpeF060315-028.jpgThorpe Helping....11 of 11
ThorpeIMG.jpgMrs Bertel (Clara) Thorpe obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes Book Number 2 page 327
ThorpeIMG_0001.jpgArlie O Thorpe obituary NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 3 apge 57
ThorpeIMG_0002.jpgArlie O Thorpe memoriam 07-09-1903 - 10-09-1987 NOTE original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 3 page 57
ThorpeIMG_0003.jpgJames R Thorpe obituary 09-1978
ThorpeIMG_0004.jpgJames R Thorpe obituary 09-1978
ThorsenIMG.jpgEdith Thorsen Wayzata High School graduate
ThurberF060315-030.jpgMilton Thurber estate auction
ThurberF060315-031.jpgOrrin Everett Thurber interview 1 of 3
ThurberF060315-032.jpgOrrin Everet Thurber....2 of 3
ThurberF060315-033.jpgOrrin Everett Thurber....3 of 3
ThurberF060315-034.jpgGeorge Thurber plat info
ThurberF060315-035.jpgOrrin C Thurber notes
ThurberF060315-036.jpgThurber notes
ThurberF060315-037.jpgMilton Thurbert (Nick) Obituary
ThurberF060315-038.jpgVirgil M Thurber Obituary
ThurberF060315-039.jpgMiriam Wall Thurber Obituary
ThurberF060315-040.jpgOrrin C Thurber father of Orrin E Thurber - died summer of 1877
ThurberF060315-041.jpgOrrine E Thurber and Orrin M Thurber taken 1926
ThurberF060315-042.jpgThurber - unidentified
ThurberF060315-043.jpgThurber - unidentified
ThurberF060315-044.jpgThurber - unidentified
ThurberF060315-045.jpgThurber - unidentified
ThurberF060315-046.jpgThurber - unidentified but has writing on back. See F060315-047.jpg
ThurberF060315-047.jpgThurber - writing from back of F060315-046.jpg
ThurberF060315-048.jpgThurber notes 4 of 4
ThurberF060315-049.jpgThurber notes 1 of 4
ThurberF060315-050.jpgThurber notes 2 of 4
ThurberF060315-051.jpgThurber notes 3 of 4
ThurberF060315-052.jpgOrrin & Martha Thurber note
ThurberF060315-053.jpgOrrin C Thurber portrait of
ThurberF060315-054.jpgThurber - Arlie Thorpe
ThurberF060315-055.jpgThurber note
ThurberF060315-056.jpgThurber notes
ThurberF060315-057.jpgThurber - Roger & Ellen Stubbs home Fox Street Long Lake
ThurberF060315-058.jpgThurber notes
ThurberIMG.jpgMriiam Wall Thurber memoriam 03-26-1907 - 08-31-1987 NOTE original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 3 page 43
ThurberIMG_0001.jpgMiriam Wall Thurber obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 8 inside cover
ThurberIMG_0002.jpgJohn Thurber obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 8 page 2
ThurstonF060313-061.jpgThurston notes
ThurstonF060313-062.jpgOlaf F Thurston notes
ThurstonF060313-063.jpgThurston notes
ThurstonIMG_0001.jpgClayton L Thurston obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 9 pge 1
ThurstonIMG_0002.jpgClayton Louis Thurston memoriam 11-19-1906 - 01-02-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting minutes book number 9 page 1
ThurstonIMG_0003.jpgRalph Thurston notes
TibbettsF051016-034.jpgLaurene Tibbetts ...writes Carter-Mondale inaugural message
TibbettsF051016-035.jpgTibbetts notes
TibbettsF051016-036.jpgMary Tibbett notes
TibbettsF051016-037.jpgTibbetts notes
TibbettsF051016-038.jpgA C Tibbetts Neutrality
TibbettsF051016-040.jpgA C Tibbetts 50th anniversary
TibbettsF051016-041.jpgLaurene Tibbetts Minnesota State Poet Laureate
TibbettsF051016-042.jpgJ I Tibbetts Obituary
TibbettsF051016-043.jpgTibbetts notes
TibbettsF051016-044.jpgP W Tibbetts note
TibbettsF051016-045.jpgP W Tibbetts campaign information
TibbettsF051016-046.jpgTibbetts notes
TibbettsF051016-047.jpgDr James I Tibbetts in 1922 Wayzata High photo
TibbettsF051016-048.jpgDr James I Tibbetts house in May 1914
TibbettsF051016-049.jpgJames Irving Tibbetts
TibbettsF051016-051.jpgClaribel Tibbetts Obituary
TibbettsF051016-052.jpgCarl Tibbetts purchases Stubbs Bros hardware
TibbettsF051016-053.jpgDr James I Tibbetts
TibbettsF051016-054.jpgTibbetts - May 1914
TibbettsF051016-055.jpgTibbetts note
TibbettsF051016-056.jpgHelen J Tibbetts and Harry and Roseanna Tibbetts note
TibbettsF051016-057.jpgTibbetts - Rosella Chase
TibbettsF051016-058.jpgHarry John Tibbetts
TibbettsF051016-059.jpgHarry John Tibbetts Sr
TibbettsF051016-060.jpgPaul William Tibbetts
TibbettsF051016-061.jpgMaty Margie Tibbetts Rose letter
TibbettsF051016-062.jpgTibbetts - Hennepin County Census 1980
TibbettsF051016-063.jpgTibbetts Pedigree Chart 1 of 2
TibbettsF051016-064.jpgTibbetts Pedigree Chart 2 of 2
TibbettsIMG.jpgDr Tibbetts Making His Calls - May 1911 L-R: Frank Tibbetts Dr Tibbetts Anna Wolsfeld Tibbetts Stella Belle Tibbetts Janet Smith sitting on her mother (Stella Smith's) lap. The car is a Buick.
TibbettsIMG_0006.jpgAnnie Wolsfeld Tibbets note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes Book Number 1 page 236
TibbettsIMG_0007.jpgHarry Tibbetts note NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 5 page 28
TibbettsIMG_0008.jpgAnne Wolsfeld Tibbets note
TibbettsIMG_0009.jpg"Daniel ""Bubba"" Tibbetts obituary 10-03-2006"
TibbettsIMG_0010.jpg"Daniel ""Bubba"" Tibbetts obituary 09-27-2006"
TibbettsIMG_0011.jpg"Daniel ""Bubba"" Tibbetts obituary 09-23-2006"
TigheIMG.jpgDouglas Tighe Death Ruled Suicide
TignorF060310-041.jpgTignor notes
TimpeF060310-043.jpgChristine R Timpe memoir
TimpeF060310-044.jpgChris Timpe benefit
TimpeF060310-045.jpgTimpe note
TimpeIMG.jpgJohn A Timpe obituary 01-07-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 9 page 1
TimpeIMG_0001.jpgChristine [Behrens] Timpe obituary Independence 12-13-1982
ToddF060310-046.jpgVictor Todd notes
ToddF060310-047.jpgTodd - Dorothy Stubbs Obituary
ToddF060310-048.jpgRosella Todd
ToddF060602-003.jpgBonnie Todd
ToddF060602-008.jpgBonnie Todd in 1928
ToddF060602-036.jpgBonnie Todd &
ToddIMG.jpgDorothy Louise Todd marriage announcement
TolmanF060310-049.jpgCharles Tolman plat info
TomberF060310-050.jpgTomber note
TongF060310-051.jpgGeo. Tong
TongF060310-052.jpgGeorge Tong advertisement
TongF060310-053.jpgTong fruit farms note
TongF060310-054.jpgGeorge Tong Planting
TraffIMG.jpgClifford F Traff Sr obituary
TraffIMG_0004.jpgThomas N Traff Obituary 09-15-1999
TraskIMG_0005.jpgLores Ruth Nichols Trask Obituary 10-19-2000
TrautzF060310-056.jpgElla Trautz 100th birthday
TrautzF060310-057.jpgElla Trautz 103rd birthday
TrautzF060310-058.jpgElla Pauline Trautz (Kemper) Obituary
TrautzF060310-059.jpgElla Trautz 106th birthday
TrautzF060310-060.jpgElla Trautz 104th birthday
TriplerF060310-061.jpgDean Tripler kille din action during WW2
TriplettF060310-062.jpgTriplett genealogy
TriplettF060310-063.jpgTriplett notes
TriplettF060310-064.jpgTriplett notes
TrittlewitzF060310-065.jpgMax A Trittlewitz marriage
TrittlewitzF060310-066.jpgLouis Trittlewitz move onto the farm
TrittlewitzF060310-067.jpgC trittlewitz plat info
TrittlewitzF060310-068.jpgTrittlewitz notes
TroelsenF060319-076.jpgTroelsen notes
TrombleyIMG.jpgCharles Trombley NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 1 page 286
TrombleyIMG_0001.jpgCharles Trombley note
TrowbridgeF060319-077.jpgTrowbridge Lucinda's Love Story 1 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-078.jpgTrowbridge Lucinda....2 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-079.jpgTrowbridge Lucinda....3 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-080.jpgTrowbridge Lucinda....4 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-081.jpgTrowbridge Lucinda....5 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-082.jpgTrowbridge Lucinda....6 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-083.jpgTrowbridge Lucinda....7 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-084.jpgTrowbridge Lucinda....8 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-085.jpgTrowbridge Lucinda....9 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-086.jpgTrowbridge Lucinda....10 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-087.jpgTrowbridge Lucinda....11 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-088.jpgTrowbridge Lucidna....12 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-089.jpgTrowbridge Lucinda....13 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-090.jpgTrowbridge Lucinda....14 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-091.jpgTrowbridge Lucinda....15 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-092.jpgTrowbridge Lucinda....16 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-093.jpgTrowbridge Lucinda....17 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-094.jpgTrowbridge Lucinda....18 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-095.jpgTrowbride Lucinda....19 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-096.jpgTrowbride Lucinda....20 of 21
TrowbridgeF060319-097.jpgTrowbridge Lucinda....21 of 21
TruaxF060320-001.jpgTruax Family notes
TruaxF060320-002.jpgTruax notes
TruaxF060320-003.jpgNewton Truax notes
TruaxF060320-004.jpgTruax - Mrs Christian Keller Obituary
TruaxF060320-005.jpgMargaret E Truax Obituary
TruaxF060320-006.jpgMrs Elmer Truax note
TruaxF060320-007.jpgTruax notes
TruaxF060320-008.jpgTruax Notes
TruaxF060320-009.jpgTruax notes
TruaxF060320-010.jpgTruax Solving the Miss Truax Mystery 1 of 3
TruaxF060320-011.jpgTruax Solving....2 of 3
TruaxF060320-012.jpgTruax Solving....3 of 3
TruaxF060320-013.jpgPeter Truax notes
TruaxF060320-014.jpgNewton Truax notes
TruaxF060320-015.jpgTruax notes
TrumbleF060320 042.jpgTrumble notes 1 of 2
TrumbleF060320 043.jpgTrumble notes
TrumbleF060320 044.jpgTrumble letter
TrumbleF060320 046.jpgLeila Trumble Betting letter
TrumbleF060320 048.jpgTrumble notes
TrumbleF060320 049.jpgTrumble notes
TrumbleF060320 050.jpgTrumble notes
TrumbleF060320 051.jpgTrumble notes
TrumbleF060320-016.jpgEugene F Trumble Letter to the Editor
TrumbleF060320-017.jpgTrumble - Edna Bailey and Ethel Bitting Obituaries
TrumbleF060320-018.jpgMildred Hedstrom Trumble Obituary
TrumbleF060320-019.jpgEthel Mae Trumble Obituary
TrumbleF060320-020.jpgEugene F Trumble named to national council
TrumbleF060320-021.jpgEugene Trumble Skiing with the Governor
TrumbleF060320-022.jpgTrumble notes
TrumbleF060320-023.jpgTrumble notes
TrumbleF060320-024.jpgTrumble notes
TrumbleF060320-025.jpgJake Trumble notes 1 of 6
TrumbleF060320-026.jpgJake Trumble....2 of 6
TrumbleF060320-027.jpgJake Trumble....3 of 6
TrumbleF060320-028.jpgMary Jane Trumble note
TrumbleF060320-029.jpgJake Trumble....4 of 6
TrumbleF060320-031.jpgJake Trumble....5 of 6
TrumbleF060320-032.jpgJake Trumble....6 of 6
TrumbleF060320-033.jpgGermaine Trumble marriage certificate
TrumbleF060320-034.jpgTrumble notes 1 of 7
TrumbleF060320-035.jpgTrumble notes 2 of 7
TrumbleF060320-036.jpgTrumbe family notes - Lake Minnetonka 2 of 2
TrumbleF060320-037.jpgTrumble notes 3 of 7
TrumbleF060320-038.jpgTrumble notes 4 of 7
TrumbleF060320-039.jpgTrumble notes 5 of 7
TrumbleF060320-040.jpgTrumble notes 6 of 7
TrumbleF060320-041.jpgTrumble notes 7 of 7
TrumbleIMG.jpgSeymour S Trumble obituary 10-1978
TrutnauIMG.jpgTrutnau - Blue Prints for residence...remainder can be found in Family File DFF-21
TrutnauIMG_0001-01.jpgTrutnau - Anchor Bank Receipt 09-24-2008
TrutnauIMG_0002-02.jpgTrutnau - Welcome to the Water Street Pump receipt
TrutnauIMG_0003-03.jpgTrutnau - Dary Haislet postcard
TrutnauIMG_0004-04.jpgTrutnau - Country Cake Cupboard postcard
TrutnauIMG_0005-05.jpgTrutnau - Hot & Delicious popcorn bag
TrutnauIMG_0006-06.jpgTrutnau - Bigelow Green Tea bag 1 of 2
TrutnauIMG_0007-07.jpgTrutnau - Bigelow....2 of 2
TrutnauIMG_0009-09.jpgEvelyn Stella Turtnau death certificate 11-25-2006
TrutnauIMG_0010-10.jpgTrutnau - Trustee Deed Copy 1998 1 of 5
TrutnauIMG_0011-11.jpgTrutnau - Trustee....2 of 5
TrutnauIMG_0012-12.jpgTrutnau - Trustee....3 of 5
TrutnauIMG_0013-13.jpgTrustnau - Trustee....4 of 5
TrutnauIMG_0014-14.jpgTrutnau - Trustee....5 of 5
TrutnauIMG_0015-15.jpgTrutnau - Abstract of Title 1 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0016-16.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....2 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0017-17.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....3 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0018-18.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....4 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0019-19.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....5 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0020-20.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....6 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0021-21.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....7 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0022-22.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....8 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0023-23.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....9 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0024-24.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....10 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0025-25.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....11 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0026-26.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....12 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0027-27.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....13 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0028-28.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....14 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0029-29.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....15 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0030-30.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....16 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0031-31.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....17 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0032-32.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....18 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0033-33.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....19 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0034-34.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....20 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0035-35.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....21 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0036-36.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....22 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0037-37.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....23 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0038-38.jpgTrutnau - Abstract....24 of 24
TrutnauIMG_0041-41.jpgTrutnau - Quit Claim Deed 1 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0042-42.jpgTrutnau - Quit....2 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0043-43.jpgTrutnau - Quit....3 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0044-44.jpgTrutnau - Quit....4 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0045-45.jpgTrutnau - Quit Claim Deed 2731259 1 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0046-46.jpgTrutnau - Quit Claim....2 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0047-47.jpgTrutnau - Quit Claim....3 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0048-48.jpgTrutnau - Quit Claim....4 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0049-49.jpgTrutnau - Josephine P S Bjorklund Certificate of Death 09-26-1954
TrutnauIMG_0050-50.jpgEvelyn S Trutnau - Affidavit of Survivorship-Joint Tenancy or Remainderman 1 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0051-51.jpgEvelyn S Trutnau - Affidavit....2 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0052-52.jpgEvelyn S Trutnau - Affidavit....3 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0053-53.jpgEvelyn S Trutnau - Affidavit....4 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0054-54.jpgTrutnau - Donald C Bennyhoff Register of Deeds notice
TrutnauIMG_0055-55.jpgTrutnau - Emil Bjorklund Satisfication of Mechanic's Lien 1 of 3
TrutnauIMG_0056-56.jpgTrutnau - Emil Bjorklund....2 of 3
TrutnauIMG_0057-57.jpgTrutnau - Emil Bjorklund....3 of 3
TrutnauIMG_0058-58.jpgTrutnau - Quit Claim Deed 1 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0059-59.jpgTrutnau - Quit Claim Deed....2 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0060-60.jpgTrutnau - Quit Claim Deed....3 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0061-61.jpgTrutnau - Quit Claim Deed....4 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0062-62.jpgTrutnau - Warranty Deed 1 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0063-63.jpgTrutnau - Warranty Deed 2 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0064-64.jpgTrutnau - Warranty Deed 3 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0065-65.jpgTrutnau - Warranty Deed 4 of 4
TrutnauIMG_0066-66.jpgEvelyn S Trutnau - Living Trust 1 of 2
TrutnauIMG_0067-67.jpgEvelyn S Trutnau - Living Trust 2 of 2
TrutnauIMG_0068-68.jpgEvelyn Trutnau - Deed 07-03-1959 1 of 2
TrutnauIMG_0069-69.jpgEvelyn Trutnau - Deed....2 of 2
TueyF060320-052.jpgJames W Tuey plat info
TueyF060320-053.jpgTuey notes
TullockF060320-054.jpgTom Tullocks notes
TullockF060320-055.jpgTullock note
TurnerF060320-056.jpgTurner notes
TurnerF060320-057.jpgTurner The Big Turner Farm
TurnhamB060301-001.jpgGeorge Turnham Celice (daughter) Vida (Talbert) Turnham
TurnhamB060301-002.jpgMr. and Mrs. Ken Bryant and kids on a Sunday visit to Turnham Road Camp. Kens mother Winnie Bryant was the cook for the road crew for many years
TurnhamB060301-003.jpgSeigel Firehouse Mary Snoke Jane and Mary Kately Eva May Turnham George Turnham Viola
TurnhamB060301-005.jpgLuce Line
TurnhamB060301-006.jpgGoodwin grading crew
TurnhamB060301-007.jpgConstructing Luce Lice railroad Augland? company camp
TurnhamB060301-008.jpgHorses and mucker wagons at Nicholson Park 1923
TurnhamB060301-009.jpgThree CATS and mucker casting in low ground at Gaylord-Winthrop 1930
TurnhamB060301-011.jpgFred Turnham grader
TurnhamB060301-012.jpgFred Herb and E. G. Turnham
TurnhamB060301-013.jpgGeorge Turnham
TurnhamB060301-014.jpgTurnham grading crew at Zumbro Heights 1910
TurnhamB060301-016.jpgTurnham - Maxwell Bay
TurnhamB060301-018.jpgTurnham & Turnham Road Building Contractors
TurnhamB060301-019.jpgGeorge A. Turnham caretaker John Sweitzer F.Dn. Norenberg Phil HartmanGraves Carpenter Ben Eisele cigar man
TurnhamB060301-020.jpgGeorge Turnham home
TurnhamB060301-021.jpgVivan Turnham and Annora McCabe wedding Taken at farm on Turnham road
TurnhamB060301-022.jpgAnnie and children at Bederwood Store
TurnhamB060301-023.jpgTurnham - Annie Turnham
TurnhamB060301-024.jpgKenneth Turnham
TurnhamB060301-025.jpgTurnham - Godfrey Halstrom 1928
TurnhamB060301-026.jpgTurnham - Minnesota State Senate 1921
TurnhamB060301-028.jpgTaken 1966
TurnhamB060301-029.jpgTom and Betty Turnham 50th wedding anniversary 1998
TurnhamB060301-030.jpgEvelyn Carol Turnham memoir
TurnhamB060301-031.jpgTurnham From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships... 1 of 4
TurnhamB060301-032.jpgTurnham From....2 of 4
TurnhamB060301-033.jpgTurnham From....3 of 4
TurnhamB060301-034.jpgTurnham From....4 of 4
TurnhamB060301-035.jpgEmily Turnham newspaper article
TurnhamB060301-036.jpgElvera O Turnham memoir
TurnhamB060301-037.jpgTurnham - Photo of family taken in 1935 but fire was in 1937
TurnhamB060301-038.jpgKenneth Turnham campaign literature
TurnhamB060301-039.jpgTurnham and Turnham Road Building crew c. 1900
TurnhamB060301-040.jpgGylie Turnham
TurnhamB060301-041.jpgGeorge A and Emma Turnham
TurnhamB060301-042.jpgTurnham - Calvin Royal James Cameron Milton Thurber Photo by Alice Griswold September 1912
TurnhamB060301-043.jpgTurnham - Cam Royal Mick Thur.
TurnhamB060301-046.jpgTurnham - unidentified
TurnhamB060301-047.jpgTurnham - unidentified
TurnhamB060301-048.jpgPhillip (Sam) Turnham age 13
TurnhamB060301-050.jpgTurnham - Taken Sept 1972
TurnhamB060301-051.jpgCatherine Turnham
TurnhamB060301-052.jpgKenneth Turnham political campaign
TurnhamB060301-053.jpgTurnham campaign literature
TurnhamB060301-054.jpgDarce Turnham
TurnhamB060301-055.jpgBack L-R: Ellie McCormick Elizabeth Stubbs Eddie Guy Turnham Rachel Fleming Front L-R: Fred Turnham E. May Jim Turnham Mary Snoke George A. Turnham Taken c. 1886
TurnhamB060301-057.jpgTurnham log cabin built 1862
TurnhamB060301-058.jpgTurnham - England and England work at Stubbs Bay
TurnhamB060301-059.jpgLuce Line construction west of Stubbs Bay 1913
TurnhamB060301-061.jpgGeorge Turnham road building crew at West Arm - Crystal Bay 1918
TurnhamB060301-062.jpgTurnham notes
TurnhamB060301-063.jpgJim Turnham and R F Luke have a partnership cow
TurnhamB060301-064.jpgKenneth Turnham (Dudley) obituary
TurnhamB060301-065.jpgTurnham notes
TurnhamB060301-066.jpgTurnham notes
TurnhamB060301-067.jpgAlice Turnham
TurnhamB060301-068.jpgEdwin Turnham and wife
TurnhamB060301-069.jpgTurnham - Fourth Generation 1 of 4
TurnhamB060301-070.jpgTurnham - Fourth....2 of 4
TurnhamB060301-071.jpgTurnham - Fourth....3 of 4
TurnhamB060301-072.jpgTurnham - Fourth....4 of 4
TurnhamB060301-073.jpgL-R: Minnie Bryant cook; Ray Merz Les Turnham
TurnhamB060301-074.jpgJim Turnham
TurnhamB060301-075.jpgJim Turnham house Taken 1964
TurnhamB060301-077.jpgTurnham - Taken 1963
TurnhamB060301-078.jpgJim Turnham Mayor of Maple Plain1919
TurnhamB060301-079.jpgEva Turnham
TurnhamB060301-080.jpgMary Turnham Obituary
TurnhamB060301-081.jpgLois Turnham and Frank Griswols outdoor wedding 6-2-1917
TurnhamB060301-082.jpgTurnham - Julia Reba and Lois
TurnhamB060301-083.jpgTurnham - Gerald and her mother Lois
TurnhamB060301-084.jpgTurnham - unidentified
TurnhamB060301-085.jpgFred and Lois Turnham
TurnhamB060301-086.jpgTurnham - Lois Griswold
TurnhamB060301-087.jpgTurnham - Reba Jullius and Lois in summer 1923
TurnhamB060301-088.jpgGeorge Turnham note
TurnhamB060301-089.jpgVera Turnham
TurnhamB060301-092.jpgAnnora Turnham 90th birthday
TurnhamB060301-094.jpgRichard A Turnham notes
TurnhamB060301-095.jpgTurnham note
TurnhamB060301-097.jpgDick and Vera Turnham 50th anniversary
TurnhamB060301-098.jpgTurnham note
TurnhamB060301-099.jpgEmily H Turnham Obituary
TurnhamB060301-100.jpgEmily Turnham Card of Thanks
TurnhamB060301-101.jpgTurnham notes
TurnhamB060301-103.jpgAnnora Turnham 90th birthday
TurnhamB060301-105.jpgTurnham notes 1 of 6
TurnhamB060301-106.jpgTurnham notes 2 of 6
TurnhamB060301-107.jpgTurnham notes 3 of 6
TurnhamB060301-108.jpgTurnham notes 4 of 6
TurnhamB060301-109.jpgTurnham notes 5 of 6
TurnhamB060301-110.jpgTurnham notes 6 of 6
TurnhamB060301-111.jpgMark Turnham Foursome Who Survived Camping at 50-Below....
TurnhamB060301-112.jpgGeorge Albert Turnham Journal of the Senate
TurnhamB060301-113.jpgGeorge A Turnham campaign literature
TurnhamB060301-114.jpgTurnham notes 1 of 5
TurnhamB060301-115.jpgTurnham notes 2 of 5
TurnhamB060301-116.jpgTurnham notes 3 of 5
TurnhamB060301-117.jpgTurnham notes 4 of 5
TurnhamB060301-118.jpgTurnham notes 5 of 5
TurnhamB060301-119.jpgTurnham family notes 1 of 8
TurnhamB060301-120.jpgTurnham family....2 of 8
TurnhamB060301-121.jpgTurnham family....3 of 8
TurnhamB060301-122.jpgTurnham family....4 of 8
TurnhamB060301-123.jpgTurnham family....5 of 8
TurnhamB060301-124.jpgTurnham family....6 of 8
TurnhamB060301-125.jpgTurnham family...7 of 8
TurnhamB060301-126.jpgTurnham family....8 of 8
TurnhamB060301-127.jpgTurnham - unknown group possibly Turnhams on abandoned Peteler dump cars
TurnhamB060301-128.jpgKenneth Turnham to seek Senate Seat...
TurnhamB060301-129.jpgDorsey Turnham
TurnhamB060301-130.jpgLes Turnham with Segal (Teed) Turnham on right
TurnhamB060301-132.jpgMark Turnham eagle scout
TurnhamB060301-133.jpgTurnham notes 1 of 4
TurnhamB060301-134.jpgTurnham notes 2 of 4
TurnhamB060301-135.jpgTurnham notes 3 of 4
TurnhamB060301-136.jpgTurnham notes 4 of 4
TurnhamB060301-137.jpgGeorge A Turnham as a baby
TurnhamB060301-138.jpgTurnham - Back L-R: Reba jack Front L-r: Madge Fred Lois
TurnhamB060301-139.jpgTurnham house
TurnhamB060301-141.jpgTurnham - unidentified
TurnhamB060301-142.jpgElvera Turnham Obituary
TurnhamB060301-143.jpgKathryn M Turnham memoir
TurnhamB060301-144.jpgGeorge A Turnham 60th anniversary
TurnhamB060301-145.jpgGeorge A Turnham
TurnhamB060301-146.jpgGeorge A Turnham campaign literature
TurnhamB060301-147.jpgTurnham notes
TurnhamB060301-148.jpgElvera Turnham notes 1 of 2
TurnhamB060301-149.jpgElvera Turnham notes 2 of 2
TurnhamB060301-150.jpgTurnham - Elizabeth Ehlers Holbrook Turnham
TurnhamF060320-058.jpgJim Turnham pioneer settler
TurnhamF060320-059.jpgKenneth Turnham obituary
TurnhamF060320-061.jpgGeorge Turnham notes
TurnhamF060320-062.jpgKathryn M Turnham memoir
TurnhamF060320-064.jpgTurnham - unidentified
TurnhamF060602-001.jpgRuth Turnham
TurnhamF060602-059.jpgJames Stanek Obituary
TurnhamIMG-01.jpgTom Turnham and Al Skreen Long Lake Chamber Persons of the Year 12-18-2007
TurnhamIMG.jpgJeanette Turnham marriage announcement
TurnhamIMG01.jpgMrs R A Turnham note 07-05-1945 Herald
TurnhamIMG02.jpgGeorge A Turnhams ...Married 60 Years
TurnhamIMG_0001.jpgRuth Turnham
TurnhamIMG_0002.jpgSiegal Turnham obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes Book Number 2 page 272
TurnhamIMG_0003.jpgKen Turnham Pioneer Museum offers glimpses of 'olden days'
TurnhamIMG_0004.jpgMary (Mollie) Turnham obituary
TurnhamIMG_0005.jpgEdwin G Turnham note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes Book Number 1 page 219
TurnhamIMG_0006.jpgGeorge Turnham head of the pioneers' organization greeted all those present at the Lake Minnetonka Outing1933
TurnhamIMG_0009.jpgJames Maxwell Turnham He Shied Rocks at Ducks in Loop Area Cat-tails 1939
TurnhamIMG_0010.jpgEva Turnham note. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes Book Number 1 page 246
TurnhamIMG_0012.jpgJack Edwin Turnham note. First sentence reads Jack Edwin Turnham son of Mary Florence and Edwin Turnham was born in.... NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes Book Number 1 page 247
TurnhamIMG_0013.jpgLeola Sutherland notes NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 6 page 18
TurnhamIMG_0014.jpgKenneth D Turnham obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes Book number 6 page 44
TurnhamIMG_0015.jpgKenneth Dudley Turnham obituary NOTE; original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number6 page 48
TurnhamIMG_0016.jpgKenneth Dudley Turnham note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 6 page 48
TurnhamIMG_0017.jpgKenneth Dudley Turnham memoriam NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes Book number 6 page 47
TurnhamIMG_0019.jpgTurnham - Leslie Welles Griswold obituary 12-13-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 5 page 75
TurnhamIMG_0020.jpgGeorge Turnham NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 1 page 266
TurnhamIMG_0021.jpgMary Turnham NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 1 page 288
TurnhamIMG_0022.jpgElvera Turnham obituary 03-30-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 8 page 19
TurnhamIMG_0023.jpgElvera O Turnham memoriam 09-24-1898 - 03-30-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 8 page 19
TurnhamIMG_0024.jpgAnnora Turnham Happy 90th 1 of 2
TurnhamIMG_0025.jpgAnnora Turnham 90th....2 of 2
TurnhamIMG_0026.jpgDavid Lawrence Turnham acceptance to MankatoState University 04-06-1993
TurnhamIMG_0027.jpgMyrtle M Turnham memoriam 05-06-1892 - 04-25-1978
TurnhamIMG_0028.jpgEdwin Guy Turnham Jr note
TurnhamIMG_0029.jpgMyrtle M [Fetterley] Turnham obituary 04-26-1978
TurnhamIMG_0030.jpgEmily Maxwell Turnham note
TurnhamIMG_0031.jpgGeorge Fetterly Turnham note
TurnhamIMG_0032.jpgJames Turnham note
TurnhamIMG_0033.jpgJack Edwin Turnham note
TurnhamIMG_0034.jpgMay Turnham note
TurnhamIMG_0035.jpgRichard A Turnham obituary 11-24-1978
TurnhamIMG_0036.jpgAlice Turnham obituary 04-13-1890 - 11-19-1982
TurnwallF060310-069.jpgTurnwall notes
TurnwallF060310-070.jpgTurnwall notes
TuttleF060310-071.jpgTuttle notes
TuttleF060310-072.jpgGeorge and Mable Tuttle notes
TuttleF060310-073.jpgTuttle notes
TuttleF060310-074.jpgTuttle family notes
TuttleF060310-075.jpgTuttle 1905 State Census
TwistF060320-074.jpgTwist Just an Ordinary Family by Mary Twist
TwistF060320-075.jpgTwist notes
TwistF060320-076.jpgTwist family notes
TwistF060320-077.jpgTwist notes
TwistF060320-078.jpgDave Twist of Fargo
TwistF060320-079.jpgIda E Twist Obituary
TwistF060320-080.jpgTwist - Siamese twin elms on the Twins farm. Story on these trees in Minnetonka Heral 12-9-1954
TwistF060320-081.jpgTwist family notes
TwistF060320-082.jpgMrs J D Twist Obituary
TwistF060320-083.jpgMary Twist notes
TwistF060320-085.jpgMary Twist and Amy Ross c. 1940
TwistF060320-086.jpgTwist notes
TwistF060320-088.jpgMary Twist interview 1 of 2
TwistF060320-089.jpgMary Twist....2 of 2
TwistF060320-090.jpgTwist family notes by Mrs David Twist 1 of 4
TwistF060320-091.jpgTwist family....2 of 4
TwistF060320-092.jpgTwist family....3 of 4
TwistF060320-093.jpgTwist family....4 of 4
TwistF060320-094.jpgMary Twist April 1935
TwistF060320-095.jpgDiadem Twist
TwistF060320-096.jpgLawrence Twist and daughters. Three of My Dear Ones in Hayward. possibly Helen and Patty
TwistF060320-097.jpgMary Twist? with eyes open 1-16-1947
TwistF060320-098.jpgTwist - Gladys Ross Rosenberger Mary Twist and Lawrence Twist's daughters: Helen and Patty June 1947
TwistF060320-099.jpgJohn and Dana Twist
TwistF060320-100.jpgJessie Twist and wife and grandson Lawrence?
TwistF060320-101.jpgTwist home
TwistF060320-102.jpgTwist - Moses White
TwistF060320-103.jpgMary Twist1953
TwistF060320-104.jpgMary Twist 70th birthday 1945
TwistF060320-105.jpgTwist family
TwistIMG.jpgElizabeth Lynch Twist note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes Book Number 1 page 212
TwistIMG_0001.jpgElizabeth Lynch Twist
TwistIMG_0002.jpgDavid Romango Twist NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes book number 1 page 286 and 287
TwistIMG_0003.jpgDavid Romango Twist.....2 of 2
TwistIMG_0004.jpgDavid Romango Twist note
TwistIMG_0005.jpgElizaberth Lyne Twist note
TwombleyF060320-065.jpgTwombley family notes
TwombleyF060320-066.jpgTwombley notes
TwombleyF060320-067.jpgTwombley notes
TwombleyF060320-068.jpgTwombley notes
TwombleyF060320-069.jpgJohn Twombley descendants of 1 of 5
TwombleyF060320-070.jpgJohn Twombley....2 of 5
TwombleyF060320-071.jpgJohn Twombley....3 of 5
TwombleyF060320-072.jpgJohn Twombley....4 of 5
TwombleyF060320-073.jpgJohn Twombley....5 of 5
TylerF060310-077.jpgLouis Tyler plat info